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Weekends are a favourite part of the week for me so it seemed appropriate to create a community focused on what I call the weekend, Saturday and Sunday - THE WEEKEND community is simple in design, like its creator [me] and a place for all weekend-oriented content. Any topic is welcome, as long as it is weekend-focused.

Posting here can be done on any day of the week of course, as long as the content is about the weekend; Either a weekend from the past, the upcoming weekend or one in the future. It doesn't matter what the content is, just as long as it revolves around a weekend.

A few posting tips

  • Content must revolve around your weekend: What you did, what you're going to do or what you would like to do. Any subject is welcome provided it happened, or is going to happen on the weekend with reference made to the weekend.

  • Show personality, passion and effort: This is my posting standard in any community to be honest and I think should be a minimum guideline to aim for. Every post you do is a showcase of what you can do and who you are and people will be attracted to posts that show effort and personality - Attraction-based marketing y'all.

  • Add interesting and in-focus images: Human beings think in pictures not words and as users scroll the feeds will they'll be attracted to good and interesting images. You don't need to be a photographer but using blurry, dim photos won't help catch people's eye. Think about the image you use as the main and reconsider using poor photographs in your post. Also, there's no need to load fifty images of the same thing.

  • Write interesting text: Your first paragraph should capture and interest the reader so make it the best you can write. Set up the rest of the post, offer a hint as to what the reader may expect to see as they work through the post. Think beginning, middle and conclusion when crafting the text and don't jump around too much - Write it so that the reader can easily follow the flow of it. Use paragraphs and punctuation to the best of your ability also - None of us are professional writers but make a little effort.

  • Text length matters: Posts of under 250 words won't get curated by me for additional votes from curation projects like OCD and CURANGEL. You don't need to write massive posts but short-content posting will be treated accordingly as far as votes go. Give readers a little more to work with, you might be surprised how well that goes.

  • Own language posting: If you would like to post in your own language that's fine but it can help the reader to provide a translation into English. Personally I do not read or write in anything but English so cannot curate posts that don't provide an English translation - It's not a rule of course, just a suggestion, it's your choice what you do.

  • Respond to comments: When people leave comments on your posts it's usually because they liked what they read and would like to engage with you a little. Ignoring that comment is a good way to ensure they ignore you in the future so make sure you respond. Your replies should be interesting, polite and respectful. A simple thank you is ok, but doesn't help to open up relationships so try adding a little more substance.

Community guidelines

  • Content must be original, not recycled and not plagiarised - Post your own work, text and images, and quote the source of anything that is not your own. This goes for posting anywhere on hive of course. Plagiarism will be addressed.

  • Do not self-cross-post. This looks desperate and I don't like it. If you want to do it do so elsewhere as I'll address it here in this community of my creation.

  • Expect to get muted if content is not community-oriented. Getting upset about it won't much affect me either. Keeping content community-related will avoid a possible mute.

  • Becoming a community-member is done by posting regularly and I'll possibly make up a name for you also. You can select your own community-name by contacting me and asking if you like.

  • No spam-posting please folks, it'll get muted and down voted and will probably earn users doing it a rather poor reputation right across hive.

  • Naturally I'll not tolerate abuse if I see it - Have an opinion of course but don't be abusive to others, that's what Twitter and Facebook are for. That sort of behaviour isn't welcome on hive and neither will I accept it in THE WEEKEND community.

  • I humbly asked that people don't preach religion in the community - You are entitled to your beliefs and to post about it if it's weekend-related but preaching is not appropriate here. I feel confident you'll be respectful of this guideline.

I've tried to keep the guidelines to a minimum as I don't want people to get too bogged down with a large set of rules. The topic and subjects welcomed are endless, provided they are weekend-related of course. It's designed to be a fun place for people to showcase their weekend activities, travels, events or thoughts so feel free to do so.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Discord: galenkp#9209

Image is mine taken at Gardens at the Bay, Singapore.


For the last year, everyday has been same for me.

Wake up. Do some shit on computer. Sleep.

Sometimes, I even forget what day of the week it is.

As it's your community, I am sure it will be fun. So, I have subsribed to it.

Will read a few posts to see what type of content goes in there(might feel sad about my boring life later😓)

After that, I will try to be creative and post some relevant content there😃

It'll be good to see you in the community if you decide it's worthy of your time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😀

Great post to show us the path may be towards success for our posts, I am sure few tips will help for over all posts like length of the posts and content. Thank you @galenkp you are doing a wonderful.
By the way, you have mentioned about community name how can I get it?

I did indeed mention community names, well spotted as you scanned my text.

As you would also have seen, I mentioned that a person needs to be seen to be posting in the community regularly before one can earn member status and when they attain that much-desired accolade then they will qualify to earn a community name given by me or, as per the text above, they have a chance to select their own also - A new invention I came up with today.

Maybe you missed this in the text above that I wrote the first time. No worries though, I took the time out of my day to write it out once again, just for you.

Actual I read all but didn't understand because I thought I am member of the community, there was the confusion that's why I asked. Thank you once again 😊

That's ok, you'll have to excuse my sarcasm; You see, I was born in Australia and am quintessentially Australian so sarcasm comes with that. I can't help it. 😎

See below where it says member next to krazzytrukker's user name His community name is road warrior - That member status gets done by me. Once one is a member then a name can be allocated. You are a subscriber at this stage. Once you've put a few regular posts into the community you'll be made a member, I can assure you of that. The name will follow.


I got it totally now thank you for help once again.

No worries, I'm hear to help, like my last comment a few second ago. I'm a reward for effort guy meaning I don't respect those who expect rewards for something they haven't done or put effort into - This is in real life and on the blockchain. I'm here to help those who want to be helped and do the right thing. Of course, many do not, and they're on their own...Or get attracted to the wrong behaviours. It's a choice. Seemingly you're making the choice to take the high road and do the right thing.

Indeed your efforts can not be forgotten, as long as I am on HIVE block chain I will remember the name GalenKP.

I appreciate that. I'm no one special though, just an Australian knucklehead being himself. A knucklehead. 😜

From this weekend I am going to start my Weekend journey of posts hope this will earn me some reputation in the community 😁.
Posts will be about how I spent my weekend days. This will help me not only my engagement in the community but also it will motivate me to do something interesting and new on weekends.
Is it a good idea? @galenkp your advices always help me to understand things better.

hope this will earn me some reputation in the community

It will...Post weekend stuff though, any topic, but weekend-focused.

will motivate me to do something interesting and new on weekends.

This is a good idea. When I started posting on the blockchain I began heading out a little more, looking for interesting photos or things to write about and so I ended up doing more things, being more active. I mean, I was anyway, but it gave me more reason to immerse myself in different things. Good motivation.

Keep in mind it doesn't have to be something you have done, it could be something you want to do: A weekend trip or some sort of weekend activity with your friends or family, your girlfriend. You know? Just have fun with it, get creative.

Also, get engaged. You know I delegated HP to you right? I checked your commenting today as it turns out and was pleased to see you're still doing so. Make sure you outbound-comment though, meaning comment on other people's posts. Say hello, ask questions, tell them what their post meant to you, what you liked about it. That will help the relate to you, draw them to your own posts, and put you on the radar. It takes time and effort, but nothing worth doing is ever easy right? (Sometimes it actually is, that's when that thing is something that becomes enjoyable.)

Avoid one or two word comments like thank you etc. They are relevant of course, but don't leave you much opportunity to open relationships. Your initial comment on someone's post should be engaging, interesting, and open for them to reply. Some will, some will not - But keep doing it either way.

I hope this helps.

Yes I shall keep in mind the topic. And yes I will look for new things and activities to do hope these will motivate me.
Yes I am trying my best to keep engage myself in different types of posts and get engage with new people, I do remember what you have done for me so far and I am thankful for that till I am using HIVE.
Yes I read your view on not replying with Thank you only. I shall do it from now 😊.
Thank you once again

That's a lot of yesses!

I think you've got it. 😀

oopppss these yesses 😅 but the point is that I understood all..... I wanted to say 😊

There's only one thing to say in reply.



I have to try it . Very good guides. Good work

Thank you, I appreciate your comment and maybe will set you around if indeed you do try it.

This guide is very clear so that everyone understands what it is about. I love weekends and this community 😍.

I was aiming for clarity so it seems I hit my mark.

You're a regular at THE WEEKEND community and always post something interesting and community-content specific. I'm grateful to have you around. 🙂

Aww thanks Galenkp, I like to share a bit of my weekend here ❤️.

It is appreciated.

 2 months ago  

Excellent guide, it is simple information and that perhaps everyone should already know, but it is likely that some users are condusse 😉

...simple information and that perhaps everyone should already know

Yes I agree, but most do not. I'm hoping some people who need to see this post actually do as it will help them with their general posting I think. It's just my opinion of course, but as tomorrow marks the beginning of my fifth year on the blockchain I figure I'm entitled to it - In respect of the community, well it's mine and so the guidelines are relevant.


Si, sono d'accordo.


 2 months ago  

Ahahhaha bad T9 😁 confused not condusse

Lol...Figured that.

I may surprise you and do a weekend post one of theses weekends. I do sometimes run across other peoples weekend post, and I have been trying to post more often, maybe just to get that secret weekend moniker. I just am not consistent enough, I like to share of course, it is just I run out of time with all the reading of content. Which makes my morning pass pretty quick sometimes, and my before bed come to soon.

I think you did a bang up job on the do's and don'ts. Simple rules and it makes it a lot easier for content searchers to find weekend content.

I may surprise you and do a weekend post one of theses weekends

I do not have a weak heart but some warning would be welcomed! 😂

maybe just to get that secret weekend moniker

Yours will be difficult to come up with - I'm always mindful of not offending people hence the make up your own name thing introduced today.

Thanks for your nice comments on the guidelines I wrote, I took some time to think them through and wanted to make them generic so that they are relevant to all communities. I see so many posts I want to hit up with a 100% upvote and more importantly promote to my network for their upvotes...If only they wrote some more words, expended out a little, on their post rather than throw a picture up with little else. I'm not the man who rewards lack of effort - Here or in real life.

You'll post in THE WEEKEND community when you can and I understand the time constraints - We can all only do what we can and when. It'll be a nice surprise to have you post in the community.

It summer now, but that means crowds, but we do still go out on photo excursions and road explores in the summer. Roads less traveled can be very rewarding photo excursions too. last year we found a nice little pingo pond for dramatic sky pictures reflections.

The community content guidelines are pretty loose so find a picture of a river and write 250 words about how you don't like crowds on the weekend and you're gtg. 😆

I don't like them either. Crowds. People generally. Lol.

Hi mister @galenkp, I'm from Indonesia, more precisely in Aceh 👋

I really involve myself for this very useful community, I have read the rules in this post, for me it is quite interesting to share my weekends here, moreover being a professional Photographer to display beautiful pictures on weekends.

It would be so nice to have you in the community and I'm sure you'll bring us some good stories and images from Indonesia. We're neighbours you know, I'm in Australia. :)

Thanks for reading the guidelines - I look forward to seeing some posts.

Yes, of course mister, we are closer neighbors hehehe, and I also have a desire to vacation in Australia after this pandemic ends, thank you for the warm welcome. !

I'll possibly make up a name for you also.

😨 If you can't handle the name, don't post in the weekend! Most of my weekends consist of house cleaning and baths, so I'm not sure I want to know what kind of name you'd conjure for me. 😉

Lol...Get some posts in there and you'll find out what's in store for you. Something respectful of course...But I'm an Aussie and so it could be irreverentish. Not a word I know, but you get the drift. Lol.

I added in the decide your own name thing today as I figured I'd let people have some input but you've lived in Australia long enough that a nickname only works when someone else gives it. Making up your own is bad juju.

So, let's see...A couple posts should be enough to get your member status and then it's name time!

It's the same in Britain, it's not a nickname if you choose it yourself, it's just cringy. A nickname needs to be earnt and if I'm entirely honest I've never earnt one. Mind you, I don't think girls give them out unless it's behind one another's backs, so it's probably not a bad thing. 🤔's just cringy.

Perfectly described.

Haha, yeah you're probably best not having one as girls make up some terrible things, usually uttered only behind ones back. Best not to know. At least blokes are more direct. I love those nicknames that are the complete opposite of what the person actually is. I've made up a few of those over the years. Gold!

Oh, yes, I like them too. They seem to be an Australian speciality, like "blue" for redheads. I'd never heard that before I came here. Although I rather like Ranga too. 😁

Ranga is a good one! I have a mate we call Fat Jesus. He's thin. The Jesus part is not for the blockchain though so I can't elaborate. 😁

 2 months ago  

This was due I guess, but they are fair rules and suggestions. Great job on this G-dog! By the way, love the hat in the profile picture. Greeting from this side of the world!

Hey mate, thanks for commenting.

Yeah, I should have done a posting guide a while ago but it's done now and I hope it helps people post better here and in other communities also.

The hat? Well, I'm a country boy at heart my bro, so if the hat fits...Wear it. 😁

 2 months ago  

It looks like a reminder to everyone that this community is not just throw post and go. Good thing to have this guidelines.

Ha, ha, ha. I need a straw hat since I'm a coast boy. Might get one or make one for that matter. 😄

People can post as they please wherever they like I guess but if they're looking to build their brand some effort is required. The guidelines post hopefully provides a framework for people to work off and possibly state to create better value for themselves as simply writing rubbish and tagging a bunch of users to fish for votes will not do so. I know you get it.

Make the straw hat man, it'll suit you! ✅

 2 months ago  

Well, it certainly help to have some help when trying to grow a blog around here.

Make the straw hat man, it'll suit you! ✅

I'll do as soon as I learn how to.


Don't make this one. Just saying.

 2 months ago  

My, my... that requires a lot of skill. 🤣


Fair enough, I have been wanting to post here , I'll do that soon enough. I don't like twitter or Fb , I'll takes this ;D

I'll look out for your posts and yeah, I'm not on Facebook or Twitter. Can't stand them. 😉

Nice initiative. Very reasonable, and clear guidelines. 😊

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond, I appreciate it.

You are welcome!

Thank you very much for these guidelines are very important to publish valuable content for this community, greetings.

Hi there. I'm glad you had a read of this post and hope there were some aspects of it that may come in handy for you.

Thanks for your comment.

 2 months ago  

Thanks this has been a good overview. I'm really enjoying this community. It's active and shows a lot of different ways of spending the weekend. A good place to get some inspiration when at a loss for what to do next weekend!

Thanks @plint, I'm glad you enjoy the community and liked my guidelines post which I did to help people along a little and to give me more to curate. I hope to see you around some more. 😀

 last month  

Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful community. I have just published my first in this community and hope to do it every weekend. Thanks a lot for providing this oppornuty.

Already seen it, commented and voted.

Thank you. I believe it worth been here. I am very much impressed to be here.

Thank you and I'll look forward to seeing you around.