Impromptu Photo Shoot @ Fort Loudoun Lake

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It was so nice outside I forgot where I was a couple times. A wise man once said a late summer day in Tennessee is like an early spring morning in California. Me. Ok it was me who said that, whatever. And posted it. You consumed it and now here we are, together in agreement:


It started at the pool. Every day starts at the pool unless of course it's not summer and it's freezing outside or the sun's not out or there's no water in it. Otherwise community pools around here are like restaurants, salons, concert venues and amusement parks, theaters, gyms and everything else—wide open. Covid Delta 2V SARS variant squared 19 hundred virus 2020 Corona avoided Tennessee USA like the plague.


Gorgeous! 79 degrees and sunny, slight cool breeze from the East. The weather hasn't been that nice since we were in a different country. Way too nice outside to enjoy ourselves lounging around effortlessly doing nothing poolside all day soaking up vitamin D when we can do that at Fort Loudoun Lake.




We gathered our things, got cleaned up and drove south 10 miles but first things first, lunch.



Packed! Standing room only. There isn't a restaurant in Knoxville that hasn't had a 15 minute wait all year but it was only 11 hundred hours on a Thursday. We did laps in the mall parking lot until a space opened up.

Roadways are just as congested. If you or anyone you know is planning a trip to the birthplace of country music, prepare for bumper to bumper traffic like the great pandemic of 2021.


We ordered lunch to go. Before I had a chance to put the car in reverse, a bright orange SUV had a line of vehicles parked behind it waiting for our spot. Interstate 40's a parking lot in the middle of the day in the middle of the week in the middle of America. We cut across all four lanes, exited Sinking Creek Parkway and had the whole place to ourselves. Sit anywhere you like.



Not a vehicle in the parking lot other than ours. Roadways, shopping mall parking lots and restaurants are elbow to elbow on the nicest day of the year but not here. No lines for park facilities and all 50 miles of shoreline is unoccupied.



Mall parking / Lake parking:



Sweet! Nice day to read a book. Nice day to document a nice day. The high that day was 81 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. Wasps and mosquitos are out in force along with butterflies, ladybugs, cicadas and a thousand other buzzing, flying things. Everything's so green in September. Ducks are happy to see us until they learn we don't have anything to feed them. The smell of fresh cut grass is seducing.




I took more pictures, ventured around a little bit to verify we didn't miss any heavy equipment signs, we didn't. Pura's about half way through This is Your Mind On Plants by Michael Pollan and I finished Bukowski's Women. We'll switch when she's done.






Tranquil. It was so quiet even the birds were whispering. No fishing poles in the water. No boats, no skiing or wakeboarding. No sound of children playing, no dogs on leashes or fetching. Free reign, whatever your pleasure, no one around to say no.




Eventually another car pulled up and then another. There couldn't have been more than 10 people there by the time we left, still not sure what that was about. Next time restaurants are standing room only at 11 hundred hours on a Thursday and there's no parking available anywhere other than the studio, you know where to find me.
















What a beautiful day to go to the lake. Perfect weather, but the traffic, oh man, I hate traffic.
It's funny that the mall was packed yet the park was empty, I don't get that at all. We had the most gorgeous day/evening yesterday. It was my birthday and @thebigsweed went all out. He set up a fun outdoor dinner, with the grill ready to cook, a table set with flowers, our firepit stacked with wood, a cake and a huge bag of presents. We stayed out 'til well after dark to star gaze etc. All of this was in the walnut plantation, where he had cut the lawn and set up camp. It was really awesome.
Say Happy Birthday to Pura for me, I think she's a September baby too.

It's been that way ever since we got here @farm-mom. I hear about lockdowns and stuff around the world but concerts and car shows are sold out here and the mall parking lots are overflowing.

What a cool dude. You painted that so well I almost knocked over the flowers. Happy birthday! Yes, Puras got one in a few weeks. I might have to take a page outta Sweeds book.

Thank you.

Good morning @dandays.
You know what's amazing , he was able to keep the whole set-up a secret, I was really surprised. He told me we were going out to a place with BBQ and music outdoors. I was pumped he already had it figured out. So after I got all dolled up, polished my cowboy boots and was ready to jump in the car, he says jump on the bike with me, I want to show you the walnut plantation, there are tons of walnuts to harvest.
Holy shit Bob, how did you manage THiS?
It was beautiful. Flowers, candles, a fire, fine wine and a big bag of goodies. I was in love all over again.
Honestly, the best birthday ever. He even had blankets and pillows, we star gazed for hours, it was a perfect night.

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks @dandays, love the boost.

The luckiest and the wisest man ever finds the most inviting and serene place on this Earth. Don't forget his wise sayings, consume and regurgitate them as well.

Well hello young lady, good morning from here. Yeah you know it's real tough being me sometimes. Cars split so we can pass, sun shines in front of us, lake to ourselves. Yata yata yata.... When does it end?!

Don't answer that!!

I would have added like 15 more pics of Pura at the bottom, but that's just me 🤷‍♂

Ha!! Touché dude. Typically I'm an only child when it comes being corrected but you're right.

Hello Mr. Wiseman! 🙄😆 These pictures are dazzling and beautiful! Fort Loudoun Lake looks serene and lovely at this time of the year. Is it always like this? Glad you had a wonderful time there. 🙂

'Yyeeesss, did someone call for The Wiseman?'

💖 Thanks for checking this one out.

No, we've been there several times and it's usually no parking. Playgrounds full of kids, boats, etc. This past weekend was a holiday weekend stateside though so I guess everyone was gearing up for that. Whatever the reason, we benefitted.



Nothing better than wild water, lake river, ocean, a puddle I'm there. Swimming pool... I'll pass.

Chlorine makes me itchy.

Good shots although it seems you only had one part of the scenery In mind.

Looks like a great lake tho.

Have I told you lately I'm glad you're around again?

Yooo. Wassup man? You probably know the day I described. It was rare. Back to humid nights again as I type this but that day was different. Felt like Long Beach.

I know it I'm so one track minded, damn my bad self! My phone too. Thing knows how to zoom and everything like "here we go again."

Glad to be back to be fair, I missed it.

Zooms the best feature on the smartphone, especially when you get the boss on the beach. Did I mean to say that... Yeah definately.

The humidity is what kills in the night, like sleeping in a giant whale full of fire. #burningmobydicksyndrome

Can't beat technology.

I'd leave a comment, but I'm on my way to the Gym for a workout... I'm quite sure you understand fully, since you're originally from California and presently reside in Tennessee


I'd respond to your comment but I'm in the middle of crunches. I'm quite sure you understand since I now I can confidently report back to anyone listening: Not here either!

Always a pleasure @angryman, much thanks. Now if you'll excuse me, I got two more sets on this thigh-master.

Dude, where's the food porn???😅

It was "Asian food" in middle America...



I got a baby crying in my arms, she doesn't understand your writing style, me I loved it! You are indeed a "wise" man.

So I am gonna take care of that, and I'll be right back, once I find something clever to say, it might be never 😄

Very cool pics; cheeeers!

Crying baby might have you outta your mind, that's the most clever response I've seen all week! Sand bagger.

Do you know that term?

Thank you, Ed. I appreciate that. It's my pleasure to enter again you. Pura asked what you're gonna do with all those potatoes? I said 'barter with and eat them.' Yay, nay?

I've never heard of the sandbagger expression, don't hesitate to let me know what it means.

I said 'barter with and eat them.' Yay, nay?

I am actually trying to sell them to restaurants ahahah.


Sandbagger is a term I've only heard here. To describe someone who's not telling the whole story but not because they're embellishing, instead the opposite, they're being overly discreet.

Say someone is worth $10 million. If said someone will only admit to $1 million, they're sandbagging.

Alright, now it makes sense.

What's a teabagger then? 😄


Yoo! You're the second person I thought of when I saw this.

Naaah thanks


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I loved the camera roll at the end, it was just totally the sweetest thing.

AS for the lack of people at the lake. I wouldn't go if I can't even feed the bloody ducks! Ducks have no use in life other than to be fed. The local council are inadvertently signing the extinction notice of mallards.

Did I mention what a perfectly sweet moment without words feeling your love for your wife? Beautiful.

I'm sure I will mention it again. A moment of blogging perfection.

I read that part about love for your wife out loud to her. 👊🏼

Thank you.

Wassup man? I'm glad you liked this one. I learned a new trick with that roll at the end, I enjoyed it too, I didn't know I could do it so I'm looking forward to practicing.

Funny about the ducks, never thought of it that way. I'm not one to ignore them, we just didn't have anything but now that you mention it, I'd like like to know how they feel about don't feed the fowl signs.

Something in this post seemed suspicious to me. so I asked my professional deepfake friend to analyze some photos here. He confirmed the presence of post-processing in photos number 7 11, 17 and 13. Too many trees...

He also suggested that the man in collage #2 is most likely a virtual model, his parameters are too perfect for human beings.

Everything your professional deepfake friend said with the exception of collage #2 is edit free, unfiltered Bullshit.

Wassup @natord? Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Feel free to use anything you've read here against me, all I ask is if I typo'd, dude... edit it!

Hashtag Sum1sGottaDoit.

Thanks, I'm fine. I was worried about you, a long absence.


I did it a long time ago, but as a real hero, I am silent about my heroics.

Feel free to use anything you've read here against me

Ok, I'll call you @dantototoo :) May I? :)

Oh good you saw it! 👊🏼

We've been in all kinda developing country problems for a week now. Hurricane came through and ruined some WiFi signal thingamajig on the building we're in. I haven't been able to connect my devices or anything so posting content means Starbucks or something similar and I hate coffee shops!

Boo! Hoo!

I liked the picture of the FedEx truck.

They're so smooth you probably didn't know it was a motion shot.

The World On Time

Drivin' round poppin' with the top down, hey-ay, yay-ay

Waas Pura there? I thought she goes with you everywhere, just because you are the luckiest guy alive, doncha know it? Tell me the truth.

I think I might have missed her.

I dislike Tennessee on its best days. Too hot, too busy, and hello? Isn't that enough? You have been to the Washington, DC Metro area, including Virginia and Maryland. Heaven. Very European in some aspects, although I prefer to live back there, except they have more lockdowns than here.

Yikes. I'll sit this one out.

Isn't it crazy there? I can go to almost anywhere here and there are no people to speak of. Here. That is just insane when I think of how busy this area is on a normal (okay, so we haven't had normal in a year and a half, I think I forgot what it looks like) basis and it is a little creepy.

You have carved out a nice little existence there, I like the read and swap routine. You are going back home (I almost said ca, but, didn't) soon? Will you be staying long? Have fun and get rejuvenated. Put enough in the bank to take you through. Dang! You are the luckiest guy alive.

I leave tomorrow. Oh hell yes! I'm gonna have Mexican food and seafood and Cuban food and seafood and Asian food and seafood and Japanese food and everything else people in Tennessee didn't know you could get in USA all weekend.

How's it goin Ms Wigle? Is that right? Thanks for checking this one out. I know, sometimes I feel bad cuz I never talk about her. People think I'm single all the time, I really need to mention her more often.

I've visited here many times. What this state offers is privacy. That's what you can have here but with it comes no culture. Closer you are to culture, less privacy and vice versa well this state is so private they think "culture" is professional sports and I wish that was an exaggeration. It's a nice place to visit. We're getting a little closer to EU each day.

Weird about that viral thingy. We're through both UT and Vanderbilt, two leading medical facilities in the country, regularly. We were just at Vanderbilt a week ago. Still neither of them have excitement, congestion, masks, or even ask question about "are you sick?" Went right around TN.

Hello @dandays I don't usually like long posts but this is a good one with lots of pictures. Nice sharp ones.. 😎

I'm glad you liked it, thank you. You must not like the majority of my posts then cuz this was one of my shorter ones.

Rub the cats chin for me.

I am sure if I read all your long posts I would like them because you make your words count. I just like shorter posts. Plenty of cats around here to rub.. Thanks..

Wisearebutts in four feature fotos at once, gotta try that trick myself.

I can't read what's on the red sign and it's driving me nuts, btw.

Free reign, whatever your pleasure, no one around to say no.

What did you do @daydays, what did you really do that isn't included in here? 😜

Love the photo series of Pura, the whole mood and movement. Really captures what you're saying in your writing. I can imagine being there.

Hi. Thank you. I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation. Being away three days was a teaser, I seem to have forgotten what life is like when I'm not documenting what blockchain life is like.

That series. I learned a new trick I didn't realize I could do. It worked out better than I planned. Makes me wanna snap a buncha reel things.

I just realized it's Sunday. Totally thought it was Monday.

Red sign. Something about standing on rocks or something stupid, it snuck itself in the photo without asking.


I somehow knew you'd need a vacation from your vacation. Isn't that how California is? Life without documenting you, how does that feel?

You've got to do more like that series, it's so good.

I just realized it's Sunday. Totally thought it was Monday.

Sounds like down under time. 🙃


Hmmmm.... Brainybutts or Geniusderriere or Smarttocks

I don't really feel anything, the world just looked different for a minute. I'm back on Ecency now though, nothing looks special outside again.

Wisearebutts. Good one.

The world just looks different for a minute while you feel nothing? 🤣

I'm back on Ecency now though, nothing looks special outside again.

I see that, thank the dandays gods!

Wisearebutts. Good one.

Snickers Thanks, you have inspired me you know 😉

That was funny.

Careful. There's a couple whales who'll likely ignore your account if you say things like DanDays inspires you.

I think it's sweet and it makes me feel good.


I think it's sweet and it makes me feel good.

It's the truth and if some are not happy with my being honest about my experience of you, the green-eyed monster, and my saying so, I don't know what to tell them.

I feel so refreshed now, literally like i sat by the lake with you guys. Better go find a real one now.

Btw, why are restaurants so busy in Knoxville? Covid lost their way and never made it there?

He's bloody good at this, isn't he?

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it.

Your guess is as good as mine, I don't get it. I've read from you, Trang, so many others about lockdown and it couldn't be more opposite here. We did experience restrictions in North Carolina and California which was just a mask recommendation really but these middle states are something else. Like nothing ever happened.

Hello stranger! So good to see you both out and about. That looks like my kinda lake! Now all you need a is a stand up paddle board. I reckon you could figure it out and be out there paddling pretty fast. The main tip is that when you feel like falling over you need to paddle harder!!! I hope the weather stays that gorgeous - or does it turn into a serious winter???

After our rainy weekend I’m still dreaming of sunshine but it may take another month before we can actually feel it. (She’s says while sitting next to the fire to stay warm.)

Hope you’re both well!!! Sending love from Africa….


And hello to you too.

They do a weird thing here where the weather changes four times, they call it season 4 or something like that. It gets hot, then cool, then freezing, then warm, then hot again. I'm not used to that.

Paddle boards look like a good time. They kinda require two good wheels though, could you imagine?? But we do need to get into kayaking or something. If we could ever just learn how long we're gonna be here.

Thank you Zo3d.

Oh don’t be too quick to dismiss the paddle boarding!!! I’ve seen it done on our waterfront canal with 1 good wheel and a little help.

But kayaking is a great option too. Less likely to get wet. Although everybody falls off paddle boards in the beginning so you’d be in good company.

Cape Town is definitely one of those cities that has 4 seasons in a day. Everyone here carries layers because the weather can change really quickly. But at the moment Spring is just too cold. I’m getting IMPATIENT!

You're familiar with this then. It's not just normal but absolutely common to be at the pool at 9am, thunder and lighting between noon and 3, blue skies until 5, "aerial flood" at 7:30, stars and clear sky by 10.

I had to google "aerial flood."

YES!!!! But don’t know what an aerial flood is 😳.

Our equivalent would be:
Morning at the beach, Gale force south easterly at noon, afternoon showers followed by a gorgeous sunset.

According to the interweb thingy it's when a slow and steady fall of light rain continues for hours or even days or worse. "Aerial flood."

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