Name That Tune: Contest 001

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Special thanks to @davidke20, this was his idea :)

The rules at this point are pretty basic. First one to guess the song correctly gets 500 Ecency points!
This is the first round. I'm not yet sure if this will recur weekly or monthly, so for now I'm keeping things relatively generic. More to come.

If you're interested in performing a song for the contest, just leave a comment letting me know and I will give you a link to the green screen overlay and schedule you a date/give you the specifics. Once I figure it all put I'll put together a blurb with all this information.

Good luck my friends, and enjoy!

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You should add #contest #competition tags to the post

Added! Thank you :)

Such a nice idea, I have no clue wich Song it is, although the phhh phhhhhhhh phh phhhhh part sounds familiar to me !LOL

Ok lets tag someone who maybe knows the song... @music-nature @richie8012 @buffalobison @theadamprost

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My cat is so impatient?
He always wants everything meow.

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HAHAHA!! Thanks! I appreciate you helping this quenasabor contest find some contestants!

EDIT: just thought I’d another user I just met, who may know it:

@zeraton may be interested in taking a stab at this :)

Buddy, I literally have no idea😂

You played beautifully though, don't get me wrong but... I just can't seem to decipher the tune!

Although, now i'm itching more than ever to know the song

Hopefully someone cracks it up soon.

Aw crap! I though sure you’d be the one! …I’m in trouble now 🤣🤣

Hi! Thank you @albuslucimus, greetings to you, have a great week 😺🤗

Indeed! Hoping a Beatles fan might be able to take the win ;)

And a great week to you, my friend!

Very fun contest, it's not easy to understand that flute's notes hahaha but I think I know what song it is @albuslucimus, All you need is love from The Beatles, of course ¿Am I right? 🤔

You nailed it!

500EP has been transferred - thank you so much for playing!

Hi... Thank you @albuslucimus

Indeed my friend!

Awesome! Next contest goes up on Friday - I wish you the best of luck, and hope you have a great week between now and then!

Yay! 🤗
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Upvoted. Rehived. Also sent this post for 7 days promotion, hopefully it reaches more audience.

Aside to that, I'm getting my family to help me up to guess the song 🤣 prove to be darn hard to get it. The tune does register, but the final few notes sounded a little off, we busted out laughter.


Ok. If there's no winner, let's snowball it! Let's create momentum!

LOL!!! That’s awesome! I’m glad you saw it, must be it’s harder than I thought it would be, I wondered why no one was guessing but that may be it!

Thanks for helping to lift this up for visibility, I have been checking gait very regularly to see when someone will try to guess :)

EDIT: I didn’t see that last line originally, but that’s a great idea! I already scheduled a contest for next week, I’ll move it back to drafts. So if no one gets it this week, it’ll be worth 1000 next week!

Now that you mentioned, it is a problem if an hour went by, the timer on the blockexplorer will view everything as 1 hour 2 hour. If someone put down an upvote on their comment, it will fly to the top of the comment section. I know we can sort it via timing, but could be quite confusing also 🤔it's evening here now at my place, but I guess sun is coming up now at the west. Let's hope this post gain some momentum over the weekend.

If I understand correctly, that definitely would be the case. It does seem to be getting seen at least, so maybe it rally is just a harder song than I thought it would be.

Also, I went to move contest 002 back to drafts but then remembered it was scheduled via @threespeak, which I do t think will allow me to change the scheduling. Still, it can snowball nonetheless :)

I love the idea and think its good to have a challenging song like this and not too easy.
I just tagged some music friends.
Like @davidke20 already told you can easily sort comments by time if they become more, and for sure they will if you make this weekly.
And I ask @melinda010100 if we can put the link to the "contests-awarding-points" channel in our ecency discord.

Another thing, sometimes you have 5-6 postings a day, please take care, somebody could not like this and consider it spammy.

This is a fun idea for a contest. I added this to the Ecency Discord Contests channel! If you tag @beeber or I for the next contest we can be sure it gets added there, too.

This is so great, I rally appreciate all the support in getting this off the ground!

I do need to be more careful for sure. There’s a challenge for me, because I have older things (like the electronics math book) that I want to archive here, but also new things happen that I want to share. I think I can come up with ways to still do both but not over-do it on a daily basis. I appreciate you letting me know, I will use more caution going forward as I don’t want to get a bad reputation.

Thank you!

Great contest! I'll guess Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas?

Thanks for participating. @albuslucimus take note

giphy (35).gif

Wow great job.
Thanks for using the #musichive. 💙💙💙
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I have been thinking about it and listening and I can almost place it but it's eluding me.

Hahaha! I’m surprised this one’s getting people so well, I though I started with an easy one! …I guess it all just depends on what music you know and listen to regularly though!

I appreciate you checking out out, and commenting!!!

This is a tough one and I'm afraid I'm not sure on this one. Good luck with your contest, this is a fun idea.

Thank you for checking it out! Yeah when I did it I thought I was kicking it off with an easy one, but I’m starting to think this one may not have been as easy as I thought! 🤣

I'm curious to know the answer in due time, I am usually pretty good with these things or at least I think so 😀

More eyeballs or actually ears are needed on this one.

I’m thinking maybe I took too much liberty with the melody. I’ll be excited to see, when the case is cracked, if people think like, ooooh, now I hear it! LOL

Oh and I thought my buffalo would know it !

This is a hard one. I see you're stumped too and I don't blame you one bit 😀

I bet this is something I know too, I'm waiting on the final results.

But its real fun :-) I love the idea

Do you think @doziekash or @ninahaskin know it?

They might. I am having flashbacks involving a certain bird. I wonder who that could be?

Not Big Bird?!

They seem to like playing guessing games too

Thanks for tagging me! @beeber
All I could think of after listening a few bunch of times is "What's Love Got to Do with It" by Tina Turner! 🎶👩‍🎤🎤😎🎶

Am I close? @albuslucimus

I think this is close.

"Close but no cigar," right?😂
I recognized the tune but for the life of me can't remember the lyrics

Thank you for tagging me! @beeber
All I could think of after listening a few bunch of times is "What's Love Got to Do with It" by Tina Turner! 🎶👩‍🎤🎤😎🎶

Am I close? @albuslucimus

Thanks can see the similarity there, but unfortunately this is not the intended melody. Although this song and the intended song both have LOVE in their titles..

Thank you for the reply and more importantly a hint! 🙉 After I listen to your song a few more times maybe something will register in my brain. Have a terrific day! 🎶

Thank you, and you as well! I hope the hint is helpful, I’d LOVE to announce a winner 🤞🤣

I'm getting this song in my mind... but that's just a guess.

Thank you for guessing! Although this is not the intended melody, this is a really nice song - I’d never heard it before today, so I’m excited to know about it thanks to this :)

You played a sweet melody

Thank you!!!

Hello albus i found you on the topics contest blog by beeber and in the ecency discord.
I know its difficult but i have to go with

Al steward - year of the cat , its the Corus i think

I hope its the correct answer

Good luck with this great new contest


This one unfortunately already finished, the correct answer was All You Need Is Love, by The Beatles. It was answered by @gatubela not long ago. But I think my one of my favorite aspects of this contest has been all the new music I’ve learned through peoples’ guesses, such as this! I’d never heard this song before today, but it’s really good!

I’m grateful for your playing the game! The next round begins this Friday - if you’re interested, I’d love to see you there!

Great ! I should have listened to the all time expert @mondoshawan he said the Beatles immediately!

Also there was a music contest before only not like this I like it. Tag me in the blog so I am a subscriber to join hahaha
Good luck see you on Friday or in the discord Ecency

hmmm funny, didn't know that it is a thing to post a comment twice now... 😁 but maybe this is because you didn't listen to me. hahahaha

And WHAAAAAT? @albuslucimus you didn't know Al Stewart's Year of the Cat!? 😏 JK! Kinda normal, since he and the song where some mayflies... he actually "wasn't able" to compete with Cat Stevens nor Bob Dylan at the time, similar to the story of J.J.Cale and Clapton

LOL! Yeah, I’m probably pretty limited honestly in what I know about…didn’t even know about the Beatles until after I got out of the army :)

Whaaaaaaat? Man... you're in your twenties only. 😁

LOL! Well, back then I was :) I’m 39 at the moment, but I feel like it’s just a better version of the 20’s 🤣

I listened but had already entered al Stewart as my guess. Let’s try out tomorrows tune a guess right again. 500 Ecency points for grabs

What's an ecency?! 😏

That sounds cool! There’s a lot of ways I could se a music contest going :) …we actually have another really cool one in the works, it will be run more by @quochuy, and I think that one will be really cool for participants and spectators alike!

That’s a great idea, I will start a tag list for interested people - and yours will be the first name on the list!

Great ! I should have listened to the all time expert @mondoshawan he said the Beatles immediately!

Also there was a music contest before only not like this I like it. Tag me in the blog so I am a subscriber to join hahaha
Good luck see you on Friday or in the discord Ecency