Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 164 // 10 Booster Pack Prize!

Splintertalk NFT Opportunity

We've been releasing official Splinterlands NFTs on Splintertalk and now we want to give the opportunity for our Art Contest Winners to tokenize their art and market it to our audience! This will empower artists to mint their own fan art as a Splinterlands approved NFT on Splintertalk while getting credit, growing their own brand, and sharing in the profits!

We'll be keeping an eye out for high-quality pieces in the weekly art contest and will be working to empower the artists in our community to expand their reach, grow their brand, and stack up some SPT for making consistently awesome art!

Selected artists will have the opportunity to mint their NFT art on our new account, Splinterchampions, which is the new official Splinterlands account for our Art contest winner's NFTs and then we'll use our reach and social marketing teams to spotlight these users and help them grow!

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Each week's first-place winner will also have their art featured on the official Splinterlands Instagram account.

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Winners from Week 163!

First Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 163 // 3D Animated Haunted Spirit Card

Second Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 163 // Goblin Mech

Third Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 163 // Goblin Sorcerer @artgraf

Fourth Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 163 // NAGA WARRIOR @japex1226

Fifth Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 163 // Champion's Footsteps @darksonata

Sixth Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 163 - Molten Ogre's charge @berien

Seventh Place!

Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 163/MALRIC INFERNO

Splinterlands Art Contest Week 164!

This is an open-ended Art contest for Splinterlands inspired creations.
You can create art based on the cards or you can create something entirely new!

Creations which may include, but aren't limited to:

Digital Art
Blog Dividers
Blog Footers
New Card Ideas
Mixed Media Art
Computer Generated Art

The Prize!

10 Booster Packs will be split between the winners!!!

Rules for Submission

*Post your creation on your own Hive account - the winning packs will be sent to the account you submit to this contest
*Please describe and show some steps of your process
*Link your post in the comments of this submission post
*Do not embed your link
*One entry per person
*Include a picture with your link in the comments
*Upvotes are not guaranteed and are up to the curator's discretion

The Deadline for submissions is Saturday, November 27th at 7:00 PM CST

Please do not submit artwork that was created for something else.
All entries must clearly be Splinterlands inspired.
Using your old artwork and rebranding it will no longer be accepted.

Thank you for your continued support!

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A big congradulations to all of last weeks winners! Here is my entry for week 164! The Creeping Ooze


my favorite creeping ooze!!

Thanks for the comment @edongdong!


I will tell you about the splinter lands. When an unknown force divides cities, elements and forces into opposing camps.
Years in the heat of battle are drowning in screams, weapons, titles and stories. When victory must be achieved at any cost.

Splinter Lands is how you fight for victory.
Splinter Lands is how you accept defeat.
Splinter Lands are an experience that you will take with you.

Come and take yours!

Process and hires: https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@turbojihad/eternal-confrontation-my-pic-for-splinterlands-art-contest

😀 Congratulations to all winners 😀
Here it's my entry for week 164, "Chain Spinner"
Chain Spinner_7.jpg

Brooooooo! Well done! I love this

Thanks, @japex1226. I'm glad you like it :)

I love the lighting effect. Bravo!

thank you :)

Even though it said week 163, I was too late to submit it here. But thanks to @castleberry for giving me the opportunity to include my artwork in this week's contest.

Glad you made it over here with your entry! I just didn't want folks to miss your art and the opportunity to go support your post. Good luck.

Congratulations To ALL the Winners!!

Here it's my entry for week 164, "Furious Chicken"

Furious Chicken.jpg


How we say it in Filipino?
Talpakan na!

nice arts!!! ooze is my favorite , i will draw him maybe nexttime

Nicely done !! Fast and Furious !!

Thank you!

Woooaaaahh!!! That is really furious broo! Keep it up! I love it

Thank you!

Nice work! So cool!

Html/css Liza portrait

*The only thing in the picture is a black plain background and text "ILoveSplintelandsSoMuch" that resembles Liza.
*Process and codes are in the link 😉

*Congratulations to the last week winner, hope everyone is doing fine.Let the Chaos Legion begins!

For this weeks fan art I would like to apply the lesson I learned in my class... https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@frinzfriez/splinterlands-weekly-fan-art-r2y8hv


Congratulations to the winners, awesome art: D
My entry:
The path of Tarsa.jpg

The precise moment when Tasa comes face to face with a beast of fire, lava and ash.
Spolier: He is no match for Tarsa.
I present to you: The path of Tarsa.

Process: https://www.splintertalk.io/@ralts00/splinterlands-art-contest-week-164-the-path-of-tarsa

Very cool! Keep it up man!

thanks man, your art is wonderful!

Awesome! Thanks man!

Thanks Bob Ross!! 😄

You are welcome browski!

I love the use of negative space!

Thanks :')

My first ever submission for the the Splinterlands art contest week 164. Acid Trip Yodin

Amazingly done! Got dizzy for a moment there

Thank you man yea it's definitely trippy lol

Hi, here's my reimagination of Cerberus: https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@beerbod/cerberus-reimagined


thanks for the upvote.

You are very welcome! =)

Thank you :)

Everybody did some very good deeds this week. Good luck.

here's is my submission for the Week 164 Contest. hope you guys like it.


wow whos that splintermon!? haha nice2x inspiring way to render art

love the pixel art!

Congrats to 3,4,5,6. The rest is extremely ugly

Number 2 is my workmate and my buddy. Be happy for everyone bro. ^_^

Sure, I am happy for you and your buddy, but I am not gonna lie, most of those picks are just a joke.

@aak23 I would be curious to see you post a comment here with the username, link to the post, and an image of the art in your seven picks. Put them in the order from 1-7 in one comment and select your favorites from last week's entries. I look forward to seeing you put the work in to back up your point of view so we can all discuss why we agree or disagree with your order of selections.


Are the winners of this art contest decided by just one person? If so, is that person the one giving away the packs?

This seems like something that could be run by a small group, or the Mavs, and/or include some adjustments to personal preference, based on previous wins/placements, at least.

It seems like voting on the art contest could be a great use-case for staked SPS voting @cryptomancer, whatcha think? The person running the contest compiles the valid entries, and anyone with staked SPS could vote on them, with some negative modifiers for having been in each of the top slots the week (or two) before. Sort of a handicap to increase the variety of artists chosen.

To be clear, I'm not 100% neutral here, @h-t-t is a good friend, and after years of telling him about Steem & Hive, it was a pretty big deal to have him get his first post up, and to have it be such an epic entry to the @Splinterlands contest, clearly one of the best last week, was even more exciting... Not even a mention?

I'm not nearly the art critic that @aak23 here is, but clearly #1 on this list is... not great, by any standards, #7 is super out-dated and probably used for some other IP, etc.

I don't want anyone to feel discouraged from participating or from using their creative engines to produce art of something that they enjoy. People of all skill levels should be free to express themselves and receive recognition and positive feedback of their hard work and effort.

I've been doing this for a long time, this is how I put bread on the table. But it's taken me a lot of hours to get to that point. I'm comfortable with not winning, because I'm at the point where I do this for a living anyways. However, If you've pursued a creative medium before then you've been at that starting line, and being directly compared to others can be uplifting, but it can also be equally as damaging to be reminded that you're not at that level yet.

It's a difficult situation. I feel like when there's competition and placing involved then this debate of objective/subjective criteria follows close behind. Especially when prizes are involved. I'm almost curious to see what people would think about shifting focus to something more akin of a "Community Spotlight", still having it be open ended, but choosing a number of participants and distributing rewards equally amongst them to avoid this sort of hierarchy.

Could also say don't put too much stake in the results and just do it to have fun, but it's hard to satisfy everyone.

Just my 2 cents.

I enjoyed drawing character that I like, it's fun and satisfying, and imagined how the Splinterlands universe look like.

Winning in the contest is a bonus, I didn't win any so far but I really appreciated that my fanart being curated by the communities.

Contest organized by Splinterlands, we should respect the decision they made, constructive criticism is ok, no harsh word needed since this is just a fun contest for the communities to participate, just have fun and enjoy all the fanarts from the community.

At last! The Hero For FUN!!! I'm with you bro!

Well if you think about it it's a bit redundant that they are choic choosing winners to make nfts for the community that expresses they don't like them LOL. and it seems the only reason they are picking the number one is because they wa want to release 3D art nfts of their individual cards. Period. maybe hire him then instead.

Thank you for giving your opinion @fortheloveofsl and @kennysgaminglife. A voting system sounds like a good idea, but the people would vote for their "friends", thus making the results biased. Maybe we could find some extra features to make the voting valid?
Another suggestion would be to add more juries, every single one of them would make a list of their picks and each position would have different scoring, for example, 1-3 place would get 3 points 4-6 2 points, 7th place 1point. Then everything would be counted and the final list would be created based on the score.

He is right number one seriously is getting old and it really is not that great. And number seven seriously there were several better choices. That's my number. I'm out not interested in this blog anymore.

I understand these concerns because they are completely legit that is why i only entered a basic art once. But number two was really creative. I liked it, it should have gotten first. (Considering it's actual position and the competing for who win first) it was better than first. 3D doesn't make it first. Perfect example seeing 1st 5th 7th place but there only because of this. 3D. And t speaking of last week i was wrong and already apologized to @rowell because his complaints I see are legit. 5th is basic i could do that in few hours.

Gratz, Your 2nd place work is great!

Up-voting for visibility of the conversation in this thread, not because I agree with this specific comment.

I voted on original comment to raise it to top though i don't agree 100% on ugly comment lol

that harklaw deserve the nnumber 1 spot

Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 164 //
congratz to last weeks winners,
for this weeks entry its VENARI CRYSTALSMITH

Link to the page

This is just amazing

thank you

thank you castl.. i mean bob hehe

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Congratulations to all the winners! My entry for this weeks was based on my IGN used in splinterlands. Hope you like it!


"King Mustachio"
King Mustachio.jpg

@mustachio12 Can you edit your comment here to include your post link, please.

ow sorry forgot that part, thanks for the reminder!

No worries! Thanks for fixing it. Just wanted to make sure not to miss curating the post. =)

Congratulations to all winners! Here is my entry for this week. Have fun and have a nice day everyone!



Thank you very much Bob Ross!

You're welcome bro! Great job =)

Very much appreciated bro! Good luck to everyone here

beautifully rendered,

We love our work bro, we have fun and constantly improving. This is all that matters.

Wow this weeks competition is really tough!

yeah bro just having fun good luck to everyone

It's nice to see that there are so many talented #hivers.
Congratulations to allthe winners and also for those who made effort to support this project.

Here's my entry for this week's constest.

Good luck to everyone!


Screenshot 5663.png



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Today my art, splinterlands art contest! week 164.


~~~ embed:1463030918214348800?t=mbQ9uO3pMAn44OXsIGzUZQ&s=19 twitter metadata:cmlwb25fc3R1ZGVudHx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9yaXBvbl9zdHVkZW50L3N0YXR1cy8xNDYzMDMwOTE4MjE0MzQ4ODAwP3Q9bWJROXVPM3BNQW40NE9Yc0lHelVaUSZzPTE5fA== ~~~

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