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photo credit: @yasern, @carolinacardoza, @blanca56

A new contest has arrived at Needleworkmonday!

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The Jeans

Who could have imagined that the pants that were originally made for men and more specifically for the miners in the gold mines popular in the 1870s, would become an indispensable item of clothing in the closet of anyone in this century.

Jeans is the name given to pants made of denim fabric. Also called "Vaqueros", this garment has evolved over time, from being a symbol of counterculture and rebellion of youth against the system in the 60s, to become an essential garment. Its versatility has allowed great designers to create their own brand, their own style and even their own culture around jeans.

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Needleworĸ Yoυr Jeans!

As you may have already noticed, Jeans is the protagonist of this new contest in our community. The idea came up thanks to the creativity of the users themselves who have presented us with many projects made with recycled jeans. Now it's time to invite the whole community to Needlework Your Jeans.

A contest in which you can express all your creativity and ability to transform an old jeans into a great craft project.
Remember that you must involve needles of some kind in your creative process.

Don't have a pair of jeans you can use for this project? Don't worry you can use any fabric that looks like it such as Drill, Denim, Canvas or something similar.

Show us your creative process with some pictures, but we also want more than just a tutorial. Tell us what's behind the project: motivations, ideas, difficulties, anecdotes etc.

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Contest Guidelines

1.- Make your project with jeans fabric or something similar.

2.- All items you make with jeans must include a needle. We will also accept any form of fiber arts that has to do with knotting, braiding, felting, tying or any form of fabric and thread manipulation. You can even combine different sewing techniques together.

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Some Ideas

You can make garments or transformations of garments, accessories such as bags, pencil cases, cosmetic holders, costume jewelry.

Objects for the kitchen such as pot holders, aprons, cup holders or glass holders, placemats or ornaments.
Whatever you can think of that can be made with jeans.

Here you have some examples:

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photo credit: @yasern, @bleuclair, @multifacetas, @coromoto20

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1.- Show at least three photos of your creative process.

2.- Include a translation into English if you write in another language.

3.- Mention the source if you publish patterns that are not your own.

4.- Comment and support at least two entries in the contest.

5.- Use the hashtag #NEEDLEWORKYOURJEANS.

6.- Post directly in the NEEDLEWORKMONDAY community.

7.- Leave the link of your participation in the comments section of this publication.

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Eɴтry Deαdlιɴe:

All entries for this contest are due in two weeks on Monday, March 21st!

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1st Place - 30% of the rewards of this post
2nd Place - 25% of the rewards of this post
3rd Place - 20% of the rewards of this post
4th Place - 15% of the rewards of this post
5th Place - 10% of the rewards of this post

We are looking forward to seeing your entries! Ready, Set, Go Needlework Your Jeans!!! 🧵🧶

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Thank you Katty! Nice job on the contest write up and details.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s entry!! Whoo Hoo!! 😆


 11 months ago  

Thanks so much to the community for the opportunity. I'm so exciting to look for the entries.

Beautiful contest! What a thrill, what wonderful creations the community will make! Let your imagination and creativity fly!

 11 months ago  

Yes, we have to let our cretivity flies.
Thanks for your good wibes.

Muy buen día aquí les dejo mi participación, suerte a todos.


Hello @katiuskamata. Please edit your comment to make your submission a clickable link by copying and pasting it.

Thank you ~

I'm having trouble with that... I edit it and it comes out the same way. Or maybe I'm not doing it properly.

Okay I see, no problem at all I will try to direct you.

Go directly to your post and long press the url there…


You’ll see a prompt pop up and then you click copy…


You can now paste it in your comment ;)

Very grateful for your guidance ... hugs.

It's no problem at all. Glad I could help. Thanks for adding it ;)

Que maravilla, un nuevo concurso. Espero poder participar...Gracias @kattycrochet me alegra mucho estés llevando publicaciones generales de la comunidad.

Muchos éxitos.


How wonderful, a new contest. I hope I can participate...Thank you @kattycrochet I'm so glad you are taking general publications of the community.

Many successes.


 10 months ago  

Gracias mi querida @jicrochet por tu apoyo constante. Saludos!

Heeeermoso concurso amiga... pensare que elaborar o confeccionar.

Good night hiver needler this is my participation for the contest . Thanks for the inspiration.

Great challenge! Although at the moment I can't think of what to least I have these few days to think about it. Good vibes!.

 11 months ago  

Estoy segura de que se te ocurrirán muchas ideas y nos presentarás un gran proyecto.

Me parece genial este concurso en el que se ofrece la oportunidad de dejar la imaginacion a traves de una aguja y tela.

 11 months ago  

Que bueno que te agrada el concurso, como bien dices, hay que expresar nuestra creatividad e imaginación por medio de las telas y las agujas.

@irenenavarroart amiga ya quiero ver tu participación ☺️😉🤗😊

Un abrazo 😘💜😘

Yujuuuuu por aquí estaremos 🥰

What a great news, today you made my day with this contest, all those who know me know that I love contests and I love to compete. I'm sure we will all participate and show what we are made of as craftswomen and men too!


 11 months ago  

That's so nice you're happy to participate.
That is an excellent actitude to compete.

Thanks you 🤗
Me encantará participar. Gracias por proponer este nuevo concurso. Invito a @vicmito74 a participar. Suerte para todos.

Mezclilla, me encanta trabajar con esto! Gracias por la invitación, ahora ver como resuelvo lo de las imágenes, ya que estoy sin teléfono!

Amiga invita a tu vecina a tomar un té. Dile que tienes wifi 😁 aprovechas y te pones a sacar el diseño. Le pides el favor que tome al menos tres fotos. Y listo. Que te las mande por alguna red de internet. 😉
A mí me gusta el café y el chocolate. 😁

 11 months ago  

Estaremos encantados de ver con que nos vas a sorprender en esta oportunidad. Gracias por invitar a otros usuarios a participar. Saludos.

Pero que genial idea, ya se que me sorprendere gratamente con toda la creatividad que hay acá, éxitos a todos.

 11 months ago  

Ciertamente, en la comunidad hay muchísimo talento, es por eso que resulta emocionante poder reunir varias ideas en un solo concurso. Esperamos ver tu maravillosa entrada. Saludos!

I already gave out my jeans 😄 I love the available ones too much to alter them

 11 months ago  

I hope you can find a pair of old jeans or a piece of fabric like Jeans to participate and join us to this funny contest.

Wow! a new contest that invloves jeans to show our creativity... if time permitted, ill try to participate...thank you for keeping this community alive thru different contest

 11 months ago  

Thanks to all the members for th idea and for sharing thier talent with us.

Great, now that I grabbed the needle I can't miss this great opportunity to participate. thanks.

 11 months ago  

You are very welcome, We are glad you are so willing to participate.

Thank you very much!

Me encanta.. Estoy anotadisimaaa..

 11 months ago  

Genial! Al parecer habrán muchas entradas, será un arduo pero divertido trabajo para los jueces.
Gracias por unirte.

Wow!!!! what a great idea!!!! I really like! but I don't have old jeans. I think: can I cut my husband's jeans? although I'm not sure that he will like it ))))) we are looking forward to interesting ideas for this contest!

 11 months ago  

Yes massacre - ahem - recycle your husband#s jeans (best tell him the jeans had a special kind of moth and you only rescued his other clothes from getting infected with the insects 😁)


Saludos amigos aquí dejo mi participación 😃 soy nueva por esta maravillosa comunidad, si me equivoqué en alguna etiqueta agradecería me corrijan.
Muchas gracias!!

 11 months ago  

Oh @kattycrochet you want me to buy a new sewing machine 🤣 ???
I am joking :-DD I only once tried to sew jeans with my sewing machine and it stopped working. The fabric was sturdier than the machine... Not sure if I will find a way to participate, but I looove the idea as recycling jeans is so important as the production process of jeans fabric produces so much waste. Better to use it as long as possible. <3 <3

 10 months ago  

It was not my intention, but I understand perfectly what you are talking about, my mom does not like to sew Jeans in her sewing machine because of that.

 11 months ago  

This sounds so good ♥️. I'll see what comes to mind, I'm going to invent something hahaha. Good idea 😉💕.

Lovely contest I will make sure to work on something 🙂

 10 months ago  


Acá esta mi entrada, hice caso a @creacioneslelys, invite a mi vecina a tomar unos cuantos cafecitos para poder tener el registro de mi proyecto jajajajajajaja, gracias por las ideas, espero les guste mi proyecto. Suerte para todos!

I have lots of old jeans... This is going to be fun to do.

Hola amigos, por acá les dejare la entrada a este concurso!
Mi participación

Interesting contest.. let me find if i have any old jeans

🇪🇦 Hola, aquí les traigo mi participación en el concurso #NeedleWorkYourJeans. ¡Que lo disfrutes! 👛✂️💗

🇺🇲Hi, here I bring you my entry in the #NeedleWorkYourJeans contest. enjoy! 👛✂️💗

Agradecida por la oportunidad que nos brindan de poder expresarnos atraves de esta bella inicitiva muchas felicidades a todos, y espero próximas iniciativas como estas, acá les comparto mi enlace

Hola amantes de la costura, me encantó la idea de trabajar con jeans por eso no dudé dos veces en buscar que hacer para poder participar en el concurso, espero haberlo hecho bien, mucha suerte para todos. ❤️❤️❤️

Acá les dejo mi participación 😁

hola a todos me encanto la idea de este concurso @needleworkmonday gracias por darnos razones para motivarnos a crear. Estuve algunas complicaciones , pero ya aquí esta mi participación ...

Hello :) all, finally i could make an entry to this contest

Please check it out

Hope you like it..

Hola a todos en esta comunidad, por aqui dejo mi enlace de participacion en needleworkyourjeans, esperando le haya gustado mi presentacion. @eylis

HOLAAA Amigos espero tengan un hermoso y productivo fin de semana aqui les dejo mi participacion en el concurso

Hola queridos amigos aquí mi participación tejer tus jeans.
Hello dear friends here my participation in knitting your jeans.

Hola hermosa comunidad, aqui les dejo el enlace de mi participación en el concurso

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