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CENT Token has reached another level. We now have a tribe.
Hello. We have left one more stage behind in the token project that I have been working on for about three months. I would like to thank @damla and @ahmetay for sharing their views on the token during this process, @zonadigital21 for preparing the images, and @eonwarped for their help in the formation of the tribe. Again, I would like to thank many friends whose names I could not list and who did not spare their support. Let's get right to the point. I want to keep it as short as possible.

Focus area, communities and tags.
CENT Token's prize pool is scanning the hashtag "cent" and the CENT community. More tags and communities will be supported, but I wanted to keep the first phase simple. Cent tribe focuses on general content. You can find any content that interests you on the cent tag, on our tribe site and on the community page. You'll find referral tags on our community page and on the left side of our tribal site. You can find and curate content by going to the tag in your area of ​​interest. If you use the "cent" tag on your posts, you will earn CENT Tokens. If you post from our community page, you'll earn more rewards than posts using the cent tag. Because there are more curators on the community page.

Tokens, token supply, targets.
As you know, the CENT token is different from other tribal tokens. We try to increase the liquidity ratio and transaction volume as much as possible. For this reason, it aims to differentiate itself from other tribal tokens with its token supply, usage areas and earnings targets. E.g; The Hive/Cent pool has been active for over a month.

We have goals such as creating new liquidity pools and offering liquidity provider rewards to liquidity pools. The token supply will be adjusted regularly to offset depreciation/valuation. Likewise, market maker orders are entered in the Hive/CENT market to increase liquidity and balance the value increase/depreciation rates. Likewise, the token supply will decrease over time. Thus, we will bring inflation closer to zero.

Tribes, liquidity pools, prize pool, etc. Efforts will be made to stabilize the CENT Token value. Our main goal is to offer a Hive Engine token with high liquidity and high trading volume. There are many ideas as to what this could make easier.

Web site.
www.centblog.org tribal site has been activated. You can use it for content creation, voting operations, controlling voting power, staking coins, collecting rewards.

Token management, tribe, prize pool, liquidity pools, liquidity provider rewards, community page, events, etc. I welcome your comments and criticisms. I want all of this to be as decentralized and community managed as possible. I would appreciate it if you could contribute and participate as much as possible. See you in new posts.

More resources on CENT Token:


Picked up a handful.

Thank you. I also added your project to my list. I continue to research such investment tokens. I will invest as much as I can. I wish you success too.

!LUV this kind of ethos.

Grace and peace!

Yay! 🤗
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This is awesome! Congrats! You’ve worked so hard for this. I am positive that you will deliver outstanding results.

Congratulations to you on the project. Wishing you the best of luck.

Thank you. Thanks for your comments and contributions.

So what basically sets CENT apart from LeoFinance, if I had to ask? Different niches? Different Management style?

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Thank you for your comments and opinions. Leo and Cent have different domains. Leo is related to the field of finance. Cent, as I quoted above: "Cent community focuses on economy. Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic History, International Economics, Home Economics, Agricultural Economics, Labor Economics, Tourism Economics, Democracy, Investment, Finance, Defi etc." dealing with areas such as Finance is just one of them. Cent aims for a fixed price value. This value is $0.01. Leo, on the other hand, targets the upward price strategy.

Please take a look at the token promotion page.

This is an awesome announcement 😎 Well done!

  • I'm very happy to be on the #CENT Rich List...


Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 02.59.23.png

Congratulations. You acted early.

Bought some cent it will be challenging task to keep price stable.

Thank you for expressing your opinion. When I started working on tokens, I was thinking about the subject you mentioned rather than forming a tribe. Increasing/decreasing the token supply, increasing/decreasing the incentive, market maker orders, managing perception etc. I found many solutions. In case of excessive depreciation or overvaluation, I want to intervene slowly. A fluctuation in the range of 0.0075-0.0125 is perfectly normal.

Meanwhile, according to the latest transaction data on Hive Engine, the USDT value is $1.64. CENT value is $0.01008.

Yes, I think this will be an interesting experiment. Although, I hope it will not become just-another reward alt-tag. Success!

Thank you. I will do my best to make sure that doesn't happen. We are connected to the community after all. But the coin isn't just tied to the tribe. It also depends on defi activities in Hive Engine etc.

It is nice to see new tribes emerging on Hive ecosystem. Today I wrote my first article with cent tag in it. Cheers!

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Thank you for your comment. I also think that the tribes, especially the regional tribes, will contribute to the Hive community.

This is great news. Good luck with the new tribe. I will definitely be a part of this tribe. Good luck.

Thank you for your support and contributions.

Good luck $CENT
I am going to learn and earn $cent.

Thank you. Achievements.

I didn't know there was liquidity pool on hive.

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Aslında bir süre önce başladı. Artık likidite sağlayıcı ödülleri bile belirlenebilir. Henüz ziyaret etmediyseniz;

Very interesting!! Great work, the CentBlog.org site looks good.

If I understand, this token will stay at 0.01 USD

My suggestion is to create a CENT/HBD liquidity pool.
There is a SWAP.HIVE:SWAP.HBD pool on TribalDex already, and just discovered the CENT/HIVE pool, thanks to your post about it.

35.93908703 CENT/SWAP.HIVE
0.02782485 SWAP.HIVE/CENT

So how about having an CENT/SWAP.HBD pool also?
Then the conversion would be a more even number


Is there a return for LP providers in the CENT/HIVE pool?

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Thank you for your comments and opinions. By the way, the visual is beautiful :) I took your CENT/HBD liquidity pool suggestion into consideration. There is no liquidity provider award yet. But liquidity provider rewards are coming soon. But I'm giving some time to cover the cost. Because each new creation requires 1000 BEE. An average of $200 should be spent.

I have created a new post in celebration of this community!

Wonderful work, I'll need to start using the tag and buy in. Keep up the great work!

Thank you. And I wish you success.

I just bought more cent

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And thank you.

Good news
Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @anadolu

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Thank you for your support.

Awesome… earning 1 penny per minute adds up…

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Thank you for the opinion.

I think it’s a great idea. I penny token is a great idea.

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This is awesome @anadolu. Excited about the new front-end. Will be using the tag to get more cent tokens. ;)

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Thank you very much for your comment and support. I'm continuing to work.

You are most welcome and All the best! Keep creating amazing stuff like this one. Cheers. :))

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Congratulations on launching the CENT tribe! Given the topics you listed, I can see it growing quickly.

If it's OK, I think it would make sense to posts tagged #cent or native to the tribal website to also include a tag to LeoFinance. This way the posts get more viewings, people at LeoFinance can discover CENT, and CENT gets more exposure and traffic.

Recently Proof of Brain started a daily post called POB TALK, and there is Leo Market Talk which does the same thing at LeoFinance. Both are conversational-style posts where people comment on each other's comments in a casual way. Both Talk posts generate lots of traffic and engagement for their respective tribes, and help.

Proof of Brain gets much publicity and respect at LeoFinance, and a number of people from LeoFinance also write posts native to Proof of Brain . Even if they don't write native posts, they upvote and engage withh many people at Proof of Brain. Given the topic overlap between CENT and LeoFinance, I think it makes sense to write posts native to CENT and also tag LeoFinance.

The adventure begins for the CENT tribe!

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Hello there. First of all, I need a few weeks. The reward pool should stabilize, content creator earnings, curator earnings, etc. should fit perfectly. You have some really great suggestions. I will take all these into consideration. I really appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you for taking time to reply to my comment. I hope the suggestions help CENT find a firm footing sooner rather than later.

You have a lot going on, so I understand if your focus is on other matters. For now, I'll publish posts at CENT and tag LeoFinance, and I'll publish posts at LeoFinance and tag CENT. When I can, I'll mention CENT in both Leo Market Talk and POB TALK to help build some buzz.

I wish you much success on this undertaking!

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Eski projelerinizi de biliyorum hocam . Bu projenizde başarılar. En kısa zamanda cent kabilesine katılacağım inşallah.

Teşekkür ederim hocam. Beklerim tabi ki.


I will start posting here!

Of course I'll wait. Also, thank you again for the introduction and mention.

I thank you for your support and help since always.

So it looks like it might be applicable to all LeoFinance content for the most part right?

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Yes, it can be used. But the tribe, however, focuses on a higher "economics" area. Finance is just one of these topics. Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic History, International Economics, Home Economics, Agricultural Economics, Labor Economics, Tourism Economics, Democracy, Investment, Finance, Defi etc. You can produce content in many areas.

This is great I am active in the information of #CENT, I will follow the tribe and you will see soon there is my content,

The only thing if it is that it would be good for you to be attentive to the post that people publish,

Example, there are some who will enter the community just to earn the community currency, and what I do not want is for the community to be SPAM, I hope you understand me, Control people who post topics that do not go with the community, Example , If someone publishes a post in the tribe and his post talks about How to make a recipe, that would not be a post act for the community's theme, I don't know if I'm very rude but I think it's something to keep in mind Mind, That people know and respect the regulations of the tribe

It would only be a question of what if you see a post that does not go with the issue of the tribe, Leave a comment explaining why you can not publish that content

This is how I do with the MusicForLife Community, as I am one of the community curators I have to be aware of things like that,

Well from now on this will be great, Greetings and successes in all my friend

Hello there. Thank you for your contributions since the beginning of the project. Also, thank you for the images. I agree with what you said. I don't want to downvote. However, I can upvote irrelevant content with a lower percentage. We can also reduce publicity by not voting for spammy content. We talk about these with the community as well.

Excellent, finally there is a dedicated website to check curation, and our Post CENT rewards 👍

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Thank you. Welcome.

OK, you sold me. I love writing about economics and find a lot of the times my topics either don't fit with Leo Finance or are not well received due to a lack of interest in the topic. (PS I have a BA in Economics from Gettysburg College, 1980)

Anyway, I joined the tribe and went and bought a couple tokens (already staked). If I can lend any assistance just let me know - I'm retired now, but active - my time is mine and usually I can adjust my obligations to fit other projects in.

Good luck going forward. Should be a great success! By the way I really like the peg at a penny - novel!

Hello there. Welcome to the community. I am also interested in economics. But I don't have any school graduation. This indicates that we will learn a lot from you. I will be following your posts. Thanks for the comment.

You are quite welcome. Listen, you really don't need a formal education in Economics to be able to discuss it intelligently. A bit of brain, a whole lot of common sense, and a healthy world view and you have it.

My offer a help when you need it is a continuing one. Just get in touch with me and I'll do what I can.

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Of course, I will contact you. Thank you.

Just for clarification., can the cent tag be used when talking about gaming and economics of Hive/ blockchain games?

Thanks for your question. Of course. Content can be shared about the part of each field that concerns the economy. Game economy is one of them.

Thank you for this informative article about cent. Although I am an Economist by training, I have yet to write any topic on Economics, perhaps it's time I write one.

In fact, there are so many topics in the field of economics that we can talk about without getting bored. You know this better than me. We look forward to your sharing.

Is there a restriction as to what type of content can be shared here on cent?

Hello there. A community focused on economics. You can use cent and economy tags for content related to economy. Sharing from the community is more encouraging, of course.

Wunderfool post ;)) & oll

Thank you.

this looks good to try out.
would love to understand the tokenomics

Thank you. I've been collecting articles about Cent here. if you are interested; https://peakd.com/cent/@anadolu/cent

I have "0" CENTs in my wallet but I'm looking forward to being earning some. I really appreciate you guys tackling the behemoth challenge of creating a stable token.

Is it even possible? Everything is for as long as there is a strong community that is willing to back it up. It's not going to be easy but everything else could be implemented with ease with the support of the community.

The best of luck!!!

liquidity pools, liquidity provider rewards

By the way, I'm very much interested in this DeFi-like feature!

Thank you. However, this was necessary for the Hive Engine. If we can reach sufficient liquidity and trading volume, things will get easier. For this, we will focus on works similar to defi. Community support is the most important thing. We look forward to your content.

I have always been very keen on participating on Defi platforms, IMHO Cent is going to be a big deal in H-E if the peg can be maintained through the community's effort or through well-designed mechanics for it.

I'm more than willing to share my journey and experiences in participating in BSC & Cosmos Defi platforms with the Cent community. (Not a technical perspective but from a user perspective).

I am also very interested in Defi. Avalanche and BSC have a lot of applications that I follow. The supporting element of this year's crypto rally was DEFI. This needs to be continued.

By the way, I made the announcement of the first liquidity provider awards yesterday.

Was about to open up the link that's shared in the content because I'm not exactly sure if cent .org is on the hive or not. But I thought before I went about doing all of that route I could maybe write something about it before I did and that way I can do both. I'm sorta new to recency and hive in the sense that I don't really participate as much especially here recently. I happened to notice cent.org though here a few weeks ago and did drop in and took a look around. But did think that it was something I could find myself getting around to at some point. I just knew that ecency was were I was headed. Either way I seen your content and it cought my attention because of my interest in that platform. And because I happen to be in my most favorite ecency app thus far. Anyways good luck to you.

Hello there. Eecency, Peakd, Hive.blog etc. sites are the front-ends of the Hive Blockchain. We communicate with the Hive blockchain through these front-ends. There is another platform on the Hive Blockchain, the Hive Engine. Thanks to this platform, tokens, smart media tokens, NFTs, etc. we can create. At the same time, prize pools can be created for the generated tokens. Thanks to Tribaldex.com, Hive-engine.com and Leodex.io, we can communicate with the Hive Engine platform. Leofinance.io, Proofofbrain.io, Centblog.org etc. Thanks to the sites, it is possible to communicate with the prize pools created for tokens.

For the courage and effort :)

Good luck!

@tipu curate

TThank you. And success.

Congratulations good job guys!!!