Splinterlands: Outplaying The Competition

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I recently started playing in silver one of the modern format in splinterlands and this is because I got a taste of a different possibility of playing in silver 2 wild with the
$78 level 3 gold Djinn Murat that was loaned to me for 5 days last season by lordtimoty. What I meant to say was that I was used to playing in silver III and getting just 10 loot after 14 to 15 days of the season, while getting only I loot for daily quests before my recharge rate goes down.

But with that card, I was able to earn an extra 6 chest to make it 16 playing strictly in the wild format. This card brought me 25k CP, considering that it's even now selling for $80 I think it's worth it. What I didn't realize was that in modern, I was eligible to play in the silver one.

More Chest More Passion?

Typical carrot and stick scheme?

But this was probably because I didn't do my research and secondly because I hated the modern format. You could understand this, you need just 35k CP to play in silver one of the modern format while you need 40k CP to compete in the wild format.

So there's more competitiveness in the modern simply because you need lesser to higher, I'm guessing this is because of the limited nature of this league, but then because more people want to use lesser resources to go way higher than they would in the wild format, it makes it more difficult to play. For example, a player who is eligible to play in Silver one maximum in the wild format can play in gold three in the modern format and this is why it's possible to be facing some very expensive premium decks.

This is another reason for the competition, less for more and I believe everyone would jump at that opportunity. However, I didn't realize this early and when the delegation was taken off I couldn't come to terms again with the reality of having to play Silver 3 again as I'd tasted how it felt like to be playing in silver 2. I already owned about 22k collection power and my aim this season was to get about 18k to make it 40k.

Already, Down the week, I made some purchases,, upgraded my water deck, and rid my deck of some redundant cards.


The Bite For More CP

But this week I got ahead to get me collection power with the aim of playing in the modern league to see what it'll cost me to play in silver one and finally after playing for 5 days, I finally got into silver one in the modern league and the feeling is amazing, two days ago, I got 3 loots for my daily quest which I haven't gotten in a long time. Although I had spent some amount of money and on the surface, it just didn't really seem like it was worth it and that's the thing.

A lot of people feel splinterlands is more about the money and less about the game and I'll have to agree, do I feel it might affect the adoption aspect of the game?

Maybe yes.

However, the system is rewarding to people who put in more money and I guess this is just because the game is trying to reward its top investors.


Why The Endless Tweaks?

I guess the reason for the endless tweak is that the game needs to retain that money value, or else it losses the original traction. people always championing that it's a game will see no need to play in the first place if the game is not attractive money-wise. If we're talking about playing for free, people can actually play for free just like they would play COD or need for speed.

But one of the reasons why people would always complain that it's not worth the time is that they're deciding to play for the money since the game has the possibility of earning them some returns. The truth is, the game brings a necessary evil. Play2earn games are getting to an extent where they need to demand more money to maintain traction and keep the value in-game. However, there's no way to get everything done.


Opened me another pack

Satisfaction For Everyone

Keep the value and satisfy everyone. I do not know if this will make it difficult for new players to grow without being halted by the constant upgrades in the games which means putting in more money or risking the rewards one's previously getting. However, we could see that the splinterlands' whales are not relenting and hence this is a validation for splinterland INC

However, I do agree that the game shouldn't just be about whales, but like it or not, splinterlands will not be talked about if the money isn't there, the big collaboration will only come when the value is there and sadly splinterlands INC is paying more attention to these at the moment. As for people like me, I'm playing catch up with the little I can throw in, hoping I can actually benefit when the game goes back to its glory days again.

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When I used a second account, I used to reach Gold thanks to one card - Yodin Zaku, with Living Lava level 4 and other Fire cards upgraded to levels 4-5. and a level 1-2 Yodin is not so expensive to rent.

The issue with renting is that it might not be too expensive, but it might create a sort of Inconsistency in my gameplay.

The need for CP is definitely a factor and it's tough to balance things out. However, I do agree that it is better to sell off some cards and buy the ones you need. At least it will help but I haven't really felt the need to do anything like that yet. I like modern format more due to the lower CP requirements and I think I can just rent out the remaining CP I get when I actually have time.

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I was thinking I'd be able to sell off those junk cards by listing them for less in the market, I did, I also raised money in the process to actually buy some cheaper cards so I always see the need.

I don’t know what how people will cope under the new proposal and how it will affect the game but the truth is it will increase new demand for cp, slow and we are getting there

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I hope the new proposal won't be so harsh because some people are complaining about it already, but then, there will be need for CP as well which means the value or worth of some cards will go up in value and this will be good. Hopefully, everything will pan out well like it's meant to be.

and rid my deck of some redundant cards.

Lol, that got me laughing there! 😄

Putting the newer players into consideration about decision over the game's economy and play is vital to attract newer players and also retain them. I strongly hope a balance is found in that aspect.

Good seeing you are having a taste of Modern format, a bit of flexibility has been working for me by playing in both.

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I used those redundant cards to actually make some purchases and I'm happy they were there, I got them from opening over 80 packs. and sometimes nothing is ever truly a waste, so the money might be shall, but it did it's homework to an extent hahaha.

The modern is hard, I'll still keep saying that though, but why not? Some gold 3 players beat the hell out of me, but I'm hanging in there.

Lol talk about being beaten it gets to me at times, last week was just too much I felt demotivated, yesterday was a good day and today so far on the battlefield.

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I heard WhatsApp is down, so erhm, we we have to talk about shooting, and another thing is that it's raining heavily on my end

Oh I thought it was my internet, I uninstalled and re-installed it. Cool then

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I got some of this cards sometimes ago but I seem not to know how to use them since all this while

Splinterlands looks more challenging every day.👍👍👍

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