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There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless.

- Niccolo Machiavelli -


Happy Friday, I hope you all have a great weekend ahead. Here's a few suggestions for something to write about over the weekend, see below for the options and write your post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES Community and follow the guidelines below.


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☑️ Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag so I can find your entry
☑️ Post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community (no cross-posting)
☑️ Use photos you took where possible (it shows character and personality)
☑️ Follow all the community rules - Post in ENGLISH only (not multi-language)
☑️ Entries close at 06:30 UTC Monday 19 December (Link to UTC converter)


Don't write lengthy summaries of my questions to use up the word count - just write your post in answer to the question you choose to respond to.

🔰 🔰 🔰

Weekend animal

If you could buy and keep any animal what would it be and why? The animal can be any that has ever existed on Earth, or any other planets you've been to. Answer in at least 300 words.

Weekend zombie apocalypse

If there was a zombie apocalypse today and the world went to shit would you rather be turned into a zombie early or fight to remain a human? Explain your answer and respond in at least 300 words.

Ghostly weekend

Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal? If so why and have you had any personal experiences. If you don't believe in it, then why not? Respond in at least 300 words.

Weekend explanations - Rules

Explain why you don't think you need to follow the rules set down in a Hive community and feel entitled to denigrate, and become aggressive with, the owner or admins of communities when they address your failure to follow those rules. Answer in at least 300 words.

Crystal ball weekend

If you had a crystal ball that could lie or tell the truth, played out live on world-wide media, about your life, past, present or future, what would you like to know or for it to say, and would you want it to reveal the truth or lies? Answer in at least 300 words.

The selfish and entitled weekend

Tell us about how selfish and entitled you are and why. Answer in at least 300 words words. Use the title, I'm selfish and entitled, for the post.

🔰 🔰 🔰

Curation may happen, but only on quality original content that meets the concept guidelines above, and the community rules. This is a chance to showcase yourself to the community and to find and build new relationships.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Any image(s) in this post are my own and are not for your use

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Weekend explanations - Rules
The selfish and entitled weekend

Wahahahha, this made me splutter with laughter mate. I hope someone actually enters those ones

I was literally called that this weekend for arguing with someone online about NOT dropping the speed limit on one of our country roads from 100 to 80 (it's a straight road that's never had an accident, wtf). I feel like it's a cool badge that facebook should give me now - 'I'm Selfish and Entitled' - cool huh!

Haha, that would be a cool badge in that respect! Some people like to throw out the insults if you don't agree with them instead of discussing. Wankers!

It really is low - like the ones who pick out spelling errors (obviously not in my posts 😂😜). One guy last week attacked someone saying he was sick of kombucha drinking twats. I mean, why misalign kombucha?

Thats when they get desperate when they bring up peoples tastes in drinking!

That was the plan...Let's see if there's a post forthcoming.

I doubt there will be but it would be entertaining!!

I have been found wanting in my lack of faith!!

Let the beatings commence!

Explain why you don't think you need to follow the rules set down in a Hive community and feel entitled to denigrate, and become aggressive with, the owner or admins of communities

Maybe because they don't know how to respect others? Personally if I'm not interested in, or don't produce content acceptable for a certain community, I just don't put a post there 😂. Nobody has forced me to yet 🤣! This should be an interesting weekend :)

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Lack of respect is one reason. Selfishness, entitlement, stupidity, arrogance, carelessness, hubris...there's a long list. Is it ever acceptable? Nope.

Shit poo bum!!! I missed this one and you put zombies in just for me! With a three hour countdown I'm not sure I can do it!

Two hours and thirty now. Lol

It's ok, I know people are busy. I have a Christmas edition coming up for this week, and a new year edition the following. I don't expect many entries as people will probably be busy. It's all good though.

Third topic is really interesting and something to share about from my personal experince.... hope to make it count.

I'm actually hoping for a few really interesting posts from the third topic. Time will tell, but I think there could be some good ones.

Hope to put in good words....I am on it...👍

I'm sure you'll do great.

Woaooah more topics to write on. I will be making my original entry soon

No hurry, there's 72 hours to get your post in.

Have a good weekend.

Ok Sir, have a good weekend too


Some of these topics are intense. There's an absolutely wide space for people to explain why they are a knucklehead.

I'm looking to be in a zombie apocalypse anyway.
Happy weekend, sir.

Let's see if anyone answers those ones huh?

I hope you have a great weekend! I'm going to my end of year dinner tonight, for work. It should be good. The rest of the weekend is usual stuff, shooting, writing, relaxing and all.

I'll see you round mate.

I am very curious to see the responses we will get. I'll be on the look-out.

End of year dinner for work sounds like you'd need some tuxedo on and your fancy shoes too. Are you the tuxedo kind of person?

This weekend is going to be a little different; more like how it has always been, but on a different level. There's a Christman concert that we have been preparing for weeks for. I'll be doing a lot of guitar playing and rehearsals. That's mostly what I do every weekend.

Nonetheless, you'll see me around. Have a great dinner, sir!

End of year dinner for work sounds like you'd need some tuxedo on and your fancy shoes too. Are you the tuxedo kind of person?

It's not that formal, but some effort will need to be put in though, I like to be well presented. I used to wear a suit and tie for work every day for years, not any more though. Transport, trucking and logistics doesn't require it. I know how to dress up and in the 20 years I was a commercial real estate agent went to enough functions to warrant having my own tuxedo.

It sounds like you have a musical weekend planned. Sounds good. I'm doing a post about my own musical background on Sunday.

Woahh, 20 years of wearing a suit? That's quite a number. I can also imagine that it real estate agency requires it. I think what we have in these days does not require people to leave their homes, let alone wear suits, to do real estate agency.

I just had a conversation with a fried a few days ago on how she has been doing real estate agency without actually meeting the customers. Or am I getting something twisted?

Oh, really? Now that I think about you and music, and am super curious to know about it. Did you play an instrument, did you sing (that'll be so cool), or where you just madly in love with a band? I guess I have to wait till this Sunday.

Woahh, 20 years of wearing a suit? That's quite a number.

Yeah, I'm ancient, so 20 years doesn't seem that long to me. 😁

I just had a conversation with a fried a few days ago on how she has been doing real estate agency without actually meeting the customers. Or am I getting something twisted?

Hmm, ok...that's not how I did it, but maybe it's different there.

Did you play an instrument

All will be revealed on Sunday.

20 years is a big chunk of my lifetime..😂

All will be revealed on Sunday.

Sunday it is!

I hope you enjoyed the party :)

It was pretty good actually, we have some of the best seafood in the world here in Australia and this particular place is renowned for their food. I probably ate too much. Lol.

Hey, at Christmas it's better to eat too much than not enough 😂 I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I love the theme of this weekend dear friend @galenkp has my entry

Thanks mate, I appreciate you saying so. I hope you have a good weekend ahead.


Yeah, this will be a great weekend. Hello @galenkp

It's great that this weekend will be great because great weekends are...great! 😁

Have a good great weekend.

Also this week as always beautiful ideas, as soon as I finished the letter I had already decided which one to use ... second and guess which one I chose too heh heh!

I threw in a couple trick ones...let's see if anyone takes the bait.

I just got back from my end of year work dinner, a really top-notch seafood restaurant. It's after midnight and I'm tired but, satisfied. It was a good night.

I hope you Friday is going well and you're feeling a little better.

Eh heh I'm still full of pain, but it was predictable, however I'm not complaining. I hope dinner went well ... I love fish! Anyway as they say... let the weekend begin!

Bloody covid 19 huh? You'll be on the mend soon enough though.

Well yes come on, a few days of patience and I'll be back at full speed💪 However, apart from a bit of physical suffering, cough, fever and pain, I must say that I have been able to use these days to dedicate myself to my projects... of course, all from bed, but thanks to the power of technology I was able to work comfortably 🤟🤟🤟

Turning a negative into a positive is a good skill.

Eh eh yes, I don't always succeed but I'm trying to root this habit in me to make it one of my strengths 😉

Greetings to all, many thanks @galenkp for stimulating thoughts. Happy weekend.

You're welcome and I hope you have a really nice weekend.

Thank you very much @galenkp 👋😀

That last topic sounds totally legit! 🤣

Lol...Let's see if someone thinks it's worth a post.

A door directly to one's ego! That's a dangerous questions! It might get ignored, but the other things are really interesting. ✨

It'll be interesting to see what is written should someone choose that topic.

😂this is great, looking forward to dropping my zombie entry.

Good plan.

I'm selfish and entitled...

Wow pretty much covers many in the world today, could be interesting placing oneself into their shoes for a weekend.

I wonder if someone will answer it.

Waiting game to see responses, waiting game here as to whether or not we have electricity.

That must suck! The waiting for power thing.

Wow great themes, you have a great weekend.

I hope you have a great weekend too! 😁

owww nice topics, I probably will submit an entry if not too hung over 🤔

Ok, let's see how you go huh?

Coming home at 5am on Sunday, I couldn't do more than publish a draft; guess I will just lurk around and read other people's entries. 😹😹😹

This would be an awesome weekend for the participants hehe ... I am certain of many expectations in participation but that number two ...the imaginations is gross eww 😂

I'm imagining the imaginations and I think it'll be imaginative.

Hehe cool 😎

It's a beautiful weekend again and I am happy to be participating again.

All weekends are good right?

Yeah, as long as I still have my head intact they are good. No matter what the weekend looks like, things get better.

Each Friday I wonder how you come up with your topics 😂. I understand that you have been doing this for a long time so maybe the ideas keep on coming as each week passes by.

Anyways I think these are interesting topics you’ve got there and I might just sneak in the one about ghosts. Maybe not about ghosts but something similar to a ghost.

But hey is there any real definition for ghosts; I might just be right. 😃😂

Ghosts or supernatural...I guess the options are many. It's about real stories, bot fiction so if someone has had an experience then whatever their experience was is their definition.

Each Friday I wonder how you come up with your topics

They come from my head.

They come from my head.

That’s really great.

Some of these topics are not for the faint hearted o😂… 🙌🙌 @galenkp
See me weighing them in my head already 🥹.

Have a wonderful weekend Fam❤️

I like to mix it up, let's see if someone tackles the harder ones.

Happy weekend.

Me too.. I'm looking forward to the entries

Another impressive weekend with golden topics, let's create original content

Yep, original content is required.

Have a nice weekend.

And original content is loading. Enjoy your weekend ☺️☺️☺️

Some interesting topics.... Will be fun to read and write on this!

Fun is good.

Wow this weekend engagement challenge looks so interesting. I'm so much interested on topic no 1. I will be dropping my entry very soon.

Excellent plan.

Hello, it is a pleasure to read the comments, I can imagine how it will be to read the publications, very entertaining and some of them will make us reflect, here I present my post, greetings to all and happy weekend.


Hi there, I hope you have a great weekend.

It's not fair, they are very good topics, I want to do them all, 😂😂😂, I'll think about which one to choose to participate 😊

Thank you, I like the topics this week, there's a lot of scope for some great posts.

WoW a series of rather curious topics 🙃.

I'll stick with the first approach about the animal I'd like to buy, I find this topic nice.

Thanks for suggesting to write during the weekend. That's great ☺️☺️

You're welcome, I hope you have a good weekend.

Greetings, happy weekend.

What curious questions, I am going to have a lot of fun reading your posts, although I am very busy I hope to read a few.

And my selection was easy but I don't know how to explain something creepy. 😂

I hope you have a good weekend, and find some time to relax.

I am new on hive and start my journey on hive and also participate in your contest. Some days ago i am going to the market and buy cat and share my story in your contest.

Ok, just follow the guidelines and you'll be fine.

oh oh, the truth is that sometimes I act selfishly, but I'm not a bad person just selfish hahaha

There's many selfish people in the world.

The wisdom and knowledge never ceases, it keeps coming
@galenkp is an epitome of wisdom, I do not mean to exaggerate, the mind-blowing topics are worth the time and energy
My entry loading soon

Thanks for your comments. I'm not that wise though, but I appreciate the sentiment.

You're most welcome, wishing us more wisdom

You are an intelligent creature @galenkp. Your wisdom is close to that of Solomon. You have reset my mindset about hive in different ways. Each weekend when I read the weekend suggestions. My love for #hive doubles. This week contest is fantastic and I hope to read more entry from ll my friends. Am sure @riverflows and @funshee will not miss it.

He always knows how to activate our brain cells through his thoughtful and engaging weekly prompt.

Thanks for this tag, let see if I can join this weekend.

Interesting 🤔.

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I really enjoyed writing for this community, it's my first time, it was exciting. https://peakd.com/hive-168869/@aly.squid/week-132-a-ghostly-walk

It feels like I have something to write about the zombie thing. Nice concepts for this week, sir @galenkp 🤗💖

or any other planets you've been to

I wish we can go to other planets 🤣

I feel like there's a root of that "rules" topic and I guess I read that issue haha.

I'm glad someone picked that up about the planets. Just me being a nutbag. And yes, there's a reason behind those two non-conventional topics.

Not sure if I can write though.. Too busy recently.

The last one got me. It is very easy for people to write about their good side. Now, it's time for us to know their other side.

Great topic I must say. Thanks @galenkp for engaging us every weekends with interesting topics to choose from. Happy weekend amazing friends.

Happy weekend.

Happy weekend friends, here is my participation:



Greetings, everyone
I was about to quit trying to post this weekend (20 mins writing the post and 4 hours fighting crappy internet to post).
Ironically, thanks to my crappy internet I did not post in the wrong community (it is so slow, I was able to notice that detail and disconnect the computer). I was seeing myself writing another post on "Weekend Explanations--Rules". Truth is rules can be unintentionally broken.
Have a great rest-of-the-weekend everyone


I,m selfish and titled. An interesting topic for the week.
My link is here @galenkp.


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