Future of PeakD design and a discussion with @ryzeonline

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Authored by @jarvie

This video is a 90 minute conversation about the future of PeakD design, what we have done recently and may be coming out next month, where we plan to go and getting feedback and design ideas from @ryzeonline who volunteered to be on a conversation with us and share his thoughts.

We start by sharing the core PeakD principles including True Ownership, Intuitive Design and Freedom via options and being partners with our users.

We are looking for more feedback of course.
Please let us know what you think of the ideas @ryzeonline suggested specially for navigation. Of it was only a conversation amongst two non-developers there is still lots to be figured out so none of the ideas shared are guaranteed.

Feel free to watch on a faster speed

We know this is super exciting to some and to some changes may be jolting to those using PeakD that has not had many design specific changes in the 14+ months. We want to get these done before we finish some of our onboarding features and then start marketing in force.

As per usual your thoughtful comments will be rewarded with votes and maybe tips. As a show of gratitude 70% of this post goes to @ryzeonline

We invite you to also make posts with thoughts on peakd.com and social media and maybe include some mockups. We are great tippers.

You can also see some of the ideas we're still playing with over at https://beta.peakd.com/


Wooo! Great stuff! I loved the chat, and I believe we covered some decent ground together. Thanks for taking the time and setting up the video-chat so promptly. (Apologies that I wasn't able to get to everyone in chat, but I encourage anyone to message me if I missed a question they'd like answered.)

I love what @jarvie , @asgarth , and anyone else involved in PeakD has already rolled out on beta . peakd . com and I'm really excited for whatever y'all do next. Hugely honored to be a beneficiary on this post, and I'm grateful for this amazing tool you've generously provided Hivers. Thank you so much, and wishing you a great day!


P.S. My mockups (referred to in the video) can be seen here in good resolution with ample explanations, if anyone's interested.

OK one follow up...
If you have some examples of social media type sites that put title before name that would be helpful for us. We went looking but couldn't find any. (which surprised us of course) we did see lots of use of small username and much larger title fonts of course.

Also navigational element IDEA is a HUGE rework of the site technically speaking (i am told) and huge experience change from the last 3 years we would love to see more conversation and input around it from a few places we'll try on our end to get opinions of course. It was of course a really fun thing for me to think about and discuss... i could see the vision just need to assess and discuss.

Sure, happy to!

YouTube Home Feed - Thumbnail, then title, then tiny name.

Instagram Explore Feed - No names whatsoever, content discovery only.

Hope that helps!

But do whatever you guys decide is best, I'm sure it will be great and PeakD will keep getting better!

(P.S. If ever in doubt about anything I've suggested, I highly recommend proper, adept, data-driven split-testing to clear up any concern and doubt, and resolve all speculation.) 🙏

I understand and appreciate the idea of split-testing... we're not really staffed to be able to do split-testing which more than doubles the work load. But we'll get there some day. But put the word out we're looking for really good employees if you know of any haha

I totally understand, all good, just floating ideas and I'm sure you'll get there! Split-testing is an extremely valuable thing to have when developing projects, and similarly to how I volunteered UX/UI insights... perhaps someone else will volunteer split-testing help for you as well. PeakD is beloved by many, and putting the word out may very possibly attract volunteers for you. Fingers crossed! 🙏

Thanks for your input.


All good stuff, great ideas, so here is my 2.5 cents of fiat and whats important to me:

  • Get rid of any mention of the word "blog", "reblog", and any other form of the word blog. It is really out dated especially for something as modern as this blockchain which has many forms of content such as long and short form text, art, video, memes, podcasts, etc. and even a combination of any of these in one post. A better term may be just "content" or something.

  • Put the curation tools like the social share and reblog (please rename the reblog to "reshare" or "repost" or something else) where they are readily available for visitors to find and curate. They are not right now.

  • Make tipping tool readily available and not nested

  • Allow visitors the capability to comment on posts without having accounts on the blockchain with temporary logins like you mentioned with Facebook and don't forget another popular one, Google.

That's all I have for now, but anything that that allows more eyeballs into Hive to view and curate content easily, I am all for.

WE NEED ASSES IN SEATS more than anything else. If we have asses in seats, more asses in seats use other dApps and they tell their friends, more asses come, this attracts more content creators, more developers come to create more DApps, investors come, rinse and repeat.

@nonameslefttouse may have more to add.

Yes. It occurred to me the other day and became even more apparent as the conversation set in: The 'blog' label is selling us short. There's more happening here than just blogging. It's a platform covering a wide range of content.

Asses in the seats is important as well. There's room for the consumer class to screw around, shit post, whatever, and browse the more professional side of things. Unfortunately I've been talking about that issue for years. It's been exhausting. Time for me to pass the torch on that one. Nothing more to add. Everything that can be said is somewhere on chain. Thanks for the mention though.

Thanks for the taking the time to stop in and add something.
I have read many of your pieces on this very topic which is why I tagged you.
Hope you don't stop mentioning the need for butts in seats when the opportunity arises.

I'm sure it'll come up. There's a lot going on in life right now. Juggling priorities.

Yeah, take care of those "things". Hive will be here...or it won't depending on the direction the real powers that control Hive take.

Either way you have to take care of you and yours first, beleive me. I just went through that myself and still going through it honestly.

All great points, I totally agree, thanks for sharing them! 🙏

No problem. Thanks for all the work you put into those recommendations made for PeakD.

PeakD is a great platform and I am confident no matter what they do it will always be for the better.

Ayyy, feelin' the love man, thank you, and I agree! 🙏

It was a great chat and I'm so glad that you put the video up for everyone to see. Thanks, @peakd @jarvie & @asgarth. @Ryzeonline and I appreciate you all and what you have done for Hive. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Much love, Cyn

If anyone has any particular questions for @ryzeonline, you can email me: [email protected] and I will make sure they get answered. ❤️

Totally agreed! And thanks for all your help @cynshineonline ! 🙏


I know you have 3Stream in the Hive apps ecosystem.. Are there plans for stages, ala Discord or Clubhouse, or integration of 3Stream into the general blogging platform?
Also with tipping, Brave users are able to tip people in twitter with BAT, If they're all connected etc. Could some kind of cross platform tipping like this be a possibility.
Of all the blockchains I've explored, this is the only one with a fully fledged community and community infrastructure. It lets you hit the ground running. I really want Hive to take off. It's an exciting venture!

I really love the peakd wallet's diverse features. I mostly use the PC version. I am glad that the discussion is opened to gathered ideas and plan their possible implementation in the coming project.
Thank you for all the dedicated work.

Glad to hear it! And thanks for sharing your input!

I did keep all of PeakD's wallet's diverse features:


But my ideas are just suggestions and ultimately I'm sure the PeakD team will do whatever is best. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

I'd love to see another feed available. This one would include posts from the new users. Learning curve and low rewards for high quality content are strongly discouraging and we could enhance interaction with new users by design. Please, consider this feature.

I got feedback from one of the new users getting familiar with Hive, she said newbie might feel "almost bullied" by complexity, additional attention directed to newbies could offset this effect.

I'd love to see another feed available.

we have already created the underlying system to make this possible

If someone made a BADGE of those new users there would be a nice feed. We would approve a badge for someone that did that and determined what constitutes a new user. I suppose it would be easiest for someone with the technical know how to automate this process of adding to a badge I doubt someone want's to do this by hand. BTW adding the new user to a badge is as easy as a follow... so just automating a follow of new users until they are no longer new then unfollowing.

Agreed and well said! :) 🙏

I dont know, just my opinion, I understand that users issue except the introduce yourself tag is the best curated it has ever been. In the past 3 years never before have I seen so many whales that are providing support.

Now that does create a whole slew of new problems. Users who get overlooked by accident feel as though they are left out of the party or not explained to why they were not curated. Which is a way smaller percentage than before of new people coming in and not getting any support whatsoever and then leaving.

The option to look at tags is on Peak D still and all you have to do is just look up that tag and adjust settings to trending, hot or recent.

If there are tags beside introduce yourself that I am not aware of that new people are using I would love to know so I could let some people know who want to help welcome people with their own curation efforts. It is just that OCD and numerous Whales are already curating that tag and doing a great job in my opinion.

Yes, I see this efforts and regularly add my upvote to intro posts, there are also introduction and introducemyself tags used more sparsely. However this, and love sniper efforts to share this posts is basically it.

Data shows it's clearly not enough, retention is still low, and as long as new people won't be able to meet their friends here, we need to create as much welcoming and helping environment as possible. We can create first impression only once.

There could be more at play as in regards to retention perhaps everyone's buying Hive and just playing Splinter lands
Thanks for the heads up I will be more mindful about this

I'd probably just model Reddit or some other successful project on this:


Could be applied to the feed in general, specific communities, or both. 🙏

I see some problems: there is bad visual hierarchy, bad use of blank space, too much information on screen, and needs to be more visual with more icons IMO. Also, I've said it to you some time ago, I really think rounded UI's are more attractive (rounded buttons, cards, icons, etc, etc). Just some insights I felt had to share.
Have a good day🙂

all of them say that they regret having the like button and showing the counter but non of them moved it. instagram even tested it some time ago and in the end they just left it all.
i do understand your point, think is the noble one, but you would be going against most used button on all social media.

also i see your take on hive rewards and yes hive rewards will most probably never be serious revenue source for multimillion following creators, but i find distribution of coins important on DPOS.

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all of them say that they regret having the like button and showing the counter but non of them moved it

This is true... somethings are good for the pocket book even if not good for the soul. And "money talks"

The future looms great wow

Agreed! 🙏

Login with Facebook is the key. Do it (lite accounts).. and we will get more people on HIVE..

I agree. 'Lite accounts' are a game-changer for sparking adoption and onboarding the general public. 🙏

Yo @jarvie and @peakd. I love your work but you broke my heart today. I know I can’t give you shit for this cause there are so many things to consider to make a site run perfectly but I’m heartbroken.

I’ve been meaning to mention this. The last few months peakd has been reloading spontaneously on my cell phone every 2-3 minutes. Usually it saves the draft but I get a white screen for a few seconds and have to scroll down where I was writing again. Sometimes a sentence or two is missing.

Today it didn’t save the draft. 2 hours of work gone in a second. It was a heavy post I put a lot into too.

This hasn’t happened with other front ends. It started about 2 months ago but I haven’t been that active so I didn’t mention it.

Please look into it guys. I hate to complain cause I love your platform and appreciate you so much.

Hey, thanks for reaching out. Does this happen on all pages? Or only when you are writing a post? Are you on iOS or Android?

only when writing a post, and iOS.

Thanks, I'll check if there is something to fix on our side ;)

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Cool to see Ecency supporting PeakD. Very classy. :)

Any contribution that improves People's experience is a good cause 👍

Totally agreed! Good karma! 🙏

it's just wonderful to watch our community organize itself! So happy that this is happening and that you guys are open to ideas and input. I liked quite a few of the design changes from @ryzeonline and am looking forward to see what you guys decide to implement. Didn't know that there was also marketing planed by PeakD, so I'm excited how you are going to tackle this.

Yes, agreed, it was a wonderful collaboration. Glad you liked quite a few of my changes, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they implement and how they market too. 🙏

Gotta love the communicativity of peakd. I know that's not a real word but I'm feeling creative and this coffee hella good.

As for the design I didn't get to watch it but had read ryze's related post and had been very intrigued. Looking forward to seeing what comes from the discussion.

Awesome, I love the creative wordplay! Glad you're intrigued, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next too! Thanks again! :) 🙏