Splinterlands - Beginner's Guide - Advantages Of A Guild!

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Are you new to Splinterlands and searching for some advice, then you found the correct series! In this Beginner’s Guide Series, we are discussing things that new players of Splinterlands should know or try to learn. In this specific episode we will talk about Guilds and what advantages they will bring you. Not only that but I also want to showcase some of my favorite Gladius Cards that you should look forward to play with if you are competing in a brawl. With that being said, if this article motivated you to start playing this amazing game, then feel free to join the fun over the following link:


Advantages Of A Guild

Let’s start things off by talking about the advantages of guild. Well, first and foremost, you are getting into a group of people that are sharing something with you: the Passion for Splinterlands. Most of the guilds have their own discord channel and it is really interesting and amazing to read for they have to say. If you are relatively new, thy can even give you advise or help you out with some Collection Power. Obviously, you will be more experienced at some point and should do the same once you are at a more senior stage.

Another advantage is that you are getting additional percentage in your Quest Rewards. Therefore, you are getting each battle a little bit more Points and therefore you are getting more daily and seasonal chests. It is only a few percentage but they can make a big difference if you are thinking long-term. The better your guild and the more advanced it is the more rewards you are able to get.

Furthermore, you can participate in brawls against other guilds. It is a pretty cool game mode which allows you to play some additional battles and collect rewards as a guild. Although the rewards are not super great at the moment, it is still a fair source of SPS and will help you out no matter what! On top of that you are able to pack Gladius Cards that I will talk a little bit further down below. These cards are unfortunately not sellable but they are counting into your Collection Power! Therefore, you can get additional Collection Power through these cards and do not necessarily have to buy obsolete golden legendary cards that will not help your deck out. I was able to double my Collection Power so far, and now can focus solely on cards that I truly need to improve my deck.

Before, I already mentioned the topic of these new type of cards. This is what I want to highlight now. Each Splinter has a set of around 7 cards. I will pick the ones that I used more frequently recently. I also exclude the legendary ones, as they are obviously the best ones but also very hard to obtain since you can only get them in the packs. With that being said, I will focus on the more common cards, that everybody will have a chance to pull.

Orella Abadon

First up is the Fire Splinter and Orella Abadon. For only 2 mana, you are getting a 2 attack 2 health card with 3 speed and the Sneak Ability. This is master class in my opinion. Considering that with Tarsa, this card is getting an extra attack and an extra health you are getting a card for that cheap that you can place everywhere on the field and make a good amount of damage. Especially if you are in the Brawl Frays that are not offering high mana battles, this card is absolutely a game saver and is definitely one of my most favorite cards for the Fire Splinter so far.


Relenor Cleaver

Next up we have the Water Splitner and their high mana card. In general, the Water Splinter is momentarily very strong in my opinion. With this 9 mana card, this Splinter is definitely not getting weaker! Relenor Cleaver is a Melee Reach card which can be placed into second and first position. With 4 attack 7 armor and 6 health, this card can withstand any attack for a few rounds. Yes it is a little bit weak against magic, but in battles with lost magic or magic armor, this card is an absolute beast!


Quora Towershead

Another very strong and epic card is Quora. The Earth card is a perfect fit with Obsidian and is very hard to beat in my opinion. Yes, she is costing us 10 mana and should only be played in high mana battles, but paired with Mycelic Slipspawn and Goblin Psychic, this card can be deadly. With 2 magic and 2 Melee attack and additional 11 health, this card is the perfect tank or even second position card. On top of that, this card is able to self-heal which makes it very hard to kill it in one turn. Therefore, you will definitely have enough goes to make sure that this card gets enough kills in.


Captain Katie

Next up, we have my first Gladius card that I grew a lot on. Captain Katie is a Life Splinter card and definitely one of my favorites! With 3 magic attack and 6 health, this card is already a beast, but if you consider that she has the Sniper Ability and costs only 7 mana, you can already guess how often I play her in each battle if I have the chance. The amazing thing about her is that she will almost every time get a kill which increases her stats thanks to bloodlust and therefore make her even more powerful!


Whistling Damon

Last but not least, we have Whitling Damon! This card is very similar to the Fire Card that we already looked at. The only difference is that this card is a Ranged attacker and has the Sniping Ability. In combination with the Death summoner Thaddius, this card can actually perform a lot of damage to the support cards of your enemy and therefore destroy any kind of strategy that your opponent might have.


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