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I stumbled across an incredibly ACTIVE community quite by accident via a tag in someone elses post (thank you @riverflows) a couple of weeks ago, and it made me realize how many of us DON'T KNOW about so much that goes on in other parts of the #Hive. @HiveLift is committed to growing the Hive and so is featuring niche communities regularly, each week, which may enhance or grow the Hive experience for you. And also help each community to grow.

Engage The Weekend Community

EngageWeekend.jpgImage credit: @galenkp who receives 5% beneficiary of this post for use of his image. Check out the Hive Stock Images community if you'd like to earn for your images too. @minismallholding can answer your questions.

Community Founder & Owner: @galenkp

Subscribers: 99

Active Users: 114

What really stands out about this comunity is the phenomenal engagement! And that each week the rewards for post engagement are sponsored by sincere & committed Hivers. Just awesome.

I asked @galenkp some questions, and share his un-edited answers here for you:

Q1. In this Hive world of 7-day-a-week entrepreneurs who rarely sleep, why the pre-occupatation with "the weekend"?

I noticed less activity on the weekend and saw an opportunity for people to gain additional exposure through not getting lost in the crowd. Curators curate all week, not just Mon-Fri and with less posts to choose from on the weekend I thought hivers could gain additional traction. Also, the weekend is when most don't have work-stress or are in a more relaxed mood and tend to do things they value. I look for passion, personality and effort when I curate so figured the weekend may be when people choose to inject a little more of that.

Q2. You have PHENOMENAL post engagement - how did you achieve that with no twiiter support? Tell us your secrets!

I engage a lot; Out-bound commenting on other people's posts, usually 400-500 comments per week. It shows them I'm open for communication, interested in them and entices them to respond. No one will come to me just because, I need to open the line of communication. There's no secret, and one doesn't need Twitter...Just show an interest in others, comment with validity and substance, and they'll reciprocate. Posting to the best of my ability helps too, it gives people something to comment on when the look at my posts. Blurry photos of the local bus stop or a weed on the roadside aren't interesting so I attempt to be interesting, write well and to present myself as a person seeking relationships.

Q3. What's the weirdest thing anyone has posted as their weekend activity?

I don't think I can answer this one on behalf of others; One person's weird is another person's normal.

Q4. Do you want people to POST too, or only comment on the Friday topic post? Tell us more about how the community works.

The #weekend-engagement topic on Friday is to promote fun and commenting between accounts - A place for people to comment themselves and possibly win some hive but, more importantly, it is there for people to cross-comment with others, open and build relationships. This is a comment-oriented post-topic only. The ENGAGE THE WEEKEND community is for them to post their weekend-oriented content and is not really linked in any tangible way to the #weekend-engagement topic.

Q5. Do you have any special challenges etc coming up we should know about?

I devise the #weekend-engagement topics on the day and announce them Friday, so I don't hint at what's to come. I will be doing some concepts with the ENGAGE THE WEEKEND community though; Last week I handed out 4,000HP in delegations and moving forward will probably have a few little initiatives happening to reward those posting in there directly.

Q6. What made you start the Engage Weekend Community? Is it a team running it, or just one passionate individual?

I run it myself, no team, just me although have just brought on a chap as a MOD. I'm a passionate hiver and promoter of the community so wanted to help those who want to put themselves on the radar for others through a community focused on weekend activities. It's designed for people to go there, post something about their weekend, and then maybe take a look at what others are doing too. I love my weekends and so figured I'd start a community to drop my own content into, plus the #weekend-engagement post.

Q7. Can you name 5 hivers you would LOVE to join and start posting from Engage Weekend Community? Let's call them out!!

I don't like to call out hivers although it would be great to see some more members posting in there. I think people use certain communities hoping to snag a whale-vote or some such thing however to support communities, post in there and curate too, will help the community as a whole to grow and develop. I try to support as many as I can, and run three myself, The Pew, LEGO and Engage the weekend. I think if we could get people posting into appropriate communities it would help new people find their home when they arrive, and that's what's going to help build Hive. I 'd like to see some of the bigger accounts there curating though; That would help drive activity in the community.

Had you heard of, or been a part of, the Engage the Weekend Community before today? Let us know in the comments. 😊 You have until the wee hours of Monday morning to contribute. Get on it! 😆

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Thank you for this. I have noticed that activity, generally, is less over the weekends, especially in the Northern hemisphere summer. It's also when I have (at the moment) the time to do longer posts. I have learned to delay publishing in the hope of more engagement. It also strike me as curious - three odd years in this space - how short and often banal posts get people going which is to your point, @galenp -

One person's weird is another person's normal.

I am, however, left a little confused: is this community about weekend stuff (for posts and using your prompt) and/or for Hiveans who are active and post over weekends. Or both.

Or perhaps I need to read this when I return from my market stall and have done the Saturday chores. It's just 6.10 am 🤭😴

Alll of the above @fionasfavourites - what you do and feel and enjoy on weekends... on chain and off. I think as long as it has the word "weekend" in it, it's ok.

Would love to see a video on #3speak about your South African market stall, posted from the Engage the Weekend community. 😆 Take us there.... with teh what and why and how....

Hugs and wish you great sales today.


It's very unlikely that you will see a video from me on #3speak... You have, though, given me an idea. Thanks for the wishes. It's a long weekend here, so we had great expectations for this week's market. They were realised!

You shall here more of that - possibly by the end of today (or tomorrow) - local time...

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hey there @hivelift, thanks for the little boost for the Engage the Weekend community and the #weekend-engagement topic! It is much appreciated and I hope draws the attention of users looking to increase their profile and build their accounts!

Engagement helped me built my account over the last three and a half years and I know it works...Little initiatives like mine, and others, are there to support people, help them grow and develop and connect all things that will help drive the community as a whole.

Thanks for the boost, and I hope you have a great weekend. :)

Am already having a great weekend @galenkp - tax paperwork notwithstanding - and am planning to POST about it tomorrow.

@HiveLift always happy to oblige and just KNOWS that if more of us know about how big and diverse Hive really is, we'll find LOADS more ways to share, onboard, grow and develop this awesome global community.

I was so suddeenly transported to Glenelg in the early 1990s by your magnificent image. 😊

Planning to get around to the Engage community later and do some commenting over there myself. 😍


Been to Glenelg? Nice place but one you'd not recognise now...Been improved, developed and regenerated. It's a nice cosmopolitan place to be.

Thanks for the boost through your hivelift post which I will reblog later. (I like to space reblogs out between my own.) I really appreciate it. I'll catch you on some comments around the place over the weekend for sure.

Enjoy that tax stuff...We just had ours done and signed off, the 19/20 year...Wasn't a too bad result all things considered. :)

Used to go to Glenelg all the time. My 2nd husband - Graham Davidge - one of the founders of both Little River Band and The Goanna Band - was a Daw Park boy. I used to also own some ocean front land in Port MacDonnell just south of Mt Gambier in the Aussie phase of my life.

Last time I was in Glenelg (about 23 years ago LOL) it looked much like your photo. 😍 A sleepy place with a lovely gentle beach and no shops. haha.... yes, I can imagine it's changed a bit. 😆

Cath you later on in the weekend... off to collect Miss 16 from her sleepover.


Aussie rock and roll royalty! I used to like me a bit of LRB and Goanna. 👍

haha... I liked LRB & Goanna enough to marry into it for a while... 😆 They were good but turbulent years. 😊

I'd say there's a story or two there for sure.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Appreciating the Tipu pressie - thank you. 😊


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Ah, some insight behind the community. Thanks for sharing this interview.

A little HiveTip is SUCH a nice thing to give - sorta like the crypto equivalent of a bunch of violets. 😊 Thank you.

!ENGAGe 10

Yeah! Some other users have been tipping me for a while and today I thought, hmm, I could do the same. It's a nice gesture after all and since my voting power is not that significant yet, I liked the idea altogether.

Actually, this is the very first tip after depositing hive, haha!

Thanks for your positive feedback. :)

Q3. What's the weirdest thing anyone has posted as their weekend activity?
I don't think I can answer this one on behalf of others; One person's weird is another person's normal.

Ah C'mon @hivelift. Don't you see @galenkp is too polite to reveal the pinkish truth?

I was merely hopeful of a creative and interesting answer 😆 Pondering pinkish truths LOL....


Hahahaha, there are always "Pinkish Truths" behind creative, interesting and above all, unexpected & elusive answers dear!! };)

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