How To Be "THE" Content Creator You Always Desire.

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Content Creating is a difficult process and this is mostly because of the intent, the motive, the audience, or even the platform. Web3-based content created on a decentralized platform on Hive is detailing, concise and intentional and this is because there's something at stake. I emphasized the need to often reiterate the fact that creating is difficult because we might find a certain validation to keep trying again and again.

Then there's the aspect of being a natural innovator one that deals with being able to create innovative ideas from realistic experiences which makes it informatively endearing to the people who are consuming these contents. I talked about the aspect of the audience. The true consumer helps to validate or discredit the effort of a content creator on the hive blockchain. These people (audience) can do this in kind or do it with their stake.

While a lot of creators will prefer the latter. A conscious audience can still create meaningness for a creator, helping them to find the right ideas to grow.
I discussed the aspect of being the main character in our content and how this can fine-tune our abilities to thrill our audience using our real-life experiences.

In this video, I discussed the reasons why some people find it difficult to create and some others find it quite enjoyable and how this can be bridged. In the end, I talked about the process of creating, the things involved, and how we can find a balance.

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 last year  

After seeing this video I couldn't help but take a very deep breath, thank you for that by the way, hehehe.

You have given a really good advice on the aspect of creating contents especially here on Hive. I have been having a hard time knowing which aspect I'm really good at when it comes to creating contents and that is because I was never a content creator, I'm simply learning on the job.

Just like you have said, there are times when I get some really encouraging and motivating feedbacks on my contents and I notice that the next time I want to do something similar, I always like to do even better and other times when I do not get a good feedback it becomes very hard for me to even write anything relating to it again. And this has shown that the audience and validation truly matters and I'm going to work more on that aspect because I'm lagging.

Also for the monetary value on a created content, it is truly wrong to know if a post is good by the value it gets especially here on Hive and that is why it is good to let that be the last reason why we create contents so we can give it all that we've got.

I remember there was a post I wrote, I knew I was not going to get too much value on it but I still had to write it in the way that will interest me and make whoever reads it happy and you know what, that post got a value that I was just so amazed but then I knew that, if you add value to your Contents, in one way or another you will get that value back.

The bottom line is, we have to give out the value we want, you can't give less and want more, that's not how it works. It might take time before you get validation but it's just good to keep moving and giving our best.

Thank you so much sir for this enriching words, I will do well to use them for my betterment 🙏.

 last year  

Hahaha, well, not being a content creator doesn't mean we cannot be one. I think what hive does is that it benefits phone who decides to be aware and conscious and take time to see what works and what doesn't. In reality there are so many aspects to content creating and sincerely you're one of the people who manages to bring it on, I'm mostly inspired by the efforts you put in. For to be an all-round creator, their ability to create is not even everything.
As for your post, let the effort count at all time, reward isn't subjective, one content can bring you interested audience day by day and it accumulates and grows. Hive is about accumulation and this means putting something new each day.
So even if you're not a natural creator, you're actually growing on a daily basis and this counts. The ability to learn is bigger than talent or creative enablements.

 last year  

Thank you so much for your feedback sir and advice, I will do well to keep adding more values by learning. Some it feels very hard though but then, I just come across contents like this and I get encouraged and motivated to keep being true to myself.

Thank you for always sir 🙏.

 last year  

You're already doing well and you've learnt a lot. It's beyond hive if you ask me,the internet as a whole is full of opportunities and sometimes it requires that extra effort. Mehn, well-done

 last year  

You're right there are so many opportunities on the internet and there is no excuse for not being useful and better.

Hearing these words is making me what to become even more better so I can hear them all the time, lolz. Thank you 🥰.

 last year  

You're on top of the engagement League everytime hahaha I'd say you're making most of your time and you're doing it creatively well.

 last year  

Hahaha, some people are actually planning to kidnap me so they can get a chance to be at the top of the engagement list at least just once and I've been trying my best to give them the opportunity without them having to kidnap me, lolz but it's not going well at all. I guess it's already a part of me but now I do try to rest more often 😊.

Ohh man, I could call you a well of wisdom that is not stingy with its content, it is so beautiful to have an eye-opener like you on hive, you open eyes even to things that seem insignificant to many, you're a blessing man.

I haven't been creating content before but I wouldn't say that I don't know some of these things. The part of this vlog that got me the most is where you talked about personalizing your content, putting yourself in your content makes your work more real and helps you relate it to your audience better. Knowing your audience too is key like you mentioned because there cannot be content without the audience.

 last year  

Well, there are times we often take to research contents but this wouldn't continue forever. Personalizing our contents gives us more options for creativity and this is why it's important. There are lessons we can say with our narratives and we should fail to take advantage. Thanks for coming through again.

 last year (edited) 

Wow I got a lot of value from this. Knowing your Audience, personalising your content, consistency, being inspired by your personal life to create great content to share a part of yourself with others to inspire or inform them are very important points you judiciously explained in your video.
And with this one can keep getting better. Like you just read my mind, I was thinking a while ago that I've lost momentum in my content creation here on Hive maybe because I've been focusing a lot on creating content for my business on Facebook and overlooking the fact that I can fetch something meaningful from there and from my personal life for Hive but your video has become my wake up call to resume duty. Also, I'm training myself to overlook the monetary value attached to my content so that I gave it the attention, creativity and passion it deserves. Thank you for sharing boss.

 last year  

Thanks for taking the time to watch. The truth is that there are so many aspects to content creation and it's always important to put this into perspective, a lot of people have always found it challenging to create, although in the video I made mention of the fact that there's no harm in experiencing challenges and we have to admit it. However content has to be personalized to create a bigger meaning to an audience and this is why I took the time to talk about this today. I'm glad you've learnt a lot, thanks for coming through.

 last year (edited) 

You're very welcome Sir. I learned so much ad always from your vlogs. Thanks so kindly. Setting new content creation goals.

 last year  

Although you're not doing badly though, I think your contents are good, the validation of an audience is sometimes often necessary..

 last year  

Really? I feel like I've won a jackpot. Coming from you, this is very encouraging. Thank you boss

your mouth is so sweet in the video, everything you said there are facts especially the consistency part because relenting will not make things better but we have to keep going and doing what we know how to do best

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 last year  

Hahaha, brotherly, thanks a million, truth is, I didn't plan such a video and maybe I could have planned it better. But thanks, I think I managed to pass that message across, I'm glad it made impact. How has it been?

Have been away for days because of life but I'm back, the message was great

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 last year  

This is very detailed and with this 8f anyone follow your write up it will fine it easy to creat a content simple, I love your post thanks for sharing this wonderful post

 last year  

Thanks for watching, since it's a video, and following through

Being an innovator or a content creator is not an easy job and not a day job.. but I think this can be done when you have the right resources to do them.

Wow, this is so educative and understandable

 last year  

It's even more when you take time to comprehend the video

I will try to do so

Good write up...

As a content creator , I believe it is important to focus on the niche that they are good at or comfortable at , in that way it will be easier for them to conveniently create contents around that niche..

 last year  

Yeah, thanks for coming through

You are welcome..

You made look simple and interesting for someone to be will to try out.

Decipher the audience.

Haven't heard this before tbh. I noted this especially. Thank you so much.

A question though.
Can we say everyone is a content creator?
Because in the advent of social media, almost everyone is online, posting something, saying something, be it for personal or commercial reasons.

Consistency is the big thing and the apt to learn from others is another when I started in 2020 on steemit I didn't know what I was doing because I saw that my friends made a living out of it and I joined but on the way I saw that my reason for joining is shallow and it can't take me far after admiring quality contents from good guys then I decided to develop it wasn't that simple as most times I lack what to write and after some time I joined hive I saw uniqueness on the hive blog chain just as you said *you been the first person in your own contents and I see a better light and life full of activities and topics to write on I'm blessed by your encouragement.

This another interesting post from you @josedicuss. You are good content creator and you have thought newbies the important of it. Here you made it clear to me that even one who do not how to do it can learn it and creat very good content. Thank you bringing this to newbie.