Overtime (2016)

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The only kind of horror I can watch – The horror with a funny twist…

Just in time for spooky season. Horrors of working overtime… A man must race home before nightfall – or his terrible secret will be let loose.

“Overtime” by Craig D. Foster

Aaron Glenane,
Adam Dunn,
Ainslie Clouston,
Arka Das

Directed by:
Craig D. Foster

Written by:
Craig D. Foster & Emma McKenna

Produced by:
Journey in the Dark Productions (Craig D. Foster, Emma McKenna)

Executive Producer:
David Opitz

Director of Photography:
Kiernan Fowler

Emma McKenna

Production Design:
Amy Lou Williamson

Original Score:
Phillip J. Faddoul

Special Makeup FX:
Odd Studio (Adam Johansen & Damian Martin)

Stunt Coordinator:
Mick Hodge

Sound Design & Mixing:
Peter Climpson

Costume Design:
Monique Caldow

Hair & Makeup:
Micheline Siou

Poster Art & Storyboards:
Mauricio Pizarro

“Overtime” at YouTube. Duration: 8:24

“Overtime” at Bastyon. Duration: 8:24


For a healthy life – just let the machines
work overtime… 😁

* * *

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