The Motivating To Stay Mentally Healthy In An Unmotivated Universe

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The world is currently full of ill and this sometimes makes us dispirited, indifferent, disjointed and dissuaded and that's why we often seek motivation from thing around us to help us thrive, be in a good condition and see a reason to keep living. Despite the fact that nobody wants to die we also need a reason to keep living because this is what helps us, keeps us sane, in checked and mentally maligned with our society, our environment and people around us. Many people are battling loneliness, insecurities and depression and occasionally this is caused by stress from work sickness that lingers and refuses to go, failed marriages or troubled relationship and the truth is we all need to be whole within to express it without.

Life isn't perfect and it gets to a stage where we become insatiable to attain some certain sort of perfection, nevertheless we must strive to attain a whole sound mind. A sound mind helps us realise our true conditions, it helps us build a steady relationship with our friends and family, our colleagues and our bosses and it helps us build a life. Now the whole essence of life needs to be fully understood else it wouldn't really matter. We mostly experience disappointment and it affects our functionalities and moving forward makes no sense, it's very painful to fail and sometimes our failures becomes a bridge that ushers in instability.

At the end of the day it boils down on having a sound mind and maintaining a positive mindset. Now what does a positive mindset does to us? It gives us hope. Now hope is mostly built on nothing. It's that time where we remain positive that things will turn in our favour it helps us to be jived up it makes us see reasons to imbibe perseverance, patience and other positive values. However in places where hope fails and rocks us, makes us cultivate unnecessary anxiety we must allow ourselves to feel that pain because feeling pain and expressing it makes us human and where we must now take actions is stopping ourselves from continuous feeling this pain.

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Pain sullies our abilities, it's makes us make emotionally tainted decisions and the truth is that when we begin to feel too much it takes our concentration from moving and we begin to dwell in fantasies of how things should have turned out in our lives. Pain brings regret and regret brings shame and we become unforgiving to ourselves. We refuse to let go. Our memories serves us powerful pictures and our mind creates billions of endless possibilities of how things should have turned out differently in our lives. But then accepting our candid reality can be difficult especially when we hold on to memories and vague images of how it could have been different for us.

This feeling drives us to be illy motivated and pain itself, reliving how hurtful it is or how it's shattered us makes it difficult for us to get up and be different. Like I said it takes wholesomeness, a sound mind and a positive aura. Sometimes we find no reason to be positive minded this is because our hope is built on nothing. In reality no one is built to be a recovery machine it's often difficult to build positivity when we're down and seemingly out nevertheless we must then seek for how to attain wholesomeness. A wholesome mind make us not immune but it builds in us layer of perseverance, we attain a strong resolve. Life's filled with ills and we need to find coping skills and many reasons to keep existing.

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beautiful post! I find that nature gives that quality of peace and silence. Living in crowded spaces and cities often doesn't give people that experience

You're right, living in a crowded space doesn't allow us attain that wellness and sometimes we need to discover ourselves deep down In other to find our strength.

 7 months ago 

Luckily we have a good support group on HIVE, and there are many tools we can use to find us a way to the light. xx

You're right about this. The truth is that with hive, I have actually found a lot of balance and this is one of the reason why I can extensively create an assertion and talk from my perspectives, it's been amazing so far and I've developed and become better

Now what does a positive mindset does to us? It gives us hope. Now hope is mostly built on nothing.

I love this article, it is full of motivation and it is good to read these things in such difficult times in which we live. We all need motivation, this year has been one of the most complex and it is necessary that we support ourselves to have someone to vent to or ask for help. What you wrote has been of great help, they are tools that we can take for each one of us. I thank you for continuing to contribute to mental well-being in the community, I am pleased to read you.

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you can relate and tap into it, sometimes one's personal experience can teach a whole lot

Very accurate words, I can identify 100% with what you wrote. Many times our minds are clouded with so many negative things that we fall into regrets and fantasies of what would have been. Although it is very difficult to accept things, it is the best thing. Focus on something to keep us alive and complement it with faith to increase our will and harvest positive results

Focusing on the good things that keeps us alive, it can be difficult but achievable, thanks a whole lot

The topic you discussed today is one that is fully relevant to today's society. In the face of the current global crisis, almost everyone has to face frustration and hardship. It takes some time to be motivated under such circumstances. People are prone to depression and even depression. Losing a job and living on less money is not an easy task. Commodity prices in the market have also gone up. Because people do not have enough money to buy them, that economic failure can also lead to life failure. All we can do at the moment, however, is keep our minds positive. It requires constant training and the development of mental imagination. Maintaining a good mind has been a powerful factor in boosting health and boosting immunity.

You've said it all, at the end all we need to do is to keep a positive mindset and a constant training of ourselves, our mind will help us achieve this. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

Rightly ended, we need find that piece that motivate us and energize our spirit to strive toward happiness. Life for most people has not been how they've anticipated , learning to be motivated is what we do each day.