Na Who Give Up, F'Up (My Fourth Year Anniversary)

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I know the above phrase in my title seems strange, quite unlike me, but the phrase, a Nigerian pidgin English slang "Na Who Give Up F**k Up" Only translates to the fact that people who forestall consistency eventually reaps the dividends. I didn't actually intend to write this post, but @pouchon eventually told me to, and that he'll like to see it, so here is it.

Likewise, I registered my account in 2017, and it was just after my friend @rufans had told me about it steemit, it was just after I came home from work. We'd talked about blogging on WordPress and blogspot and how to meet this SEO standard, how to place those Google Ads and all. We both failed terribly at it because after so many months, we couldn't get those verifications it was a huge dead end.

My friend and I realized earlier on that the internet was the future of financial freedom, we just didn't know how it would be, it was why we didn't give up looking for opportunities online. Secondly we tried referral programs, we tried survey sites, we tried microsourcing sites, we earned some pennies, we tried Fiverr, we tried so many other things, even Ponzi scheme.

However, the difference was there, we didn't want quick money, we just wanted to supplement our day jobs with Opportunities. This was how we found steemit back then. I registered my account, it was such a strange place, it felt familiar, but I met a lot of Nigeria.

The most peculiar back then should be @oluwoleolaide, there was a lot of giveaways, I started from here, I targeted the contests and giveaways and if you're particularly feeling useless read my seven days anniversary post on steemit


Steemit was a big place, we had more of huge stakeholders rather than communities, huge stakeholders who supported community based programs like onboarding, after 4 months, we had the notorious bull of 2017 which started in December, onboarding into the Philippine communities and Nigerian communities took a huge turn, we had these whales dumping thousands of dollars of accounts that are onboarding people.

It was actually easier to get lost in a these kamikazes, I didn't. My growth was more organic, I tilted my contents to suit some particular demand, I attended a few meet-ups, meet some supportive people. I then realized that for you to actually matter, you need to make impact that should matter, while everyone was selling their earnings I decided to put in some money from my day job to actually buy steem.

I did, but then I was also able to earn well because I won a lot of contests and got some nice delegation and when steem actually hit $8 in January or so, I quit my day job. Here was my first ever anniversary post


So many people underrated the power of contests, I didn't. I won so many, and through those rewards I powered up a lot, I didn't want to remain a dead fish or just a minnow. But immediately the prices dipped a lot of people actually left the chain, but because I had left my day job, I had no other choice, I saw that payouts was better with the bear market

So I started using the money I had earned to travel to so many interesting places in the west to bring travel contents, when this didn't work, I started prose fiction, when it didn't do, this was when I started making video contents and my goodness, it turned out quite well. So when steem was below 50 cent, I used this opportunity to accumulate more and in May 2019, with 5k SP I became a dolphin. It was probably a milestone I coveted for so long

When hive was born in April 2020 or so, I already owned 12k SP, I decided to take down that SP and mostly about 70% went into power up and savings and the rest was used to buy BTC and ETH, I was luck to see that BTC bull last year, I bought hive kept them in the exchange then used the remaining money to buy into LEO as well.


I did some real-time projects which is still under construction, hopefully done by next year and I bought some LOTUS and did some other smart buying, my biggest regret was obviously not beginning to play Splinterlands. With steem the opportunities were limited, with hive, it's endless and Sincerely, I'm thankful. I woke up to this anniversary text by hivebuzz, and it just reminds me of how much I've come.

I'm still in the process of setting up a real-time business for myself, maybe in 2 years time from now, but then, make no mistake it's been challenging. Eventually, having a decent strategy took me far. I'm still a little dolphin by the way, but then, 100k HP maybe by the end of 2023. This is where I give my gratitude to everyone who has supported me, I'll mention names, but I'll miss a lot, many are here, many are not. However, here's to more years to me.

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My name is @Josediccus, a young Nigerian entrepreneur who is a Vlogger, A Psychologist, Poet, Sports Writer/Analyst & Personal Finance Coach. I'm using my contents as a process to create shared meaning as well as create expressions through which people on/off hive can relate. I believe content is a process to be enjoyed and relished and I'm up for any collaborations in my field stated above. Cheers

@Josediccus, your brother-in-pen & heart

I'm hoping to reach more people who are broken at heart and spirit, so share on any platform or reblog

My Twitter handle


One thing is paramount with your journey
you did not give up.
You take what this blockchain is giving you
CONGRATS! to your achievement
I like the 100k HP challenge


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I wrote this because you solely gave me the motivation to do so sir, I'm sorry I didn't reply the comment asking me to so so, I'll surely reply soon as well.
It's been amazing to be here, if it wasn't for you that noticed hive buzz I might have probably not written it lol. Hahahaha. Thank you so much, I believe 100k is achievable, I'll definitely get there. Thanks for all your support.

Heyoooo Happy 4 years!

Thanks a whole lot sir, it's been an amazing journey.

So I started using the money I had earned to travel to so many interesting places in the west to bring travel contents, when this didn't work, I started prose fiction, when it didn't do, this was when I started making video contents and my goodness, it turned out quite well.

The path to success here relies mostly on consistency - consistency to write regularly, and you did that quite well. That is what newcomers need to learn - not give up any time.

Ahhh thank you for quoting that, I intend to start my Splinterlands journey very soon, hopefully I take my own advise and don't give up hahaha. Thanks for all your endless support down the years, it's been totally immense.

Ya, Splinterlands has made many rich. I bought 100$ of card to my son some times back,but he was never interested to play. I don't know even where are those cards or what value they have been 😀

Hello dearest friend @josediccus, Wishing you Happy 4th Hive anniversary to you. That's biggest milestine you've completed. Congratulations this celebrating moment also wishing you the best for future journey.

@madushanka, thanks for being an inspiration my friend, it's great to come this far

Early adopter here. Congratulations! I'm half a year younger. Hive is definitely one of my best online experiences.

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Loool some of them early adopters started way back in 2016, I'm not really that early hahah. But thank you, I guess we've had one hell of a time, I remember you from as well.

You're also sexy

I know 😃

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it's kinda admiring that you being a Nigerian took a stance to earn to admire others through your hard work on the hive.I am glad that you found your true self as an entrepreneur .glad that you didn't give up, yet I am a bit familiar with hive but i am trying to improve myself day by day, hope that someday I would say the same thing on my 4 years anniversary........

Not really, it's just I'm happy for the little things I've been able to do, hahah, I might be overhyping myself lol, but it's just for today, thank you for stopping by. Gratitude.

Wow, congratulations!

The journey so far has been interesting for you, consistency is key and you're a clear proof. Indeed na who give up f*ck up

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Thank you dear, indeed it's been interesting, I've learnt, unlearned and relearned.

Mehn, you have come so far strategically, without giving up

I congratulate you on this milestone

I know you will do more

By the way, those Travel pictures that didn't make wave on steemit, have you tried them on hive?

I am sure hive communities support such endeavors, and you could be earning from them as well

You are doing well, Keep up the good work ... Cheers

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Thank yoooooooouuuuuuuu, dear, our beautiful lovely Edy.

Can't upload old content from the previous chain. That's thievery I guess. I won't, I won't like to compromise that.
Anyways next year, I plan to begin my journey again to the west, traveling to bring these contents again. I have a lot planned for next year. Hopefully they'll materialise.

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Dear, beautiful, lovely, for only me? Chai.... Don't let me start feeling proud of myself ooooo... 🤣🤣🤣

Thanks for the compliment though ☺️

Can't upload old content from the previous chain. That's thievery I guess. I won't, I won't like to compromise that.

Lol..... Of course not, I thought you still had the pictures

You could share those ones you didn't share there or share them with a brand new storyline and source them

Anyways next year, I plan to begin my journey again to the west, traveling to bring these contents again. I have a lot planned for next year. Hopefully they'll materialise.

Please carry me along 🥺🥺🥺

Thank yoooooooouuuuuuuu,

You are welcome honey 😍

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Congratulations Bro... 4 years no be moi moi.

No regrets Bro. No regrets!
You are doing well where you are.
More opportunities are on the way as far as this blockchain is concerned.

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Thanks it's not moi moi like you've said, I'm just happy, hopefully, we see ten years and even more.

Happy hive birthday bro. Cheers to your growth

Thank you man, I'm grateful for all e support

Senior boy, when we meet, I go thief that your watch.

Hahaha you fit buy 10 billion of this watch, you na Obi Cubana for the hood.

Na the thiefing go sweet 😄

Lovely post - great journey, and your dedication literally pays off. It's pretty much the best thing when you can build a paying gig with just some access to the internet, isn't it? Not just that, but you're an appreciated member of the community and I hope there will be a worldwide meet-up someday where we can meet.

Cheers and congratz on 4 years!

Thank you on your detailed comment, you're part of the community that appreciates me and it's been awesome to have come this far. I'll try as much as possible to even be better with my input here. It's amazing; the power of the internet and I appreciate every single day of being here.

Wow, this is real amazing, you have taken some nice moves both the one that worked and ones that didn’t, they all brought you this far……

I wish I had been informed as early as 2017, by then I was busy playing games, watching comedy skits and all other things that didn’t add value to me.

True true na who give up, f’k up, I’ll keep pushing, I hope to have achieved as much has you have by the time I am 4 years old here

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I wish I had been informed as early as 2017, by then I was busy playing games, watching comedy skits and all other things that didn’t add value to me.

What do we know? I still believe it's never too late, if you know what I mean. But then, you're here now and doing your best, there's still a lot of time

Yes, we shall keep pushing it as long as we live.

Thanks for sharing this post with us

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You've come really far. Congrats on your fourth year anniversary. You've been consistent and hard working and that's what brought you this far. Wishes for more success and many more years of Hiving.

Thanks a whole lot, thanks for impact too.

The pleasure is all mine. 🏆🏆🏆

You've come a really long way and have done well for yourself👏

Unlike you, I quitted steemit and lost my password 😭 would have been 4yrs too😒

However, cheers to a fresh start for me and to greater heights for you🥂

Keep making 'em big waves🙌

Don't worry, you're beginning afresh, it's not too late to actually start again. Thank you for the message, our beautiful doctor.

You did it! Hard journey but worth it :)

Thank you my friend, I'm so grateful.

congratulations sir patience is the key that is what I have learned this far.


!giphy congarts

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Happy #HIVE birthday dear friend.
May you continue on the path of success like this. That's my wish.
Have a nice weekend.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

You've been long at it bro and not just being at but being consistent. You are an example for us to follow. Growth takes time, it doesn't happen over night.

A very big congrats to you bro and wishing you more successful years ahead.

Thank you man, phew, what an eventual ride it's definitely been

You've come along way with lots of achievements to show for it.
Congratulations to you . more wins to come.

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Happy fourth anniversary on hive bro. I wish you many more years ahead.

Happy anniversary Chief🎉 . Consistency is actually really key in many aspects of life, it might seem hard but it’s worth it in the end. These are some things I’m taking from this post 💪🏽

Congrats sir
Happy for your achievement❤❤

Happy fourth year anniversary. It seems like you had one hell of an adventure. Well I would preferred to be here 4 years ago but I don't know if I could get use to it. According to what I heard before, I don't think there was anything like Hive Engine and etc.

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Congrats brother, it's been a long rough and smooth ride. Cheers to the amazing things ahead.

Such an inspiring post... Thanks to consistency... evertu newbie should read this.


Thank you for sharing

Thanks for calling me to this..
Really inspiring

Yeah... It is! The goal looks like this. Thank you @bhoa

A big inspiration for me here Chief.
May all your aspirations come to pass speedily.

You know what, you have always been the guy I look up to here. You are my role model, my papa... What always kept me going is the inspiration that I tapped from you. If you can do it, so can I..that's what is always popping in my mind.

I know I have rested a lot but each time i see you, I get that fuel towards not giving up and remaining consistent. Congrats brotherly, I hope to be like you when I grow up.

Congratulations on your achievement so far.... It's a long time coming and I believe you'll achieve more

You've come a long way.... reading through your post I see you ventured into serval things even when some did not yield results you still never give up...
This post is inspiring to a newbie like me .. thanks for sharing...


Congrats on your achievement, hope to get too your level soon bro, respect 🙌🏼.

I just joined this platform, made my first post and got to see this now as I explored. Indeed, you're living your hope. Working towards this kinda feat. Cheers 🥂 to your bigger goal @josediccus

Congratulations on your anniversary. I enjoyed your story of success.

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Happy Hive Birthday @josediccus

Lovely story. Kudos for showing foresight and resiliency. I hope your desires for this place actualize