Trees that brought me luck!

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When one thinks it is smarter than the camera and doesn't "listen" to it, then that person obtains photos that can be easily used in a game to develop imagination. To develop maybe even a new ability and become a hyper creative soul. For sure, a great achievement can be obtained through that excercise. Imagination set-up: We all are living in a blurry world, with blurry sight and way of thinking. We observe the world around us in that misty environment. We see nice but undetermined objects in the photos. That is all acceptable and welcome, as that way everyone can see what its intuition whispers.

You are in that state for some minutes, before reality hits! Wake up MiPiano, and just admit it, you messed up! You didn't want to take the photos with the flash, as the camera wanted {it has its thinking and wishes, it seems}. It was already getting late afternoon in the forest up in the mountains, so the lack of natural light made almost all of my photos unusable. Well, the view from there can be used for the cover photo, I hope. The paths for hiking were shown, but I was not there because of it. This time, not just hiking, but more. Almost made a little drama at home as I wanted to go to the mountains that last Sunday afternoon to hunt mushrooms. So we went, of course! While hiking, I was focused, looked down and searched for them. For fungus.


Well, I could hike all the time with my gaze fixed on the ground, peering behind the bushes and among the dry grass, but there was nothing. No mushrooms. Not even a single one. Then I remembered: raise your head, look up! Maybe trees can bring you luck!


And indeed! Trees brought me luck! I found once again mushrooms on the trees, but one thing: I didn't need ladders this time. One tree was cut, the other was a tree lying on the ground, and also a few stumps served as the ground for these mushrooms. Not a single one in the grass, they were all on a wooden surface, however not at that height as those that were crying. But we will not complain, maybe just about the quality of the photos.


It was the first tree, actually the first group of mushrooms I found, so it comes in several images. Well, this miracle has to be observed from different angles. Miracle, yes, as until then all my hopes went away but slowly, the first signs of making a Fungi Friday post were showing themselves. Do you know what is the challenge about? No? Ok, here come the guidelines:

-when Friday comes post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi
-add #FungiFriday tag (it doesn't have to be your first tag)
-include My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw anywhere in your post.



So these mushrooms also fit into this FungiFriday post. We live in a climate where not too many mushrooms can be found but seems that those that grow on the cut trees are not bothered about it and live their life anyway. They have nice colors, too. Don't you agree? I find them pretty with those stripes.



Same tree, but mushrooms that just started to grow maybe:


with or without flash?

Here we come to the doubt, take the photos with or without flash when the natural light is not enough? This one, as you can see is with flash. The other attempts to take a photo of this one but without flash were not successful.


And the next two examples are without flash. Same place, but other trees, same light, same camera, same me. It depends on the object too, I guess.



The last featured mushroom in this edition of #FungiFriday could not be considered as a valid example, or? You know why I mean that... the poor thing is dead! But how nice broken shape it has, despite the fact it was already dead. Also, I liked the wooden touch of it and the lightness. Found it close to one tree that was lying on the ground, probably grew on that until it dried up and fell to the ground.



To set back our minds to peace, after the sight of this dead, broken heart-looking mushroom, this stump wanted to come as the last photo. After all, it was a part of a tree, a fundamental one, before it was cut down. It deserves to be here, and confirm that trees were the main protagonists in this post and saved me :) I could bring my contribution this Friday, finally!




Yesterday as I was trying to find some mushrooms I remembered to look up! :)
But I found NADA! Tons of lichens, but not a single mushroom. I got some nice ones though when I looked down :p

Hahaha, you looked up for nada :)

Well, you found at least some of them in their normal habitat... are they tiny ones? are they, are they? :)) Looking forward to seeing them 🤓

Some really tiny with pea-size hats :p
But not too many... I will have to go to a different area to catch more I guess.

Some really tiny with pea-size hats :p


I have some mini googly-eyes, I suppose they would fit perfectly that size. Please, don't ask me why I always forget to take with me the eyes...{facepalm}

I wont.. I always forget them too.
I actually remembered about them now that you said it. And there was so many old wood pieces that could use some eyes... dammit..

I liked the photos!

Thanks :))
I am glad they served for the story and the post :)

I always enjoy reading posts and looking at pictures!

A fun hunting trip and with or without the flash, the mushrooms are still beautiful and special.

Fun hunting trip, it was! But moved rocks and mountains to get there. Found just some of them and at home = surprise, what are those photos? 😂

Hahaha.. it looks like in supermarkets it will be easier to find it 😅

And it IS 😂

Glad you did find some @mipiano
I also have sometimes trouble figuring out when to use a flash or not in a forest, when the light is not great. I usually make both photographs with and without. And at home I see which ones are best. I do notice, I tend to go for the ones without the flash. Even though it was darker. The flash makes it look “not real” in my eyes.

Yes, exactly, that is how I also see that photo with flash, not that natural feeling. But, then I wanted to play the role of the smart one and not obey the camera that automatically wanted to take the photos with flash. So, went home just with non-flash photos, and ended up deleting the majority of them 😅

Yes I know the feeling… deleting the majority… 😅
Worse time I had was a vacation to Cuba, my camera started to act up. (It died at the end of our trip) I hoped I had some good photographs… but nope. Most were just out of focus and not usable. There where special moments we encountered… which would have been amazing photographs. But I only have the memories. This is one of those places you probably never return too…

Oh my... no photos from such a place :( But as you say you have memories, and maybe, maybe it can be a trigger to you to go back one day, but then please take a good camera :)) It doesn't mean you can not return, who knows what possibilities will open and you make that trip again!! 😇

I know… it is such a shame. But memories stay 😊
It was a good camera. Canon Eos 550d but after a trip to humid Guadeloupe and then humid Cuba, both for several weeks . It just died…
Maybe… like you say @mipiano one day… there could arise another possibility to go back to Cuba.

But memories stay 😊


Our blurred vision gives us free interpretation, how interesting.
The pictures are very beautiful with or without flash sister, I understand how difficult it must be to find mushrooms in those climates, around here there is not much humidity and I find it hard to get.😔👀

Hm, yeah, free interpretation in blurry situations is cool, and required actually, until it respects others :) But it was just my kind of introduction to the post :)
Well, not easy to find them, dry climate... But in this mountain, I find them and also by a river ("river" mejor ducho un aroyo :D )

Thank you dear @naradamoon for stopping by 😇🤗 and how great you called me your sister, it makes me forever young :) ☮️

When I was a kid, I often went with my parents deep in forests not far from my natal place to collect mushrooms. Many times, and even now, I cannot, for the sake of God, know which are comestible and which are not. But my parents are experts in that, hehe.
Reading your post somehow brought back memories from my childhood. Thank you for sharing it with us.
p.s. I often avoid flash photography; however, when it is not possible to capture an image without flash, it is better to use it rather than not take a photo at all because of lighting conditions.

I really like to use this joke: all the mushrooms are edible, at least once 😁
What can happen later, is a mystery! Well, not that mystery as nowadays there are many applications and sources where we can find out if they are safe to consume or not. Last week I borrowed a book from the library about mushrooms, but it covers just those species that can be found in Spain. Also, was hoping to find some nice ones and to check them from that book, well seems I didn't need that check too much 😅

I am glad this post served to bring you back some memories, and even more because they are from your childhood. This makes me happy :)

Yes, I see now. If not possible without it, then use flash... That was my realization also when I saw the result at home on the laptop screen.

Thank you for the very kind reply.
The joke serves well the topic! Good one, I like it.
I agree with you that nowadays, there are (I think) even apps on the phone to recognise plant species, that incl mushroom species. During my childhood, there were barely any mobile phones.

Yeah, in my childhood either. we had almost this kind of phones: 😅


Imagine, you have to identify a plant or mushroom with this :)

Absolutely! That would be fun to see a comic of someone really trying to do it! Hehe

I generally avoid using a flash when I take pictures. I always find that it makes the photos look odd. You can usually brighten up photos in an editor to make them look more like the way they looked when you saw them. It takes time but I think its worth it. Your photos are good though. They seem bright enough to me.

Me too, but what happened is that no editor would help those I had to delete. They were very blurry 😆 no help there... just as I said, could be used just for imagination developing game hahahahaha.
Also, I probably need another lens when I want to take some good close photos. But, I suppose that the main thing for a good photo is good light condition. It was around 5 p.m. we arrived there and it was not immediate I found them. It was good to hike a bit, at least. For sure, I warmed up a bit :)

I understand. Yes, some photos cannot be helped lol

Trees on the ground are where I usually find most of my fungi friends. Those ladders are a little cumbersome especially for me 😀

Long-life to trees on the ground!! Ladders-free mushroom hunters can go to the forest then without any difficulty :D

The aspect I like about the image is the opening. My love for it is so high and how the picture was also shot. I will make my drawing for the Friday fungi

I like this one too :)

A drawing would be great to see for FungiFriday!! 👌

I can't use a picture I see online for my drawing if I don't come across any during the week?

I can't use a picture I see online for my drawing if I don't come across any during the week?

Hm, we should check it with @ewkaw 👆

Sure you can :)
Just please mention the picture in the post as a source of inspiration. You can just add
a link to the page where the photo is, or upload it. Up to you.

cc: @mipiano :)

Yes sure I will upload it and drop a link also

Me gusta mucho la forma en la que nos cuentas tu día y tus aventuras. Las imágenes además nos trasladan al lugar que has ido. Extraño disfrutar tu música, espero que pronto nos sorprendas con un gran regreso. 😍

Muchas gracias Jhoxiris, gracias por leereme. Lo sé, espero yo también me soprendo a mi misma. Gracias por tu apoyo 💞

I found some mushrooms too! I forgot to take pictures though lol!

Agreed with @leaky20, the flash does give weird results, so don't beat yourself up on this one, it happened to me before too!
GIMP is a great free software for edition, if you're interested!


Oh no, forgot to take pics of mushrooms? You see, you have time until next Friday :D as you know, if Friday - FungiFriday :))

Yeah, I know, bad flash 🤣 but it was due to the lack of light, I was battling with the camera hahahaha, and later, the camera expressed its revenge: the majority of the photos I took without the flash, came out very blurry. won 😂

Yes, had GIMP on another laptop, and still missing to install it to the new one ( ow, 3 months passed from having the new one hahaha, dont say anything 😆 )

dont say anything 😆

Hahhaa promised I won't tell!

Imagine this, husb needed my laptop this morning to solve his 3speak troubles and said later: I installed you GIMP. Oh, cool! This was fast, you should have asked it before 😂

These are very lovely photos if you ask me. Too bad you spent most of the post trashing them...

What camera did you use? I am thinking of investing in a good camera for my videos and pictures too.

Nice post by the way.

I have a Nikon D60 camera, but it is now around 15 years old. I was thinking about buying a new one, which could also shoot videos, but still didn't make a real decision, it was just a thought that already faded a bit haha.

Oh ok. It still gives banging quality.

I saw some ok cameras on an online shop but they go for $50 upwards might through my money there...

I'll watch review videos so I'll be sure I am not buying a time and money waster

The quality ones are way more expensive @ebingo

Just checked, we paid for this one $750 when it came out, and it is 14 years old now. I could not get too much for it selling it right now and buying another new one, so at the moment it will stay and serve :)

Lol...Sorry camera...all men must serve (Game of Thrones phrase).

Still cool....they I'll raise my price up more and get a better one.

Hive will be back up soon enough so why buy one I'll end up changing...or letting go of cause it doesnt work up more and get a better one.

But maybe you can find a second-hand one at a good price, but also it is always a risk. We replaced the battery for this one a few years ago, as the first one "died"

Ok...I'll look into it...there are cool online shops for that

Ok...I'll look into it...there are cool online shops for that

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Yeeeeees, finally :)))

You are wanting bigger mushrooms, and I, smaller ones.
But I could not shoot nicely the tiny ones like you are finding... Ow, maybe they are there, but I just dont see them, ages... I would need glasses 😂

Let's find your glasses soon 😁

If I find them ( glasses and mushrooms) you will know :) a post will come one of the Fridays here :)))