The 4 Ways Of Developing A Relevant Niche As A Content Creator

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Niche is one aspect of content creation that's determined by a lot of things, however, some of the most important things are audience, money, interest, and expertise. In my experience as a content creator, a lot of people subconsciously become creators when there's a platform, which is the ultimate reason. One of the earliest platforms is Facebook.

Facebook wasn't tailored as a content-creating tool, it was more of a social tool where people could experiment with their creative abilities and this involved being creative by meeting new people, finding a writing hobby, finding the art of being expressive, and all. So, many people who are content creators today subconsciously started doing it on Facebook. So the aspect of niche started with what people automatically enjoy doing.

There are professions in life that are marketable in real life and as a niche online as well The advent of the internet and crowdsourcing opportunities made this a reality. Back in the day, I know medical practitioners who made a lot of money through writing courses on Udemy. These people were originally unemployed but found a way to monetize their expertise, through the opportunities they found online.

Another way people find a niche is by interest. I know a guy on Twitter who found a niche by discovering smart ways to place and constantly win huge amounts of money through betting. Originally his interest was betting. He was already developing a reputation for winning a lot of money, so he decided to bring this to Twitter.

This made it possible to connect all the betting enthusiasts in Nigeria, thereby creating massive followership. He began teaching people how to bet and funny enough some people made millions like him too. Now, he can easily monetize his Twitter account with over 250k followers.

Now should this guy decide to start creating video content exclusive to YouTube, he'll have already created another stream of income for himself while doing the same thing, now this is another way how people create or choose a niche. Now having an interest or creating a niche out of one's interest can create an audience. An audience gives a creator the credibility, growth, validation, and qualification to make money, irrespective of the platform.

An audience brings a creator traction and the Sophistication of the internet has made it possible for a creator to port their audience from one platform to another. Take, for example, almost everyone knows mrwhosetheboss, he's one of the most relevant tech YouTubers. (You must understand that I didn't say "the most popular,"

This is because his niche is relevant through time and becomes even more relevant in the future) if he decides to come to the Hive Blockchain, he'll bring a huge chunk of his audience to hive, while monetizing his content on Hive as well. This guy doesn't have a tech background or qualification. He more or less built that interest to become a niche, Which he's come to monetize across numerous platforms and personnel.


Another thing is money. Niches can also be determined by money, but this might only be conventionally relatable by users on the hive blockchain. Back in the day, art was relevant on the chain, we had curators who were big on art, and because of this huge admiration for art and how lucrative it was. Many people unlocked their inner "Da Vinci" because art was lucrative.

Now, these people aren't originally artists or painters of any sort, they mainly got better at doing it because there was all to lose it they didn't. Now these people already had niches but it probably didn't bring them the traction they wanted, so they followed the money and decided to appeal to the "audience" that loved and rewarded art.

The truth is, people with already lucrative niches do not bother changing them, but people who originally became creators because of the money alone are the ones who have to jump from one niche to another, seeking relevance and discovering where the Money is. The truth is that these people are usually very innovative because it is not easy to study trends and decide on what to choose to write.

Some people cannot create at all, because they do not have expressive abilities, but let me tell you, the most relevant content creators are the ones who can comfortably create content across two or three niches with the ability to passionately appeal to different audiences they have. Relevance or the ability to say relevant is a niche on its own and this is because a lot of people often lose relevance making it even necessary for them to learn how to be relevant.

Niches are often created out of need wants, fetish, interest and desire, and when there's content that brings answers to questions, solves problems, or does some other things then it's defaultly relevant, howbeit, determined by the platform itself. However these days crypto is more relevant and art seems to have lost a little traction.

Now you must understand that this is solely the case on the Hive Blockchain, this means that a platform can choose to determine the relevance of a niche and this might not align with what you'll have in the real world out there, this is why some people are relevant online but not relevant offline and vice versa. However, some people are relevant offline and online and this one takes a lot of mastery and know-how to actually put or set in place.

What Type Of A (Niche) Creator Should You Be?

This is entirely up to you. On Hive, the present Hive, niche doesn't matter anymore, content, money, time and effort are what's rewarding. If you bring more money or offer more value you jump the scale. The reason why niche doesn't matter anymore is that Hive has become more than a decentralized social media platform. There are other aspects of the chain that now dominates. This is why you can stick with your niche but at the same time, you can venture into other interests to find ways to maintain your relevance. A niche may be relevant, but the content creator might not be an excellent creator.

This takes away any potential interest an audience might pique with them. This means that you need to be the creators who apply creative elements beyond their niche to sell a content beautifully. This isn't just the solution. As much as you're working on all these, the ultimate traction comes with your networking abilities, because a good product is a good product, when there's proof of its quality and relevance. (I'll stop here now. Note, this will have a part 2)

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 last year  

The first part where you talked about Facebook it is something where I started my journey on internet and not somehow it helped me finding me my niche of making Memes in content and some people I know years ago are making content on YouTube or doing Gaming in eSports.

But there's also kind of 80% of Facebook is full of trolls which is why people couldn't express their feelings or many reasons like excess abuse or trolling.

You said it all and couldn't agree more with your points.

Hive, niche doesn't matter anymore, content, money, time and effort are what's rewarding.

Indeed, well said. Though hive do make easy to find niche eventually because of different types of activities or community existing in this ecosystem.

Perfectly said everything. Good job dude. Have fun and Good day ahead.

 last year  

Well, yeah, I can also remember that most of the content creators I know. Started way back on Facebook, but then Facebook had it perks as well and I think a lot of people who started on Facebook have found their ways to various platforms.
As for hive, I think the variety of communities are what establishes people and help them find where they actually belong you know.. nevertheless, it can create a confusion, this I agree.
Thanks for coming through.

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 last year  

You didn't add health
I think health is one of that popular niche that brings money because everyone falls sick at one point of the other, and even the rich care about their health.
That aprokodoctor is doing well on tiktok passing health information in a funny way.

You're right about hive not having a particular niche, I don't really say i base anywhere for now but i think you do more of finance posts

 last year  

Well, medical practioners do well online and offline as well. I wrote that as well. I think their expertise/profession is lucrative because people would eventually seek healthcare.

Well I'd say, I'm also into tech and photography although, I don't do it often... As for you, might be good if you found a niche.

 last year  

Yeah you're right
I will really check out which community best fits

 last year  

Well, that's another aspect, you can simply find a different niche that interests you and that you'll be excited about.

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I find it kind of hard to make blog posts about things outside of gaming most of the time. So I am quite happy to see Splinterlands be a good niche. However, I do think it's tough when you have to go outside of your box to write things up. It was tough getting used to Defi when CubFinance got released but it's also a learning experience.

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 last year  

It's generally hard to do a niche that's not your interest. Like you I generally struggled with posts about cubdefi, but some people actually did it really well. I guess, we generally develop around what our interest is..

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I am not an artist but I was interested in art, when I saw that there's an arts contest that is being rewarded regardless how good I am I jumped into it. 😁
I am also not a writer but I am interested on it. I am being encouraged to explore my interests by the fact that we can be rewarded, not to mention the engagements, here in Hive while learning. 😊


 last year  

Yeah you jumped into it because art was very lucrative back in the days. The truth is that you could have excelled should you have chosen to be resilient. You might have gone into NFT and all that. So interest can become a Niche.

I actually thought of NFT before but I am not that good yet in making art.

 last year  

Well, there's a lot we're capable of that we don't even know. There's no harm in trying.

 last year  

Just like the splinterlands post I wrote yesterday, writing splinterlands post has become a niche for me..

Me too. I occasionally write Splinterlands related posts. 😊

This help me think what should be my niche is. Thanksss, so much! I've been contemplating a lot of time that I don't wanna be a writer without a niche. A writer that would be known for writing anything just to keep up my Hive account active :<< I wanna ask a question if it would be okay to be a content creator with more than one niche?

 last year  

It's a actually okay to be a content creator with more than one niche, it helps one maintain relevance

The kind of content creator we want to be depend on us and there are a lot of niche out there we can choose but we should make sure that is something we enjoy and we can last with the test of time.

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 last year  

Yeah, this is true. Our contents actually reflects what and who we are sometimes, nevertheless, we can simply do better than that just to attain traction to some extent. But longevity is also important like you've noted.

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I doff my hat for those who have discovered their niche and can stick with it. It actually takes time and some effort to discover and stick with your niche.

I think one of the things that make people niche down is when they discover that part is very lucrative, just few people niche down due to passion.

And for me, a way to niche down as still not become boring is to make sure you're creative with anything you do.

Thanks for this, I'm anticipating the second part.

 last year  

We can't push ourselves to write something out of our likings. Choosing a niche should be something we are keen at, we are comfortable writing..
Thanks for this informative post..