HBD's Notorious 20% APR, Tailored For More Effective Adoption?

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Many people are faced with a new reality, the reality of 20% APR for locking HBD in savings, this reality, creates different possibilities, creates newer choices and the Inclination of rewards rewires the mentality. Of course, we had this APR at 12% recently, but there wasn't much buzz created about it.

I believe a lot of people already locked their HBD at 12% this is because no matter how small it seemed, it was fairly decent, however, at 20%, HBD becomes one of the most profitable stablecoins, the yield suddenly looks great and suddenly the demand for HBD has skyrocketed.

The buzz of the 20% alone creates FOMO, This means that even people who aren't fazed or attracted to yields will have their mindset rewired, the prospect that money could be made and backed up by the fact that the 20% might not be sustainable has created a rush to get in and take that opportunity while it lasts

Buy One, Get Two free

This is how it works. When you watch how things are being advertised on TV, you'll see that a limit to how an offer might last is always automatically created. Sometimes, you'll get things like "buy one get two extra for the next 30 days".

The 30 days attached to the offer create a sense of urgency and FOMO, but this isn't just the case. Great or irresistible offers are hardly sustainable and this is because the resources for sustainability are often limited.

When an irresistible offer comes through, the yields are there to attract people to come for the goodies, but continue staying and finding other things to build on even when that juicy offer they enjoyed has come and gone and they've enjoyed that extra utility

I do not know how long HBD's 20% APR will be sustainable, but I do know that this increase aims to create popularity. I mean, when you look out there, the Crypto world is full of indulgences.

You gotta be creative enough to create a buzz, I guess we cannot continue living in the illusion that Hive is feeless, attractive, and resourceful while being the true solution to censorship and de-platforming. While these qualities or features are our selling point, it's hard to preach, especially when marketing is tailored towards deception and unrealistic prospects in the Cryptoverse.

What do I mean by this? I mean our marketing of Hive has been modest. We've talked about what we can truly do and the solutions we prove to some of the biggest issues on the internet and social media.

Sustainability? No Show Them The Money.

But have we talked about the things we cannot do to spice up that marketing to our advantage? No, we haven't, in a world of Defi where so many fake projects are garnering attention, can we truly say we've gotten that deserved attention for the quality we're building here? No.

Now, I'm not saying we should market what we cannot do, I'm thinking aloud. What if that 20% is what we need to finally blast through and make an impact. I mean, people are attracted by money, why not show them that money?

Sustainability is never in question when people are faced with the prospect of making money that seemed even better than what they'll get elsewhere. I mean, no traditional bank will offer this, no scheme will, and the fact that there are chances to earn this money, brings a certain attraction hence, no one would generally question sustainability.

In Conclusion

There hasn't been a sense of limitation to HBD's 20%, but subconsciously everyone knows this wouldn't last forever and this creates an urgency to get in as quick as possible.

Liquidity is still an issue on the ground, (but that's a whole new issue) I talking about the realistic effect of this increase on how people change their goals Hive or power up goals, how external attraction is created, how people who do not even know about Hive might hop on to take advantage of this opportunity.

Here's the thing, Eventually this APR will reduce, but many people who have enjoyed this yield might just decide to stay back to explore other juicy opportunities on the blockchain.

For one, pHBD's APR is even juicer, and when I read about how this works in one of @khaleelkazi's announcements, I think these opportunities that are further created are there for the taking, it creates a different buzz and for the first time, things are beginning to happen, I wouldn't dwell on the downside of this moves, I just think maybe we're finally doing the most impactful form of advertising.

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What if that 20% is what we need to finally blast through and make an impact. I mean, people are attracted by money, why not show them that money?

We should use the DAO funds to at least create promos on every other social media.

You're right. However I think there are some proposals already that are aimed towards promotion and marketing, I just don't know if they've been approved. Lordbuttefly had one approved

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Let’s enjoy the interests while it last because me I will claiming 80 hbd per month as it stands

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Sweet, that's totally astonishing. Qudos man for those big moves

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Thanks brother, it is one of those ways to beat inflation l

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Hives modesty to some extent kills it. So much is happening here and projects being built around it seem to have more push that the main man. Who seats back while projects on it are taking flight. Personally I am looking forward to a time when hive becomes more agressive and decides to take on the markets. My conviction it will flip a lot of tockens at the top that are just back by huge vc funding and hype

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Hive is marketing at least to it's best of understanding. At the moment I want to believe Hive is just over two years and let's see what will happen in a space of 5 to 10 years, God willing. I think a lot can still happen

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Given then rate at which building and developing is taking place worse still the community backing it. Too much will happen

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The buzz around HBD never stops because it is exciting to be having such interest on savings on a chain we trust, some of us only get to see outrageous interests on other platforms and never get to earn.
This supper sweet! my 4.HBD will be available to claim in an hour, I've got my eyes on it like a vulture, I will claim as soon as it is available to give it that compounding effect.

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Hahaha the best part is eventually compounding it when the 4 HBD eventually comes out. Hopefully it's the beginning on new investor coming through to invest on HBD.

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I have claimed the interest on my savings, all in place running smoothly my eyes are now set on dumping more HBD into saving as the days progresses, life gets better by the day.
Mission to eradicated poverty activated!

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Hahaha mission to eradicate poverty indeed I think, the prospect of even compounding HBD is exciting, the numbers can be flattering believe me. Let's see how much you can compound before the end of the year

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Let's see how much you can compound before the end of the year

Yes bro, it feels good to be working with numbers and experiencing growth, this is none existence in the real world.

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This is interesting because I have seen the HBD apr go from 10% to 12% and now 20%. The apr just seems to be going up. Why do you feel the trend will end?

I think the trend will end when we find out that these APRs might not be sustainable

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I also think thing are beginning to happen and such can bring more spotlight to the entire community..

I believe hbd can do this, that’s the purpose of this increase in the first place

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Well let's see how it turns out, I think Hbd can do it as well.

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I believe in hbd, the future is near

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Yeah, the entire Blockchain is experience a change.

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I fear fiat will soon be left behind. Blockchain is meeting people's needs.

They may fight back with regulations that only feeds the rich, but building an economy on the chain benefits all.

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Very well, of course, at that rate many more people would come flowing in including those who are not yet on the chain. For the question of sustainability, I do hope it lasts for long, at least for people like us who haven't much earnings 😆. Although, finances and hope are not really correlated. By the way, @josediccus what does the p in pHBD mean? I have been seeing it like a prefix to some coin in this community.

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It's a very attractive offer indeed, and it's true that we should push for greater adoption at this moment. However, from my experience in this platform, I think economic incentives aren't enough to promote mass adoption, because Hive's main value in my opinion is the content creation and social media aspect, not the currency; loads of work are required in that aspect still.

Thanks for the post, man!

Well, Other aspects of promotion hasn't come out good at all. This 20% is to mainly attract people towards adopting HBD as their stable coin. However it's all trial and error at this Moment, let's see what eventually works out.

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