Our Love... That Glitters.... (An Original Poetry)

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Our Love... That Glitters....

Our love glitters,
and tells stories
to many unbusy eyes.
shimmers like a rainbow,
and fools the faintest of heart.
yet, our tale is anchored
to falling feathers
like a boat unmoored to any tether,
the hope we hold,
is filled with spasms of doubt,
the boat we rowed...

... threatens to capsize,
and unfolds like a carthasis
Our drama is written!
like a prophesy
and pain is comic relief.
yet, the mind is a messenger of doom
for it fills this day
with seeds of gloom.
Yet like a beautiful day
my heart ticks like the 'TIME"
uncaring about our tomorrow

In tempests, in blizzards,
our love glitters
and tells stories!
to the most idle ears.
it's is like a lamp
that brightens a path
to them that knows not love.
it glistens on their darkness
and illuminates their night...

.....Yet, we are like bubbles
threading upper height
galloping to their suprise,
endlessly traveling,
into the stormy clouds
like a beautiful unicorn
throttling in beauty
and waiting to rupture
into a billion pieces.

We're entwined in a whirl,
colliding on our breath.
our passion separates us.
Siamese dreams
but contorting realities
our universe is vast
and our promises is like a cord
that loosely binds us
into threads of uncertainty
making us see rubbles
when we peek into the future

Our love glitters
and tells stories
to the loneliest of mouths
muttering sweet things
like sweet nectar
to the scantiest of nostrils.
on this day,
my legs tires from this odyssey
to find you.
and so we begin again
broken hearted from loving before.

Written by @Josediccus


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