The works I sold on Makersplace!

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My store on Makersplace.

It's been a few months since I joined the NFT gang and so far it's pretty looking good!

I started in early March. It went smoothly. I had to interact with other cryptoartists in the space and I learned a lot since then.

My first sale!

I think it was a few days after I officially joined Makersplace (after the application and verification process) that I made my first sale.


'Push Button' by squirterer

It was 'Push Button' that I sold for the very first time! It was an awesome news and I was really happy. To see that I can finally be able to sell my digital art without the hassle of printing, tracing ownership, possibly even buy CDs or flash drive to be able to store the art is just pretty amazing.

After that, I sold 2 more editions of this work.

7 editions of 'Push Button' still available to purchase!

You can purchase it here.

In April and May, I had to take a break with creating cryptoart for a while since I have to focus on painting on a traditional media (had some deadlines) and it's just also hard to focus cos Steem takeover happened. Let's not forget COVID shit too.

Last week, I published another work titled 'Keep The Fire Burning' for 3 editions and surprisingly 2 editions were sold in just a few days!

'Keep The Fire Burning' by squirterer

There's only 1 edition left for 'Keep the Fire Burning'.

If you want to grab it, you can purchase it here.

My first bid for a 1/1

A few hours ago, I just also received my first bid for a work with an edition of 1. I have seen other artists let the bid sit for 24 hours before accepting the offer (since there's only gonna be one owner, to give the others a chance to place a bid), but this time I accepted it in a few hours cos it's the first, I want the collector to have it.

It was my work 'Tranquility' and it's still pending acceptance from the collector to finalize the sale.

'Tranquility' by squirterer

All lookin good and I'm pretty excited what happens in the next few years for myself, the collectors who invested in my art, and the cryptoart space itself.

It seems like the more I dive into the blockchain, the more I appreciate the beauty in it.

Anyway, if you want to see the works on sale, you can see them here:


Also, if you are wondering why my pseudonym in cryptoart is squirterer, I'll explain it in a post soon.

Thanks for all the support! <3


Goodness me, the push button art is out of this world like I haven't really seen any concept as that and well I'm guessing joining since march has been revealing for you. You're my favourite digital artist and they way you embody yourself in your arts it's almost so peculiar and evidence.
Anyways tranquility the art will always be my favourite because it speaks to me really hard. I hope you hit a lot sales before December. Cheers. I'm so glad for you.

Thank you so much for your kind words! 😭
It's one of my favorites too. I hope so too. Thank youuu <3

I have no doubt you'll hit those sales. I've always wanted to buy one of your art which I definitely will immediately im settled and all my tuition fees are sorted. Keep up the stunning work. Wow.

I LOVE hearing success stories. Sharing this to my 15 year old art-loving & creating 15 year old daughter @ploimrt - she's pretty new to Hive and trying to fit it all in between homeschooling and being an amazing fangirl for BTS. 😆

Oh I came across her drawings once. Didn't know she's your daughter! It's so awesome to see you supporting your daughter's hobbies and encouraging her to post on Hive. I can also remember myself in her age, drawing something. If art is what she wants to pursue, I'm sure she'll succeed in the future cos she has a talent and a supportive mom. <3

LOL I try not to "mom" on her publicly, but I m constantly trying to feed her very creative spirit and let her SEE all that is possible "out there in the big wide world". You're doing some very cool stuff btw. I really liked Tranquility.

amazing! if you have any tips on how to get accepted, that would be great.....i am going to apply to MakersPlace soon.

Congratulations on all your sales! :D
What software do you use for your digital art? And can traditional art be sold on Makersplace too?

Thank you! I use Photoshop. Yes, there are traditional artists that scan their works and publish it there. It just depends on you. But also remember that you're not going to sell the actual (physical) work on the site, you're just going to sell the digital version.

Yes of course. I meant in a digitized form :) Is there any article somewhere which I can refer to for understanding how the platform works? It seems a little bit complex :)
Thank you so much for the information! Really appreciate it! 🧡🧡

Yeah it is a bit complex lol. Hmm, once you go to, you can scroll a bit down, after you see the works there are some explanations there.. You can also go here for more info and at the bottom you'll see some FAQs:

Oh perfect! Hopefully, I will understand it and hop on board 😃
Thank you once again!

That's great! I really like your works, surely many want to have a piece that you make (Even I would like to have you lol).
I want to go in there! A friend told me about it a long time ago and encouraged me to do it, only I have some doubts, I don't know if my style is good for it. Yesterday I was going to finish filling out the form that they request to accept the artist, but the fucking light went out almost all night (As a strange thing, it is allergic to water and today the day has not been very blessed ..) Oh! a question, how do you manage to make that fund? something else darling, did they accept you fast? or that took a long time ..

I like that you said about the name, I realized that and I said to myself hmmmm, do you have another username? but the signature is another lol. Well, I will stay in the next publication.

LOL thank you! :D
Oh it's not too late now anyway lol submit that form! Hmm, marketing on Twitter is important and engaging with artists there, cos they are mostly there. I was also just observing but since Makersplace has this feed of new works it will be easier to be discovered. I think they accepted a week later..

Haha the signature that I use there is my artist name in real life. I decided to carry that into the space since those are still what I consider my artworks.


Yes! You're right! It's never too late. Today I will get into it, if the Christmas tree I have lets me do it LOL.

Marketing on Twitter is important and engaging with artists there, cos they are mostly there.

Ohhhhh! Yes! I have realized that, it is good to be active there.

Yes, I think it would be a source of income, but I only had that doubt, that it would not work, although knocking on the door is not entering lol.

I think they accepted a week later.


It is a very pretty name! I like it :) .

Haha there's no harm in trying! :D
And thank you you like my name haha:D

Your creations are more and more extraordinary, your talent is very evident, I wish you many successes with your sales, I know that you will do very well princess, KISSES

Thank you so much!

Congratz! I've been doing some NFT art dabbling a few months back which I will write about. No idea how to start on any of the platforms yet, but will look in to it :D

Some have application and verification process and there are also some that don't. The space is pretty interesting now. Go look! :D

Oh congrats! How can you sell there? Can I make an account easily or is it more of a niche thing? I have a store on etsy where I sell my art, but no sell in months.

Thank you! You can check and scroll down after the "Featured creations", there's info there on how it works. There's an application form that you have to fill out and they have to approve it first so it will take days to weeks before you hear from them. You are only going to sell the digital copy here though unlike etsy

Oh I see. I wonder if a high resolution scan of my drawings would qualify as a digital creation lol. I should get myself a graphic tablet and try digital art. Never tried it. I wonder how would I be versus me doing traditional art

Yes it will qualify :D Hmm, based on my experience, digital is easier when it comes to technical things cos you can just undo, make layers, erase easily, etc... but comparing it to traditional it's just really different. You would really feel a bit disappointed when you can't get the "traditional" feels that you want. But better to just try so you'll know how it is for you :D

Thanks so much!! I must try😍

These are really great, it’s super cool to hear that you’re having success with selling nfts... thats something I haven’t tried yet. Perhaps in the near future that will happen :)

Thank you! I'm happy they are selling as well. So cool to know that we artists can sell our digital stuff without hassle. :D

Congrats, those are awesome artworks. I love the colors

Thank you! I'm glad you love them :D

Hussle! Hussle! I'll always be supporting you all the way. I'm excited for your future gurl!

Thank you so much Kim <3

Congratulations ... I hope you can sell much more creation in the future...

Have a nice day..

That's so encouraging, I hope so too, thank you!