How to cope with gaining and losing several thousand dollars per day every day

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Never a boring day in crypto

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The average investor may not be cut out for the cryptocurrency world. There will be days where you may see massive increases in portfolio values and then the very next day may be a total bloodbath. It’s certain that there is both money to be gained and lost in this space.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, then these moments may cause some serious shock. If you’re lucky enough to have several years of experience, then you’ve likely becomes so hardened that you barely even feel a thing anymore.


I’ve learned to still get excited when my favorite cryptos jump up in value. I have also understood that it’s wise to not have fear when the opposite happens.

What has become abundantly clear to me since my time being involved with crypto (beginning in 2017) is that change is inevitable. There are ups and downs to these markets, but over an extended period of time the general trend has been upwards. It’s best to look at things from that perspective rather than cling to the moments where there is some loss of profit.


How to stay positive

If you’re like me and see the long term potential of crypto, then you see where we are headed. There are traders who focus on making the most money each day. That to me is too stressful and requires far too much focus. I’d rather engage with long term growth and be patient accepting my bountiful rewards. This means I can still get hyped over the profitable moments, but I’m hardly affected by the negative days because I know overall we are headed skyward.


If you align with my ideals, then it’s best that you have many ways to keep yourself happy and entertained until we finally reach a a proper boiling point.


I have a few recommendations for what you should do to keep a positive mindset throughout the ups and downs of crypto.

Things you can do to stay loving life:

  • Have some passions outside of crypto - make sure you are doing something every single day that you truly love. It could be as simple as spending time outdoors, playing video games, crafting, or whatever else you love.


  • Keep loved ones nearby - Parents, children, significant other, or whoever else you consider family. They are all essential for a strong support system when those rough days occur.


  • Travel and get outside of your box - Staying at home staring at charts all of the time will give far too many opportunities to start dwelling over that one bad day. Get out and vary your environment. This will helps tremendously to feel grateful for each day.


  • Take care of a pet - I personally do not have any animals in my life right now. I did however spend most of my life with them. I know they provide so much love and keep you occupied. To some they are even considered essential to life. If you want one, get it. They’ll be there for you on those difficult days.


  • Laugh and be funny - I cannot stress this one enough. I believe you should be able to see humor in literally everything. It helps so much to release emotions and it just feels fantastic to let out the laughter. It also aids others when you can create a hilarious situation that everyone can enjoy.


  • Don’t check your portfolio too often - Even I fall victim to this one. I check several times a day, not necessarily because I’m concerned though. Usually it’s when I’m bored or if there is a big run up happening. It’s exciting to enjoy those moments of winning big. I do think that sulking to hard on those days that include loss are not healthy. Remember that in the long term future, crypto is going to continue to rise.


  • Exercise daily - Some sort of fitness would improve just about anybody’s life. It’s a great way to release tension and will make you feel better each and everyday. So long as you don’t push yourself too hard and get injured.


  • Make sure you have money outside of crypto - This is huge right here. You must always have something to fall back on. Plus you also need to be able to live your life each say. It’s not impossible to live entirely off of crypto, but it’s also not the easiest yet. If you put every dime to your name into crypto, then I for see a serious freak out out each time things drop. If you portion your funds out in a smart way, then your life can go on during both good and bad days.


The future is bright

It’s not always easy to remain calm during stressful situations. It requires practice and experience. Over time you will grow immune to the pitfalls of crypto. Everyone has their own methods.


Remember to focus on the long term growth as a whole and you will become one happy person. I know I am!

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝


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I like to see this from someone that has been there already... I'm a very beginner, I'm just with Hive now but I want to expand, get to know... I do live just from Hive right now btw and I think, with the problems in the economy of my country, this, with the ups and downs, is my safest option

I am amazed that you are already able to live off of Hive rewards alone. For that I am excited for you. I assume it is kind of a last resort though, so I hope your life is not too difficult right now.
Stay consistent with Hive and you will become more and more successful over time.

Good use of animal gifs :) our portfolio is like a seesaw, saying that our ETN (Electroneum) holdings are well in the green, exciting times. It's amazing how at first your whoa i can retire then next day oh should i have sold, it's a learning curve and you also figure out it's not money per say until you've sold it, due to it's volitility and the fact the price is never in stone, thank you

Gifs and emojis both are a language of their own. Proper use of them can help you communicate through any language barrier.

Very true, similar to gestures in real life or a simple smile.

Very good advice. I really do need to get outside and do some exercise.

As far as travel? Been all over the world and many places in my home Country. Pretty much travelled out.

My loved ones are very busy with their own families. I am that weird, bachelor Uncle that gets a call now and again.

I care for my sisters American Bulldog now and again. I am not allowed to have personal pets in my apartment, but no one minds when I dog-sit.

Hanging in there like most of us! Thanks for the guidance and I will take it to heart!

Blessings and groovy vibes.

Calisthenics is my recommendation. Perfect for pretty much anyone and can be done anywhere.

Traveling does get tiring after awhile, gotta take a break from it when needed.

You are that lucky bachelor who doesn't have the responsibility of marriage or kids. Sounds like me. We aren't like everyone else.

Occasionally being a dog sitter is much better than being stuck with the job 100% of the time.

I'm happy to spread some positivity. Thanks a lot for dropping by.

Sure! I would like to have a pet though. I used to have a worm farm, but the rental office made me get rid of it. I also used to have birds, but felt bad keeping them in a cage.

I don't mind the strong fluctuations at all because it means I can potentially sell it high and buy back in low! That's what I'm trying to do in order to achieve a full BC, though how long that will take is anyones guess lol

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The big swings do provide opportunity if you're willing to take the chance. I'm sure you will reach your whole coin goal. You are consistent and know what you want. It’s only a matter of time. Stay focused on the goal and you’ll obtain it one day.

Fortunately I always consider myself to be in the plus with crypto since I've only evet earned it by blogging and podcasting rather than investing any money. I have bought a little here and there in recent months just to play around with. So far I've only gained, but not thousands, only hundreds. Good enough for some extra scratch. I can, however, relate when it comes to business and fiat. Fortunately, I've managed to always be on top with that as well, but it is a crazy game to play. Very nerve racking at times. Great post. You should come present on my show this Thursday on @msp-waves.

I have earned quite a bit, but have bought in at certain points too. Overall I have much more crypto than when I started, but I crave more each and every day. It's a crazy feeling to see more than I make on a paycheck just bounce back and forth daily. I've learned to ride like I'm on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean. I'll get to my destination eventually, just enjoying the scenery until then.

Good to hear you have been having success in your multiple outlets. That means you are an executor and I commend you for that.

Not sure that I will have time to present on a show, but I definitely appreciate you not only commenting but also the open invitation.

I was just contemplating all of these things this morning on my walk into work. I was thinking about how everything was down and despite that everyone is so hopeful. Then it made me think of 2018, 2019, and most of 2020 where everything was still down, but people were still trying to be hopeful. It was like they were trying to convince themselves as much as they were trying to encourage you. I am okay with a dip, but I can't do another three year bear market again!

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We pulled through the first time. It may have felt like it was never going to be over, but look how far we’ve come. We are somewhere that many said we would never be. Let us continue to set new records and change the world for the better.

I came in right at then end of 2017, so I am not quite in the same position as a lot of people who were able to invest earlier. It is still a definite gain, though not as big as I would like to see.

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You and I both, but luckily earning on here everyday has put me in a pretty pretty awesome position. Sure I could have jumped in 6 months earlier and already be as wealthy as I hope to be. I know that result is imminent and it feels good knowing I’ve worked hard as hell for it rather than just being in the right place at the right time.

Yeah, that is a good point. I have been putting in a ton of work for three years here. Finally seeing that estimated account value creep higher and higher is definitely worth it!

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I’ll be thrilled whenever my value says $100k. I’ll be satisfied once it says $1million. Everything after that will be a luxury.

Hahaha, I was pretty pumped when the price of Hive was up to $.40 and mine ticked over 5 figures. I had to quick call my wife and tell her. She was like "WTF are you talking about?"

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That’s when you just send a link to your wallet and be like look at the $$$ 🤑

hello dear friend @daltono good night
Excellent post, what you say is very true and I share your words, cryptocurrencies are a long-term investment and enjoy the growth process, meanwhile, you have to enjoy good companies and the beautiful things that life has, she It is shorter than we think.
I really appreciate that you shared your experiences
a big love to all your family

I had a feeling that you would align with how I think concerning this matter.
We can find happiness even during the darkest of days, we just have to search a little harder for the light.
Love to you and your family as well friend.

These are some great mental health and stress management tips, great job sharing those with everyone!

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I can remember a time when I struggled to manage my emotions. Luckily I've grown to a point where I can stay in control under most circumstances. I know I always appreciated any pointers that were given to me to help better myself and prepare for anything.

I relate all too well my friend, glad to see you've made positive changes! Hoping to do the same

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make sure you are doing something every single day that you truly love. It could be as simple as spending time outdoors, playing video games, crafting, or whatever else you love.

This is my favorite part, I wish I can have more of them especially these days. Its hard for one to detach feelings from crypto but its just something that has to be done, I'm an addict at this point, and I'm too broke to help my self lol,...

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It's the most essential part, finding passions that you can do every day. That alone is pretty much all we need to make this life worthwhile. Everything else after that is purely a bonus.
I agree that I have become addicted to crypto. It could always be worse though. If I had a large group of friends in real life that were into this, then I'd almost never be able to step away.

If I had a large group of friends in real life that were into this, then I'd almost never be able to step away.

Hahaha sooo true

Keeping a positive attitude when talking about cryptocurrencies is the most important thing, we have to keep in mind to mention brother, in the world of cryptocurrencies there are ups and downs, if we don't deal with that we will always be very stressed.

I see that I am not the only one who thinks that way, I prefer long term growth, because if it is short term I get stressed too much trying to get my head around the issue, I am also one of those who think that if the cryptocurrency goes up is fantastic, but when it goes down I prefer to leave those cryptocurrencies there quietly until it goes up again, just like the Doge in these days had a spectacular value.

Very cool your post brother and at the same time very funny because of the gifs you used hahaha, a big hug.

I think that we both will benefit tremendously over the next several years. We are involved with a project that is set to become so much bigger than it already is.

I'm glad you enjoyed my use of gifs. I always like using those animations because it helps me get my point across even better.

Very cool, in the future all our long term projects will have their good results brother, I have faith in that.

Maybe in the year 2067 we can laugh about our adventures in the world of cryptocurrencies hahaha, don't you think so brother?

I think so. To 2067 🍻

Wow.. Well articulated and cool to watch..

That is some generally good advice to have about crypto and generally life with particular the covid issues at the moment.
but i try not to look at my portfolio too much ,but the pain of that is that i have multiple projects going on so i have to keep an eye on them.

Big cryptocurrencies like bitcoin prices made big moves. Profit is time matter.