Hive Public Testnet: Resurrections

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What's the difference between the Hive and the Matrix?
(spoiler alert)
Hive is getting better with every new release! ;-)

This is going to be a very broing post for non-technical users, so if you happen to be one, then idk, just enjoy the new promo animation:

Beneficiaries: 100% set to @hbdstabilizer (TL;DR: it makes HBD more stable and as a side effect it profits whole platform and its users)

OK, so if you are still reading then you just want to get raw data quickly:

New testnet instance is based on recent develop branch, i.e. 32716a5b2c82eaad7c9ba58e435295bbefbc66b5
So if you want to run the same code use:

git checkout 32716a5b2c82eaad7c9ba58e435295bbefbc66b5

Other useful information:

Seed node

p2p-seed-node =

Hive testnet chain-id


API endpoint (via jussi)

Hive Testnet Condenser instance

Hive Testnet Wallet instance

hived direct http server

hived direct websocket server


hivemind server direct server

For now, just to start things up quickly, I'm running new hived, but the old versions of all the other components such as hivemind, condenser, wallet. Those will be upgraded to current versions soon.

It wasn't long before first issue was identified thanks to the new testnet instance:
Problems with legacy mode in get_result_formatters method.
Fix is on its way, but expect more issues and rough edges.
That's the whole point of testnet: to improve things before the final version is ready.

For testing changes to RC and other more demanding close to real world scenarios we would have to provision a mirror-of-the-mainnet type of a testnet. Lets in the meantime focus on this "little thing" ;-)

Little testnet thing
  • Snapshot takes 6.2GB (was: HF25 testnet: 3.9GB)
  • Account history RocksDB storage: 2GB
  • Block log: 1.3GB
  • Shared memory file: 4.9GB
  • Hivemind storage: 2GB

So as you can se it's fairly easy and lightweight to run your own Hive components in the tesetnet, whether you join the public one or run it on your own.

If you want to participate in public one, please let me know in the comments so I could send you some "testnet funds" if you need them.
Remember that those have no value and will vanish.
(Hopefully I don't have to remind about that, right?)
Also please expect that due to the nature of the testnet it's expected to be unavailable from time to time and/or reinitialized (i.e. restarted from scratch losing all history) without any warning / notice.


The new video is just.... great! (I know, this is a short slightly off-topic comment... but well deserved).

I just wanna say thats a pretty ass reveal

cool video, but we need like 100 of those, we need to put them on twitter and instragrama nd make them come with some universal comment upvote offer where if you see an ad online or video foir hive, u go commnent on that users hive post , whic peoepl will find looking up same user names etc, and then they make some hive upvote chain, and we start finding linsk of these comments upvoting them from new users from across twitter and youtube and instagram,

Well, I don't have 100 of those, but I have already rendered a few

for Hive:

for Hive HardForks:

for Hivemind:

for HiveFest:

for my Hive Pressure series:

for STEMsocial:

These are all sick!!! :) I have watched them all XD hard to choose my favourite! They all look super epic and work great with the sound effects. Do you make all of these on your own? I asked Hector to make me an updated animation for my logo "yidneth", he is also a 3D nerd. I have tried to learn basic blender to kind of try to transition from 2d to 3d but I haven not had enough consistency. LOL

@hedac look at this! I know you'll like them.

ok I'll try to make you one with the yidneth logo LOL But don't expect something as cool as these ones ;)

Nah, I'm not that skilled in that field. I used rendering service where I can use own materials (such as Hive logo, etc.) and I bought a re-seller license so I'm "selling" them to you all for 0 HIVE.

Much appreciated, it's nice seeing some action on the screen. It's easy to forget what goes on in the silent blackground of the back-end.

Thank you for making all of this, I will definitely consider utilizing this on Twitter

Reuploaded this one of a kind marketing vid on Twitter

Thank you @gtg for your work to make hive better. I continue to enjoy staying here :)

awesome animation! :) was the Mr. Anderson's new logo??

Not sure how to communicate with you other than drop a comment here. Wondering why I'm being downvoted? Is it "lack of engagement"? Honestly asking, since I've been on Steemit & Hive for over 5 years, this being a newer account since I was doxed.

I began doing my podcast on Steemit, and shout out Hive and #informationwar on everyone of my videos. I post my vids to Threespeak and invite my small audience to get on blockchain type platforms.

My upvotes are mostly from the #informationwar crowd, of which I'm a senior member. I curate, and I response to every comment I receive on my videos. It's not my problem that most viewers comment on YouTube and Odysee.

I'd hope this would influence your decision now that you actually know something about me.

Oh, you are actually alive, that's surprising.
Well, my point is similar that I already presented in a different case - I see no reason to reward such content if that's just one of many outputs.
I tried not to make them go negative with rshares though.

I'm actually very alive and push this platform and use HIVE and HBD almost exclusively when it comes to crypto. This is the only "output" I make any $$ from, so I see a flaw in your reasoning since you took no time to review my content, my history, or my attempts at pushing people on this platform for their "engagement". I receive comments and engagement on my videos elsewhere, from people who have HIVE accounts.

If my videos were uploaded to Threespeak, is that not engagement? Do people have to actively debate politics in my comment section to not be punished? If I only posted my videos through this "output" that would be acceptable?

If you see no reason to reward my content, why not continue to just go about your day? Others see a reason to reward my content.

I'm not PressforTruth. That dude has never uttered the word HIVE or Steem. I've tried to build my audience and podcast THROUGH this chain, but what's the point?

It's not punishment, it's disagreement on rewards. You are around for quite a while, you should know that better.

If you see no reason to reward my content, why not continue to just go about your day? Others see a reason to reward my content.

Well, when it comes to content...

You see, if you spot a story about your uncle (lets call him "Bob") in a newspaper, it draws your attention.
Especially when it's a story on how your uncle ran away from cops after robbing a bank last Wednesday. Thing is that you were visiting him in hospital that day, because... he's there in a coma for many weeks.

So there are facts about you and your family that you know for sure, and there's this newspaper "story".
Saying that this newspaper spread an utter bullshit would be an understatement.
Wasting time to debunk this story would be a waste of your precious time.

So you just say: I'm not buying it. And it shouldn't be surprising if you start considering it a shitty source of information moving forward. Even for the weather forecast.

Have you read through his content and seen his engagement?

If you are going to start downvoting people like the other witnesses did previously, do you really think people are going to ignore that? Now that there are tools like hivealive that @ura-soul made we can see what gets downvoted and people are keeping track of it.

I don't see a reason to be downvoting all of his posts and I think many others might agree. He's also active in our discord where a bunch of Hive people are as well.

You don't have the full picture here. + he's been around awhile and not a spammer.

I've done many youtube live streams with him over the years and we talk/talked about Hive on them.

Engagement can't replace fact checking.
I'm voting up and down all the time, it's not that I'm starting giving downvotes now. It's part of the system to chose what content gets your + or - votes.
No, I'm sure it won't be ignored, that's how it works, excessive upvotes brings downvotes (you just saw it), excessive downvotes brings upvotes. That's part of the system.
I don't see a reason to downvote all of his posts either, and I wasn't doing that.

Are you saying you didn't fact check the content, but rather downvoted it because of low engagement?

Theres tons of posts on Hive with 10 to 20 usd in rewards with no engagement if you mean COMMENTS. Most people read things and don't comment on it. If something has 100k likes on youtube it might only have 200 to 500 comments for example. Same with reddit, twitter, etc.

I'm not sure what metric you are using to determine when a post is downvoted. Would you share what software you use to determine this?

I'm not even following this comment. Are you saying my content isn't just "worth" the "reward" I receive, but you are calling "bull-shit" on it? Or because YOU don't like this type of content, it means it's not worth what others think it is?

What are you talking about with your Uncle Bob story? That my videos are a waste of my time? Do you listen to them? Do you know that I'm mostly laughing at these stories? Why are you the arbiter of how I should spend my time? Are you offended by my videos? I honestly have no idea what the your Uncle Bob has to do with anything.

It is punishment. A main player on this platform wanders around cancelling out other people's payouts. He carries himself like the warden of a prison, deciding who is following his rules.

So, if my viewers feel like content is worth something, they vote for it, but one person disagrees with them (who doesn't comment themselves on what is so terrible about my content), what should I tell my viewers? "I know you want to support me financially, but this one coder thinks differently. But please content to use this platform."

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This logo animation is another level.


Niice, the video looks pretty dope.


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The video was very successful. We also need to make an effort to increase the visibility of these videos. I think we should share this information with all authors as we follow new developments and changes from their own social network shares.

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