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One of our most recent visits to a gallery was in January when we checked out the Safari Gallery in Vigan which housed and displayed all the taxidermized animals that were brought home by one of the country's trophy hunters.


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The place is awesome. It do rise mixed feelings.

Kinda sad the way those were gotten. But it becomes a registry for history.

You are right, the place does bring mixed emotions. Fascinating yet saddening. The owner has himself a registry for all his hunted animals. It can be a source of learning for people who are visiting.

The air-conditioned gallery has an extensive collection of wild animals, most of them we haven't seen in real life, except that these were dead, preserved in their real-life forms, and displayed like they were sculptures or something.

The largest ones like the African Elephant, Rhino, African Lion, and Buffalo were placed at the center of the room.


Different heads of horned animals adorned the walls, including framed photos of the hunter himself and the creatures he killed during his hunting years.

There were deer, impala, kudu, moose, wapiti and what have you. It made me wonder how many years he had been hunting that he had so much in his collection.


There were many others that I couldn't identify if there were no labels on them. Wolverine, lions, and other wild cats, a hippo, a Nile crocodile, oxen, mule, marco polo, etc.

There were dark bears, a Polar Bear, and birds too.


The experience was surreal and I was in denial at first, thinking they were only wax figures and not real skins of animals that were treated with chemicals. It was my first time entering a trophy gallery after all and it was beyond me.

I have shared about the visit previously and more photos on it. The pictures on this threadstorm might be similar but they have not been included in that post.


This, by the way, is my participation in the March Prompts initiative by INLEO. Check it out and share your experience too!


Wow, I haven't seen anything like this before...


Sad for the animals though...

Yeah. While it can be interesting to see them, thinking about the animals being hunted and killed, then skinned makes one sad.


Although, the excitement and wonder quickly overcomes the sadness 😂

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thank you @olujay I will go read your post and hit that up too.

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Let's gooo over 10k milestone reaches on threads.

The combined is what I focus upon.

You are over 22K heading for 25K. Threads or the replies are the same in my book.

Good job.

I feel like I mainly reply over creating new threads so I'm not sure how that's being calculated. Either way making good progress and pretty much active on here all day long.

I think threads is top line and thread replies are when you reply to anothers thread.

tons of hours in the trashcan

What took us so long!

You're flying. 👀

Wow that's dedication. I wish I had the consistency haha

Hit 8k HP on this account not so long ago!

Quite chuffed about that!

#myhivegoals #goals #silverbloggers

Time to compound it!

Nice progress!

Congratulations dear friend, that's a good number. Which shows a lot of dedication and work in this great world.

Congrats 🚀

🧵 1/ Bitcoin surges past $64,000, hitting milestone not seen in 2 years. Market value exceeds $2 trillion, driven by spot ETF inflows and April's halving event anticipation. #crypto

🧵 2/ Matrixport co-founder warns of potential 15% BTC retracement by April. Uncertainty looms amid macroeconomic landscape with upcoming events. Investors advised caution amidst bullish frenzy.

🧵 3/ Investor sentiment at 'extreme greed' levels, echoing previous peak. Uncertainty surrounds Bitcoin's future trajectory, leaving holders and traders on edge. Market sentiment remains bullish.

Hey Threads!

Still buying, don't mind me...And selling some other stuffs too!!

Keep on trucking.
Curious what you are selling

Hive lol It's all I have lol

yep selling Hive seems good.
I am buying tho... hahahhhaa
I need to stack more HBD to support our new marketplace. For lite accounts that only have FIAT. I have to provide the HBD liquidity. as the marketplace only accepts HBD

Oh I'm not selling it all. Never that. I'm way too invested here long term. But I'm not doing what I did last time things got spicy....Lost pretty much almost 6 figures cause I didn't sell some Splinterlands cards when offered lol

hhahaa. Sorry to hear that. but I dumped SPL as soon as it was worth something and never looked back.
Yep it is best to take profits.
Always have a profit plan.

yeah man. i mean i ended up with an o.k. sum when i sold them all...but i should have taken the offer I was given during the last bull run. Lesson learned!

hey jongo

I hope all is well

greetings sir! yeah man, everything is lovely :)

Always keeping the pace.

I made a buy statement this week haha.

Also I am still looking for some people's le to dellegate leo to, would be interesting who you would suggest.


Man. I really missed nightly threads.
Great to be back.

From now on, a new phase has started.

Were there any issues in night?

the last few days. it has been hard to thread with the issues the InLeo team was having but with the new rebuilt back end systems. All works again.

I tried but could not capture the moon rising. My bad :P #photos on inleo #moonrise

That's a huge moon. It's cloudy here, so no moon tonight 😑

It was amazing to look at. The pic did not do the justice.

I can imagine. It looks humongous.

Soooo... what you're saying is.... it's a Bad Moon Rising 😁

ha ha not in that order though. It is Moon Rising Bad Photography

How I feel now that threads is back.

Definitely getting better. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I enjoyed the reliability of PeakD in the meantime, but I missed the community here!

They are back, better and faster.

It's very good and I hope that the instabilities each day are much less.

I think they will be. It is exciting. I missed nightly threads

I missed it too. Now let's enjoy it.

My upvotes on Hive is nowcworth nothing.

All my Hive HP is delegated.

wow. where did you delegate it?

What is the benefit of delegating your hp? Haha to know but it will be a future

To own MOAR COINS !~

About 8 bug fixes were just pushed

One major one is the issue where the reply window was bugging out and giving an error

Another major one is the notifications page throwing an error when filtering for replies

Can't reply using pop-up comment box, had to see the thread to reply. It gives an error posted in feedback.

We fixed this already in labs

Do the changes in lab also affect regular inleo website?

Replying to comments on posts are still giving errors. I tried one now and this popped up. @khaleelkazi

ETHDenver is going on right now. It is one of the largest Crypto conventions in the USA.
I am passing as I do every year even tho it is about 7 miles away.



Why do you say that? I am curious.

When AOL was around and the internet was also around.
People would say they are on the internet but they were actually just on AOL.
When you ask people if they are in Crypto or know anything about blockchain they say,
Yeah I own ETH !
and ETH devs think they are multichain when they are just a new layer 2.

Basically if you are for blockchains and multichain and are working on EVM.
You are basically on AOL while the world is building the internet.

but Simplegame the money is all in ETH. Ok. Can we talk about when AOL bought Time Warner. Largest deal ever at the time.
So i don't care what money is behind ETH it is still AOL and I would rather be on the internet buildling.

If you mean by AOL, lame and garnering all the attention, that's accurate :D

I mean by it being a dead tech stack. A closed walled garden. While the internet was being built around it.

Just finished up my work day out here at the construction site, I was talking about home prices here in CA the other day so for reference these are $400k+ & more than double the size of that $700k one 😂

That is great

so happy i'm done working today. the level of stupid i dealt with is unfathomable.

Yes you did thread with me a bit but I didnt realize it was at that level.

Have no fear, I will aim for totally moronic.

that's exactly what we need

You can count on me to take things, no matter how low, even lower.

Congrats on getting through whatever that stupidity was :-)

thanks fren

another awesome @crypt0holics episode in the books. maybe one day some lazy fuck will upload them to spotify... oh wait... that's me lol.

I'm gonna have to replay this one haha, my internet went nuts and I barely was able to finish my work haha.

Upload them to spotify so I don't have to use X as my music app xD

Movies released on February 2024, havent seen Argylle, did see Land of Bad and last night Lisa Frankestein, so far Land of Bad taking it, still want to watch Bob Marley

#moviesonleo #landofbad #bobmarley #argylle

I'm also looking forward to One Love

I have not watched not one of them

Land of bad was pretty decent

Yeah, I expect that kind of level from the movie, Rusell Crowe is not the star he was and the rest of the cast was meh but the action scenes stole the show, all the shooting, I though there were going to be more maneuvers with the drone

Many of those movies that were released are wonderful and perfect for having a great time. See the new Avatar.

Its been a very busy week with irl stuff, at least now I manage to post every day, trying to fit thread every day on the schedule, may be got to look more into mobile threading
#dailythread #dailypost

IRL stuff do take up a lot of time at times. Impressive that you're able to keep up a post day!

Btw, since you're doing all these great movie and tv series threads. Have you considered collecting them in containers? We're trying out this concept with containers to repurpose movie and tvshow-posts to increase visibility and clicks. This way they can be repurposed further in the future as well, like embedding on leoglossary pages etc. Check it out when/if you have time;
Movies Megacontainer TV Series Megacontainer Would be really cool to see your stuff included.

Yea this container idea I have been thinking about it, I have an 8-5 but from time to time get jobs out of my schedule, those are the ones that take the most out of my time

oh cool you have some already. In that case you could simply drop the links to your containers into the megacontainers, to increase the chance of people finding them – but only if you like the idea of course.

Happy Leap Day on this Leap Year! February 29th happens only once every 4 years.

There is some positive movement today #hive!

Perfect way to start the weekend here...

Such a beautiful thing.

Needs to do a lot more before I get excited about it. In particular holding that level for more than a few hours.


Posted via D.Buzz

I didn't noticed it and it's good to see the price is above 36 cents.

I have been watching movies for more than four hours, maybe is time to do something else. #mydiary

Whoa, sounds like you indulged yourself with movies :)

A lot has changed this year for me on $HIVE already. I am growing faster than I thought I would. I have focused on $LEO, $DAB and $EDS and it is paying off.

#inleo has had me more engaged than I have ever been. I give most the credit to that.

I don't know what DAB is, but I have focused on the others

DAB is similar to EDS. just run by the BRO team with the help of the EDS team.

ahhh. TBH I did BRO early on but then moved on.
Glad it is working out for you.

Nice growth. Inleo is fast, smooth and best place to engage. Things will improve more the way Inleo is making a progress.

Its finally happening, March 1st, Dune Part Two

#moviesonleo #dune #partwo #atreides

Just saw tiktok review of this movie. It is released on the other side of the earth today:)

Will be seeing it this afternoon... kinda fun in the sense that we live in Frank Herbert's hometown for many years, he wrote DUNE here, and he frequented the movie theater we'll be going to.

getting ready to drive home after work. As been 10C here for two days. Snowing heavy now.

Make sure to obey all traffic laws.

The same as you would my friend 😉

I am too much of a rebel for that.

watch the slippery road

i love this so much

Good to know you love INLEO this much

Do you think I will be posting a long form blog post today?

I do not think so :P

Don't be lazy!

I started a blog post on what I think is a good article everyone should be writing on inleo to attract potential users. It needs more time that I do not have right now. You created threads and ruined me :P

I Don't think so 😜

You were right. I did not.

The Gods Unchained application has made its debut on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store across the globe.

#newsonleo #godsunchained

Guns n Roses - Appetite For Destruction - Full Album

*link in comments

#musiconleo #playlist #album

Quality music.

Rapid Stations, High Intensity, Chaos is the Point. It was an OTF Tornado workout on Leap Year Day. WHEW!

#movetoearn #fitness

I did a crazy bicep workout today and I cannot move my arms. I am so sore. Just biding my time before I can go to sleep. LOL

Nice work man. !PIZZA !BBH

I'm never mad at bicep work. Thank You! Keep Flexin' @dkid14

@jimmy.adames! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @dkid14. (1/5)

Dune: Part Two is insanely amazing! It's so much better than I imagined it would be.

Tomorrow I'm gonna publish my review.

I love the books, they were awesome. I liked the newer Dune movie from a few years ago, hoping this one works out. It looks like it was going to!

The books are just awesome.

About the movies: I was disappointed with the first part, but this second one made up for it all.

i'm going to try to see it next week.

Watch it as soon as you can. You won't regret it.

I am going tomorrow

I hope you like it.

I'm currently reading the first book. But it's taking a HUGE amount of time. So I'm not about to go and see it in the cinema! ^^

Happy to hear that! I've always loved DUNE used to play the old saga game none stop

Do you hate pop up ads?

I hate them too!
however when I get these ads on inleo

I live them and it feels good to see more revenue coming to the inleo platform and going to the users.

Look at the positive side of things frens


Not when they are on INLEO😉 They bring us revenue so we don't hate them.

Today was another gray rainy day, and then I made a stupid mistake to read the regular news. I have no idea if it is this bad in every country, but here in the Netherlands you are brainwashed with almost only negative news. And then they wonder why mental health problems are now much more prevalent than about 20 years ago.

It is same everywhere

I can only say, "That sucks"

Sucks everywhere

All media in Canada is under one Monopoly, the CBC.
All designed to keep everyone scared, distracted and dependent on the establishment. I CUT my cable ten years ago and never looked back.

It seems pretty much the same everywhere. And 99% of the people will follow blindly.

It’s only a matter of time before Ireland and Australia add $QUNT to their national treasury.