It's baffling to see the extent that people get addicted to the various web 2 social networks even at the expense of their money and time.

The other day I met someone while traveling a 4-hour journey on a commercial bus in Nigeria. He was scrolling through one web 2 social media through out the period of the journey.

At some point I was so impatient and I started to talk with him about web 3 social dApps that will reward him with Knowledge, money,financial discipline, and freedom.

Knowledge in the sense that, you build your creativity and know more about crypto.

Money in the sense that you get paid crypto through socialising.

Financial discpline in the sense you'll learn the principles of delayed gratification by growing your stake + APR.

The moment I mentioned crypto, he rebelled against the idea of leaving web 2 that he has grown accustomed to.

People have grown so comfortable with the web 2 social networks and are willing to kill (yes, the word is Kill) their money, time and opportunities to remain on them.

Part of this has to do with the massive marketing budgets of the networks and I truly believe that the web 3 platforms have to apply similar marketing tactics.

Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing your story!

You say that you think people are just comfortable on Web2 platforms like Facebook and I'd agree.

Never pitch LeoFinance as a 'Facebook alternative' because they don't want to leave where all the action is.

It's just another community that they can use alongside their Web2 network of choice, offering everything else you told him and he seemed receptive to.

I do laugh that as soon as we mention the word crypto it's like the conversation immediately turns toxic haha.

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The level of hatred for crypto, from my point of view, can be pinned to,

  1. Frequent use of crypto by scammers to scam people who aren't ready to learn new forms of investments.
  2. Governments poor reception of crypto and blockchain tech in many parts of the world.

These have made many people to develop a closed mind towards the crypto industry.

They have a notion that crypto is always associated with scam.

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Crypto being associated with scams always makes me laugh.

That's like saying that because bank robbers drove a car away from the crime, you therefore shouldn't drive your car to work.

Lazy and ignorant on their behalf.

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Off course it's only an excuse for not wanting to do the work.

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I use to say it always, dapps are what eventually would sell hive. I was talking to @joetunex on our podcast #jjfinance that apps like a dating app would absolutely do well for onboarding. Real-world use cases that doesn't suck people into techy aspect. But yeah, we know this. It's the inability to do anything about it that baffles me.

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A dating app that publishes your chats to an immutable blockchain and that can't censor you... no matter what you say?

Yeah umm, what could possibly go wrong? 😂

Also, I found the video of your pod via Threads and watched earlier.

Good chat!

You've got a new listener going forward 🙂

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Yea this sounds like a non starter. I don’t get it like it’s just like people are grasping at putting random things on Hive. Many don’t make sense I dunno just my opinion.

I strongly think a Tinder-like DApp on Hive will attract users. Most are finding partners on dating sites now compared to meeting in person.

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I see zero reason for this, why would people want there private dating stuff on a permanent blockchain? Maybe I’m missing something :)

You mentioned privacy which is something we care about. The idea is on the DApp itself and not about exposing people of their dating life. The likes of Tinder is a App with big users, a DApp of such kind on Hive might pull in users.

Are there ways to have such DApp without exposing people's privacy? I think that can be achieved.

On the other hand, it is no news how user's data are exchanged on Tinders, which is questionable if we look at the privacy side.

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While I was critical about publishing chat content to a blockchain, I can certainly see merit in users having more control over their personal data.

Right now for example, everything sits on Tinder Inc's servers - A single point of failure, just waiting to be compromised.

I'm not even sure what is technically possible in Web3 when it comes to users remaining in control of their data, but it being completely private to the outside world.

Anyway, you've got me interested in this angle :)

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If am not mistaken I think I have seen dating App being built on blockchain on Twitter. Sooner or later we will be seeing DApps of such on blockchains.

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Hive gives a great sense of purpose and enables us to participate in the crypto revolution actively. As Hive grows, we grow and with it, we are making the best of it. No better place to call home in the "virtual space"!

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One of the cool things about Hive.

Your Web3 Hive account is more than just a blog.

It's as you put it, your virtual home.

It doesn't matter whether you're using your account as a bank account, to share content, to play games, or a myriad of other use-cases.

You only need the 1 immutable account!

But explaining a concept akin to logging into Twitter with their Facebook account, is completely foreign to normies.

They'll get there though.

Eventually ;)

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I also have reduced telling people about hive too because sometimes I really don't like the feedback I get where such people see me as trying to scam them which is really annoying but I love the platform and will love to bring more people to also benefit from it.

Haha yep!

"Well that is definitely a scam," is another response I would get from my friends and family.

Try explaining the concept of where the money come from and why this magical HIVE token printed from thin air has value to a normie.

Just way too much for them.

PS. Did you manage to maximise your curation rewards from the LPUD delegation you won?

Wish you did anything differently?

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Not that much though but I was able to power up 450 Leo lol.

Which is an excellent result, right?

Now the delegation has disappeared, you aren't going to be able to earn as easily via curation alone haha.

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~~~ embed:1573638818154090498 twitter metadata:U3dlZXRib3lkYXZlMnx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9Td2VldGJveWRhdmUyL3N0YXR1cy8xNTczNjM4ODE4MTU0MDkwNDk4fA== ~~~
The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @no-advice, @jimmy.adames, @macchiata, @rzc24-nftbbg, @attentionneeded ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Quality rant. I don't think anyone could disagree with what you said. It's a hard pill to swallow but we don't have anything unique to offer to normies. Bragging about immutability and complete ownership to someone that sees value in these perks makes total sense but those people are a minority on the internet.

Different stories need to be told to different types of consumers.

Businesses - You can tap into an already established community

Content creators - Easy monetization and censorship resistance

Artists - Earn crypto instead of likes for your efforts

Gamers - Full in-game asset ownership


The only onboarding funnel, as you already mentioned, is gaming and that's the only source of new users I'm looking forward to. Everything else is slow and confusing even for advanced users.

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😐I do not even know how to go about marketing Hive anymore. Should I just keep it to the crypto peeps? Because I get mentally exhausted when I have to take normies by the hand. No cap! I love to talk about Hive (I always post about it on my Whatsapp status) not just to people who don't know the first thing about Defi and decentralization. I'm thinking, I'll just shut my big mouth and wait for them to come to me and if I need to go to them, well...we see how that goes. I just got sick of the quick quitters in it for just one week, take the first payout and leave. 😒

I just got sick of the quick quitters in it for just one week, take the first payout and leave. 😒

If you got someone to go all the way through the sign up process, create/vote for a week and then withdraw, I'd say that's a win! :)

We take it for granted now, but it's a steep learning curve throughout that entire flow.

And if they have got real money out of Hive once, surely they will come back because they now know they can keep earning?

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They haven't though. 🙂

I've kinda tried to get people into it before, but not that hard. I knew they'd probably make accounts, post once or twice, and give up. My buddy @ronpurteeetv is probably the only person I got to post a bunch, and he was doing it a lot when he had a Wordpress blog setup and a plugin to push the posts to Hive.

That Wordpress plugin is another good example of dApps doing things the right way.

I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but Wordpress is by far the most popular CMS back-end for websites.

Everyone with a website just uses WP like its 'normal'.

Having a plugin that allows you to monetise your blog using crypto (that simply allows you to auto publish to Hive and therefore receive rewards) should be a perfect onboarding tool.

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For sure. More Wordpress people should probably know about that Exxp plugin.

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I can relate very well

I'd love to hear the story of a time you tried to tell your friends or family about Hive and failed.

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OK.. I will do that someday

Just in the comments section here?

Share and hit reply :)

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Before I do tell people addicted to web2 social media like Facebook and Tiktok that you can earn from what you like doing if you're on hive blockchain. You get nothing for likes in Facebook but if you're here creating contents and get likes(upvote) is meaningful.

But i stop advertise hive not quite long when a friend asking me to get a proof Hive is paying me, he thought I'm trying to introduce him to online

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Haha, yep.

I also get asked "is Hive crypto real money", all the time.

Have a read of my thoughts on answering the question in the blog I linked to just there.

Spoiler alert: Of course it's real money! ;)

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Yes it real, I don't know how the society will looks like if there is no cryptocurrency.

I also answering some though:

Hey mate, can I ask you to edit this comment to include the link underneath anchor text?

To do that, just put the code in like this (without spaces):

Yes it real, I don't know [ what society would looks like if there was no cryptocurrency ] ( ).

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Oh! My mistake I've done that. Thanks

Definitely, seeing is believing and if am not been to funny right here, hive money is the coolest money ever

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I now tell my friends and family about Hive-based dApps instead.

This shift in thinking around marketing the Hive blockchain needs to occur ASAP.

Yes, dApps are easier to understand. Diverse doors to different kinds of people.



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And not to mention that as businesses themselves, dApps/front-ends have a vested interest in onboarding users.

Because you know, they need users to make money haha!

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Kudos on the nice write up and I had to grin and smile a bit because of it. Ive been a hiver for almost 5 years now and hardly any of my friends know this. Not because im ashamed but it feels too complicated very often.

So indeed maybe we should focus of what you can do with it versus how it works. We all find that cool, but the normie doesnt care and doesnt intend to understand.

we should focus on what you can do with it versus how it works.

This is a great way of summing up this post :)

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Hive tech is very complex and time I tried to explain this to a new person we end up on the wrong page. I believe it is better to introduce dapps to them to make everything easy. Thanks for sharing this amazing way of onboarding people to hive

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The LeoFinance and Splinterlands teams are the ones doing all the work.

It's actually them that deserves the kudos :)

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I agree with you about not talking to people about Hive. I don't really think it really works but I might reconsider if there was an application that people can focus on. It just doesn't exist right now.

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You don't believe in what Splinterlands and LeoFinance offers?

"Make money playing games"

"Make money talking about crypto"

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I had a friend play Splinterlands but it was pennies and they didn't think it was worth the effort when they live in the US.

On the other hand, blogging isn't for everyone and they were never interested in that aspect either.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That's fair.

Now I think about it, I've actually had the exact same answer from a friend in the past.

However, when you actually look at the sustainable ROIs on offer across the Splinterlands ecosystem (Hello, the APR in the SWAP.HIVE:SPS LP is still 100% lol!!), answering you just make pennies is just super lazy.

Are you making pennies from your various Splinterlands investments and even higher league level gameplay?

I'm certainly not...

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As for blogging, you also don't have to blog to make money here.

Invest, earn passively via staking/curationg and engaging via comments/threads.

Again, lazy on their behalf.

But yep, I totally understand because I get the same pushbacks haha.

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Same reaction from individuals I’ve discussed with.

Bang on! Tell them about the product first, if they are interested, they can figure out the tech later on. You cannot make someone understand all of Hive in one day. It's a step by step process. And you have clearly described the right way to do it.

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You cannot make someone understand all of Hive in one day.

Have you tried holding a friend down and making them them use Hive until they get it?

Actually that doesn't sound like a friend at all.

Scrap that idea ;)

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There are two people I onboarded on here solely on the basis of HBD Apr savings and they’ve been livin it. They don’t even know what Hive is. Why aren’t we ourselves marketing this enough.

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I think the issue has always been its fine for smaller accounts, but HBD in its current form just doesn't have the liquidity available for people to buy large amounts at once.

Right now if you try and buy thousands of dollars of HBD off the internal market, you can't get a good price.

Let alone millions of dollars...

This is a huge marketing roadblock and one which the LPs on BSC and Polygon are trying to help solve.

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It's very simple really. Hive needs to be pitched to builders, maybe investors. For users, only apps are the gateways in, any tech talk or complicated onboarding process will alienate them. The steep learning curve doesn't help either.

Splinterlands flattens the learning curve better than anyone.

Theirs should be the blueprint for any new dApp looking to bring in users from outside our current tiny Hive bubble.

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You said in the post they don't mention Hive in their marketing channels, which is generally true. They don't mention it for users but look here what a great presentation Hive gets from Matt, I'd say, from the writing style:

You're right, that's a great write up on Hive!

But it is in the white-paper - Aimed at those with an interest in the technical back-end only.

There's no doubt the team knows they can't build what they want to build on any other blockchain.

Hive is and will always therefore be an integral part of the Splinterlands ecosystem.

But a part that doesn't need to be communicated to your end user every day.

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Exactly. The important fact is that this is how marketing should be done for Hive. Little or no mention about it to the end user, full details for those inclined to invest or develop. And that's the kind of people who read whitepapers.

The small market cap freaks many I’ve told for mainly investing reasons. Also seeing certain individuals downvoted for petty reasons was a complaint one left back on the Steemit days. I think it will take a bull run after this long bear market to really get interest going again.

There are different types of investors. Some are willing to take a risk in the long term if they see something in a project (look at theycallmedan, he was an investor building stakes in different crypto projects, and now he is so involved in Hive).

You've put this together with salient points I can't disagree with, folks out there don't care about decentralization or censorship resistance, all they care a about is get on platforms and just use. Good example with Splinterlands, I keep longing for Instagram-like Dapp on Hive, Liketu which am yet to use though is working on one, hopefully it is seamless and gets the attention.
LeoThreads on Mobile will be a good source of pulling in user and preferably being a stand aline app so the suckers can get absorbed.

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LeoThreads, or whatever standalone project blank dApp that it morphs into, has the potential to be an easy sell.

"You should Tweet via LeoFinance - Your Tweets show on Twitter and you earn crypto at the same time."


PS. As I said to your boy josediccus in an earlier comment, I'm looking forward to your next pod.

Keep up the great work!

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True and look forward to the day LeoThreads goes mobile. Then we will have a busy house buzzing with bees around here.

Great to know myself and Jose have got a fan, much appreciated. 🙂

Posted using LeoFinance Mobile

Do you think it’s mostly just going to be users already here? Or believe we’ll attract many new users?

It's not going to be an overnight switch, but I do believe that we could gain some traction.

Censorship is a big problem on Twitter - It's a huge risk for businesses.

If Threads positions itself as a censorship-resistant back-end for Twitter (like Khal talks about here) then why wouldn't people use it?

Nobody else has the technical capability to do what we can do here on Hive due to the way we were born and the token distribution we currently have.


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When I started reading, the first thing that came to my mind was @splinterlands They were one of the biggest onboarders of users. With the upcoming Genesis League Soccer, there should be even more attention given to HIVE.

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Yep :)

And again just like Splinterlands itself, all of the GLS marketing material doesn't talk about Hive.

The P2E aspects of the game wouldn't work without Hive.

But a normie who wants to play it doesn't give a shit so there's no point in telling them about it!

Super smart marketing team.

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Seriously, I would get a better reception if I just punched them in the face instead of trying to pitch Hive.

You made me laugh hard with this line. !LOLZ.

I just agree with your point. For some one who doesn't know what decentralisation is and how it works it is difficult to let them understand. Even if things make sense to them why the hack they should leave the old systems when they are fully comfortable with it. Change in our attitudes and behaviors do not come from mere knowledge but from the motivation. Money is one of the biggest motivation for anything we would want to do it. The easiest way to bring people to hive is to simply say
Heyyyy, the things that you are doing for free on other social media would bring you money if you do them on Hive.

Heyyyy, the things that you are doing for free on other social media would bring you money if you do them on Hive.

Yep, smart.

I'm also a big advocate of not pitching Hive dApps like LeoFinance as "Facebook alternatives".

People don't have to use 1 or the other and certainly don't have to leave their friends.

Doing both at once is completely okay.

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Yeah, doing both is completely okay. The modification in behavior occurs subliminally and gradually.

There is a strategy. If you want your child to drink lesser coke, don't ask him to drink lesser coke. The thoughts of leaving something you love would make the task difficult. Instead ask him to drink more water. Consequently there would be lesser consumption of coke, unknowingly 😉

Sneaky parenting ;)

I love it haha!

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YO D-WILL! That's what's up. I actually started sprinkling the mention of the actual Dapps on HIVE in my email marketing, but the way you broke it down in this post; it makes more sense to start getting away from the focus on informing about HIVE, but more the extension of it - what is on it and not what is in it.


It was you that inspired me, JAY-ADZ! ;)

Hopefully you got a few extra views and votes on the video.

I started the draft of this post as soon as you posted it... but I got a bit distracted.

See you around mate!

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I have a few experience in advertising Hive as a blog-to-earn platform and all of the response that I get was negative. One said that it is too technical and then they later told me that they don't trust in crypto and start telling me on all the negative things they heard about cryptocurrency. LOL.

I haven't given up marketing Hive in person but I will try to change my method as you have mentioned here and observe the results.

In connection, I was onboarded by Splinterlands not knowing about Hive. Just a few clicks and I have now my Hive account. 😊


Haha, I've heard all the same excuses as you.

We laugh because they're dumb, but this is genuinely what normies think about crypto.

In connection, I was onboarded by Splinterlands not knowing about Hive. Just a few clicks and I have now my Hive account. 😊

There you go :)

You're a prime example of what I'm talking about with dApps that that make the back end of getting a Hive account seamless.

You just wanted to p2e I take it?

And Splinterlands let you do that.

You didn't really care how (until you were incentivised to withdraw your earnings).

Thanks for sharing your story :)

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You just wanted to p2e I take it?


I am actually thinking of developing an app and the possibility using the blockchain to authenticate or verify some transactions. It's a hobbyist idea but it is interesting to think of how to use it make the onboarding seamless. I will think about it and maybe make a post one of this days. 😊

Even if you call yourself a hobbyist, I envy your coding skills.

Definitely go for it if you can!

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Smart way of onboarding users into hive blockchain. Coincidentally I will be meeting a few friends to tell them about Hive, I will sure draw some lessons here.

Definitely drop back into the comments section and share your experience of how it goes.

I'd love to hear some of their objections and if you can overcome them and actually get them to join :)

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You are quite right in what you write. The way to onboard people has to be simple, most people don't want to be told about the technology, just start by saying that it's a place where you can connect with people from all over the world while earning some cryptocurrencies should be enough. I have also stopped talking to some of my friends about Hive since some of them started looking at me like I was an alien, hehe.

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it's a place where you can connect with people from all over the world while earning some cryptocurrencies

Great way of wording your pitch!

Keep it simple :)

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We love Hive and we want others to see its beauty. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do so, but thanks to this clever way, we can try to market it again.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Hive, LEO and SPS earnings can be truly life changing for some Filipinos, right?

Does that make it a little easier to pitch the "sign up to x to make money" angle?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Perhaps yes in some other parts of the country. In my side of town, it can be challenging to make that kind of pitch but it will be worth a try, we never know if someone changes his/her mind. I actually did that to my family circle and to some of my friends but they dismissed the idea saying they aren't made to write or blog, lol! I showed them my page and most of them said they are intimidated. I thought my approach might have been a little off :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yeah, I can relate.

As soon as you mention blogging, people are like NOPE, SCARY!

This is why other dApps that use Hive accounts are so important.

Short form content, games etc.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That's right. The dApps especially the fun ones can be a good start.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yeah, I've never understood the lack of marketing by the Hive devs, or the lack of bother to hire someone that could market. It's almost like they don't want Hive to go big...

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It's not the job of witnesses and core Hive devs working on the base infrastructure of the decentralised Hive blockchain.

The incentive is there however, for dApps built on top of the Hive blockchain to do the marketing.

Any front-end or game is just a centralised business that will live or die by whether they make money.

And the only way they can make money is to get people to sign up (with a Hive account!) and use their dApp!

From there, they can monetise their activity on the layer-2 app, while still bringing users to Hive itself.

This is the Splinterlands money printer model - Printing money for their business and bringing in a shitload of people to Hive.

Just frustrating right now that they're the only ones to have really got the process right.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Good point, not sure why I thought it was up to the devs. Seems like Leo's figured it out if you have a shitter account, though I don't think they've drawn the masses yet like Splinterlands.
It'll be the games, maybe PsyberX will hit?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

PsyberX who knows, but what we do know is Splinterlands are THE model.

I'm excited for their GLS spinoff just because they can use the same processes, but market it to a whole new audience.

Going to be massive :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I completely agree, it's so technical. I have not been able to bring anyone one because it's too complicated to start.

I'll get some folks interested, but once they get started... forget about it!

I like your idea a lot. It makes more sense to focus on the dapps. The normie doesn't needbto know how the engine runs to drive the car!!!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The normie doesn't needbto know how the engine runs to drive the car!!!

Haha, another banger analogy.

There's been some good ones in the comments here! :D

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Haha yeah, thanks!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

When I talk to friends and family about hive, I focus on the real connection that we make in here, all the dapps that we can use and all the possibilities to have fun, plus we can get rewards. There is not better place than here.

I have only 1 month using hive. If anyone want to hear me talking about hie they just need to try it and see how awesome it is
Love ur post btw. 🥰

Ps. I’m using leofinance on my phone 😎

Posted using LeoFinance Mobile

Yep, so instead of talking about the technical details, you just tell people 'LeoFinance is a cool crypto community'.

They check it out, sign up using their Twitter account and start posting.

If they want to go deeper down the rabbit hole and actually claim their crypto that they've earned, then they need to learn a bit more.

But the initial onboarding needs to just be super simply exactly like you said.

Thanks for sharing mate :)

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holy shit this hit hard.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I take it that you can relate?

Were you into WAX before Hive?

Had any success onboarding or even just talking about NFTs on them?

In saying that, I just realised you onboarded me onto WAX haha!


Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

very much so i can relate. i've been in crypto as a whole since 2015, had my dad helping me build Bitcoin mining rigs when he had no idea what they were.

since i was on steemit way back in the day, i have to say i was technically on hive first. i was definitely hardcore into WAX before i was fully committed to hive though.

i onboarded a shit ton of people to WAX honestly. it's because it's so easy, set up a cloud wallet and go. the NFTs on WAX are super fun too, no dumb fees, plenty of games, etc...

onboarding to Hive is like explaining a 95 year old man how to install a router and configure a WiFi network. it's just not there yet.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Cheers for sharing your story :)

Splinterlands especially has shown us that with the right processes in place, we don't have to be confusing and geeky.

Just give the dApps an opportunity to build and they will get it right.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I've said similar in the past.

The time will come in a few years where people will be using hive without ever hearing about hive.

/they will just be logging into another app that creates an account or signs in with keychain and never have to worry how it works.

It wont be easy but every polished app like leo and splinterlands is another step in the right direction.

Now we just need all of the other to move the same way and to develop proper onboarding systems and appear as good as web2 versions with an added layer.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Right now we can say Hive communities, LeoFinance included, are just communities.

In terms of that added layer, LeoFinance really need to stabilise the price of their token first...

By generating revenue (ads or something else) and then using it to buy/burn off the market.

Once the buy/burns reach an equilibrium with the amount they're paying out as rewards, a price floor will form.

At that point, they will prove that the model of tokenised communities is sustainable and everyone else can adopt the model.

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Nice write up boss, I honestly agree with you , even recently I have a friend who said crypto and other related initiative are advance Ponzi scheme too

Well your friend is not entirely wrong ;)

There are certainly a lot of ponzi schemes masquerading as cryptocurrency projects.

But Hive is NOT one of them.

Why Hive is not a Ponzi scheme

The HIVE token affords users the ability to transact on the censorship-resistant Hive network.

This is where ongoing demand for HIVE comes from.

Not because it's generating returns for earlier investors with money taken from later investors.

I'll let you go down the rabbit hole of what ensures Hive's censorship-resistance, yourself.

But there's a quick reply you can give your next friend when they say all crypto is a ponzi.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Understandable, and I think the dApps will recruit for Hive and see less, familiar onboarding like that created by Leofinance will help.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I wonder if the blockchain itself (the DAO) will stop funding Hive-focused marketing like the last digital marketing proposal discussed at HiveFest.

If you're going to fund anyone, I'd encourage them to fund dApps with clear business plans and the ability to generate revenues that can ultimately pay the funds back.

Not that we're set up for that at the moment, but I can dream about common sense...

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Good to see you writing again

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My notes app is full of bits and pieces so I didn't completely stop writing.

It's now just about editing all the crap into posts haha.

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Come on lads...

Instead of copy/pasting this generic message into everyone's post without even reading it, at leat try and engage.

I mean it's kind of ironic that this post you chose even talks about the onboarding process being left to Hive-based dApps like you.

As one such dApp, do you agree with the premise discussed in the post?

What are you guys doing differently to market to end users and make the Hive onboarding process seamless?

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Hive is really an amazing Crypto currency site no matter what I find it amazing 🤩
Just that maybe some people are seeing it from a different perspective

This is right on!

all that matters is that the app they’re using works.

I tell people that all the time. If it doesn't work, it doesn't matter how it's supposed to work. If it works and it's easy to use, people will be interested. Sell the benefits in a way that makes sense to the person you're talking to.