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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

- Edward Abbey -

I love that quote above; it hints at wild places devoid of humanity, places a man must rely on skill and common sense, have discipline and be self-reliant. It entices with thoughts of wilderness-places where the journey there provides as much value as the destination itself. It suggests that through effort comes reward and the freedom to seek a connection with the planet and oneself that only far-away natural places can provide. It makes me want to drop everything and find those winding trails, live dangerously, to truly live, and to climb, wade creeks and rivers and hear the crunch of undergrowth beneath my boots; it makes me want to look across vistas that leave me feeling small but which pours life into me coursing through my veins and timing my heartbeat to the rhythm of the planet around me.

I can't quite find those far-away wilderness-places right now - I have responsibilities that I won't compromise - but can find a wilderness of sorts, a natural place with no one around, and that's what I did. I get a sense of satisfaction from the effort required to hike or climb to high places; it's the journey and destination combined I guess.

Most recently I decided to make a climb; it was strenuous and left my muscles burning at times but was enjoyable. The effort burned away built up pressures even as it depleted my energy reserves but it gave back to me as well, and by three quarters up I felt energised, full of life and very contented.

I was not alone, but we spoke little; words weren't needed as nature made all the sounds we required. We'd talk a little when we stopped to hydrate however, and on one such break spied a lovely looking patch of tall grass to the side of the trail around a small outcropping of rock. It was one of those winding trails from the quote above, partially obscured; I looked at her, she at me, and without words knew that's where we had to go. We set off along the almost imperceptible trail to find whatever was there - it wasn't important what we found - but the adventure was.

We laid there for a couple hours looking up at clouds drifting into and out of our vision; puffy white shapes that cared not one bit about anything at all and we felt the same I guess: Carefree, free and alive. It was enough, just being there in the moment was everything.

I'd like to show you images of an amazing view across the valley with the Gulf in the distance taken from the top of the mountain, but I cannot; we never made it to the top. We didn't care though, it would be there when we returned next time, and we found what we needed around that outcropping of rock and along that winding trail.

We'd found a small part of the world to secret ourselves away for a time, a slice of wilderness that seemed ours alone, if for only a short time. There, we found a peaceful moment uninterrupted by thoughts of daily life, pressures and commitments. There were no intrusions, no other people, just me and her, and no need for anything but that place and togetherness. We felt like we belonged there, a part of the planets' grand scheme, and we felt contentment.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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Magic, Thats what I felt when I read your writing. That’s what magic means to me anyhow, those moments of connection when you feel like you have arrived home. Our real home, not the walls that we surround ourselves with.
I crave for those moments. Right now I have so much going on and I am feeling really overwhelmed and what you described is the medicine I need.
I love to read about your love for nature and connection with her, there are not enough people who get to experience that xxx

I understand your feelings, about having so many things happening, the feeling of being overwhelmed. It's places like in this post that help smooth out the wrinkles and bring clarity of thought, and sometimes no thought at all; both have value.

I'm glad you liked this post, it was nice to think on the climb, the moment, and to re-live it whilst I wrote this.

A beautiful piece of writing that captures that wild peace in nature we all long for, even if we don't know that's what we desire. 💙☁️ may you and your love find a little bit of that in someway soon.

I also love how this piece reveals your gentle side, but I won't tell anyone 💙☁️😂

Wild peace in nature. Only someone who gets it would write that.

Thanks for your comment and compliment, I appreciate it. I have many sides, some will see them (very few) and others will never, (or make them up for themselves.) I am this version of me for many reasons, my post later today explains some of what those reasons are, or tries to. It talks about how and why I learned to fly.

I'll try to catch it.

No stress, it'll be there for as long as the blockchain is.

Sounds like a great place for some nookie. Can I assume that, since there were no puns in your title, or salacious references, that you two had some serious fun in addition to that sense of belonging? I love knowing you are in love, which this chaste post suggests, at least to me. You are in love, no?

Nookie...I've not used that word for a long time, thanks for putting it back on my radar.

Yeah, there's no puns, clickbait or lewd or salacious references in this post at all. I wanted to convey the way I felt although am not sure I did a very good job reading it back, the moment probably had to be felt to be understood fully It was nice though, and it'll linger in my mind.

I like it when a person like what I write, actually feels it, especially when that person writes well themselves, as you do. I listed links to some of my other posts in another comment in this one, for someone who also commented about my writing and that they'd not seen me write like this before. I guess I like to mix things up and I find a lot of value in writing so feel willing to take on various things and styles.

Thanks for your comment.

You captured your mood that day beautifully. Thanks for the compliment!

Thank you, and you're welcome. 😊

Ah, I feel like this piece of writing is different than I've read from you before. I really enjoyed reading it. I felt every word.

I've actually written a lot like this, many fiction posts also. I like to keep things fluid and change things up a lot.

Here's some if you're interested, but please, feel no obligation to read any at all.

Thanks for reading this one though, and I appreciate the nice comment.

Ah, bless Galen. I now get to see you in a whole new light. I took the time to read the first of these posts you linked and I deeply appreciate the vulnerability of your writing this way. It seems rare to me to read the words of a man who knows how to express himself so well and still so tenderly. There is a rawness here that shows you as a sexual animal human and a thoughtful gentleman. You have shown me much of your heart here, dear sir, and I feel privileged. Thank you for your courage in sharing on the blockchain this way and your trust in sharing this directly with me now.

I think we're all much more than we at first seem and have facets we are willing to show and others we hold back. I try to be me, I mean that I try to hold to my values and be true to myself; that comes out in my writing at times I guess.

Thanks for your nice comments, I think your perceptions are very close to the mark.

I think we're all much more than we at first seem

Wise words, methinks. And a useful reminder.

🙂 - in response to everything else you've said.

Edward Abbey is a quote source I definitely approve!

Legit dude, legit quote.

Such incredible and vivid imagination express to words! 👏👏👏 I could see the winding trail, the rocks, the nature, I'm excited to see the gulf across the village though, so sad you were not able to get on top.☺️ I wanna see how She looks too, but I only ended watching her back as she enjoys her outdoor journey with you.

This is so awesome!🔥👏👏👏

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It was a nice moment and I wanted to translate it in a way that helped people feel what I felt in the moment. Thanks for your nice comment.

The earth nearby and the earth far away is still the earth. I'm glad you got a chance to connect to some close to you.

It's a wondrous feeling right? I mean being with nature. I love it and it's one of the few places I feel most comfortable.

I too feel very comfortable in nature. Except in bear country. Still getting used to that.

Yep, I get that. We don't have bears...Well, we have koala bears but they're not very scary at all...more cuddly. Still, we have a multitude of other things willing and able to kill us so some care needs to be taken.

Lol If I had to take on a bear, I would definitely prefer it was koala.

I would NOT want to take on a kangaroo.

Yes indeed, those big old things can do some damage. The little kangaroos are cute though.

I read you Galen and many times I want to do the same, just stay grateful for what I love to do, living in the present state with nature and enjoying every moment breathing, feeling, loving unconditionally, and savoring every moment.

Nature, and the moments I spend there keep me feeling happy and healthy in mind and soul. There's nothing quite like it.

Just like Galen that activates the youthfulness of the spirit, thank you.

We didn't care though, it would be there when we returned next time

That's so true. It's all about the process and not the outcome sometimes - these days people can be focused on the outcome.

Indeed, you're right. People seem to forget that life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey.

Amazing post

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The Bible talks about God not forgetting our labor of work which has great reward.

..through effort comes reward..

I don't think that wilderness is too far to fetch, it's found in almost everywhere around us .

I get a sense of satisfaction from the effort required to hike or climb to high places.

I have been indoors today all alone in the wilderness of self considering lots too lengthy to pen . Howbeit, I have the joy of reading a masterpiece which hiveans brings.

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time.

Thanks for imparting the world through your posts.

It happened to me in the past, during my scout experience, to find myself on a mountain, alone in the woods; those were intense moments of absolute happiness. Warm up in front of the fire and, before falling asleep, look at the stars and see as many as we cannot see in the city. Priceless moments that sooner or later I would like to be able to relive, I wish them all!

It's such a great experience right? I love the outdoors and wilderness places, I'm lucky to have been born in Australia as there's so much space and so few people.

Yes life experience that I would recommend to anyone. Australia has always fascinated me, I hope one day to be able to see it. Unfortunately my wife can't take the plane and our trips are always very long eh eh... but in life do you say never say never no?😉

It's a long way to Australia from Italy and yeah, the flight can be somewhat stressful. Australia is a very diverse and beautiful country though, and I hope you make it.

I've been to Italy several times and loved it all. I think Firenze is my favourite place, and the surrounding areas of Tuscany of course. It's all beautiful though and the food is amazing.

I too love Florence and Tuscany! My place in the soul is called Montaione, a small village in the province of Florence...beautiful! I lived there for a year, I had opened a cafeteria then I moved to Piombino still in Tuscany, another beautiful place but on the sea, Montaione is a mountain let's say.

I never went to Montaione but spent some time in San Gimignano which I really loved. It's all god though, and I want to go back because I feel so at home there...I miss it.

Montaione is very close to San Gimignano, I've been there several times... lovely place!