1,000.00 HIVE art/music/writing contest, "Cyber Pirates versus Werewolf Ninjas"

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Every post gets a 100% upvote!!

Post your art/music/writing sample on your own blog and use the #LOGICZOMBIE tag to enter the contest (video entries also welcome).


Please also post a link to your contest entry here as well.

Bonus points for using the logiczombie logo - image.png - and or

Prize money will be distributed to the top 10 art/music/writing entries.

The theme will be "Cyber Pirates versus Werewolf Ninjas".

There's some sort of conflict between the Cyber Pirates and the Werewolf Ninjas and at the mid-point, they encounter a LogicZombie and both sides believe it's some sort of enemy agent working for the other side. Perhaps a little "Yojimbo". However, a LogicZombie is not necessarily a central character, perhaps only appearing in one, maybe two scenes (like Archibald Tuttle in Terry Gilliam's "Brazil") I'm thinking each of the characters could be based on the MTBI personalities, with a LogicZombie being INTP of course, and the Cyber Pirates tending toward the "Sentinels" types and the Werewolf Ninjas tending towards the "Explorers" types - LINK FOR REFERENCE

The writing could be a key scene or character introduction or a short-story or something like a television pilot if you're feeling inspired.

Music could perhaps be modeled after a television show introduction or a "Mack the Knife" style character theme. Here's a good example of a musical summary (with sketches),

Artwork could be any character sketches or landscapes or vehicles (space ships) or weapons or buildings (interiors or exteriors).

I have an idea that each of the characters is motivated by PRIMARY AXIOMS that could be given some other name in the story (perhaps PAX). These PRIMARY AXIOMS could be like logic chips in the brains of the Cyber Pirates and perhaps like some sort of symbiotic organism or magical stones in the bellies (or embedded into the backs) of the Werewolf Ninjas. Perhaps different types of PAX attach and grow primarily into/onto different parts of the body, some taking root in the heart or belly or back, some taking root in the head. Only the LogicZombie(s) knows these things exist and indirectly teach (sometimes by asking questions) both sides to identify their own PRIMARY AXIOMS (sometimes through battle). The PAX (or whatever you want to call them) could be loosely based on the medieval humors hypothesis, with black, blue, red, and yellow types (I'm not ruling out more colors or color combinations), each taking root and spreading (spores) from person to person through certain symbols, colors, sounds, words, and ideas (like memes).

image.png IMAGE SOURCE

For example, if a character favors red clothing or red emblems they might favor short term goals and focus on individual demonstrations of aggression. Blue might indicate a more strategic, longer-term mindset and a focus on team cooperation. Here are some ideas for Yellow and Black.

I've imagined a scene where a regional warlord encounters a LogicZombie wandering through their territory and the warlord tries to intimidate the LogicZombie with different logical fallacies, like an appeal to popularity (I'm known throughout the nine kingdoms) or an appeal to terror (I've vanquished 10,000 warriors in single combat). But the LogicZombie doesn't hear very well, and actually doesn't see very well either, so brandishing impressive weapons and barking threats don't have much effect.


Try not to let my ideas influence you too much, I'm just trying to present some broad guidelines, feel free to "go off script" if you're so inclined.

Some character name ideas, Lucinda, Jubei, Jack, Nagisa, Korzybski, Kadranoloc.

Right, and all submissions should be Creative Commons Zero with no attribution required in order to allow a community of unaffiliated artists/musicians/and writers to freely build on these characters and ideas, kind of like how nobody can "own" ancient myths or fairy tales.

The contest will run for 30 days, and may be extended if fewer than 10 entries are submitted.

Feel free to reply to this post with any questions or suggestions.



I watch this once a day - Click to watch 3 minutes,

Perhaps anarchy already exists and "THE COMMUNITY" is merely the highest manifestation of organized crime. – special thanks to @thoughts-in-time

Essential HIVE links,


Copyright notice: Feel free to copy and paste any LOGICZOMBIE original content (posts and or comments and or replies and logiczombie logo, excluding quoted 3rd party content of course) according to copyleft principles (creative commons zero). In fact, I would prefer that you don't give me "credit" and simply post any choice quotes as your own (to mitigate the genetic fallacy). Sort of a "Creative Commons (-1)".



Your scathing critique is requested.







Thanks for the mention.

Partial, incomplete and purely conceptual entries are accepted.

There are currently 6 entries and I will begin payouts when 10 entries are received.

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Hey @logiczombie, when is the last date for submission?

September 21st is a "soft" deadline. I'd like to get at least 10 entries if possible.

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Partial, incomplete and purely conceptual entries are accepted.

There are currently 6 entries and I will begin payouts when 10 entries are received.

great, can we post two entries like the last one ?

Yes, and any combination of text and pictures and or music will count as multiple entries as well.

Partial, incomplete and purely conceptual entries are accepted.

There are currently 6 entries and I will begin payouts when 10 entries are received.

Nice follow up.
I am more inclined to write with the PAX which are extremes of human motivations - Eg: Breeder Cy-Pirates are "modified" to care,

Sounds great! Certainly feel free to "go off script" as much as you like.

Here's an interesting analysis of "human motivations" (PAX) - M.I.C.E. VERSUS R.A.S.C.A.L.S.

we briefly explained M.I.C.E., a Cold War-era mnemonic representing the behavioral controls Money, Ideology, Compromise or Coercion, and Ego used in human intelligence.

In fact though, M.I.C.E. is inadequate to explain the nuances of behavioral controls an intelligence case officer may use to recruit and control a spy or agent of influence. It is similarly too crude to explain how to create, control, and manipulate corrupt public officials.

Hi, this is Marianne. I crossposted this post to the Freewrite Community and will include a link in tomorrow's prompt.
Wishing you great success and many entries!


Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Partial, incomplete and purely conceptual entries are accepted.

There are currently 6 entries and I will begin payouts when 10 entries are received.

i think im gonna have to reread this about 3 times before even attempting to come up with something!⚓🐕

I'm looking forward to seeing (or hearing) your contributions!

I've also left a few ideas in the comments that you might find interesting.

Partial, incomplete and purely conceptual entries are accepted.

There are currently 6 entries and I will begin payouts when 10 entries are received.

i have been working on mine!it should be done tomorrow night for the deadline!


yeah i have a story/audio piece thing...it should be cool, im wrapping it up tonight after work! thanks for the inspiration😱👻☠💀👾


You appear to be leading the pack at the moment.

really? Wow thanks, I'm writing my new entry.


Can you help me?

Yes. Let me know what specific question(s) you might have and I will assist.

If you're looking for ideas, just think of your favorite story.

It could be from a book, or a movie or even a song.

Change the names of the characters, and then make one side Cyber Pirates and the other side Werewolf Ninjas.

Partial, incomplete and purely conceptual entries are accepted.

There are currently 6 entries and I will begin payouts when 10 entries are received.

Did you know I submitted an entry?

Wanted to thank you for the tip. Appreciate it.

Do you have any thoughts on this "contest"?

Just a general thought that it will stir interest for some in channeling/focusing on a specific creative endeavor. That while thoughtful, it is of greater benefit to the large accounts as it helps spike interest in their investment as it continues to aid in holding some velocity. Not an overall inspiring thought/observation, but to be fair even when I was more invested in the chain I was never big on contests.

On another level, the contest has the potential to form bonds between some of the participants as they form a camaraderie of sorts.

I appreciate your observations. My "secret plan" is to try and infect the zeitgeist.

Hahahahaha :D That's a lie, that's my plan.

Good plan!

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Hey @logiczombie, I will be posting another one soon and that will make it two posts in total. I think I will have time for a couple more before the 21st deadline. Shall I go ahead and post more? Let me know.

Very nice. If we have less than 10 entries on the 21st, feel free to post as many entries as you'd like until the quota is reached.

Partial, incomplete and purely conceptual entries are accepted.

There are currently 6 entries and I will begin payouts when 10 entries are received.

Tag @futuremind, would you consider sharing one of your awesome songs for this contest?

i just posted my entry:


i uploaded a track/story to dsound...check it out. sorry if it wasnt what yr looking for. thanks for getting me to do something i normally never would do!

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I shared this post. Interesting contest.

Thanks. I'd be very interested in any ideas you might have.

I think I remember you imagined an "end of the world" scenario where the Cyber Pirates basically strip the planet of resources and leave the Werewolf Ninjas to starve.

Reminds me of a show where they are on a train and the whole world is freezing.

Yeah, that's a good one. Also, you should check out "The Boys" (2019) LINK

I will be watching the Boys. Thanks for letting me know about it.


10:57 PM - The Boys - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Let me know when you post your impressions.

great and interesting contest, thank you for sharing, have a great weekend

I really appreciate the tip you've sent, thanks! 🙌

I love what George said at the end – The American Dream "You have to be asleep to believe it"

Any advice you might have for trying to attract participants for this contest would be appreciated.

Here are some ideas.

Making a Twitter post can entice the Hivers that use that platform to participate — also making an NFT for the winner? One rare piece minted in @nftshowroom. There are plenty of artists there that can take part in this plus collaborating with other communities always brings attention to both ways.

I love the number of ideas, details and storytelling education you've provided with the post. It makes it a lot easier to craft a story for the participants.

Fantasy is very new to me, so as much as I would like to participate, I think I need to understand it better as it's a fascinating and very intricate art.

@kaelci is an incredible writer in this genre. Perhaps she could participate, but I see that it's only for amateur participants. Her work is fantastic!

If you keen to bounce ideas and see how can we help, myself and others hang in the @hivehustlers community. Our motto is to grow ideas and projects to get the attention they deserve.

We would be thrilled to help out. Our Discord is in the banner below.

I'm looking forward to seeing this contest goes and to get more fresh ideas from your posts.



@kaelci is more than welcome to enter this contest.

I only mentioned amateur artists/musicians/writers are welcomed in order to make sure nobody declined to create an entry because they lacked confidence.

All participants are welcomed to join!

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

I'll take a look at @hivehustlers but I'm not really trying to "make money" so I'm not sure how this little project might fit in.

I would love to see @kaelci entering this if not too busy.

At @hivehustlers we trying to help individuals and communities to grow and have more visibility in and out of Hive, as a consequence raising the water for all boats.

Looking forward to connecting more with you there.


I'm not really in a creative mood at the moment, haha. I'm more focused on what's going on in my present reality, sorting through feelings and life in general, working out the future. 🙂 No time for the imagination, sadly! (at this moment in time anyway!!)

It does sound like an amazing contest though and I reblogged it a week or so back. Hopefully a few more entries come through! 😄😊

Thank you for thinking of me, @gastontrussi 😊

Hey @kaelci! hope you're going well with the sorting of things, kind of the same here, getting onboard with the rest of life and trying to have more quality time with family.

We're having a friend visiting (it's been two months already) and the spare room I use to wind down at night is gone, so are all the books that once I started reading. Yours is in the pipeline still :) I'll get back to them so time hopefully soon.

Have a great week!

Anybody on roku? I just created a channel.

I'm going to be adding movies I consider "essential viewing".



Instructions (create a free channel in 5 minutes):

You can create channels on Roku? I didn't know you could. I thought it was like cable or TV and not like YouTube.

Hellz yeah!

Search for "LOGICZOMBIE" on any Roku device or smart tv and let me know what you think!

Good. Are you also on YouTube? I entered your contest.


Any language accepted!

Also, both the Cyber Pirates and the Werewolf Ninjas have integrated HOLACRACY +RCV into their command structures (full operational transparency and decentralized redundancy).

Instant 10 hive bonus for the first contest entry.

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This is very interesting, if I'm looking for more INTPs (Logician), it looks like Algeria (14.1%) has the highest density (currently on record).

The highest concentration of ENTJs (Commander) appear to be in Syria (6.91%)

ENTPs (Debater) in Montenegro (9.99%).

INTJs (Architect) Algeria again (8.96%).

Russia takes the cake in Thinking versus Feeling, with a whopping +3.03% advantage to Thinking (for comparison the USA is +14.8% Feeling).

Lithuania appears to be the most open-minded with a +9.86% Prospecting versus Judging.

Nicaragua is the most Assertive (+10.48%) and Nepal the most turbulent (+14.76%).

Algeria again leads in Analysts, with an almost unbelievable 35.79% (Malaysia is the lowest with 10.28%).

China tops the charts for Explorers (WerewolfNinjas) with 22% (Italy ironically is the lowest with 9.91%).

Ghana takes to top spot for Sentinels (CyberPirates) with 39.88% (Tunisia is the lowest with 12.82%).


@logiczombie loved our work so much and really really wants us to write more 🤣 🤣

Yes please.