A 1.6 Million Naira Use-case For iPhone 14

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Apple has a crazy fanbase who would buy anything they put out with inquiring about the cost and why it should cost that much, the reason is that Apple designs their iPhones to have a new eye-catching feature, a new tech that would tickle a potential upgrader especially if the money if there to spend, but the spender is wondering if they'll be getting value for spending such a crazy amount of money. For example, no one is talking about how the latest iPhone 14 pro max is 1.6 million naira in Nigerian currency. Let's put this into perspective.

The average big boy 9 to 5er, will earn 100k in a month, if they work for 12 months, they'll earn 1.2 million naira

Here's A Vivid Calculation

....even if they got monthly bonuses that are close to 400k for that one year, they'll have made that 1.6 million Naira,
(which is very big considering that there are people who earn 50k a month working 9 to 5) but wouldn't they pay their rent, feed, or even clothe?

This means if they do their general upkeep, it'll still be impossible to afford. In a general sense, this isn't huge, but looking at it from a Nigerian perspective, earning 100k monthly is decent. So the point here is, if people are not putting the price into perspective, what are they now considering? The huge always-on-display, 48-megapixel photonic engine features. But if a regular 9 to 5er cannot afford an iPhone 14 who then can?

A Target Audience?

The unconventional money makers, the celebrities, the Nigerian princes online, influencers who have monetizable channels across the internet and are being paid in dollars. There must be an emphasis on being paid in dollars because people who get paid in Naira will find this difficult to afford unless they're criminals in their working places.

To a regular Nigerian, the value an iPhone 11 would bring is the same iPhone 14, this is because the average Nigerian internet geek has only limited idea of how to truly monetize an iPhone. TikTok which is one of the major reasons why some Nigerians would buy an iPhone has no direct monetization, which boils down to the fact that if you're not a skit maker, then other personal gratifications come with upgrading an iPhone every year.

The Irregular Big Earners

However, there are indeed people who earn in the range of 500 to 700k monthly, but these people are in government parastatals. However, the catch here is that these people would prefer investing in cars and real estate rather than mobile phones.

So It still boils down to the fact that the people who are truly wealthy and working in sectors where there is no showmanship will still prefer to use smaller devices especially if the iPhone doesn't bring a substantial value that could primarily earn them money. So what is the real use case of an iPhone 14? The first for me is that people are buying into the latest tech in mobile technology, while this feels peripheral.

Nigeria isn't big on the whole tech thing because it's not a technologicalized state, the focus is different, meaning that it's difficult to find external use cases, beyond the one that we can create. This brings us to the fact that upgrading an iPhone every year is a status marker. It has a way of revealing one's worth without them talking about it.

In Nigeria, people have a way of wanting to talk about their network without making it too obvious. The validation of money and the freedom it brings to spending excessively. This is why people must have enough money to actually afford it (iPhone 14) because it's more of a luxury good.

The Craze For Photography

A lot of people look at the photography aspect, but the truth is that as a professional photographer or film marker, you can use this device because it's got smaller lenses, a one million naira DSLR, will be able to make films, so if you have a one million naira DSLR, you'll get bigger value if photography is the aspect you're considering.

This assessment is done for the basic Nigerian consumer behavior and it'll be totally different out there. A market is often determined by the geographical location, the government, the people, and the financial background, because Nigeria is still a developing market, iPhones will still sell based on sentimental value and not monetary value. This isn't to say it wouldn't do the latter, it'll do more of the former.

The Worth You Might Be Blinded To

Then there's the aspect of brand preference. I mean, everyone in life has a preference for a brand at one time or another other and this is because of an initial impression. When one's got money, they go for brands rather than commodities, apple as a brand packs brand value and so few populations will ever question Apple no matter what they produce, the price they're selling it for, and if it's worth the value at all.

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 last year  

Just a few days I was wondering how I haven't explored my phone since I had it. I basically use it for Hive, Facebook, and WhatsApp, and that's all.

And then I thought if I am using a few basic features in my phone, why did I need to buy a 64k worth of phone? And why do others buy iPhones if they need just a few features too?

somehow, I discovered apart from the few features I use on my phone which are accessible on every android device, I was mostly interested in the size of my Ram and Rom. And it is still serving me as we speak

iPhone followers might claim they are buying their phones because of the camera, but some of them are lying, they just want to be a part of the crowd. And this is the obvious factor Apple has over other models, they have a following, and this cult initiation won't stop any time soon unless Apples stop coming up with newer models

 last year  

Apple will keep coming with newer models, they use these features to ensnare their and customer base. I own an iphone myself but it's an older model and it serves me well. Sometimes we live in the illusion of getting something newer and belonging to the league of the bigger boys. At the end of the day, if we can't get value for our purchases, then what's the essence?
Although I admit iphones can offer more, but the money in question is crazy.
There are expensive androids too, but iPhones does this things miles apart.
It's a crazy world, tech is the next cocaine

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 last year  

I personally don't like iPhone because I have never used one, and I wouldn't use my hard earned money to buy one, just to feel among, when I have other expenses on ground to concentrate on
There are people who take this iPhone seriously and when you ask where they are working,? They will not give you a good answer, even ladies too.this country tire me.

 last year  

Hahaha well, I feel that some other iPhones can come in handy, but this particular one is expensive and for a regular Nigerian, it's even way more expensive than we know. I think the value it offers is what's in question and this is why I made the post initially. Thanks for coming through.

 last year  

I know, but those prizes are somehow over the top. You welcome too

 last year  

Haha... this conversation on Apple again.

Well, it is a fact that Apple delivers top-notch quality with their products. But the question for me is, "How much value can they really add (or be adding) within quite short time intervals?"

I mean, we all know there's this discovery curve where the rate of discovery implementation in tech will decrease with time. There will only be drastic changes when big discoveries are made. An example would be the LIDAR technology in the newer iPhones. The LIDAR scanner embedded with their cameras helps improve the cameras' range. This helps a whole lot with AR (Augmented Reality).

Now, with no big changes to implement, why the extravagant pricing?

I just wonder for what purpose a mobile phone should be worth so much. In the end, like you have expounded, people may just be getting them for external validation.

It's everyone that goes for the new iPhone that would do so for "validation." Some may just be tech enthusiasts. I am also a tech enthusiast. But if I really do not see the "use-case" for the iPhone 14 (if I can actually afford one), I may as well just skip it. They are only bringing in features that are already available on other brands of phones anyway.

 last year  

These features aren't groundbreaking. The LIDAR technology for instance only improves the aspect of photography and nothing else really. If I want better photography I could just buy a DSLR. While these techs are good for advancement, I just feel that it takes too much money. One cannot pay beyond value they're getting irrespective of the durability, there's going to be an elasticity limit at one point in time.

Haha... this conversation on Apple again.

Well, there will always be the conversation on Apple and this is because it's always in the limelight for one reason or another. The last time it was software vs hardware. This time, it's essentially the value it has to offer.

 last year  

Wheeeeew! This is a whole lot and it's so true.
The iPhone saga in Nigeria is real.
But, why I think using an iPhone is worth it is because of the space, camera, the durability (and of course, the vibe 🤣).
But what I think is not so necessary is trying to catch up with the latest version for absolutely no reason and I also have a question, most iphone users I know have power bank as the "oxygen" for their phone, is the battery life so bad?.

 last year  

The battery life starting from 11 pro max upwards gets better. Better still always buy a pro max version because it packs a bigger battery. However I think almost everyone in Nigeria digs an iphone simply because of the pictures and the vibes and really not the tech and all that. But the simply choosing to upgrade at all times is crazy.

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 last year  

Okay, thanks for the information.

It never ceases to amaze me how we completely ignore logic in our chase for apple’s latest. It’s sickening at this point.

Here in Ghana, people who have absolutely no business with photography or vlogs or video content are the ones who upgrade to the latest iPhones and series watches. The same people have no real jobs and everyone knows it, but no one is surprised by how they’re able to afford it.

We’re so blinded by our desire for the latest iPhones that we spend so much money buying phones that serve us no purpose or bring us any monetary value back. There are a lot of Flagship androids that cost less that would do for the average person. Hell phones like the 1plus series phones could even do for creators. Even if you’re just an apple fam base, there are still good, relatively cheaper iPhones like the iPhone 11 that will likely still do great for you if you’re not a heavy user and not a content creator too.

Apple has capitalized on our insatiable desire for the latest iPhone to basically sell us the same iPhone with upgraded cameras for 3 years or so, every time a major upgrade is done. The iPhone 6 and 6s and 7, 6+ and 6s+. Then there’s the iPhone 7+ and 8+, again the same phone, one with a glass back and other with an aluminum back, and maybe a slightly improved camera. The iPhone X series, lol yeah. Then there’s the 11 and it’s family, as well as the 12 and it’s family. Lol It’s just sad.

 last year  

I think I know the group of people you're talking about. In Nigeria we have this same kind of people who aren't really photographers or content creators but burdens themselves with always upgrading their phones every time. I think Apple is firstly a business, so they'll do everything possible to actually make profit. I think in Africa we are mostly wary of the price because of the lesser currencies we actually earn in.

Nevertheless, you've said it, almost all the phones are the same with just little changes to the camera and processor everytime and only wanting to upgrade when you don't have any use for the upgrades is absolutely crazy.

As for Apple, they'll continue doing this. They're meant to make profit and they will.

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Apple has become a lifestyle now. Whether you have a use for it or not, you’re seen as old fashioned if you buy into the iPhone lifestyle. But like you said, apple is a business, so I guess this just means they’re doing their marketing well.

 last year  

Hahaha I think it'll even become worse in the future, because marketing will become better and many people will be forced to play Apple's games. They're quality, so they're using this as an advantage

Yes bro, this is a very nice thing to talk about, I sometimes think about the price of iPhone, it costly, I wonder how the company achieve it sales target when a greater number can't afford the phone.

A worker must feed himself true, he must put on clothes, most importantly take care of others family members if any, then such person can't afford this luxurious device.

True, work that pay 100k in Nigeria is a good work then if this set of people who earns this monthly pay can't afford it, that means the producer of the products are somehow missing their customers.

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 last year  

I think as per customer, Apple does not care, they know they have a loyal fanbase and we have people in the world who are willing to pay all that money. However, they actually achieve their target sales and make humongous profit. However, it's we sometimes that knows it's expensive because of how we earn.

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It's a matter of how we earn bro, thank you for feeding me with the hardest truth.

I love tech and I'm a big fan of technology ever since I was young but the truth is the love of tech does not make me stupid. If I can afford it, yes I will buy and if I can't afford it I will leave it. Iphone 13 is too much for me talkless of iPhone 14.

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 last year  

Hahaha I'm currently using the iPhone 12 and apart from the battery which I might change soon I think I'll use my phone for extra two years. I'm a fan of tech like you and I think the iPhone 14 is just too expensive.

I never really respected iPhone till I got an iPhone 11 pro max. I thought every phone was a phone till I got hands-on with one of apple's products. You see, iPhone has immersive usage. It can be always exciting and hardly misfunction due to age. One thing I cherish about iPhone is its durability which other brands can hardly be compared to. Nonetheless, chasing every new iPhone that comes out isn't worth it unless you have the extra cash to afford it. I hardly doubt I will be upgrading my phone anytime soon since its in perfect shape.

 last year  

Well you're right about the durability of the iphone, it's so well made that you do not have to consider changing phones almost every time. In reality, the value it offers is great and I can tell you this because I have an iPhone too. However, upgrading is something I'll never do as soon as possible. Even if you have all the money in the world, it just don't feel like it's worth the yearly upgrade.

I know a few people who always try to get the newest version of the phone but I honestly don't need that. As long as the functions that I need are there, I could care less. Having a slightly better camera or specs is just not worth it.

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 last year  

Yeah, having a slightly better spec when it comes to the camera is totally not worth it because of the money we actually have to pay. It's more money for specs you can totally live without.

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You're seeing durability mentioned and that's true, but the other reason for iPhone loyalty is that unlike Android phones, they retain their value over time.

The same can be said for Macs as well. Many iPhone owners sell last years iPhone for a very good price due to the good reputation that Apple has. They then use those funds to upgrade to the latest model at a discount.

They also don't explode like Samsung phones do after a few years due to continuing issues with their batteries.

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 last year  

You're right, a lot of iPhones tend to maintain resell value, it's why I cannot buy a $1200 worth of Samsung because you might not be able to sell it up up $400 after two years and you talked about exploding.

This is actually true, Samsung batteries are prone to exploding and one thing is that I'll never compare the value that iphone offers to that which Samsung does.

In reality they're just miles ahead. In know that the resale Value is huge, but the price for upgrading and the Little changes that comes with them can be ridiculous to an extent. I own an iPhone 12 and I've never regretted it for one day though.

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As long as we're talking about aspirational devices, dream along with me for a moment...

12 years from now you'll be CEO of Josediccus Inc. a multimedia services company born on the blockchain. No longer blogging (you have people do that for you now), you'll be closing on your third Australian vacation property on the Gold Coast.

You're now bi-coastal, with lavish pads in NY and LA, and a corporate address in London. You're telling me about how high-maintenance Rihanna is (after years of denials "we're just friends" you two finally married) and now Megan Thee Stallion won't stop calling you.

As our call comes to an end you'll close with: "I've got to go now, Kanye needs my help on his new comeback album. Make sure you clean the pool and feed my French Bulldogs, they were a gift from Gaga. Bye." (Turns out I'm your janitor now). :) lol!

I have a feeling one of you from Africa is going to break through big. You, Collinz, Starstrings, Mcsamm, DepressedFuckup or somebody else. One of you. Just watch. :)

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 last year  

That's quite a huge dream by the way and while I'm not doubting it, I sometimes feel it's gigantic, one thing is for sure. I'll keep working, struggling and hustling to make sure things are better than they ought to be. At the moment everything is rough around the edges and it still feels like I've got a lot to handle, thanks for that boisterous dream hahaha.

Always trying to meet up with the latest iPhone is just spending extravagantly, kos it’s no use. But most Nigerians want to show off anyway. Peer pressure and d rest to keep up instead of investing the money somewhere else

 last year  

Hahaha peer pressure and showmanship, plus a lot of people in Nigeria likes proving they're rich even without mentioning it.

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Sorry to Apple but I'm more of an Android person. 😁
I mean, Android are far more cheap and I like how I have more control over it.

Personally, I am satisfied with a symbian phone. It's just that one of my gig is to make an Android app. That's the reason why I bought mine.

Seriously, I can't afford to buy an iPhone 16. Even if I have the amount, I would rather invest it. Sure, iPhones are durable but that still depends on the user. I've seen a lot of individuals who can't even hold a device for a year without breaking it. 😁


 last year  

Loooool an iphone 16 isn't out yet, only 14 at the moment, but you're right it's expensive. I'm android person too. But sadly android cannot match an iphone when it comes to the video abilities. Hence my preference for iphone but then, upgrading everytime is something that's crazy hahaha

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Dang! This proves that I am indeed an Android person (a.k.a iPhone ignorant). 😅
I don't know how good iPhones camera and video recording capabilities are, but I would prefer to go for a mirrorless camera if we're talking about 1.6M Naira price range. 😊

Seems I got confused and interchanged the price with the model. 😁

 last year  

Hahaha happens sometimes.

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 last year  

1.6 million naira in Nigerian currency is a lot of money however, it's only a person who knows the value and worth of iPhones that can spend that much on it. I think maybe in the future, you should get one. 😃😃😃😃

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I will consider it. 😊

 last year  Reveal Comment
 last year  

Yes it is actually


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