Ad Marketing & A Baseline For Hive To Embrace?

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Football betting websites have now tailored their Ad algorithm to target almost everyone who owns a smartphone. Some of these websites embed their links on the most popular website, with loads of Ads on them. Some websites are optimized to have 90% ads and 10% content.

However these websites already have a large following, so this makes them create less concentration on content while taking their time to optimize the ads on their site to make maximum profit, making it easier to get accessibility to people who might not even be interested in football betting, laying misguiding ads on every nook and cranny of whatever landing page you click on.

These Ads Were Swift, one click and you're in two to three landing pages

This is the kind of website that these football betting business loves, they pay these guys to embed their business links on some of these landing pages and even if you're not a gambler, the idea is to let you know that you can still become a gambler and win big money. Relevance is the new way to consistent advertising.

When you put your business constantly in the eyes of people when they access the internet, there's a possibility that at one point in time, some of these populations will succumb to the ad pressure to become potential gambling addicts. You see, the aim here is no longer target audience but relevance.

Target Audience Is Old School.

Why is this?

The intent of this is that they're trying to create the impression that anyone can be a potential gambler irrespective of who they are, provided the end goal of football betting is to make money. Sometimes the subconscious is bent on making money it gets to a point it doesn't even want to scrutinize the means but getting the money becomes the goal.

There are times these betting businesses pay influencers to spread the news of people who have won big, this creates further pressure on people who aren't gamblers to consider joining and playing. In reality, so many people lose a lot From gambling.

These Businesses Will Never Advertise Failure

Even If over 70% of their Customers Are Failures

However, ad makers will never talk about the people who sold their houses in other to win that life-changing Millions, but instead of achieving this dream, they're still on the streets gambling and waiting to hit the bull's-eyes.

These people are not potential ad sellers of these gambling companies because they're losers and the business needs winners to sell the business to others. However, some people are still wary of losing no matter the Wealth displayed by the people who have won big. These betting companies ask people to register still, they then give them some free money which can never be cashed out, and ask them to be betting for free with the money.


Dark Marketing Psychology

On the surface, this looks like a good deal, but it's dark marketing The aim is to get you psychologically hooked to the game so much that when you finally become acquainted with playing with the free money they gave you, you'll have no option but to put in your real money in other to continue betting.

As I told you, the aim is visibility, relevance, and retention, but the issue is, the gambling business is the wrong one they're to sell. I've seen news of people online who won a crazy amount of money through football betting, but again this is a bigger advertising scheme to drag people into the loop of a "betting till they become rich" attitude.

HYPE > Quality?

This makes me think of Hive. You see, sophisticated marketing sells even the shitiest of projects. I've been reading about the PI NETWORK and its aggrandizing marketing, I've even heard people saying it'll flip the Bitcoin market cap in the next bull run, this was a bit surprising.

I couldn't see anything substantial or structural about it, but one could see the number of people, influencers who were selling it. This gives it a certain kind of credibility which means more hype, more money, and more users, without anything structural, just aggrandized marketing and more hype.

Gambling is nearly what almost anyone would dabble into even if they do not want it initially, the marketing around it creates a sort of accessibility

The internet is already a big industry, and some of these businesses rely on people to thrive, hence the sophisticated marketing. In reality, I laud the marketing with which some schemes thrive, it's just that such a business model is meant to take from people in the guise of rewarding them and this is appalling.

We live in a world of advertising and marketing

which is now even more tailored to Psychological appeal to people in a bid to make more money from them. Sometimes in the future, I feel hive needs such marketing because I already feel we have the product and maybe it's time to look towards such a market. It's the 21st century and I feel that it takes more intentional marketing to sell what's quality already.

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Is true when they take you to their landing page and you see ads concerning bet, all what you will think is wether to bet or not, multiple add in one website is bad, it kills the liking of the people that enter's the website. Thank you for saying this @josediccus

These betting ads are systematically done. They just want to be in the face of people so much, they employ so many schemes to actually make themselves relevant. It's a smart way of marketing, it's saddening that the products are tailored to take people's money with the superficial aim of making them rich.

You are right on this, they only deceive people, and indirectly that is a type of scam.
Someone needs to avoid those kinds of ads.

It's unavoidable as I've actually pointed out, one just needs the right discipline and resolve when browsing the internet

Interesting! You've raised a really valid point as regards how to market a business through the internet, the aspect of gambling you used was the best for me too, the way these guys are growing is something that I know it will be almost impossible to stop.

If hive would use sure way of advertising, it would be helpful but then it means there will have to be a way of also minimizing those coming in with ulterior motives. But over all it is a good idea and I think a dev can work on that to see how possible it is.

Gambling is an exciting example, because the diabolics used in the marketing by these guys are so sophisticated especially when you see that that offering no real value you people whatsoever. I think hive has it all and I don't think it's impossible to cultivate some of these diabolical marketing someday.

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I hope a dev gets to read this content then, let's keep our fingers crossed, hehe

Well, they have more sophisticated means of planning Hive's marketing, so I doubt this would be of use to them

There goes marketing ethics down the drain.
These people would apply and abuse any means necessary to earn money quickly. The sad part is, their "clients" is 99.9999999% on the losing end. sigh

Exactly, I think marketing ethics is even more abused nowadays, because these guys wants to make money at all cost. This means someone will always incur the cost and that is their prospective customers.

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That's the sad reality, unfortunately

Ironically, if you start winning too much, the betting companies will limit your account. It seems also in crypto, many people are just chasing quick profits and making bets on different tokens. I prefer to build assets.

Hahaha you're right, they tend to limit some of these accounts that have won big. Because if everyone eventually wins big how would the betting game not go bankrupt? So they'll rather people lose by making the offers more juicier. I prefer to build assets too, like you.

The betting marketing is really high and forms some kind of pressure on individuals, I almost got lured into betting once, I kept seeing adverts plus videos of someone who won 38 million from just 800. If hive dabbled into such marketing scheme, soon everyone would know about the existence of it.

Hahaha they sold the story of that boy who won 38 million naira and because of that, so many people are now betting away. I'm not saying people won't win though, it's just that the marketing is diabolical; selling the business with the stories of those who has won big

True, if they share the stories of those who lost, people will become scared of even trying to get the winning pot.

Gambling is big business and marketing it is even bigger business. The problem with its marketing model has been laid bare in this publication. Its full of lies, deception and trickery. A short experience here....

When I did NYSC in 2016, I have a fellow corp member who was addicted gambler. As we arrived and trying to put our rooms in order, he disappeared to go and look for the closest Bet Naija shop. For the next 1 year, he gambled everyday (sometimes in empty stomach) and lost all the bet. He only won 5k once, through-out the year. He always regrets every getting to learn this bad habit, but he is hooked already.

This story illustrates everything wrong with gambling and its marketing. In one word, I will call it illusion

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I think sometimes people look at the bigger incentive. When you look at publications online and offline you will see that betting business is advertising people who became millionaires overnight. There is a way that it eats into the fabrics of people, sometimes some people feel that they are too neck-deep into betting, and because of this they keep waiting for the mega Money before they can finally stop betting, but the truth is that it never stops just like that young man you mentioned. People who own betting scheme knows that there are some always in search of quick money, it's a big pathetic situation.

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We should have teams/communities focusing on each other platform for onboarding and quit pretending twitter is the only place worthy to market hive. Facebook and Instagram have the most powerful targeting in marketing. You say target audience is old school, but have you run Facebook targeted ads?

The witnesses are already taking care of the core, although we know more could be done..

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FB groups are effective for organic community growth, but business pages allow individual targeted marketing. If you know anyone who is running ads for onboarding through Facebook, please let me know so I can contact them.

Marketing is powerful, you will see shit coin pumping hard like never before because of marketing, if hive can get it marketing department right I believe it will be up there among the top leading coin in the industry

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Infact, some of these shit projects employs expensive marketing, without selling anything valuable. It's so crazy. I think because of decentralized and web3 hive is reluctant to employ some of these marketing schemes

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I have seen quite a few of those malicious ads and I really hate ads on mobile. Even on desktop, sometimes they just block your way and I definitely try adblock or disable javascript to get rid of most of those ads. Only on sites like LeoFinance that I trust will I go through some ads.

I do think Hive is also a project already and all it's missing is the marketing. Of course, I think applications are the best ways to market Hive though.

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It'd be interesting to try and run a display ad campaign for Hive, operationally. The tools one uses to deploy them are highly centralized, so to even get started, you'd need to:

  • Convince the community/witnesses/heavyweights to pass a proposal
  • The proposal won't be cheap: probably six figures minimum to make any kind of lasting impression

Then someone has to manage the transfer of HBD into fiat to fund the ad buys. So it passes from the "safety" of the DHF into an individual or corporation's hands. Unless, of course, there's an ad server and platform out there that runs on crypto (likely there is something, but I doubt it's on par with the Web2 ecosystem).

How do you trust the centralized aspect of running an ad buy like this? How does one set goals and measure success? These are all questions that have deep and comprehensive strategies in the Web2 world... but I am not sure that the Hive governance and proposal community is ready to operate in that fashion (and maybe it never will, maybe by design).

I do think that Hive could benefit immensely from spending even ~5% of the DHF annually on smart marketing plays (approx 1M HBD). Getting support for that and organizing it would be just as challenging as the execution of the marketing itself, IMO. An automated, transparent project management and funds disbursement system would probably need to layer on top of it (e.g. a Hive based version of DeWork, perhaps).

Glad to see that other Hiveans are thinking about this though :) !PIZZA


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