Ask the Hive: What are you doing with your profits?

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As I've said many times in the past and yet again it comes to be the same thing, when prices move, they move fast. Especially on smaller currencies which Hive currently is, for now at least.

I've personally still have had a lot of debt to cover, got lucky to be able to purchase Hive before the move up at 15-19cents (tweeted some gifs about it) as I was as certain as ever then and there that it is imminent. The bad news is that the loans I had to take were at a really bad time, during the bear market, and even though I'm really thankful people on Hive offered the loans as it was an emergency, it's been a real pain to pay off loans that moon way earlier than the coin you're all in on. Oh well, what's done is done and can't be changed, just happy that it's finally coming to an end and looking to finally get back to growing my accounts a bit more once I've also got a safety net this time around.

Anyway, along with all the currencies you all are interested and invested in, here on Hive also Leo and a few other tokens have done really well. What are your plans to do with the profits? Are you taking some out into fiat, are you getting into staking them on Defi's like while holding them in stablecoins in case a correction occurs or are you just going to ride Hive for longer.

Let me know in the comments if you don't mind sharing. Interested in hearing what your plans are and maybe others are too! :)

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I have never powered down, so whatever is earned as hp stays there for the time being I didn't even know until recently how to move the liquid out (which I did) to start learning how to have a wallet and trade and exchange (still clueless, just learning). Honestly I could do with some help for the daily life as things been tighter than tight but I've never cashed out until I figure out how to do things right. Meanwhile I'm determined to post more often (which for everyone else is not often enough haha) but I'm a slow poster, and maybe by work become finally a dolphin by the end of the year.Been a minnow like forever. Honestly I'm posting cos I'm at 69 rep and though I know it doesn't mean much I want my 70 hahah

In the current situation that we are here in Mauritius, 2 months again full restaurant closed due to only way to breathe a little is getting whatever I can via my posts (hbd), exchange them for hive, then send to my binance account and then move funds on my credit card for at least getting a little more to buy foods for family...2020 was same and now 2021 bis repetita...
I'm even blogging on different chains just to have my head over the water. Sent you comment on steemit btw !
So here we are situations makes us adapt.
We have to live and take care of the kids. But once my resto is back open...things will change again on my earnings side. Cross fingers!

Stay blessed.

I will not support anyone on that chain, they literally stole over 40k steem off of me in a hardfork so you going the extra mile to ask for votes there too after you've been fairly well welcomed back with curation from the OCD accounts puts me way off. I left you a message in our Discord regarding that, I'd suggest you take the advice, not like there is anything there for genuine authors anyway.

There are less than 200 people with at least 200k hive powered up, I am planning on being one of them.

Compounding them @acidyo, for the most part. As a long-term investor, I believe it the most prudent thing to do. This crazy "new normal" world is accelerating its destruction of our currencies and I do not believe we are left with much choice ...

However ...

For the first time since choosing to "jump in" to investing in this new digital asset class in Aug 2017, I have begun to take some income out of the "cloud" into the "real world." Which, in turn, led to a recent conversation with my beloved lifemate where I told her I wanted her to stop working. To retire ...

Done! 👍🙂👋

Haven't really taken any profits yet. Still trading the high volatility.

I don't think we're done yet, some breathing room and staying around these levels would be okay though.

As I wrote in my last post (retrospective) I sold 4,500 HIVE at the beginning of HIVE which allowed me to buy a new camera & lenses, since then I bought 18,000 HIVE (through the different #HivePUD) because as I said in my post @french-tech my goal is to become an Orca on this account. Considering the price increase since some weeks it will take years 🤣, but it doesn't matter because HIVE is my place to read great posts, exchange via comments with nice authors and also make posts, all this before being a place of investment 😉

@mintrawa: Witness FR - Gen X - Geek 🤓 Gamer 🎮 traveler ⛩️
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I am mostly still not interested in conversion from Hive to Fiat, I have not hit my five year mark yet. I have been taking some of my HBD and sending it to ionomy trying to build a little bit of a BTC balance over there for when Hive takes a short drop. Some I still convert in the marketplace to hive, and then send some to H-E to invest in a few things there, but the vast majority still going into Hive Power. I am still hoping to be close to 10,000 HP by year end. Nice thing is spring is almost here in Alaska, (I can see some weed spots among the snow bank edges), and that means I will hopefully have a few more posting opportunities.

"PS! I'd recommend more users to send beneficiaries to @hbdstabilizer for low effort posts like these to help the peg and put more buy pressure on Hive!"

It seemed to result in you getting $200 for a few minutes of typing, so yeah it seems to work nicely...

I get that either way which is a reason I don't post often

Well I've sold some Hive before the value started to go up because I needed to pay some bills, but now I'm finally in a good position so if I'd make sudden bigger profits, I'd use that on one of the things below:

  1. photography equipment
  2. cooking equipment
  3. PC upgrades
  4. purchasing some land or something

All of those could also be used to create more and better content on Hive, but also to enjoy the life. That's what I'm trying to achieve, not to be as rich and powerful as possible but to have good things in life. Like I'm assuming most people do.

And if Hive price drops again, I'll buy more hive.

I'm impressed with earning $100 a month just curing and I'm not even a dolphin yet. But I'm not making any of that, I just keep accumulating HIVE.
I am diversifying quite a bit. I invested in LEO and CUB. I am doing DEFI and want to increase my holdings.

Right now there is too much to explore and making returns is now very easy. I hope the market continues to grow and not go backwards like in 2018.

I am more than happy to watch my stake (and the dollar value) grow after the agony of having to power down for some real-life issues (which I think you have a little knowledge of). The liquid I get now goes straight into fiats because I buy hive with fiats from some Nigerian hivers and try to trade for profit. That is what I live off now since I lost my job.

Edit: I am really not into any defi or any other coin whatsoever. I've got a very few LEO tokens which I intend to hodl till like forever. That's just about it.

I'm going to buy my wife a water tap, she's obsessed with it! So I kill two birds with one stone! xD yeeeaaahhhh

I haven’t taken profits yet I think this run could go on for a few more months so I am happy to keep riding it and taking the risk! I’m just plugging away in DEFI and CEFI trying to add more bags before I start to deleverage later this year

Will probably pick up some stable coins and then park them in an interest account once the madness gets too much for me

I'm glad there's more stablecoins to choose from this time around so the usdt fudsters can stfu about it. Which is something that cost me a lot of profits last bull run.

Main aim is getting my HIVE power up as I really want to grow the old stake to be able to grow my community + support others brilliant works on here.

I haven’t taken any profits yet but if I did I would probably end up using it to run that witness node I’ve always wanted to set up or to be able to buy the next possible dips

For me I'll be holding and stacking still. That's what I've done since 2013. I will only tap into it if I seriously have to or if it becomes so much I can just retire and live a good life. I'd seriously love to retire early and actually LIVE life instead of working day in and day out which I believe are the dreams for many people.

Same as always - I am holding them until the bottom of the bear, hoping it'll recover.

Perhaps this year might be the year I use a bit - likely on stuff for the house.

lol holding them until the winter is coming memes start to make a comeback

I'm buying a drone(if I haven't said this enough times yet). But most times when I sell I usually end up paying for everyone's food whenever I go out with friends. Nice thing to do for everyone. Its back to stacking now though as I should be able to afford the drone next week if I did my math right(and Hive doesn't cliffdive in the next 2-3 days).

So you gonna get a drone to just deliver food to your friends directly

Skip the step eh? Nah, I'm going to get an army of drones so I can use them to fly me around wherever I want. No more plane tickets for me.

Haha, but in reality I want to check out some ariel photography and use it as an excuse to go check out some beautiful places but can't convince others to come with me.

Not really sure at the moment but getting enough for a deposit for my own house in the UK would be great! Not taken too much out yet but I'm thinking in terms of years and always had at least 10 years in mind but if prices go supernova before then, I may have to change my plan to stablecoins + interest and wait for the next bear 😁

My plans had consistently change with time. At first I thought of staking enough to be able to give back to the community users through upvote until my phone got missing and I had to loan some money to get a new phone and resume hive. Then financial demands from home as the male adult. So far I had been converting my earnings and making power down(which I had promised not to) to settle my debt but I'm happy I will complete the payment by next week.

I hope I resume staking after settling with my present issue though I know, as long as a man lives there always a problem but I could overlook them and do what's profiting for the future

Just started here a little ago myself. Profits are HODL especially on this platform where it seems to be authority and trust by how much you have powered up.

No profits for me untill $4-5 HIVE

With my profit i bought a camera and some photography equipment lenses and these stuff I'm working hard here those days to buy Ipad pro for designs and my artworks also MacBook and some videography gears to start my path as a videographer... We hear about the American dream so much here we call it the Hive dream the land of creativity and achievements.

Reinvesting in improving your content is a great idea. I'll also be looking to get a camera once covid has lifted some more restrictions on travelling!

Almost all powering up :)
The rest goes to LEO and CUB

More HP vests, More LP staked
More ₿TC. There is no profit, only proof of brain.
Curated and witnessed free speech.

I'm going to buy a monster truck just to roll it.

Well, I was for a year doing holding, I was even hesitant to sell it and well I ended up doing and invested in cub defi

hi sir! Well the truth is, at this moment I am quite ill, the pandemic found me traveling by bicycle and the lockdown forced me to stay away from home for 3 months spending all my savings, which had already been bad since before so it would serve me a lot ,is a great idea and super useful. It is a pity that I only know it now, I will use it from now on, I need to recover as much as possible to be able to pay the rent. yes.. that's the way things are ... my regards bro!

Hope Hive can help you get back on your feet!

Swap some to BTC and pray.

so my profits are everything that comes from hive, leo and ofc every other token in here. What i do is basically staking mostly everything. I haven't powered down, and i only power up. Regarding my Hive stake, i have delegate most of it and by the end of the month, i will delegate the rest as well. Some of my main tokens are staked and used for curation and maybe some that i don't want which are considered profit i convert them to other tokens or hive that i want.

Finally, from time to time i convert my hbd to other cryptos in order to have a more diversified portfolio. In total even if i cashed out everything right now on Hive ecosystem, it would be enough to cover a year's salary and that salary would be considered a low, maybe mid at top! Thus, there is no reason for me to cash out right now.

My plan is pretty simple @acidyo:

  1. Liquid Rewards I get on HIVE will go into buying LEO & other Dividend Tokens like BRO, UTOPIS, DHEDGE, INDEX etc.
  2. HP Rewards, I will never touch for at least a year. I will keep on delegating my HP to different projects to earn returns. I need to get 1000 HP fast so I might buy some Hive to push towards that mark.
  3. I also get different tokens as Author rewards, I am selling those tokens or staking them depending upon my interests. Right now I am highly interested in POB & CTP tokens.
  4. I am also delegating my HE tokens to @brofi, to get BRO tokens on autopilot. BRO tokens give me Dividends in the form of HE Tokens. BroFi goes full circle.

This is not a post to ignore, in fact Thanks to you @acidyo for your effort here always. Your huge impact will never go unnoticed. Keep growing bravo! As for your question, I plan to grow my hive for future and to contribute back to the community like you are doing. I also have plan to sell some in order to balance my financial real life issues. I'm devoted to hive only, just heard of Leo not long ago so I've not made my way in it.

Just compounding and adding more skin to the game. I power down for the lease and then put some of the funds to purchasing engine tokens. I don't see myself converting to fiat anytime soon even if my financial situation right now is in a shitty state. Hive has been that one place where I just earn for a hobby and not treat it as a lifeline.

Once I get more pocket change, I would buy up more stake for shits and giggles especially during the bear market when it comes back.

Must be a relief to be able to get back on track towards your goals, sometimes life just happens at the worst time possible.

I don't plan on taking profits for a few years unless an emergency happens regardless of the current bull run. My goals is to provide long term support (however little or big) to the community and as token values rise, it can be spread further and I think it's pretty cool that I have a say in it. I'm in full building power up just about everything mode. To trust our futures in a depreciating manipulated asset like fiat isn't of much interest to me anyway. I like the potential of possibly build a sustainable retirement hobby with my account. Mentally, I have a hard time to see my account in fiat value. It's like a whole other ball game entirely...Ownership! A way to stick it to the zuckerbot since the value in Hive for me is the principals behind it.

I honestly haven't taken much out since I powered down to pay for the Block Party a couple years ago. My main focus is staying power here. I have saved a bit here and there and swapped it for a few other APR based tokens. Most recently I picked up some ARK ($1.17 at the time) because I believe that Market Square is going to be good for tons of crypto projects - especially with so many Hive ones on there - and can only see them expand and grow. They don't have the speed we do, but it will be interesting to see their progression. I also hodl ALGO, ATOM and just traded the last of my ADA for XTZ. Cosmos did real well for me and jumped over 400% (bought at just over 5$). Tezos seems to pay out much better than Cardano and has been more stable to my taste in terms of profit revenues. I came in on them initially at 1.50 and you see where it is now. And of course, Bitcoin is always good to hang on to 😎

People have to sell and have to buy, I'm not there yet. #diamondhands

Yo a penas tengo unos cuantos dias en hive y estoy comenzando en este mundo digital, espero poder sacarle mucho provecho.

me no comprende and too lazy to translato

I have a few days in hive and I am starting in this digital world, I hope I can get a lot out of it.

I have been been saving up my hive dollars ,and am thinking of just using them to acquire other cryptocurrrencies like Steem ,Tron and binance.

Why would you exchange Hive for steem and tron? Hive is a much better project in the long term. Is this meant to be a troll comment and I'm missing it?

People only look at prices and think that means everything. We're still that early.

,I haven't really understand much about cryptocurrencies,but with what you just said I will rather just save up hive then.

This is a long read but worth it to understand why Hive is more important and the ones you mentioned aren't:

Wow this is amazing,thanks very much,I have read and understand it

I'm glad you could have a change of heart and understand why we have certain prejudice against exchanging hive for certain specific tokens.

I agree we are still early, I wish more could see passed the dollar value and notice the potential.

I just feel like having some other cryptocurrrencies at hand ,with hive also do you now understand?

I understand having a diversified portfolio and using earnings here to do so if it's your only means but given the history, trading hive related assets for steem/tron assets specifically is a bit shady.

My profits have been small.
But on the Hive blockchain it is easy to move those small profits around with no fees.
I am slowly buying BRO and delegating some HIve and all my rando coins to @brofi.

Even though small.. ya gotta make that money work.

Im holding hive for the long term so Im just staking almost all the rewards and little bit of diversification on altcoins for trading, swinging from one coin to another.
Im so happy for hive community who worked so hard in the bear market, you guys rock , keep it up!

For now on HIVE I only plan to grow my account. With other crypto I pay the online courses, apps and similar- of that option is available. I wish you speed debt escape.

Currently I'm putting all of my earnings from various pools, NFT Showroom sales, and the various games I play (such as RS or DCity) towards the $PIZZA project!



@acidyo! Here's some $PIZZA!

I have no intention of cashing out/ powering down any time soon. I plan to stay here for a long time so for now I just want to grow my hive and leo power. I am also buying some splinterlands cards.

Well, been diversifying mostly.
Mostly still on hive, games and other 2nd layer tokens. Also got into De-fi, currently on Cub and a couple of others. It has been sweet.

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Cubs and beer. But mostly cubs! :0)

What profit.

Not interested in holding Fiat at all. Only when i extremely need to will i trade to fiat. Ill be riding the waves along. Where ever it takes us, may we not get rekt

Oh im doing cub

Never selling HIVE

Taking profits in 2030

Gonna achieve 1k HP and then build upon that and rent out HP to people to earn a little bit more, But gonna keep promoting the community responding to comments and posting when ever correct, Gonna grow my hive with the community

Need them stacking!

I am from Venezuela..

My earnings cover food purchases ... Thanks Hive, Leo, Ctp I have not lacked food on my table. Since it is my only income.

Just trying to save up hive ,and also use the money I get to also invest on hive.

I haven't really been making any profits ,just trying to get more hive power.