Let our picture tell your story - Edition 3

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Welcome back to the third edition of Let our picture tell your story.

Thank you everyone for keeping the pace and the interest up in the second edition of the challenge.

This brings the second edition to a close and the winners will be declared within 24 hours of publishing this post. Consultations of the judges have already begun.

It has been so much fun reading and responding to your comments and I am keen on having more fun this week.

Let's get started with Edition number 3 of - Let our picture tell your story

This challenge is simple, any one can participate.

This challenge is all about creativity and fun in the comment section. The focus of this challenge is on originality. So please ** post original stories only**.

Hive has always been about original content so let us uphold that principle here as well.

Now its time for some serious fun! 🤣😆

Your story needs to be based on the header image (thumbnail). (Don't worry about getting the facts right.

This challenge is not about facts, remember its about fun, creativity, imagination and originality.

Let the image ignite your imagination

The story maybe as long or short as you like, it is totally up to you.

Make it be as entertaining and as creative as possible.

Engage with the other participants. Let engagement being meaningful and around the contest comments.



There are only a couple of rules you need to follow for this contest

Your story should be in the comment section of this post.

Your story needs a title.


@melinda010100 and the community account Hive-106444 generously provide the prizes for this challenge.

We have a reward pool of 8 HIVE and 500 ecency points for our winners. If we see more entries which deserve prizes we will announce special rewards as well.

We have an current reserve of 2 HIVE which was donated by @dreemsteem. (1 HIVE has already been given out as a special price in edition one of our contest)

The first prize is 3 HIVE

Second prize 2 HIVE

Third prize is 1 HIVE

Engagement 1 Hive

Creative commenter 1 Hive

Special prize (as need arises)

500 Ecency points will be awarded to non prize winners based on their contribution to this edition of the challenge.

50% of the post rewards go towards supporting the feathered friends community.

Kindly note that this edition will end on 25th August Wednesday.

The next edition of Let our picture tell your story will begin on Thursday 26th August.

Keep your entries coming in. Let the fun begin!


Banner by @barbara-orenya Thank you

There is more fun to be had here if you love bird photography check out the challenges posted on SMAP by @nelinoeva (currently on vacation)

For more fun check out this post by @eolianpariah

Keep your eyes 👀 peeled and watch out for my next post announcing the winners of the second addition.

Waiting to read your stories!!!!



Shall I kick of this round:

Anne and Jennifer walked around the gender reveal box, at their nieces gender party. They had fun and were so glad that the niece will be having a boy. The fact that all these new things are organised to tell whether birds will have a boy or a girl is somthing in our days we didnt do , said Jennifer. And a party for 27 birds with cake and balloons, we didn’t do either. And the money ohhh dear .
But I have to say it was a great afternoon now back to work, dear and hope it will be a beautiful feathered baby

Oh dear, Anne and Jennifer don't like gender reveal parties.. seems like they very old fashioned birds and tight legged too. 😂😆
Thanks for kicking this round off with this sweet story @brittandjosie
I do hope their niece has a nice fluff baby.

I also mentioned the contest in my new feathered blog today hope this helps a bit , and i hope adding things to the original photo is a new thing too, good luck dear

Yeah, I noticed, Thank you for the mention and yeah that is a new thing like the collage contest, makes things interesting

i had never heard of a gender reveal party before so when i read this images of people revealing proof of their gender came to mind. i was wondering what i had missed in my sheltered life

Gender reveal is for babies yet to be born. In some cultures it is another reason to have a party. In our country it is a punishable crime .. How far the east is from the West.

i did realize what gender reveal party in this case referred to, but you have to admit the wording invites interpretation. when i lived in the usa there were baby showers and i presume there still are but the guests usually know the gender of the baby and choose a gift based on knowing it. here in norway i have never heard of either.

as for the distance between east and west i hope it stays that way. for the most part i try to avoid bridging the gap wherever i am to the extent that i can.

LOL I was hoping you wouldn't get into that kind of gender reveal party lol.
Oh yes, there are times I wish the East and the West remind watertight .. I think I know what you mean there. Hehe

What is a punishable crime? To have the gender reveal party or to have the baby eventually choose it's own gender?

The punishable crime is the parents choosing the gender of the child they want to keep.
In Asian regions a male child is considered an asset while a female child is a liability.
A female child is often aborted by the parents - so abortion is also punishable by law if its not for strictly medical reason.
Hence there is a skewed balance between the genders over the centuries.

So legally they cannot actually choose, but if they do so and abandoned the female by whatever means- abortion; etc, then that is punishable.

So how did they get the idea that one is worth more than the other if the law says that both male and female are valuable. Culture or tradition/belief vs the law.

I thought that choosing to keep the male over the female baby was more to do with the now de-funct 1 child policy in China....?

Boys earn while girls need to be given in marriage.. which means you have to give the boy huge sums of money and stuff for the household. The thing from the past traditions and cultures carried forward by a few even today. Boy also bring money when they marry.. a vicious cycle.

So what, don't they know that girls are actually wayyyy better at working and bringing in money than the boys?

And handling work and home life too, whereas boys can only do one thing, but girls have been scientifically proven to be able to multi task wayyy better than boys.

Boys infact, really are the weaker species.

@eolianpariah well you missed nothing it’s so taking away the fun at the delivery but yes it’s done very many times

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This was a very creative take on the image.

hope it will be a beautiful feathered baby

Let's hope for the best so @brittandjosie won't be disappointed.
I hope after all that gender reveal it doesn't turn out to be a girl.
We had a bird we called Wilma a parrot she grew up and showed a nice thick ring around her neck at the age of two.. we had to call her/ him Willie after that.. but he kinda didn't respond to his new name.
So this gender reveal at the egg stage could be a bit too early. hehe

The parrot story made me crack up 🤣🤣. You are absolutely right here. Premature guessing is not the best idea otherwise we shall have a Wilma/Willie situation at our hands 🤣🤣.

We need to be careful with birds. 😂😆

Hahahahh omg a she is a he well let me tell you number three was a gorgeous girl the first 16 week on my ultrasound and than she was a boy ! Yes and again with number 4 he wouldn’t show what he was hahahahha so yes I understand the parrot

Oh my goodness, you need to write about this. This would make an awesome story by itself. I just can't stop laughing. 😂🤣

Hahahah and the room was pink already 😬😬 maybe I should hahahah.
Oh and when I win something please don’t put it in my wallet but keep all that for next round. I am not here for the prizes and the contest can use the hive and points given out

Cute story.
So to have a gender reveal party does seem a bit over the top doesn't it...
So if they have a gender reveal, do they also have a baby shower? Or are they now the same thing?

No story can be over the top. in truth stories need to be over the top or they are not fun. A baby shower is another reason to party right? Baby showers are quite colorful here.

Yeah we have baby shower too, but not gender reveals....

And you're right any excuse to have a party! Especially these days too!



The peace is over.

We are the little Guinean brothers Lalo and Lola, we live in the house of Mrs. Rosa, but we always fly the wall and we arrived at the house of Mrs. Luisa, because there are more trees, everything was very good, but peace is over hehehe, yes because we realized that @zhanavic69 arrived with his Sony camera, that whenever he sees us he is always after us to take some pictures.

Lalo says to Lola: -don't turn around but @zhanavic69 is here with his camera.

Lola: Come on, let's let her take our picture, it must be for something good, notice that I always see her taking pictures of everything, who knows, maybe we'll become famous.

Lalo: If that's the way it's going to be, it's okay if she doesn't take them, but we don't know how to take them from behind, but we don't know how to do it, but we have to be careful because Tor the dog is out there and he'll make us run.

Lola: ready and we took the picture, let's go carefully, as they call us to eat.


I hope they are social media addicts seeing their two minutes of fame.
I wonder what fame would mean for guinea fowls.
Would Lola and Lalo (lol) get to act in movies or advertise for bird food?
Hmm, now my imagination is running wild.

Title: Esperanza and Camila.
Once upon a time there were a couple of very young and chubby redfish that lived in a large pen with chickens, hens and roosters of other breeds. There they had food and water, company and care. They saw their neighbors, the roosters crowing, the chickens grazing and clucking, when they laid their eggs. They enjoyed walking together through the meadow, pecking a bit, but mostly looking up beyond the boundaries. They were always next to each other but wanted something different. They wanted to go for a walk, fly and see new places, while watched and sang "back, back". They talked to each other about laying eggs and having chicks, and they found it good and interesting, but not yet. They first wanted to explore, meet and flap their wings as they saw other birds do in the sky. One day they managed to get out of the corral and got the scare of their lives. They came to a place where a party was being held and some drunken humans tried to catch them. Thanks to the fact that they were still young and agile, and because the drunkard did not know how to catch redfish, they managed to escape and return home. When they arrived they promised not to leave their corral again because now they knew that there were some humans drunken and hungry. Colorin Colorado, This story is over, whoever stays seated stays stuck

I wonder what a bird that cannot fly feels like.
I don't blame them for getting out of their safety net and venturing in to the outside world,.
At least they tried and figured out that there are crazy humans are all around.
Thanks for the contribution @elentogether
Best wishes to you in the challenge.

Hi @sofs-su, yes it must be sad. But I read that they can fly a little more than the other farm birds. They like to be out more too, and females are not very good mothers. Thank you!

Yeah they flap about and perch on top of fences but they don't fly as in how birds fly. We used to have them at home when I was about four or five, I don't remember seeing chicks around though.

i like their names

you are most welcome. i am stilling mulling over something to write

Just turn on the fantasy mode, I mean, like you were 5 years old 😀

5 year olds like

@elentogether! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eolianpariah.

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Yummy!, thank you!

Natty: Well you know, I'm not one to talk... but we have the full polka-dot suit on.
Missy: mmmm hmmmmmmm
Natty: and Suzy... well. Word on the street is, she had an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.
Missy: mmm hmmmmmmm
Natty: Just like the song, you know?
Missy: MMM HMMMMM!!!!
Natty: And I'm just saying - she should have had a little decency to cover a bit.
Missy: mmmm! hmmmm!
Natty: But well... those hunters. and all of her just hanging out. tempting. Peggy said they had quite a feast that night. And you know what they said.
Missy: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

hahahaha @sofs-su just a short one today! because time is running away from me - and I had to just be silly to get something in for giggles hahahahahahahahaha

Oh no, poor Suzy!
Suzy was probably way to attractive for those humans.
They do run after that itsy bitsy bikinis right?
Missy sounds like me though mmms, and hmms LOL
LOL thanks for the laughs.
A story doesn't need to be long to be a story and you've proved it.
Thanks @dreemsteem for joining in.


glad you giggled! LOLOLOL

the last mmmmmmmmmmm was because was oh-so-tasty LOLOL

Yup, I do agree on that.. they are quite tasty as well. Hehe

WATF. Why all the fowl?

Freaked out by fowls?? But Guinea fowls are cute right?
@Dandays I know you don't freak out that easily LOL

@nineclaws is that a redfish I never heard about because otherwise we need to invite to the terminal 😉

It's a special redfish, part duck, part fish,with lots of sucker cups on each tentacle.

@nineclaws did we invite it to the terminal yet?

I water flowed the invite to it and I think I saw one of the suction cups latch on.

He hit a fowl with his serve, feathers flew.

Hmmm what is this creature..Ostaduck??? @dandays is foul mouthed is taht what you're trying to say? Maybe not.. I am always wrong with these guesses.

I think @dandays speaks best with his many pink tentacles, sometimes red, with 2 percent green, speaks best about that matter.
Guesses are always good. I died laughing.🤣😂

LOL lady you still awake?? the night will soon make way for dawn in your side of the globe LOL

I'm still awake. I skipped sleep so I watched the dawn roll in. 😂

Yeah ok, I'm sure that didn't confuse the shit outta ka ka outta her.

Sees crossed out but still visible curse word. (that's 2 swears, I'm counting). @sofs-su, did I do what the green eyed monster above has suggested?

Really?! Cuz that didn't add to the confusion at all I'm sure.

He's always swearing , anything new about it? LOL

@dandays Feathered Friends Community contest? Might explain the birds 😂🐦😂

Is that what one guinea hen is saying to the other guinea hen?

I am sure that is what he is trying to say @melinda010100

You sing so beautifully, didn't know you could reach such feminine pitches.

Ahhh, now there's a balance, much better. 😂 🌶️

Yeah a rap and soul concert would be great!!!

He should rap that soul 😉

He is a master of all trades lol

dulcet tones like Crème au Caramel

sounds so good, soothing and romantic.. 😂

I was thinking more of caramel, lots of gooey caramel on some homemade ice cream. 🤣

So when can we expect a concert to run to hear your voice @dandays?

They said we couldn't have an indoor show cuz covid somethin somethin and then someone said it's cuz I have a big head so I hung up and threw myself on the floor.

Hmm.. indoor concert with @dandays

so this is where the whole big head dandays phrase comes from

Fake noose.

I just like clouds, Moon, anything about my head in them is blasphemy.

Excusez-moi, your head is in the way 🤣

@dandays.. are you singing for your wife here.. you've got to get these Guinea folws to sing lol.

It's hard to overstate the obvious. 😂

Over state the obvious?? what an oxymoron.. Hey where is the story lol

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

I'm just a tad behind with things. I'll do my best.

Did you just cry fowl on a serve? Shouldn't you serve up your own feathered friend folk tale?

Absolutely that's what I am asking come on guys we need the feathered friends stories.

I think @dandays lost his feathers in another contest.


It's what happens when you fly too close to the sun.

Your eyes are exhausted.


Where is your story @dandays? did the guinea fowls turn into a phoenix ?

I'll catch Ya on the next one. How come you didn't get in on Galen's grandparent story contest?

Ohhhh wow I would love this from come from my magic lamp


Let me know if that works.

hahahahaa oh my gosh - why did I think it was the gif that we were supposed to be doing a snippet for hahahahaa
i was thinking of something for that breakdancing bird - i think my post was loading too slowly and i scrolled past it hhahaahahaha

good thing i saw @brittandjosie 's pic! LOL

oh geez - now i have to think of something else LOL hmmmmmmm ok... i'm gonna try to think of something cutesy for those girls... are they girls? hahaha i dont' know - but they will be in mine! LOL

Oh yes, the guinea fowls are your subject.
Yeah if you want them to be girls then they are girls.
You are the author and creator.. so don't let anything stop you.
Can't wait to read your story!

perhaps it would be interesting with one for the gif as well

hehehehe maybe!!!

If you want to do a second story go for the gif @dreemsteem , let's do the guinea fowls first lol.



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Thank you so much @papilloncharity. I appreciate this very much.

Always a pleasure to help my friend.

That is so very kind of you @papilloncharity


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