How to get shit done you don't want to do

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Was talking to a friend of mine who has been struggling to stick with things and remain focused. Specifically, trying to post on a regular basis despite rewards and engagement.

When I got on this blockchain on July 1st, 2017 my first post didn't even make 3 cents.


In fact most of my first posts literally made $0.00.


I used to joke about anytime I posted it would go in a black hole.

The truth is, social media is hard. Most people in social media don't get anywhere regardless of how hard they try. Hive is the easiest social media I have ever seen. No where you can be so successful in such a short amount of time. A lot of authors make $10-100 on their first post here. If you have done social media long enough, you realize it probably will take you 3 years before you see $100 combined.

So why do people complain?

Typically they want more, but I think the largest factor is when they see others making way more.

There is no grand secret to social media, it's just hard work. There are a few key things though.

  • Offer value
  • Consistency
  • Network

That's really all there is to social media. While all three of these are critical to success, the first two are the most important.

Offer Value

While I have been extremely successful here on Hive, you will rarely ever see me make a post talking about me or asking for something. I almost always write in a way that I offer people who spend time reading my posts benefit from. Even during Hivefest when I launched Hive Punks, I didn't spend time trying to sell it to people, I wanted to offer something more valuable, how I did it. I always try to not waste anyone's time and respect the fact they spent time reading what I have to write. This to me is probably the only secret to social media.


You can't expect to get anywhere if you post for a few days and then leave for 3 months because the rewards are not good enough. It takes time to grow an audience and even more to keep it. You have to be consistent to keep an audience. I agree it is hard work, and I personally hate writing and I suck at it. When I got on this blockchain, I decided I would post every day. I challenged myself to do just that for a year. Up until recently, I never stopped.


When new users ask me how to get exposure here, I always tell them to network with other people who have similar interest. Find active communities that like the things you want to talk about. This is very important on Twitter, Facebook, or any other Web 2.0 social media and even here on Hive. Spend time meeting people, talk about what interest them, offer value, don't shove yourself in their face, just be human. While a lot of networking on Hive is done in Discord, I can't stress how important it is to comment on others posts so everyone can see and interact with it.

I have spent a lot of time reading, listening, and watching content on productivity and just getting shit done. No amount of it actually makes it easy, it's real work, hard work. There are no secrets to it, but there are ways to make it easier and more manageable.

I started a Workflow Series a long time ago with many tips. You can find them by going to /created/workflowseries if you want to read more about these tricks.


There is no hidden secret in any of these posts, but they may help guide you to do shit you don't want to do.

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Networking here is hard due to the catch-22 of some topics being under represented so people stick to the popular topics BUT I’ve managed to find some amazing people and that alone makes it worthwhile

The fun thing is that if you manage to find the people interested in the same topics, you can have a great time.

Or a terrible time.

When a topic is popular, it's hard to find the great people. When a topic is not popular, it's easy to find the great people.. if there are any.

Oh I know what you mean, STEM is a very under talked about topic and I run a STEM community. It is the result of being a small community as a whole. It's also why I feel like the solution to most of our problems is getting more users onboard.

Just needs to be the right users - the last thing we need is an increase in spam. This is why I don't talk about the SEO benefits of being on here! ;)

Of course, but there is no way to choose who comes here. There are tools to deal with it though.

That is true and it is a numbers game there. We simply need more people to fill in the holes that comes from having under represented topics.

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The holes that arise are topics that don't pay well. And as long as there are topics that pay well, these holes will continue to exist. Regardless of the number of participants.
But it's good that there are exceptions)..

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That's one of the many things that I think gets fixed with "more users".

I disagree. People are going to be drawn by what they like. There will be others filling in with larger amounts of people.

Many are on the traditional social media and not get paid but still doing it anyway.

Plus the overlooked topics simply need to form communities and tokenize it. There is the ability for anyone to create a token and develop tokenomics for that community.

There is more to Hive than just the base layer.

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when all else fails and they want to get eyes on their post, they can join PYPT on Thursdays at noon EST in the Dreemport discord. Yes, it's back after a hiatus.

Then there is the Dreemport project itself that will help.

I think it's a lot easier to get seen now than it was 4 or 5 years ago. Now there are projects actually looking for good contributors.

Five $0.00's in a row, what were you thinking after number 5? I had several $0.00's.., it was a great initiation ritual.

I remember those zeros 🤣 But no, they are not missed! A wonderful set of friends makes all the difference in getting eyes on posts ❤️


Great advice! And, so true. I can relate to you and to your friend who is struggling to post. On another note, i have been reflecting in relation to my new leo post and i recalled that it was you who inspired me to do my first crypto purchase with my cash back in the day. I think it was on Steem that time you suggested users buy because it was your birthday! If i recall correctly, and i am not making up a good story! Lol

Always appreciate inspiration! Thnx for another encoraging post Mark!

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Amazing how we can get influenced by others.

It is a good reminder to keep pushing ahead. We never know how we might influence/inspire another.

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Yes!!! ❤ ripple effects.

you have to be focused on content and consistency, while many remain focused on profit, this is a very serious mistake because then they will never reach quality and consistency

I try to talk about myself in a way that benefits others. It’s a fun balance.

You sure did turn things around. I saw this dude putting videos on 3speak getting 0.00 on every post, posting 4-5 times a week…realized he’s posting everywhere (YouTube etc. FOR YEARS) with no results. I told him he should try interacting a bit….no reply hah

I 100% agree that what de-motivates people here is seeing what others are earning in comparison to themselves.

Remember those grinning thumbs up Exyle Selfies? 'here's what I just BBQd' 'Here's a picture of my Dad, we're just going to the cinema' - $30 a pop back when Steem was $0.20.

Presumably if he hadn't have gambled on JS and was still around they'd now be $600 a pop.

That'd be enough to turn anyone off whose grinding in the early days.

But as you say, you have to give it time, and just either not look at those kind of rewards or just suck it up and carry on rather than 'dwelling' on other people's good fortune!

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Envy hurts the one practicing it far worse than anyone else. Take away envy and replace it with gratitude, and things look a lot brighter ❤️

So why do people complain?
Typically they want more, but I think the largest factor is when they see others making way more

Sadly, this makes me disappointed whenever I hear some of my onboarders complain Hive is stressful.

Really, why do they complain? Or its Just human nature, lol. Isn't the opportunity that Hive is giving us enough? People spend hours on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram doing silly things and gossip. Here on Hive we could actually do something valuable. !lol !PIZZA

Not only that...they would also be so much better off had they just spend time doing the same things but using Brave instead (thanks BAT).

I think people are confusing "having partial compensations for your pastime" vs. "this is a full time job".

I'd imagine they will find FB, Twitter, etc. stressful too if they could see how much the profiles they were "trolling" were making.

Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?
He just needed a little space.

@readthisplease, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @vikbuddy
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Right now the community here is small, so the "exposure" for the amount of work is less versus, say, TikTok, but as it grows so will the spotlight. Just takes time.

How much do people get paid on TikTok?

This is less than the 1%.

Not everyone is out there looking for direct revenue remember. Has anyone measured the traffic they get from Hive? I even get good traffic from instagram even though they only added clickable story links recently.

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 10.05.55 AM.png

Actually I should do a post about that at some point.

This is so ironic, they spend hours on social media but can’t give the same energy to Hive because they feel it’s stressful. 🤦‍♂️

You’ve literally just published the same message with same content that I have been sharing with the new folks I onboarded last week.

Thank you for making it a post here on Hive. I will only have to send them your link rather than me typing these key points on WhatsApp every now and then. 😒

I really need to get shit done. but that's been what I've been saying for the past year haha.
I think I'm only just starting to climb out of this weird place I'm in. Only thing I've managed to maintain is my regular content but got other things I need/want to do.

Sucks feeling so bleh.

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I am a blogger for 12 years now and know how hard it was on web 2.0 to make money with blogging, Hive is not easy either but compared to that we are living in a wonderland here.

When I started at first, it seemed difficult for me to write and I stopped posting for months. A friend was always telling me to engage and be consistent but I kept giving him excuses. A months ago I challenged myself to post at least once everyday and I am getting used to it.

This post just sounded like you were referring to me because it’s what my friend kept telling me.

Great to hear a bit of the back story man. Posting every day for one year was some acheivement and it is a quest that I have started out on, albeit my target was to post every day for one month, and I am on around day 45 now at this stage and going strong.

I agree wholeheartedly about the three pieces of advise that you lay out and it is something I am doing myself these days and it just kind of happened organically.

For anyone starting out though look at those early posts by @themarkymark - he could easily have walked away and said nah, not for me, but he didn't he persevered and has done really well - hats off to you man and thanks for the ongoing support, it really is appreciated.

Lol, those initial posts.
It tells us how much one can succeed putting his trust on this platform.
I would like to know, have you invested from outside in Hive or you just earned all of it here?

I would like to know, have you invested from outside in Hive or you just earned all of it here?


I see.
Since I didn't have any savings so I relied only on earning here and I am happy to have earned some Hive :)

Very well explained. I’m here since 2018, and only this summer, I started to see the fruits. Thank you @themarkymark for all your support. I will show this article to my friend who wants to start blogging here but doesn’t understand how things work, and how long it would take her to grow. She is about to make her first post, it’s so exciting:-)

I need to check out "How I made usd 290,000 selling books"

Please do. I think you will enjoy it.

I still have posts that don't make much and the system called me a dolphin... doesn't matter. If it's not seen, it's worthless. A quote I heard today that rings true, "You've never taught until they have learned" - Bill Walton

I have several YouTube channels and I try to never post anything unless there is something to gain from it, whether it be humor or actual edification through education.

I recently helped 2 of my daughters and my sister get an account. I told them to start reading other people's posts and comment on them with substance before posting anything themselves. I also told them to not post anything until they had earned enough to promote their posts. That's what I did when I started on Hive in February this year. I'm no big shot, but I do have a couple business degrees. Promotion will help gain attention. Consistent commenting and promotion of content will gain consistent followers, as I've seen.

You're spot on in this post and your upvotes demonstrate the value others perceive within it and in you. It's street cred and post value combined. Keep em coming 😀

It is super easy to forget that Hive is a social media platform. To be successful here, we need to follow and implement social engagement techniques. Spot on. Consistency is key.

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Great tips, and once again I got reminded this week that engagement really pays off. I've been lacking engagement for a while due to health reasons for a while, but also just not finding the energy to do so. Heck, I even had trouble publishing one piece of content each day.

Personally, I had to break a cycle of feeling stuck. Your post has some valuable tips though!

Thanks for sharing..

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Fantastic post. I agree 100 percent with everything you said.

Today was my 848th straight day posting at least one post.

And yes it has not always been easy.

But this week I for the first time went over $60 for a video post. Yes the price of Hive has something to do with that. And the one whale that seems to like my videos. @rocky1.

Anyone reading this, it takes, as @themarkymark said, time, persistence, showing up everyday.

Find something you love. Write about it.

Mine is the markets for my typed blog posts and anything and everything about being alive for my videos.

If I had to give only one piece of advice.

Show up everyday.


P.s. first time I think I commented on one of your post.

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This is so awesome, look how far you have come! Great work! I joined Steem back in July of 2017 and did not earn anything too much until this year! Last year was pretty nice as well but this year has been the best for me! I posted usually every day - sometimes 2 posts a day, unless something odd was going on and I missed a day or so. I think people, in particular, Splinterlands players on Hive have it made compared to a few years ago. Splinterlands has a few weekly contests in which they can receive upvotes and rewards! Plus, if they use 3speak often the players will receive an upvote from 3speak and me - which is then followed by a nice Splinterlands upvote! Many have really appreciated Hive and gotten into it like @drab587 and others who now love Hive and all it has to offer!

Valid points and you speak from experience, an experience I also know well. Persistence and adding value is key.

Can't believe it has been this long. I remember having you on the show when you were first starting buildawhale. Onward and upward my man!!!

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Thank you for such wise advice! I personally struggle with finding ideas to talk about rather than the disappointment of a post that didn't get hit. This doesn't help my consistency at all but I am worried BS'ing a post every day or every couple days just would make a lack in quality on my part.

A ton of good advice and great job coming off as human instead of a huge account (Like celebs on twitter, etc) I was lucky to not have a single 0-reward post but I really have to thank @bozz for that over anything else.

@themarkymark relatable post, according to me i wrote good content but the problem occur with me is inconsistency. I wrote for 3 to 4 month, even get good rewards but due to some personal issues, not able to continue my blog time then became invisible for months but this 'm make promised to myself to remain constant here forever but this 'm really struggling for rewards. with the full hope , 'm again doing hardwork to get sucess in this platform. Thankyou for your amazing post.

great post . I found out that you can't just post some thoughts. You have to be very descriptive in your posts for people to stay engaged . BTW , I currently own 4-5 of the Hive punks woohoo . Thanks for creating that .

Consistency is indeed an important factor. Its hard to understand what your network values and only consistency can help you tune your creations.
I am always amazed how posts that takes me more effort (mostly in the chess community) are gaining less rewards than the easier to write posts. I guess my audience feels when I have more fun posting.

Typically they want more, but I think the largest factor is when they see others making way more.

Yeah! but the even way largest humongous factor is when they exactly realize why the hell others are making way more. };)

That's really all there is to social media. While all three of these are critical to success, the first two are the most important.

I strongly disagree! The third is obviously the most important in social media. Your network, network, network, networking... Just ask to the big honchos why they are making way more. LoL

I strongly disagree! The third is obviously the most important in social media. Your network, network, network, networking... Just ask to the big honchos why they are making way more. LoL

Could network all you want, if you don't offer value or post regularlly, it won't mean jack.

You definitely couldn't be more wrong!

You may be a lot younger than you appear to be. };)



Well, your Gif reply doesn't exactly project confusion. Right? Hahaha

you have NOT answered on your topic "How to get shit done you don't want to do". Sorry. You have provoted yourself, but have not given any advise on "How to get shit done you don't want to do"

But you have wrotten another and not related to your title advises.

That means that all voters have not read your post ar all.

But you have wrotten another and not related to your title advises.

Can you use wrotten in a sentence.

English is not my native language. You can laughing about my mistake, if you want to...

but my mistake wouldn't erase a discrepancy between your title and text.

perhaps you didn't read it correctly as English is not your native language.


This nailed it. How come people think Hive is any different than the other traditional social media platforms. They expect instant success here while, as you pointed out, on the other platforms it is years to get even a miniscule amount of cashflow generated.

Showing how you struggled early is a great example. But what is also there is the fact you did get a few tokens coming in, something that would not happen on Youtube until you had a thousand followers and thousands of hours of views.

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I struggled and still do but it's people like you that add value for all of us. Eventually we get a nice and very motivating vote to push forward upon. I'm always curating as much as I can regardless of how I feel about the subject matter but I don't carry enough weight to move the needle for a lot of authors. Next bear market will my time to do that.

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We keep passing it one. There is a lot developing on Hive. People who remain consistent and motivated will end up benefitting.

We can usurp the traditional social media in rewards very easily. IF the number if $100 in a few years, even in HE tokens someone can amass that.

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that would be insane! I will be onboard

Showing how you struggled early is a great example. But what is also there is the fact you did get a few tokens coming in, something that would not happen on Youtube until you had a thousand followers and thousands of hours of views.

I firmly believe 80-90% of YouTubers and other social media users won't make $100 in a year, or even 2 or 3.

That's actually true. Before Joining Hive, I had spent a lot of time on various focet sites, survey sites where it literally took months to get 5$ lol. Hive is already giving wonderful opportunity to everyone especially for users of less developed or developing countries where people work more than 8 hrs and hardly earn 100$ per month. It take time build things here but that's totally worth it. 😊🙏

I agree with you.
For a guy like me who is earning less than $230 a month for a 9 to 5 job, Hive is something which provides me with a chance to earn extra income and save it.
I had worked in so many online things but never succeeded. I even lost my investments.
But getting to Hive is I think a best decision for me.

Yeah me too, also lost investment into various ponzi schemes on Internet, most of earn online schemes are just waste of time. But there is nothing like Hive. Hive Blockchain has immense potential and wonderful opportunities, one just need to be patient and consistent. Moreover Hive is a lifetime opportunity so it's better to invest yourself wholeheartedly into it. 😊

Yeah :)

Your projection might be a little low on that. I would guess that 5% of the YouTubers might make that amount.

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I tried to stay committed to blogging on hive and just ended up getting downvoted into oblivion for my views on being prochoice with the vaccine.

My rep is ruined and my curators barely reply to me anymore put of fear of also being downvoted... I have been consistent since 2016.

It is rightly said hive is one of the top 1 or 2 easiest you can find.
If I have taken this place a lot serious in the start I will be benefited from it now

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Very accurate what you say....
Especially in being consistent, posting every day or almost every day, I'm sure it can be hard work, we must balance it with our family activities or bad days, but the secret is to enjoy it.
Sometimes it makes me sleep late or watch TV but I remember that I have a commitment with hive and the people who vote for me, which I value their effort....
So, I see the positive side and I enjoy writing, posting colors, having people leave me a comment, I also enjoy commenting and meeting people... By the way, you don't write as bad as you say hahaha you should try to talk more often about what you think or what happens to you.... I like to see the human side of people.... Happy day to you 🙂⭐️


I am new here, but I feel this in my life. I am still getting a feel for how things work around here but what you posted brings true for life and not just for life on ecency, hive, etc.
Comparing ourselves to others is the thief of joy. This is true whether it be with blogging or momming. Providing things of value will be worthwhile to yourself even if others don't initially see it. I can be happy with what I post if it is of value to me. I will be glad i put it out there, and hopefully it will be of value to someone else. This reminds me of some advice i gave to my daughter the other day- be who you are and people who like the true you will find you and love you and then you can always be yourself. If you are always fake with other people, you will have to maintain that persona to keep those friends/followers, but you will never be happy because you were never YOU. Thanks for posting, I will check out your other stuff as well.

Nothing good comes easy. I think people want to make it one day one which rarely happens. Consistency, great interaction and churning quality is very important in thriving over here. I always appreciate authors who take time to come up with quality posts. It ain't easy. I don't post much as writing is not my strong point. Hope people who are not patient enough learn from your story

Thank you for the advice; as n new here at Hive, I am also looking for such tips and advice. This is my first time joining a platform like this and doing blogging. I hope to learn and explore more here. What a lovely and catchy topic.

Offering value is a very important thing here in Hive in my opinion. I really appreciate those posts that help the community and the idea of just simply giving. On the other hand, without consistency and a very strong network you can't do much thing indeed.

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So much !PIZZA

Following you right after I joined hive. Tis post is really helpful hardwork and consistency can help everyone to grow in hive and hive itself. All your points are noted and will try my best to catch up all in near future.


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I think that for some users what overwhelms them the most is to see others with more reward, and not being able to get the same when they try the hardest. My husband always tells me to take it easy hahaha consistency is the best way 😆.

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When i comes here I did not know what to do, but I found my angel who guided me.
And I stick to the plan and until today 90% of my posts are in the same line as you said, come and I got zero in my first post too but I kept sharing and practicing what I knew, doing the homesteading and until today it has worked well and paid me a lot of money for it. In fact, I can sum up that I have a truly honorable reblog that made me visible to some others here, unfortunately not everyone likes trips to the mountains very much, especially when sometimes there are only flowers, mushrooms, plants, animals, fruits and roots to edible and get the freedom financial and

but we are still here so this is a great place to stay, I am glad I was never on the blacklists that were out there, but it has been great to build here a reference library on flora and fauna native to our country, El Salvador , if that is the same one that legalized BTC for the first time in history.

unfortunately for special reasons I cannot write much about it, I prefer to stick to the plan.
by the way I need help I need you to program something to be able to give all my articles the name of my country, El Salvador to make it a reference library, for students when they look for a specific plant or the scientific name of one of them but it is hard rename them all,
Best regard.

My witness vote to you have forever been useful.

I totally agree on that part of being consistent on the platform because I register on this platform two years ago and I wasn't seeing the expected results I wanted so I became an on and off user but coming back to the platform two months back had really made changes because I became a regular active hiver posting every day on the platform and I will tell you I have really see changes unlike how I used to be then. I would say consistency matters a lot and also hardwork.

I haven't been for long on this platform but I have experienced that when I'm active on the platform, commenting, voting and reblogging I get rewarded more than when I'm posting an article so that's why I've been posting less and commenting sharing and liking more.
Maybe it's because my account's still young. Now even though I'll earn nothing I'd still post.
Since it's hard to network here how can I find the right people to network with, because sometimes I feel like I'm hitting a wall?

nicely put , I find myself struggling with the same issues regards posting . I am so impressed by the amount of dedication and work put into Hive development, I feel duty bound to break through the wall and pick up on my posting.

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Thank you so much for the tips! I've been on hive not long at all, and it sometimes seems I'm either not putting effort or it's misdirected.
I get to learn from posts like this.

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