6 indications Canada is about to announce MANDATORY Covid "Vaccinations" for everyone

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I've been warning since Covid began that mandatory vaccinations could be coming, even here in Canada. Despite already having achieved one of the highest acceptance rates in the world, there are several indicators pointing at looming forced injections across the "true North strong and free".

  1. A few months ago, health officials promised "vaccine passports" would never happen here. They go into effect next week. They've always said the vaccines will be optional, but more and more, it's looking like that too was a lie.
  2. In Italy, government is passing a law to begin mandatory injection of EVERY human in the country. They've already forced all nurses and doctors to get it, along with many other sectors of society, but now they're coming for those who have decided not to take it. Italy has been leading the world in things like lockdowns, contact tracking, and mandates. What happens in Italy happens in Europe, and often then in Canada.
  3. Israel is "switching off" the vaccine passports of anyone who has not had their THIRD Covid injection, removing the person from society. To keep the passports valid, an injection will be required every six months, forever. Symptoms and deaths attributed to Covid are spiking out of control the more doses they take. The USA just announced a third shot coming soon. This doesn't go away after 1 or 2 shots. It also doesn't go away when a country reaches its stated vaccination (herd immunity) target.
  4. In parts of Australia, citizens are under 24/7/365 house arrest except for emergencies. If they must leave the house for supplies, they are not allowed to speak (except for essential purposes) until returning home. Covid re-education camps are being built across the country, each with about 1000 beds. Like in Israel, anyone who misses the 3rd dose will have their digital passport invalidated. Yet another app is being installed on every Smart device, which at random demands users photograph themselves to prove they are indeed locked down. If they don't comply quickly, police are dispatched. Protest (including online) is banned. We do EVERYTHING Australia does (and they do EVERYTHING we do), it's just a matter of time.
  5. Italian state media and government claim protests against mandatory vaccines and passports are "violent" and "an attack on the health care system". This lie supposedly justifies additional restrictions, mandates, and violence against the people. Here in Canada this week, our state media and government are claiming exactly the same thing about the recent peaceful protests at hospitals across the country, which were organized by nurses walking out on their jobs over mandatory vaccinations. The protests were of-by-and-for the nurses, but the media is claiming they were anti-nurse, and even violent (an unsubstantiated lie). When I commented on a CBC article, saying I was actually at the event and it was completely peaceful, my comments were deleted. The comment section was closed just an hour after the article was posted, and the only opinions permitted to be seen mirror the article itself, claiming the events were violent, senseless, dangerous, and anti-nurse. This frightening level of control over the narrative indicates they can't allow the truth to be widely known, likely because future parts of the narrative depend on this one. For example, perhaps the idea that anti-vaccine-mandate protests are violent and "an attack on the health care system" is being pushed so that government can justify further force and restrictions, or bolster support to forcibly vaccinate those who don't want it.
  6. Increasingly, we hear "this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated" (even if the reality is the opposite), ramping up fear and hatred of people who haven't been injected. Last week, health officials admitted their new goal is to achieve 100% compliance with the injections, including no exemptions for religious or medical reasons.

We could add to this list, but the point is, there are several rising indicators that Canada - and much of the rest of the developed world - is about to put mandatory vaccinations into effect. These kinds of things are denied right up until they happen, so don't be tricked into thinking it's unlikely just because you haven't heard anything official yet.

Remember, it's winter in Australia right now. They're supposedly having their yearly surge in cases, to justify the latest lockdowns and other losses of freedom. It's summer here in Canada right now, but fall is coming, and winter will be long and dark. They're already claiming cases are rising and we're heading toward another lockdown in Canada. Each new lockdown brings new major changes to society. First it was social distancing, then it was masks, now it's vaccines, and next will be the passports. Are they really going to allow a 2-tiered society, where unvaccinated people can only visit businesses designed for them, and live by different rules? It seems more likely they will soon close the loopholes and demand "holdouts" either take the vaccines, or go into a Covid facility/camp/hospital/center. Everything is pointing in that direction right now - escalating toward mandatory vaccinations this winter. Things can change, but that's our current trajectory.

I put out a video several months ago on how it feels to be injected by force, saying I hope it wouldn't be needed by many. If you'd like to check it out please click here.

I'm sorry to bring rough news, but I think it's better to be prepared for what might really be coming, than living in ignorant bliss. At least if we're aware, we still have a chance to change it.



The worlds gone fucking crazy... i work for the National Health Service, here in Wales, and im one of a very very small minority that still remaims un-vaccinated. Having had the virus (tested positive and lost smell and taste for 2 weeks), what is the actual point of me having a shitty vaccine, with a piss poor vaccination rate, that does have side effects, when (for me) the worst i got was a little sniffle and a small caugh for 3 days, plis the smell and taste thing of course. So how could a vaccine possible make my future symptoms any more mild.....? Cause remember it doesnt stop you from getting it, or passing it on??

There was talk of making it mandatory for all NHS workers to het vaccinated. Ive already said, id walk before getting "jabbed"!

Good on ya! Thanks for doing what is right rather than what is easy.

Hold strong! Thanks you for doing so.

I'm not surprised at all,i've seen this coming. Same here in Nigeria, they are already planning to enforce that on the citizens. But the question is, is it right? Are we going to be safe afterwards? Are the vaccines trusted?

May God help us to overcome this period of disbelief.

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The mask was the placeholder for the vaccine. The vaccine is the placeholder for the vaccine passport (remember, C-O-V-ID means "certificate of vaccination ID"). The vaccine passport will be the placeholder for evil yet to come - CBDC, social credits, mark of the beast...

It's an important topic, and not enough truth is being spoken about it. In fact, it's one of THE most important topics out there. What do we have without our freedom and our health?

Israel's position is scary! Thailand wanting to take this route but thankfully horribly disorganized! 😆

Oh, hahaha! Sometimes government disorganization has benefits ;D

That is the upside of government...there inept ability to do anything right or moral.

Not all of us in Australia are in 24/7/365 house arrest I can travel all over the state of Queensland at this time if I chose to. I can go to the beach, forest, shops etc and talk to anyone.

Thanks, you're right, there's a lot of variation between the provinces of Australia (and also Canada). It's not the same here in BC as it is in Alberta or Ontario, for example. I'm glad to hear you're doing alright at the moment (well, could be better obviously). I have mates in various states, and one's okay, a couple are pretty locked down and messed up. Hopefully spring brings some relief.

Yeah I have a good friend that lives in Melbourne Australia and he is in lockdown though still goes to work and shopping etc. It's been tough on them in Melbourne and Sydney. We will probably be in lockdown soon enough in Brisbane Australia as these other Capital cities have now set a standard.

time to move to Mexico? I've heard from people that have done this that the process for residency is really easy.

What do you say to a conspiracy theorist?....hey you were right, Again.
Thanks for the info as it is better to live in reality of facts then the blindness of a muzzle.

Yeah, it reminds me of a favourite Carl Sagan quote of mine (and a lot of other people): "For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."

nice quote
A is A....

We have 2 options then a civil war, or bugging out until they all die from the spike protein.

Neither of those options if very good for me and my family. We can really only bug in, due to disabilities and babies. We have a decent spot but it's not sustainable (with land, water supply, etc). Maybe if crypto goes to the moon and beyond, I'd have enough to buy a little something? But then, all real estate is bubbling along with everything else, so who knows. As for fighting I'm not very well set up for that, and would probably just get wiped out. My only hope might be finding somewhere else to bug out to, move as much of my stuff there as I can, and try to get set up before everything falls to shit.

I was saving to leave Canada. Since that's not possible, or affordable anymore either I am essentially in the same boat.

I have a very powerful motivator though, my great great grandfather gave up everything to take his family away from the Ukrainian to avoid the Soviet socialism, so I am willing to die to prevent my life from being run by socialists.

My cousin lives in Vernon and loves cannabis, been trying to find you at those protests casually but I also have never seen a picture of you I dont think, so I have to go by your protest style lol

Oh? Well maybe I'vet met your cousin already, who knows. He could email me or contact me some other way, to make it easier to coordinate a meet at an event. But just showing up regularly should eventually work, too. At least some of the people there know me by DRutter, or would recognize my last name on its own. Yeah I don't really put my photos online, and all my videos are aimed at my hands, or away from me (like at coins, plants, etc). But my wife @MediKatie has been widely photographed, and I'm (as far as I know!) the only dude with her at such events, so if she's around then I shouldn't be hard to get a hold of.

Oh yeah I remember you were saving for TX or FL etc. Yeah... I keep imagining scenarios like that too. Or even Alberta or just some much smaller BC town. We don't want no 5g, we don't even use 3g or 4g. Tired of sirens going past day and night, tired of homeless people that live the begging lifestyle on purpose, tired of huge trucks or bikes going past almost blowing the windows out, tired of being around so many people... even here. But moving is hard, I can't do much of the work myself anymore (chronic pain, fatigue, join issues, balance and coordination, etc). Katie is a hard worker, but is limited in what duties she can take on. Like she's great at cooking and dishes but can't vacuum or lift large things. I used to be the heavy, but the last few years have been rough for me. Now we've got Brett, so moving is REALLY hard. Neither of us are permitted to operate vehicles (although I'm a great driver). And we're on a very limited budget so moving is just plain tough.

There's the possibility our HIVE will do something, We have like 17000 of them. At the previous high of 8.19, that's 140k USD. Of course there's no guarantee it will go back up, but we've seen a small rise recently, so it could be on the way. Who knows right? Then again, if that happens, my ex (who is probably always watching what I do) will come knocking for my crypto, I just know it! As soon as it's worth enough for her to snatch, she'll send some lawyer letter or something. That's how you know your tokens are real money, right? The govt (or your ex) comes for them! Few years ago, people said I was toying around with silly digital nothings.... and pretty soon they're gonna come try and take my silly digital nothings LOL

Anyway, maybe I can pay that off AND have something left over, depending on timing? Who the hell knows. It sure would be nice to get my DL, passport, and bank accounts back again. The last several years has been, well, inconvenient and expensive. It's not very efficient to have to walk/bus all the time, not be able to use banking services (ever), can't cross the border, rent vehicles, etc etc. Very restrictive! I would be happier and more productive by far if I wasn't so locked down this way, but in the govt's wisdom, that's how they deal with poor divorced fathers in 2021.

Even that aside.... maybe without money I can still make something happen. Maybe somebody who already has land or money is looking for somebody they can trust, who has skills like growing food and medicine. A lot of people have nothing left to lose right now and are up for a big change... ready to do what they always said they would do if something like this happened. Maybe a group of people want to pool resources/skills and start a new settlement somewhere. I don't know, but I'm trying to be open and ready for possibilities. I'm sure all this has already been simulated and planned for, but I don't know what else to do. Opting out as much as possible is my main personal strategy.

I know some people online (but I'm shadowbanned and censored a lot of places nowadays), and I'm starting to network with grassroots people locally... so maybe an opportunity will come up, or I'll think of a cool idea and get something started.

my ex (who is probably always watching what I do)

Your keys, your crypto

Tell her and her lawyer, I appear to have forgotten my password, which is known as a private key on Hive. Sorry for our loss.

Lol for them to prove you lied would require miracle legal work... why would you care about lying to a psychic leech who feeds off other plates?

Also if my crypto holdings, which I started in 2013, are ever worth enough, I plan to invest in farmland in your area, my family loves wine and I love cannabis, I would need to hire a grower because I actually suck at anything not tech related, once I don't have my phone or PC, I am handicapped and only capable of self defense or making heavy metal as a musician.

Haha yeah, well that may be the case anyway. I've never actually sold any STEEM or HIVE, just converted everything to HIVE and powered it up. Never used an exchange, etc. And I have no smart device or bank account at all, never will, so doing anything with it is very hard. I can't confirm my master key is working. Anyhow, I'm not opposed to paying her if I suddenly get rich. It would just really suck for her to suddenly make some kind of play for it at a really bad time, like during a pullback or right before a big move up.

Farmland is a great idea. The price seems to just keep going up and up these past few years, and especially right now. Everybody wants land now. Ahhh if only we had seen any of this coming, eh? Heh ;)

I'd be glad to have you in my circle of peeps... share skills and favours and such. Who knows what the future holds.... or perhaps this won't be too far into the future. You never know when crypto can just suddenly do a x10 within weeks.

Do you have discord?

50% of what we do is dabs lol the other 50% is game in this one private server with only Vernon residents, someday I'll invite you in

You know I !LUV dabs...
But hate Discord lol
I do have it though (same name there) but don't really understand it. I can fire it up sometime for a chat or whatever though.

Mandatory my ass.... they are just trying to trick us into giving up and complying.

Yes! Also, just because something is a law doesn't mean it is just (right). Our duty as free people is to peacefully break unjust laws.

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