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Now before I start, it is important to note that these are my opinions and yours could be totally different and that is fine, also when I speak about earning, I am mostly focusing on earning through writing, so let get into it.


Can you live comfortably earning from hive?

Well, as someone who has recently quit her job and is currently focusing on hive, the answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might want it to be, yes there are some people who can live comfortably on what they earn here but there is also a spectrum of people who can’t do that and would have to diversify their means of earning to be able to live comfortably.

You might ask what do I consider living comfortably and my answer would be simple, for me living comfortably is being able to afford your needs and sometimes your wants.


Let’s move on by speaking about those who are living comfortably on hive.

It is important to note that what you consider living comfortably might be different from what another person considers so take note of certain factors like country, what you spend, who you are catering for etc.

For me, I recognize that people who are on this spectrum have consistently put effort and years into hive, and I doubt if you can earn certain amounts in months of joining hive but I could be wrong.

I believe that before making hive your major source of income, you should make research and have a consistent amount you are earning from hive because if you don’t it could lead to a lot of problems.

It is also crucial to realize that even those who you think are living based on the income they get from hive probably have different streams in hive and outside.


Can everyone live comfortably on hive?

I believe that not everyone can live on their earnings on hive especially at the beginning, I have been on hive consistently for about three months and I write every day but I don’t think what I have earned can make me live comfortably but I know in time I might be able to do that.

A lot of factors also come into play here on hive and that could affect your earning, It is very essential to diversify on hive to earn more and you can do this by making videos, writing, engaging, trying blockchain games, etc, because I know a lot of people who focus on just writing or just making videos.

I would advise most newbies or beginners to diversify their income outside hive just like I am doing because it would put less pressure on your expectations.


In conclusion

I believe that everything takes time and consistency is very important especially on hive so before making any decisions you should sit and think about it. Also, Rome wasn’t built in a day so if you are coming into hive and hoping that in a month you would be a millionaire well, I wouldn’t shut you down.

I acknowledge that hive could be a place where you could live comfortably but it does take time and effort so be prepared to do that.

It is also essential to know that the good thing about hive is that you have different possibilities and a lot of things you don't expect could probably happen in a time frame you don't think it could.

Thank you for opening this box of passion

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If you make Hive your actual job, I don't see why you can't live through your earnings here. No doubt, at first, it comes with its discomfort but all jobs do. Yeah, comfort is relative, but how many people here can earn a decent salary to be comfortable in our country?

Based on the environment and availability of jobs, I know an average graduate has a better chance of earning $100 per month on Hive comfortably, than from a stressful private-sector job. The same work hours, same weekends and holidays, you'd be waaaaay ahead your peers.

Yes I understand all these but one reason why I prefer a 9-5 is consistency, I know the amount I am getting monthly and as a planner, I plan for it.

I doubt I can do that right now with hive and trust me I know that there is a future in hive and there are so many benefits but like I said it does take time and consistency and at the beginning, I wouldn't advise anyone to leave a "good" job, not a shitty one.

Yeah, I get that.

I m currently looking out there for any thing on hive where I can diversify.

I don't also think living of hive should be a move for any newbie.
Hive requires work and your work after a while can put food on your table.
But like I ve always known, I put resource I can afford to loose into Crypto, and that includes time, although lately I ve been giving so much time. But definitely for me, one needs to have some other hustle.

Exactly, hive can be a very profitable side hustle but you do need to find other means of earning.

I believe that hive, if used correctly can be a good way to earn a side salary. Probably someone can even live only on what he/she can earn from Hive, but the key point in my opinion is that working solely here and living your main job can be a very risky decision, since it is not sure that crypto will have these gain margins forever and it is not even guaranteed that Hive will always be as it is right now... In my opinion working only in Hive is way too risky, one should always have an alternative

Exactly, I left my job because I wasn't happy there but I am actively looking for another one.

I feel like hive could be a very profitable side hustle but I wouldn't advise anyone especially at the beginning to put all eggs in the hive basket.

Same question I asked myself a month ago. The video part of hive is what I am making pains to explore once I got my new phone. But then again, even with the video can Hive give me the baby girl lifestyle I crave for?

I feel like, at this stage, it won't give us a baby girl lifestyle but it could be something on the side.

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From Hive itself? No. From Splinterlands? Yes.

Interesting, well I guess more people need to learn about splinterland.

To be fair, more people need to learn about Hive as well. I just don't make much income from it because I don't post all that much. I have a good amount of Hive Power, and I earn more Hive Power that way, but those aren't funds I can use to pay bills or anything. Between DEC and SPS that I get every day from Splinterlands, I can live off of it. I got into Splinterlands early, though, so it worked out well for me.


Exactly having hive power is good but we can't pay our bills with that. I guess I also need to learn more about splinter land, got into it but it has been a bit complicated for me.


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It depends on the individual. I may earn as much of being able to live on the income I make but yet I don’t want to. Also if one wants to live off what he earns from the contents he makes on Hive, the person has to be very active and interactive.

Can you live comfortably from hive though and what do you consider comfortable?

Also, there are people who are active and interactive and still wouldn't be able to do that.

Yes and no, depending on how much is your need and how much time can you spare for HIve!

Exactly, comfort is personalized, and what one considers comfortable another might not.

To be honest, I'm not looking for a job right now not because of Hive but because of personal reasons. Hive alone can't sustain or carry my dreams but it can be a good back bone. Soooo, I'm going to secure my position during my IT. How? Don't ask. I just know I would. If I want a good salary that is.

I am also actively looking for a job amongst the other things I am doing because the lifestyle I want to live cannot be sustained right now by just Hive, maybe if I learn about splinterland I might be able to because people are advising that.

You should secure your position and I wish you grace, I will still ask you how sha 😆

Lol. I also thing Splinterland would contribute. Wo... Lemme go and disturb some people with questions.

😆 disturb for two oh

Well at this point I value the freedom and the work I do on hive which has afforded me a comfortable lifestyle. I think if you earn $200 monthly on hive you can be fine. Cut down costs and work towards improving your skillset so you become a high valued individual in your sphere. It transcends writing. These days I do a lot of work in the background that is yielding fruit. I don't think only in terms of earning but also the value of the connections I make here. A deeper insight on hive opens your eyes to the real opportunity here. It all starts and ends with knowing what you want out of this platform.

The truth is not everyone can earn 200 dollars monthly here, but I know with time it is possible.

I know hive gives freedom, I have been enjoying it a lot, I guess a deeper insight is indeed needed.

All the best in achieving your goals


Thank you.

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Well said, it's not a guarantee that one can live off Hive earnings but it's very possible.

I know I have to get a job or do other things offline to add to my give earnings but I believe with time, I'd be able to live off Hive... Very possible for me.

The first two to four or even five years should be years of consistent growing of your hive account if you want to earn bigger later, I have those plans in mind.

Still don't know when I'll be able to learn the splinterland stuff 🤦‍♀️

Well done girl, got here through @dreemport

And I think people feel like they can earn so much for Hive in the beginning that when they don't, they leave.

It takes time and consistency but hopefully one day.

Splinter land is complicated for me also oh, I am still trying to figure it out.

Please when you understand it, let me in too 😇

Of course.

Amazing as always.
Yeah like you said, one may be able to live comfortably with their earnings on hive if they been here for a long while and have gained their grounds, maybe. For those who have spent barely six months, I see the earnings here as a stream of income that one definitely can't live comfortably with. It's just like a side hustle.
Weldone with your posts.

Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words and I hope you get to the point where we can live on hive.

Nice article :-) came over @dreemport
I dont think, that many people can realy live from what they are earning on hive, especially looking at my world and all the costs we have here just for living.
But as in everything one does, he will get the most out of it, when he loves his work :-) good luck for your earnings :-)

Some people can actually do it but this is very true, the world is getting expensive daily.

Thank you for reading.