HIVE CHALLENGE! - My Quarantine Goals and Challenges

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Quarantine times man, they surely are changing the way we live, and if you ask me, even when the Covid-19 infection is controlled worldwide and the quarantine is lifted, nothing will go back to how it was. The Corona virus definitely changed how we live and it will affect how we spend our days from now on.

Thanks to @theycallmedan's initiative, you have already writen about how has your life been during this quarantine, you shared with us how your current situation is during these hard times.

I read somewhere, I can't even begin to know if it's true, that when Newton spent some time in self-quarantine in 1664-66 due to the Bubonic plague, it was the most productive period of his life: He understood color refraction, made groundbreak discoveries about movement and inertia effectively setting the grounds for classical mechanics, invented the mathematical model called method of fluxions - you might recognize it as differential calculus -, he discovered and began to understand gravity - yeah, that famous apple hit Isaac's head while he was self-quarantined -. He would later on, around 20 years later, publish all these discoveries in his book Mathematical principles of Natural Philosophy.

Well, I highly doubt you or me are going to spend quarantine making groundbreaking discoveries or effectively changing the world, or coming up with theories that will undoubtedly affect the course of history but, we can definitely change our life and use this quarantine time to become a better version of ourselves.

So, let's challenge ourselves during this #QuarantineLife

  • We all have life goals we haven't even began to strive for because we tell ourselves we don't have the time.
  • We dream dreams that our normal routine doesn't let us materialize due to the daily stress.
  • We might even have written down a bucket list that we haven't looked at in years because we have other things to worry about.

If after this quarantine, we come out of the house the same person we were before all this madness and chaos, then this wasn't about time, stress or daily worries... we simply didn't achieve anything else in life because of our laziness, lack of drive and abundance of excuses.

I get it, being quarantined doesn't mean being on vacation and being able to spend all day watching TV. We still have responsibilities, bills to pay, money to make, kids to take care of etc.

But what we do have, is spare time. Instead of going to the Mall on a Saturday and spend the evening looking at clothes or eating ice cream, we now have a free afternoon to learn that language we always wanted to understand; Before the Quarantine perhaps every Wednesday night you used to go play football with your friends, now you have to stay home and you can use that time to go back to drawing just like you used to when you were young; Instead of spending Sunday morning going to Church and then enjoying family time at the park, you now have 5 hours to make crafts with your kids or teach them how to code. I think you get the drill.

So, think about all those goals, dreams and ambitions you always wanted to do and make a list about them.

Making a list, writing those goals is half the work. Once you establish and WRITE DOWN what you want to do, set a schedule about how many hours a day you'll dedicate to it, and put yourself to it, materializing your dreams becomes a matter of hard work and consistency.

A HIVE Challenge: Your Challenges during Quarantine

  • Challenge yourself and make a post about what do you want to achieve during this quarantine.
  • Set some tangible and achievable milestones for those challenges.
  • Establish how many hours of the day you will dedicate to each of this challenges.
  • Set dates for each goal. Truly put yourself into achieving them.
Share with us what kind of person you want to be after the Quarantine and then go get it, go be that person.

Perhaps you always wanted to learn how to cook. Then set the goal of cooking a new recipee every monday, wednesday and friday - tip, you can even post on hive your food blogs.

Maybe you want to learn how to code for years. Now is your chance. Talk about it your post about how you are going to learn code from 9-11 am every day - another tip, you can post your progress on Hive every week or so.

What about that old dream of being able to go back at painting, drawing or sculpting. This is your chance, write this on your post and establish how many hours a day you'll do it - yet another tip, you can post your new pieces of art on Hive every time you create something new.

It doesn't matter what your dreams or goals are about, the point is, write them down, set some dates and progress and set it in stone (the HIVE blockchain) and start working towards these goals.

Rules for the Challenge

  • Title the post: "My Quarantine Challenges: Your own title".

  • Post it on the OCD Community - First tag must be #hive-174578

  • Use the tags #quarantinechallenges #quarantinelife

  • Make it POSH! (Share your HIVE post on Twitter using the tags #hive #quarantinelife and #posh).

  • You MUST establish your Quarantine goals with dates, progress wanted, individual achievements etc. This is not for me, this is for you. If you write it down, it's easier to make it happen.

  • You have exactly one week from now (until April 11, 19:00 GMT) to set and post your #quarantinechallenges, so take your time, do it wisely, but don't take too long :P

A reblog is not required, but I would appreciate it.

@blocktrades, @ocdb and a few other whales will be curating these posts, so give your best shot at setting your Quarantine Challenges and posting about it!

This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest organized by @ocd-witness with the creative help of @c0ff33a witness. To show them your support, vote for all three of them as Witnesses here.

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Great initiative, today is actually my first day of the #QuarantineChallenges :)

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Thanks again for giving us the chance to find some needed inspiration. Regards compadre!

I feel this would be very helpful in making the plans happen in reality as I've pen ed them down over here -


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Thank you friend @anomadsoul for bringing this initiative. Thanks to the sponsors of the contest @blocktrades, @ocd-witness and @c0ff33a witness. I have shared this publication on twitter and my blog.

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Best regards.

That's a great challenge am gonna resteem :)

Thank you very much for the invitation. It's certainly a great initiative. Congratulations.

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Here the entry for My Quarantine Challenge

Thanks for initiative the great contest one!

I am precisely dedicating the free time of the quarantine to two important goals for me. I'm already preparing the post to participate. Thank you for these initiatives!

You might wanna change resteem for reblog.
Looking into this challenge, it sounds very interesting!

I love Twister, always end up having to put right hand green and left leg blue and fall over though -_-

You're right. I have many things in mind in order to keep myself busy while undergoing home-quarantine. My timer will start tomorrow. :) Thank you for giving us this challenge. Indeed, it is!

It is good for me to start my blogging with Hive by participating in writing contest.
I will update this message with my post link in couple of hours.

Reposted this Contest to my Feed

I just finish my own post. It was really interesting embarking on this goal challenge.

Nice intiative. These are needed to make hive popular

Hola @anomadsoul esperó que estés muy bien, gracias por tus concursos, con este me has hecho pensar mucho y hasta diseñar, publique hoy porque es un post requiere tiempo y dedicación y todavía falta el post de plan de acción, donde aparezcan fecha y objetivos bien definidos.

Muchas gracias me divertí mucho y será mi nueva guía a seguir en mi vida.



Hi, dear friends, here my entries for your great contest....

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Thanks for the opportunity to share. Here are my links to the posts

and I am very grateful to @blocktrades for sponsoring this contest and also to the organizer @ocd-witness and creative assistance from @c0ff33a witnesses.

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Thanks for the challenge, and thanks to the sponsors; @blocktrades, @ocd @c0ff33a etc.

I hope you want to see and rate it
@blocktrades, @ocd @c0ff33a

We all could be productive even at this time, I see positively, I see possibilities and opportunities coming out of this lockdown.

Hive community may have greater fun at the end of the day because we’re here! With #HIVE, we’re not quarantined!

Thanks for the challenge, and thanks to the sponsors; @blocktrades, @ocd @c0ff33a etc.

Thanks for the challenge. It was a good idea. Very entertaining and useful.



I agree, #quarantinelife will be the new normal, unfortunately, so I am planning accordingly.

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Do I gots to share links here?
IDK. I will anyways.



Hello Eric @anomadsoul.

Thank you for this amazing challenge.

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Thank you.

Nice challenge. It helped me organize my thoughts for something I was already thinking about doing. Now it's more of a plan than a wish.
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Always love to participate in these type of initiatives. Here is my contribution...



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Thank you, keep safe!

Thanks you for the initiative @anomadsoul !!
Here's article for you and my tweet 😀:

I hope you and you beloved ones are well and safe !

Thanks for the nice initiative. Reblogged this post. Here is my entry.

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