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Wanted to get back to posting again but it's been so long I'm kind of having writer's block. Instead of doing another 'Ask the Hive' post I figured I'd do the opposite and maybe @hiveqa can stop reminding me I promised to a long time ago.

Anyway, let's keep it civil, I'd prefer not to discuss downvotes and stuff like that, so I may just ignore some questions I'd not want to delve into right now hence the 'almost' in the title. I'll also prefer to remain anon after this post so don't try! :p

50% of post rewards going to @hbdstabilizer but I may send more if this ends up not taking a lot of time/effort due to the autovotes I get.



Ever been to Linnanmäki? Ive visited it once and it was a lot of fun.

Haha yeah been a few times with friends and some school visits. It's fun but my favorite one was when we visited Lappland and got to roll down those rail things they had there.

What's the post you've made since you started blogging here that you're happiest with?

What's a new topic you would like to learn more about, but haven't had the time or energy to delve into?

That's a difficult one, off the top of my head I'd say the community incubation announcement. Mostly that I'm happy I went that path instead of focusing on finding the right niche for OCD and seeing the effects it has been having on posts, users and quality. Just yesterday we were talking how some communities, the Alien Art community by @juliakponsford in particular has evolved in quality immensely lately with @nftshowroom getting more traction and I'm sure the other art communities along with it.

Hmm, I'd want to get more into game design as I'm interested to get my own game I've been sort of planning going once I'm settled and happy with how OCD is rolling and Hive not needing my attention as much.

Howdydoody AcidDude 😃

You used your get out of jail free card with the addition of 'almost' to the post title.

Because you bottled it, I reckon that gives me the free pass to ask 2 questions, right? 🤣

Is there something missing on Hive that you thought would have been here by now?

Do you think writing posts that are too long is counter-productive? ((To growth))

(Asking for a friend who is having a crisis of faith 🤣)

This is an uber cool idea man, good on ya, take good care dude and have an awesome week 😎

I'd like to see some more serious projects with proper funding and big names launch their projects on Hive. I hope we can start seeing that soon with the decentralization of Hive-engine and possible smart contract implementation on the first layer. I'd also like to see more projects start that have fairer distribution models, airdrops and not just be out there to make a quick buck by centralizing distribution just cause they paid the fees to create it. Other than that I'd like to see some unique projects started on Hive that can only exist on Hive due to the nature of how things work here, especially with the next HF removing the tax curve and frontrunning and automation of curation not being as profitable anymore.

I don't think so, some people like longer posts and we definitely do take not to curate longer posts that have had more effort put in with a bit more strength. Having said that it's not the end of the world if you write some shorter posts now and then to also tend to the instant gratification generation that exists today who have no patience. :P Could help your followbase.

Thanks, likewise! Maybe do an AMA as well if you dare leaving out the extra A!

Yeah I have had some surprises of late regarding how I thought some of those projects work when I heard others deconstructing them and explain how they actually work. I would never have worked it out myself. I am only getting my head round using a PC these last few years and the big 5 0 comin' up next year lol.

However I just set a goal to become a full time'ish' content creator by December 31st 2022, obviously not just on Hive, ((I gotta eat dude!!! 😂)) especially as I intend to grow my stake to a really great level over the next coupla years. I am practicing for my first ever online video for Hive before I go and create content for other platforms.

I would actually quite like to try an AM'A'A but I think it would be a bit wasted atm as few would see it but definitely one of the future plans 😎 Just after my 3rd Hiveiversary an awesome community member sent me a delegation almost doubling my account for promo work on Twitter, which just goes to prove that longterm effort even with a broken journey ((bloody life!!!)) does pay off.

Thanks for doing this and helping answer the serious and less so queries from the community, you're one of the good guys man 🙂👍

Wow, did hell freeze over, or what you actually are doing an AMA?

AMAA yes and you've wasted your one question you were allowed to ask now.

Do you plan to make a post talking about yourself? Or do you prefer not to make that kind of post? I think you're the only user I haven't read an introduceyourself :)

Second question: Why are u not following me? We can do followxfollow

I did do an intro post after the Hivefork.

Probably cause you switched accounts and I keep forgetting to follow people, but @peakd made that easier now with the profile section on the sidebar of each post!

What's the end goal here with HIVE and its DApps?

Give people the value back they've been missing for decades. Re-invent the internet as we know it. Stabilize the value of one's worth cross borders.

That last point might go bloody wrong in a trustless state. People don't share common value systems. I think it takes a global society to reinvent and stabilize evaluation systems and why should that society be better this time?

There's a second movement in the space, people use their new freedoms to increase their abundance. That became very clear to me while reading more equal animals.

I was thinking more in term of labor costs, why is someone's sweat over in Asia worth 5x less than someone doing the same job over in the U.S. Here on Hive it doesn't matter where someone is from, we'll value their contributions and work equally. I think it will do big things there once this ecosystem grows and becomes a serious threat to current giants who're mainly filling the pockets of the owners and shareholders.

The intrinsic values can be equal while the extrinsic value is vastly different. I've heard some interesting comparisons of german historians on this topic. The value of a person can be god-given, but it's also a norm of society. You can switch the people inside of a society, while sustaining practical value exchange rules, but you can't do it the other way around. What does that mean?

That means to me, if history repeats itself:
HIVE would become unequal to others and enforce written and unwritten rules of its own society to become powerful enough to bring more equality within itself - the HIVE, meaning everyone on-chain, or rather 'The Hivers' who follow common rules / 'common chain sense'. The reason for that is, that we would need our content to be valuable and so we can only decided to value it higher and acted that out, as a global society.

Now, isn't that exactly what we're looking at in the latest past? With free Downvotes, strong policing of tags and communities, and empowering/increasing of stake rewards? I got flagged a lot this year, with 0 bad intentions and beyond what I would consider bad acting. But society here has changed, it's undeniable. Money makes the world corrupt, in any shape or form.

How high can HIVE go this year?

And, can I steal 'AAAA' for an Ask Asher Almost Anything post?




$2.20 or somewhere between $2 and $20? :P



Hopefully the latter. :p

You can't call that censored, I haven't downvoted your post after you stole it yet

Hi Acidyo! Some time ago I read someone's post that I don't remember now, but he said that maybe the price of Hive didn't go up because his name didn't seem very commercial to that person. My question is. If you could change the name of Hive, which one would you choose and why?

I liked the name 'clout' when people were discussing the name of Hive. Especially since it has made a comeback in usage over the internet lately:


It would also fit well with Hive Power, cause someone having a lot of it could automatically get a lot of clout on here and use it to give it to others. It does have some negative connotations as well though, so maybe good thing we didn't go for it. Hive is a good name, unfortunately there's many using it as well but they're all pretty different projects focusing on something else and those who are similar I don't think will stand a chance against ours. :)

What would you do if you would take one sabbatical year and be absolutely free?

Travel all over the world with the gf and take loads of pics and videos.

Ahhh so cool, I would probably do the same as the world is so big and we only see just a little

Do you ever feel the need to take a decent break.. like a week.. to rest from HIVE? How do you support your health with such a lot of screen time and being my superhero?

Definitely and I've been postponing that in forever now, I barely even took a break during my month's stay in the hospital. Somehow my VP never went to 100% and I kept it manual closing in on 5 years in a couple months. Maybe that'll be a good time to go hybrid auto and take a break from Hive.

I've been trying to go out for walks and eating more healthy lately, need to get my weight back down so maybe I can start using @actifit on an alt soon!

No you!

There you go.. fitacidyo :D

I don't think anyone would hate you if you went on a HIVE free holiday for a week or so and semi automated it.. back to the whitelist? You gotta look after you. Xx You deserve it!!!!

What was the feeling like when you made back your investment AS WELL as be able to support 100’s of creators with votes??
I think I would feel like I was in the clouds ;)

I love Hive and the idea behind it, fun fact I was discussing the idea of Hive before it was created (the one 5 years ago) with some friends I had just gotten into crypto. So when I found out about it I got involved as much as I could. Funny enough I think I would've lead this idea way better than the previous CEO. :P Now without a CEO there is nothing that's gonna be able to stop Hive.

thats brilliant! and I can't lie with what your doing now and have done for the cause I would have definitely agree with yas on that last one ;) Should be proud of yourself man! and definitely decentralisation just makes it that much more powerful.

What's your view for HIVE to support Smart Contracts?
Should content and curation rewarding be 2nd layer, ie move away from 1st layer? What's your take on that?

I don't think smart contracts means we need to instantly push the first layer rewards onto the second layer. I do think we need more usecases for HP and RC and smart contracts can be a great addition to that, if we ever decide to push things to a second layer I think we need to be very careful with it, do it slowly but a bit faster than current inflation changes. Until then we should make the most of our downvotes to not reward low effort and unfair rewards to people due to certain stake or price increases. If we can't control that well and as a hivemind decide what is deemed fair and unfair then we probably are better off lowering it a lot more and finding other solutions. I still have high hopes that we can come together and find the right balance during these volatile times.

The transition to the second layer for content and curation reward shall indeed be done carefully, though I think it'll be an inevitable transition. Orrrr, we need to stick to social services for the HIVE chain only, but I rather see services to be on the second layer with each social network having its own token and reward pool. Twitter-like, Insta-like, FB-like, Reddit-like social media all have different dynamics and shall not be serviced from the same reward pool. We've seen too many issues with that in the past so many years.

I like to see the fast block times and chain capacity used for services that require fast database (blockchain) transactions. Maybe we shall lower the block time to a second or lower. That'll make real-time payment solutions (PoS) possible. I think HIVE has the characteristics of a general-purpose blockchain, but it is held back by the social side of things on layer 1.

For now, like you, I have hopes that we can control content well enough. That's the reason why I still continue curating every single day :)

Ok, I have a few for you:

  1. How long have you been in cryptoworld?
  2. What has been the best gift you have ever been given?
  3. Do you like horses?
  4. When are you coming to visit Dominican Republic?

PS: Hi, how are you?

I started mining Bitcoin in spring of 2013 on an laptop nvidia GPU, then litecoin and then dogecoin and the rest of alts that sprung up during the alt goldrush.

Probably the trails early on that gave me more influence on the rewardpool and later on delegations when that was made possible on the blockchain level. I feel I've accomplished a lot with them over the years while still keeping things manual. Although I admit some times being 100% manual has backfired as I've missed a lot of great authors and content I would've wanted curated. Maybe I can go a bit hybrid in the near future.

I don't have any experience with horses, really so no real opinion on that. They are cool I guess.

Hmm, hopefully this decade.

I'm okay, you're the first to ask that here. :P I've gained some lockdown weight I'm looking forward to lose soon again and hopefully go out more and take a long break from my Hive duties at the same time. How are you? :)

Woow, you have a loooong time around here. AND Hybrid sounds good, automating some things is better choice, but without forgetting the human touch, in my opinion of course...

¨This decade¨ well, is better than never hahahahaha

Very glad you´re ok, and fit people is overrated, don´t fall for that #Fatliferocks #Foodislove. (I have also gained some weight hahahaha but shhh it suits me!)

Btw, I don´t really like horses, actually afraid of them, they can break me with a kick, i´m too small for that hahahaha


Hey @acidyo, my question is a direct one. What's the biggest challenge you see coming in the way of Hive's success? As a very old Steem/Hive user, you might be aware of ins and outs of the platform and its limitations. I am asking this to get some ideas for myself!!! :D

Hmm, honestly not sure, there could be giants out there that could implement crypto and blockchain to their existing infrastructure but I'm certain they'd never want to give too much power to the community. So in the end I have high hopes that the freedom we have here - for better or worse some times - will trump the other alternatives and implementations and over time they'll realize that this "wild west" of the internet they've forgotten existed in the early days of the internet is the right choice for the future of social media.

Cool! Thanks for your response @acidyo. The 'Freedom' factor plays a very important role in Hive's success, I agree. If the platform keeps evolving with time and creates more innovative problem-solving use cases, then there is no stopping it. Also, I feel we can coexist with the competition, in fact, we should collaborate with them to widen our range.

Do you like to travel? If so, what have been your favorite destinations?

I haven't travelled much but I've seen quite a bit of countries mainly in Europe. It's been one thing I've always wanted to do once I have more time and not have to worry about an income source. Hopefully later this year or next year that can be a possibility as the pandemic has forced me to stay more in place than I usually do.

There is nothing like a trip abroad and a complete change of environment to recharge your batteries and see the world with different eyes 😉 Do you already have an idea of the destination?

white or dark chocolate?!?!?!

If dark means the dark dark one and not the regular then definitely white.


dark as in 70% cacao is the last one from left to right here...

I'd go with the 2nd one. Does my choice have a deeper meaning? XD

it makes you racist against the dark chocolate 😄 but other than that nope just shows you dont like bitter desserts

How is your name pronounced? ACID-yo? A-CID-ee-oh? I probably read everyone's online handle strangely in my mind.

The former, friends started calling me 'Acid' at random once and it got stuck, in the online gaming world I was calling my characters Acid but someone had already picked that one so I went with Acidyo. There were other variations called Acidsup, Acidbro, Acido, Acidlol too. :P

From the day you started investing in hive why you trust it so much for you to have a huge amount of power? Haven't you think that maybe your money will just be wasted or you can't earn more from it?

There's always been a chance of course but if you truly understand hive, opensource protocol's and blockchain and in general look at how much "dead coins" are still kind of alive, for something like Hive to die it would take something uniquely special to happen, so let's hope that's not the case. Other than that Hive has a bright future, whether it becomes the next big thing or just somewhere in the middle, it'll exist and change the lives of many for the better, at least in a much better sense than what regular social media is doing to us.

Thank you, for that post.
After I got to know you, and your genuine responses, I cannot stay mad at you for our little fight on my blog, maybe I feel a little stupid now, too. and since that's not out of spite, I will go back into putting more effort into my posts, and I will cease my passive-aggressive response to stop posting :)

You already have a big advantage to 99% of authors here who don't have any connections nor autovotes. I feel like it's not too much to ask to try make the content worth the autovotes instead of shitting on everyone else's attempts at fair rewards which is something we at OCD try to do daily. Looking forward to downvoting you less.

I only know one of my auto-voters though :) AND I did produce quality content over the years, even if my last few posts are mostly photos.
Anyhow now that I know you didn't just do it in spite, I will make the effort :)

Hello @acidyo! How do you manage your time online? Do you encounter burnout sometimes, if you have too much on your plate? What sort of activities overwhelm you and how do you cope up with them?

Hi! I don't manage it well, I keep trying to re-organize myself but to no avail. I've had a few times I've felt very close to burnout, right now it's also one of those. It's mostly planning, looking for solutions that won't get abused and at the same time wanting to do too many things and spreaing myself thin and most of them not going anywhere. I need to work on that. Hopefully once I have OCD where I want it to be I can take one thing at a time.

Right, that's understandable as each one of us has personal struggles. I'm truly optimistic about OCD, the immense value it has contributed to our communities, and the tremendous potential it has in store for Hive. Many thanks for sharing!

Thanks for how well you guys run your community and the amount of time you put into it! Hopefully we see amount of communities and the ones in our incubation grow by a lot this year!

How did you become popular here? Did you buy a load of hive and take it from there? Or did you create something and earn and compound?

I didn't buy much Hive. I was very active on Reddit for many years and very early on I decided to focus on manual curation and engagement, for the first year I barely even posted which would've helped grow my stake quite a lot. I kept working on the "long term", eventually someone wanted to reward my commitment and energy with a delegation which I decided to use to max efficiency for distributing it fair and wide - OCD was created to help me with that. I guess over time keeping things fair, not maximizing during all the different rules this blockchain has had gave me a better reputation and more trust of other stakeholders wanting to continue delegate to my projects knowing I'll be using it well for the long term health of this platform.

Good answer :) - One thing I've learned over here -- is that the fairer you are to people, the more you earn as a by-product. It's a theory I had but was never able to test out until one of my whale friends gave me a massive delegation. Guess I was lucky :)

I wish I could say that even without delegations I would've used Hive the same as I have, in a couple months it'll be 5 years of manual curation and I'm sure you know the ROI I've given up because of that. Many keep saying that if they had a delegation they'd also not maximize but on the other hand there's others who say they would to make the most out of it while they can. I have a big respect for those who don't have a lot of stake and still kept things fair over the years. In my mind ROI won't matter much in the long term, unless you really, really like money and having as much as possible of it. I'd prefer to just do okay later on and not have to worry about it while my reputation here and future source of income is priceless.

Ah, man, you're so right. When Steem came along for me right at the beginning I was cashing out like a mofo. Dumb move. Guess I needed the money at the time. Now? I'm stacking and compounding as hard as I can and not caring about the price right now.

I was telling my guys over in the cave, stack now, enjoy later -- and you could imagine the shit I've taken for it over the last year. Now their tunes have changed.

It's not even that high right now. I can see Hive being like gold dust in the future. So I'm still compounding, still stacking even if they think I'm whack. They'll thank me later lol

What is your best time to draw? Why?

Once every blue moon cause I barely have time to watch TV shows lately with all things going on on Hive. It even takes me a couple days to watch a movie in between meals.

I've seen several of these lately. They're fun enough with enough engagement I'll probably have to do one myself.

I've had the same thing with blocking lately. I don't get it. For however many years I've been I start and stop the same content, beginning to post button. for the first time I've stacked a couple unfinished pieces—6! Not sure what that's about. But they're all about half way complete and sitting there now. Anywho...

I'm sure it's been answered but I don't know. Where you from man and are you still there?

I'm from Finland but not living there right now, had enough of the cold and longed for some more sunshine for a while! :P

Oh, ok! I hear that. My wife and I spent a good amount of time in Northern England. This Cali boy thought the sun shined everywhere.

If I earned a second Q: Which sunny location did you choose?

And good morning!! I can be so rude sometimes.

I chose Malta for some time and that sun was pretty strong, now a bit less in west Europe.

Morning! :D

Seems I can't leave you alone.

Malta was the third of our next 5 stops before all this happened. I can't wait to see it. Since it's still a Q&A, did it get as small as I think it would in a relatively short time?

Haha yes definitely, I even lived in the smaller island of the two. :D You could drive from the farthest part of the one island to the other side of the main one in 2.5 hours minus the time it took the ferry that connected the two.

Cryptocurrency is kinda strange to me despite I'm seven months old now. The question is; what influences the price of hive? I may guess that to be it wider acceptable, if true, does it requires more users to keep it value on the stable? And the second question is; does selling of hive have negative effect on it?

Finally, what's your favorite writing genres?

It's hard to answer these questions as there's so many things that affect it. I do believe we're still in the speculation phase, the amount of liquid hive in existence and on exchanges could mean people are just going to sell it once they think it has hit a certain top and that they're just interested in trading it for the time being. I don't believe the inflation of Hive currently is that bad, even if all would be constantly sold, the amount of money that exists out there is way larger so whenever you sell some there's someone else buying it up with the plans of either holding it for many years or selling it later for a profit. I do wish people would value Hive more as no other currency in existence is being distributed out to people in a proof of brain matter. Most have to either buy or mine it with hardware which also costs and has electricity costs on it. But I understand that the people all over the world are not doing great in general right now as the economy is a joke so many have to sell Hive at any cost. Unforunately if you don't save any at all I think you're going to regret it later as I'm sure many who were selling up to a few months ago regret it now.

I like reading fantasy as for writing I still need to find my niche as most of my posts have always revolved around Hive or different alt currencies. I do like posting about blockchain games as well though, there's a lot of potential there in the near future.

Thank You for responding to my question, there's a lot to learn from it.

Do you watch football(soccer) and which is your favourite football club, if you watch?

I did when I was still doing the fantasy league contest, after covid I haven't found the time. I liked Arsenal and Liverpool the most, dislike ManU (especially their fans when they touristing other countries).

lol even the ones in Nigeria are annoying asf. I like Arsenal mostly but recently developed an interest in Leicester. Do you have plans to bring back the contest?

Don't think I'll have the time tbh, there was someone who mentioned he'd might bring it back in an OCD chat, maybe it was you? I could possibly help sponsor it with some votes.

Yeah it was probably me. Anyways, I'll try to bring it back and will be promoting it for next season, when this season ends. I'll just use my @arsenal4life account to run it on Sportstalksocial community/front-end and I'll just accumulate like 80% of upvote earnings as the prize or something.

lol I didn't even know that was you, might wanna make that clear before the sockpuppet hunters get on yo ass

Hopefully this clears the air.

Would be weird though, since I always own the account when I'm Sharing posh links on my Twitter. Oh well, we live and we learn.

If I drop something, bend down to pick it up, and someone shoves a wine bottle up my ass then runs away... Does that mean they broke up with me?


Nothing says 'I love you' more than an alcoholic enema.

Is that how the kids are doing it these days?

I am hoping not - I didn't see anything on TikTok, yet.

I'm afraid to look at TikTok.

Maybe they just want you to open up to new experiments

I always wanted to be a scientist! Thanks!

Have you ever tried 'Grön' restaurant? If yes, please let me know how was the experience? If no, which other star michelin restaurant have you tried in Finland?

I have not actually. Ehm, I'm bad with names and food in general so I can't really recall the names of restaurants. I eat whatever there is as long as it tastes okay, something that will definitely backfire again sooner or later to my health.

Will you smoke weed with me?


Been on a 4-5 year tolerance break now and I promised my GF I'd only do edibles in the future to be as healthy about it as possible but not planning on starting that just now, maybe when I retire. :P

Tolerance breaks are the one!

Oh hush rookie...

As someone who has previously had problems in the past I can assure you that sometimes a tolerance break is *all you can do!

Yay!!!! It can happen!! I got a chance!!!! Yes!!!!!

Acid... Tell me, what do you love doing in your free time except gaming.

Watching esports of the games I play or tv shows & movies.

If you are to give me an advice on improving my growth on Hive, what advice would you give me?.. Just thought of this question, don't know if it is acceptable?

Focus on posting, engaging and getting genuine support. I personally wouldn't waste time leasing through middlemen services and making front-running my main focus. Things can change quick and the next hardfork is proof of that aspect.

True, genuine support is the main goal. Engagement and regular posting has really become tough since I resumed school especially in this period of examinations.

Thanks so much for these points. Would definitely work on them.

Well, i'm curious about your fav mobile games because most of your game playing on PC 😂

I don't actually play on my phone, the little time I spend on it always goes into Hive. I used to play a little candy crush cause my ex got me into it and said I'd never be able to get past her in levels, 2 weeks later and I passed her (mainly cause I created a lot of FB alt accounts to give myself infinity attempts but don't tell her. 😂)

Every gamer having their own tricks to beat opponent. Very genius way! 😂

Who would you rather show a selfie of you?

Only very few people on Hive know what I look like and I'd like to keep it that way, mainly just to be able to do my thing and say what I feel without outside forces intervening/affecting it. I'm not that ugly. 😝

Did you play GB? What was your favorite pokemon? Which GB did you have?

My friend purchased Red so I went for Blue so we could trade with each other to finish the Pokedex. I can't even begin to fathom how much batteries I wasted back then playing it! I also pride myself in figuring out how to 'see' Mew after spending so much time on it, not catch it or in a battle, but after finishing off the Elite Four I noticed that after encountering missingno your Hall of Fame roster would change to random pokemon, do that enough times and Mew will eventually appear in your Hall of Fame in the PC.

My profile pic should answer who my favorite is. ;)

I started out with GB color and stopped playing with a GB Advance with a mod on it that would light up the screen to let me play in the dark. :D

No gameboy SP? First console I owned was the SP and I only had pokemon fire red for it, but I played the hell out of it. Fire red is my favorite pokemon game by FAR(I started a few others but finished none except for the 2 on the switch). When they announced pokemon Lets Go, revisting the region, I was excited to play through it all again.

If I'm not mistaken the sp came out later! I remember the first GB was in black and white, and if I'm not wrong, the first was yellow, which was pikachu !!Now that we touched on the subject Brook was a bit sadistic for our generation xD he was always excited with the girls! Hahahahaa at my age I understand the subliminal message

Yes it did. I’m pretty young so that’s what it was my first one :)

Pokemon Yellow came after Red and Blue!

Hahaha the damn lamp used up the batteries a lot! ... My cousin arrived with the damn GBA with the charger ... I don't know if we are the same age but I also had a family center and I remember that he was addicted to double dragon, he also had a game of a penguin that was jumping obstacles but it was a bit depressing! Go thanks for reliving my childhood!

Whats your favorite cloud color?

This one taken by me on a winter morning in Finland. :)


I will agree on that. Thats beatiful :D

Kinda feels weird for me asking Acid questions 😌.... Well, my question goes thus;

Are you a fan of DeFi projects? Do you see Cub finance thriving amongst other DeFi projects years from now?

Cub was the first DeFi I put a significant amount of crypto in, unfortunately I had to use that for my debt so don't have any skin in the game right now but I'm sure it will do well as the team are very dedicated to the ecosystem they've built and Hive along with it.

Aw, so sad you had to sell off your Cub to clear your debt. Well, being debt free brings peace of mind. You've got no skin in the game, but I'm sure you've got peace of mind 😉

Alright, I'd be looking closely into the project then. Thanks for the answer

What’s your greatest weakness?

I get easily triggered by trolls. I think it's been a mix of being overinvested and caring about this platform too much, I often find myself arguing about some really useless stuff with people I know are just plain wrong and just want to get me to stoop down to their level. It's fine, though, I base my reputation here on my activity instead of words I may spew every now and then.

Once again welcome back. Am a newbie and it’s my first time seeing your post. I have one question

Whats your greatest vice?

Hmm, I'd say my humor can get pretty dark, most of the times that part just comes out with people I'm close to thankfully but there's very little things that are 'too soon' when it comes to comedy. :p

Also, welcome to Hive! Be prepared to spend countless of hours as the rabbit hole is very deep!

What you expect from Hive?

As an avid Redditor before I found this ecosystem I always wanted to see it become as big as it as it had a lot of similarities. Considering Reddit now is also taking care of their own hosting and making link sharing to other sites less and less possible it wouldn't be hard to expect hive to replace Reddit and many other major websites like youtube, facebook, Instagram. Everything can be built here and only the sky is the limit. I'm mostly looking forward to the next innovative thing that doesn't exist anywhere yet, though, and can only exist due to the nature of Hive and what it enables both developers and users.

Why shiny mew?

Cause he's just as rare and hard to get as me. :p

How much BTC do u have?

-0.06 😁


Hi, you speak Spanish?

no señor

@acidyo what time do you dedicate to your spirituality?

Pretty much never right now. :/

Show me your gaming set please :D

My setup? Hmm, I haven't cleaned it in forever. 😅

Hey, I am new to Hive - used to post on Steemit a long time ago. How can I contribute to the community to help make it better?

What do you have to offer? Any special skills or asking in terms of just a regular user with time on their hands?

I have some coding experience, graphic design skills, and other tech/IT skills. Would any of that be useful to HIVE in its current state?

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