Be Motivated: Don't Lose Hope, Just Hive On!

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Why I can't earn like others on Hive?
Why am I earning only a few cents to my posts?

These are the burning questions that are always roaming around in the heads of the newbies. Honestly, at the beginning, I also wondered why I wasn't able to earn like the people on the trending page. What I did wrong?

Made just a few cents on your posts? I know how you feel. Because I also crossed this path. And after a certain time, you'll think to leave the blogging life because of depression. I am well-acknowledged with your emotions as I was also discouraged like you.

At first, you have to keep in mind that, You are not entitled to the audience, you need to earn it!

You heard it right!
Life is not a bed of money(or roses), where people are waiting with money to pay you. You have to earn it with your hard work, talent, patience, and consistency.

Let's give you an example - You know that people can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. Right?

But if you are not a YouTuber, you don't have even slightest idea about their hard work, their struggle behind every video they made! You need a Google Adsense account to earn from your video. According to the rules, you have to collect 1000 YouTube subscribers and 4000 watch hours within a year to apply for Adsense.

I saw tons of people left the journey in the middle!
I saw vloggers who posted 100 videos and still have 50 subscribers!
Only a few people with ultimate hard work and Concentration are getting their success on YouTube after wasting lots of time.

Hive is also a social media. Here in Hive, you can earn from the first day. Here you have video sharing platforms like @threespeak from where you can start earning from your first video. And still you're depressed with 10 cents or 50 cents on your posts! Like Seriously?

Believe me, in other blogging or vlogging platforms it may take months, or even a year to earn your FIRST CENT! No other platform will give you this opportunity. And you have to use this opportunity very well to maximize your earnings.

When I was depressed like you, I found a post by @themarkymark which also motivated me.

According to Marky - This is a message to everyone new on Steemit, you don't deserve anything here or anywhere in life until you earn it. You are not entitled to an audience, you need to earn it!

Just within a month, I found my track! How????

Based on my experience, I will share all the tricks I used to overcome my depression and find the passion I needed. I believe, after reading this article you'll find the motivation you needed.

Find Your Niche

It's not a good idea to write on all topics. People are going to follow you only for your best skills, and a blogger can't be good on all niches.

Find your niche

So find 2-3 niches according to your talent and post content on those topics only. You have to show your audiences that you're good at what you do! If you're an artist post your artworks, if you are a traveler post your travel blogs, if you are crypto-trader than post your analysis.

I did this mistake at the beginning! Then I participated in an SEO contest, where I found my best niche. Hive is a new website that needs a lot of SEO works and I am also an SEO enthusiast. So I started writing about SEO.

This doesn't mean that you can't post on other topics. I also posted about Hive basics, blockchain technology, my travel stories, photography, and so on! But I am also sticking with my main niche - SEO.

Write for the Audience, Not for Rewards!

As a regular blog reader, I can guess if you're writing only for rewards and not for the audience. Other readers will understand as well.

Write for the Audience

You have to write with love and passion on your topics so that readers can also get the feel! Only then there is a chance that you may get lots of upvotes and attention.

Otherwise, if you write just to earn some cash, you'll be earning just a few cents all the time!

Start Building Relationships

If you have a Facebook profile, think about it. How will you get likes on your posts if you don't have any friends on your friend list?


Only writing good content won't give you popularity on Hive. If you want to be popular, if you want to get upvotes on your posts you need to be social and engaging. Only then you can get some followers who will help you to grow up by reading and voting your contents.

Remember -

  • You can build a relationship by producing quality posts.

  • You can engage with other bloggers by posting related comments and replies. Don't leave a comment like "nice post", "Great post" type comments. Leave a productive and engaging comments.

  • Almost all the communities have discord groups. You can join those groups to chat and talk.

I wrote an article on "Top 7 Mistakes You Should Not Do on Hive" just a few days ago. You can read it to get some ideas. Soon I will write on the things you must do on Hive!

Non-Native English Blogger? No Worries

You'll be surprised by knowing that most of the Bloggers who write English articles aren't even native English speakers, writers, or bloggers!

If you're are already my follower and read my previous articles, you already found out that I am not from a country where English is the first language. If you look closely at my writing styles, you can guess that I am from south-east Asia.

But that doesn't mean that you can't write, or I can't write! I wasn't even able to write like this at first; day by day I am improving. You heard the proverb - Practice makes a man or woman perfect.

I also bought Grammarly to make my articles error-free. You can also use free versions for correcting your grammatical mistakes, vocabulary, and spelling mistakes. Premium version will help you with fixing - weak or uncertain language, incomplete sentence, intricate text, word choice, punctuation, etc.

So don't worry if you're not a native English blogger. As long as you have a passion for blogging, you can write. You should keep in mind that -

  • After finishing your writing, read again and again before posting. Post it if you think readers will love it. Otherwise, make the necessary changes.

  • If you have lots of grammatical mistakes in your posts, you'll lose readers for sure. So proofread and edit your article before posting. Use free tools like Grammarly if needed.

  • This is not a competition! Don't copy other's writing styles. Create your own techniques.

This is not a "What you should do on Hive" post. I just shared some of my thoughts based on my experience to drive you. I hope you got some motivation from this article. I am not a successful blogger, not yet. You'll get better motivation from veteran bloggers. But I know I am walking on the right path! And you should too.

Don't stop in the middle of the road!

Wish you a successful journey on Hive! ❤️

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One thing I love about writing is that our posts never die, even if they can no longer receive votes on Hive, they can still receive comments. Our posts are our legacy, this is your legacy. I've shared your post with my community on Discord from the Comment Curation Project @elcomentador. We want to educate them to be better bloggers and your post brings a lot in that direction.

Thanks for sharing this content with us.

Your comment reminded me that our olds content is the actual gem! I write mainly for 3 reasons, self-satisfaction, to help newbies, and lastly, to earn some bucks. The reward doesn't matter if I can't provide some value to the community. Believe me, money could not give me so much peace that your comment gave me.
After reading such comments, I can say that I am contributing at least little to the community.

Let me start by saying I don't disagree with anything you have said in this post. I don't. There is no guarantee in HIVE. It's about finding and expanding your circle.

The problem, as I see it, is how hard it is to break in with the people who have the power to change someone's Hive experience. If you don't write about the right things, you won't get the "Whale Votes" that have the capacity to be life changing.

You've chosen a subject matter as your niche that has gotten you on some big hitters' radars. Congratulations. I look through your blog and see a lot of high value posts. But, when digging a little bit, all of that value tends to come from 4-5 big account holders. So is your message getting out to the masses? Or are a bunch of people who are not reading your content voting for your posts in hopes of curation rewards knowing that big votes are coming?

I gave up. I spent over a year on STEEM putting a lot of effort in to creating daily posts that weren't just shitposting, I turned to the bots and used the voting services offered to boost my content in hopes of being seen. Eventually, I got tired of it and stopped.

Hive has brought me back, at least partially. I am trying to reinvigorate myself, but I still see a lot of the same behavior with a whole lot of people earning 0.63 HIVE on all of their posts, while a select few get these 50 HIVE payouts like this post is lined up for.

There is an economic gap between the haves and the have nots on HIVE, just like there was on STEEM, and I really haven't seen many efforts to amend it.

@acidyo having @OCD is one of the good projects, but there is a lot of pandering to the #OCD tag. Being seen and voted on with any sort of regularity is difficult at best.

All of that said, You seem to have found the right combination to get some big votes on your side, I'm happy for you for that. And you are correct that persistence and engagement are key to eventual success. But it is also very easy to get mired down in the struggle of the minnow class, and never be discovered. I could name 15 people from STEEM who had brilliant blogs who are no longer here because they never found support, and that was not through lack of trying, but because their subject matter was personal and not structured in a way that drew the power players to them.

Hive on! I'll be following your journey in my feed now.

You described your position quite well. I respect your statement and sorry to say I can't agree with you with all of your logic. I can't blame you or me for that. Everyone has their own perspective and thinking process.

Do you know when I felt successful? When I saw your comment. I wrote this post for folks like you. Clearly, you didn't get the motivation, but at least you noticed it!

How did I get big votes from 4-5 big account holders? Do you think I earned this in a day? If you think so then you know nothing like John Snow! :/

I started my blogging journey like you through blockchain-based social media Steemit back in September 2017. Today is 15th July 2020. I spent almost 3 fuking years to get upvotes from big accounts. Yeah, my posts weren't valued like yours, I didn't have anyone to guide me. But don't you think I waited enough! And yeah after proper guidance of some veteran bloggers, I got the right path on Hive.

Hive has brought me back, at least partially. I am trying to reinvigorate myself, but I still see a lot of the same behavior with a whole lot of people earning 0.63 HIVE on all of their posts, while a select few get these 50 HIVE payouts like this post is lined up for.

Yeah forget about Steem, we're in Hive now. I can guarantee that the Hive is not centralized like Steemit! I am a real-life example. I can proudly say that I earned it. Nobody came to me with big votes, I brought them to me by my skills. You can easily compare my posts before 2 months then now, and you'll understand how I changed myself, how I improved my qualities!

I was also depressed like you and questioned - Why are some shit posts getting more rewards than good posts?
At that time experienced users didn't hide in the shadow. They came forward to answer my questions, even on Discord! I never saw this type of engagement on Steemit. I can show you, 15-20 new people, only from our native community @bdcommunity, who got their success on Hive within a month!

This is the success of Hive (Except very few communities, I can agree with you on this) which you can't see on other platforms. Yeah, there are some flaws! As Hive is still new it has lots of issues that need to be corrected! But within a few months, Hive already crossed Steemit in every aspect. I am not saying this as I am earning, I am saying this because newbies with potentials are making good money as well.

I don't want to mention any newbie or anything here. I will urge you to go to the trending and hot page again. Check how whales and curation trails (like @ocd, @bdvoter, @discovery-it, and so on) are helping minnows to become popular. I can argue with you all day on this topic. But I guess you can understand what I am trying to say.

Thank you for your comment. I loved it as you freely described your state. Just followed you. See, according to my "Start Building Relationships" theory, we are making progress already! ;)

a bit random but from my previous comment in this post:

I didn't have anyone to guide me. But don't you think I waited enough!

This is also a reason I was very vocal about some downvotes on "overrewarded content" during the pump to $1. Even though I realize they will start to happen a lot more each pump people shouldn't just jump the gun based on numbers. I'm also sick of people saying "but it's at $x rewards!!" as if they forget that 50% goes to curators and the thing that reminded me from your sentence is that many have worked hard for these pumps, many don't want to power down and continue posting like usual instead and many deserve to enjoy the pump and higher rewards for a little while at least because they've worked hard for them and hive like most other alts has been low for a majority of time.

Isn't it great that we can have a conversation with respect even from opposing viewpoints?

I did not mean to belittle the effort you have put in to getting to where you are, I can definitely relate to your journey! And I have huge respect for your efforts to publish in english when it is not your native language. Your posts are clear and concise, and I could never even put together a sentence in any language that I am not native to. Mad respect for that.

I've always advocated that the best way to build your network is in other people's comments. There is too much in the Recent feed to wade through for useful content discovery to take place there, unless you are a curator who is making a job of such actions (I was once a curator for @curie, I know the struggle of scrolling through all the feeds). So you go to people's posts and comment and hopefully get a reaction and build a relationship.

But then your own Blog has to be something that they are interested in so they follow and continue the conversation in your own blog. I think here is where you have done a masterful job of picking your niche. Writing about Hive, Blockchain, SEO, these are topics that a lot of the whales are interested in. But if everyone wrote about these topics, HIVE would be a pretty boring place. Where are the big stake holders who want to read about daily life, sports, parenting, or other more social based content?

I think part of my problem is I am old, (said tongue in cheek) and I don't adjust to change easily. I will be the first to admit, I don't understand communities enough, and am too set in my ways to learn. It seems like a lot of success is coming from the community accounts, like your @bdvoter. Maybe I should try to start a community for Hivers in Tennessee, because a USAVoter would be way to broad to still do any content discovery.

You've done a great job, I am not trying to belittle that at all. My key point here I suppose is the disclaimer that "individual results may vary". For every account like yours that has found success, there are those who have not. But to wrap it back around to your YouTube analogy, for every YouTuber making a living posting videos there are hundreds who have an audience of 10, not everyone is cut out for success on YouTube, or on Hive. That doesn't mean we should stop trying, it is just means that some people won't ever get discovered, and that is okay.

One thing I can give credit to autovotes is that those who use them well, i.e. monitoring them often (and the authors on them) and not just doing it for max ROI (by giving very small percentage votes) do very well for retention but as said giving big votes will only be able to cover a certain amount of accounts. The downside of manual curation which is what I've done in forever now is that it goes in periods, some times you curate 10 certain accounts a lot while spreading the rest around and then a few of them drop/get forgotten/voting power just isn't there/i just don't happen to see their posts. Yours a month ago for instance I think someone had reblogged, I remembered your username from the days and threw it a vote but somewhere along the line I must've unfollowed you (i sometimes prune my following based on inactivity but haven't done so in over a year now cause I figured it's better to just leave them there in case they come back).

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that while focusing mainly on one community (OCD) for a while it felt great cause me and a couple other curators from the team were able to check each and every post posting there (while the rest of the curators were curating outside our community for the daily @ocd compilation posts), but then we decided that having a general "original content" community was not the best idea - thanks to those that made me realize to stop it as early as we did cause switching curation to the more niche communities has done wonders for them and for communities as a whole. Point being it gets more difficult to cover same authors more often no matter how consistent and great quality they produce. One thing that's great is that many accounts like to "spy" on what we curate and set autovotes on those accounts to maximize rewards and we usually don't care too much if posts already have a lot of rewards on if the content is great - although as a curation guild focused on newcomers and underrewarded content we tend to curate that but there's a big lack of late voting going on because they know they may end up being the last voter and receive minimal returns.

Man this comment is getting long, I recently posted about something that may help this whole dilemma I mentioned at the end of the last paragraph but it's still a very experimental service we have to monitor closely to avoid abuse, at the same time we don't want to focus curation on those using it cause it will seem biased and that we're doing it for the extra rewards - even though that has almost never been our main focus as we curate manually and 99% of our votes are not cast within the first 5 minutes.

I think the way rewards work right now we're slowly entering a phase where getting consistent good rewards will only land on a few people on the platform and getting high rewards will be even harder. I assume if Hive were to pump there will be a lot more usage of downvotes too because there's already so much talk of "overrewarded posts" even at $60 where as only $30 go to the author and half of that is stake, so you can imagine that if Hive pumps 5x again those rewards will also go up by quite a lot so your content will have to be very outstanding to constantly receive a lot of rewards. In @pitboy's case here he's shown that he really knows what he writes about and produces results, people like to reblog his content or like in this post's case share them in chats so other curators can trust the sharer and some times not even need to read every post to know it deserved the rewards it's getting. So yeah, we're kind of moving in this zone where stakeholders are kind of being forced to hold more stake and curate with it since curation rewards is now 50% and that's something that is way more guaranteed than post rewards - not just because of how often curators find you but also cause of downvotes that can happen at any time for any reason - although the latter is really a low percentage of cases.

Okay, I kinda lost track of where I was going with this so better to end it here, lol.

Thanks for the feedback @acidyo! I have always thought @OCD was one of the best curation efforts around and really respect your efforts. Once upon a time I had time to spend time in Discord Channels and knew a lot of the OCD Curators, all a good bunch of people! I think with a curation effort like yours, finding more new accounts to curate is the key to success. But it can't be all on your shoulders. Other big players need to step up and spread the wealth too.

Keep up the good work! you are appreciated for sure!

I think it's like Medium, where unless you get your post added to a major Medium publication like HackerNews, it's very difficult for people to naturally find your content.

The content discovery mechanisms on Hive have come a long way and benefit from continuous improvement.

Communities are still underrated and I believe will do very well for content discovery and consistent rewards in the near future, more stake being distributed wider, more communities existing with a bigger audience and more curators that check each post and hopefully even more genuine curators that aren't just interested to maximize rewards but will vote on things late no matter the rewards it already has because the content is just that great and they want to showcase the best of that week's content on their trending page of their communities. One thing communities lack which I think is mainly cause of the abrupt unemployment of the steemit devs is a way to fund the moderation and curators through beneficiaries of each community but we have something in mind with OCD that I think will help a little (more about that in a post soon).

I agree... Very well said! (^_^)

Realmente es así,por ejemplo yo estoy comenzando en esta bella plataforma y si me he sentido desanimada y hasta he comparado mis post con otros que son valorados y el mío no pero también se que debo trabajar y esforzarme,gracias a @elcomentador por la recomendación de leer este post y por su excelente proyecto ya que he aprendido a comentar y de esa manera darme a conocer y darle valor a esos post que quizás nadie los ve y gracias a usted por dejar esta excelente información para los que estamos comenzando,de manera clara y directa

nice post!
I’m only joking I did read it. In fact I have read a few of your posts now, especially on SEO.
Back to this post though. It’s all the hard work stage of blogging that I am currently having to go through again as I’m relatively new to the hive scene. I have done it on steem but then left for Whaleshares and now throwing my efforts into hive. Feels like I am forever building a following but I know that when I get their it is worth it and not just for the reward but for the love and interaction that comes with it.
Look forward to reading some more from you.

There's no auto bot here like on Steemit. Curation trail will manually upvote post if they find it useful. That's the beauty of Hive. So find your niche, make some friends, show your dedication, post quality content, and you'll be fine. Thanks for your time. :)

I love that post you referenced, it was short and I didn't articulate it well at the time, but I refer to it and the idea behind it a lot.

In fact, just a couple of days ago I referenced it as well on a post.

I firmly believe in what I said in both of these, it is not easy and it takes work. No one is entitled to anything when they get here, get out and earn it.

You also referenced it to me nearly two months ago. And you know what? This post triggered me a lot to fight hard and not to give up.

Great read, I enjoyed finding this article. We are not entitled for anything, we need to earn everything like attention, upvotes, time spent reading.

A good mindset I still have is do what is valuable post here, if you earn - bonus!

Following you now ❤😊🍯

Thanks a lot for stopping by. ❤

It is just a question of balance and to know where you want to go.

I think we all find ourselves in this mind space I know I have... It’s all about mindset. I constantly have to remind myself that I’m here for the community not the rewards. If you build good relationships the rewards will follow. I gauge how we’ll post do based on conversations and engagement rather the dollars.

Exactly! That's what I'm doing. Posting with passion and keeping good relationship as well. And the rewards are following! This should be the strategy of beginners.
Thanks for reading. :)

No problem it was a good read.

I have been here since the first week this blockchain launched in 2016, and I have posted 1000s of articles. I would have to say I feel like most of them that only made .10 cents or less (the majority) we’re definitely worth more than that compared to the time and research I spent on them.

The worst part is that I have a few articles, which I will link if needed, these articles were getting 50,000-100,000s of views (before they took the counter down years ago), and 100s of comments still to this day, but the payout was less than 0.50 cents.

I am not the most talented writer, and grammer was not my best subject, but I have become a lot better writer because of this platform, and I am thankful for that.

When we first started and there was just like like 100 people here, I remember when the only posts were crypto blogs, and I was trying to post things I posted to Instagram (nobody was having that)...I pleaded to the community with post after post begging the community to be more supportive of music and art posts...

And then came the $40k makeup posts..

For some time we had a lot of those posts, and even fake model posts, but that was dealt with.

I remember posting in the very first open mic hosted by @luzchypher for awhile, and I had a lot of fun performing in those!

Years passed and the blockchain progressed on its own to this 3rd gen blockchain capable of handling the most transactions with no fees, and also the scalability for worldwide dApp usage.

So I do believe in Hive, and I hope everything continues to progress!

You can't imagine how much I loved to read your comment! I wish I had more HP to provide a big vote on your comment. You are one of the most senior and experienced members on blockchain-based social media platform.

When we first started and there was just like like 100 people

There were not a lot of users and stakeholders at the beginning which is a big reason of making some few cents only.

I admired to read your narrative and past posts. Nice to meet you. 💜

Thank you and no worries I value friendships more! Nice to meet you too 🙏

Dude the nail on its head! Nothing comes for free but you also don't need to be hard on yourself but determined in making it a success. Good going on the journey there dude!

I also started in Septmeber 2017 like you. Every now and then I get a whale vote, but in general the posts will always end up for a couple of bucks. And that is okay. It seems reasonable for the amount of effort I put in over the long run. Expectations should always be realistic!

Nice post dude!

I recently completed my 3rd anniversary on the blockchain. I remember earning only few cents at most. It was @generation.easy who first started showing continuous support on my articles. Sad to say that he has not made a post on HIVE or STEEM in some time. I guess he is hibernating. Now I can give few cents every time I vote and I have a decent reputation and I can earn a $1 on most of my posts.

I use HIVE/STEEM as a hobby at the moment. I'm confident enough in my investments that I will reach a million dollar net worth when or before I have gone into my 30s.
At this rate I post whatever I feel like and vote on whatever I feel like. I do have a decent following. I don't explicitly plan on growing it. I just try to make sure whatever I post has value to them.

I keep my expenses minimum and I literally live with my parents. All of my savings are in a tiny cryptocurrency portfolio. What matters is that I'm happy with it. What matters is that I'm not going to burn out of it.

If you are reading this and want to grow big on HIVE, this is what I have to say to you:
Best of Luck! - Do What Matters (To You)!

I'm optimistic on Hive

I spent about three hours for my last post, but got just nine upvotes and the value is 0.00$. Therefore, no more wish to post on Hive again.

I can feel the pain. But let me tell you what you did wrong. You used wrong main tag and your post was very short! According to your topic #movies would have been better main tag! And you know that there's a community named gems, you should have posted there, instead of just tagging with #gems!
And try to write more than 1000 words on every article. I wrote a lots of Hive related articles, Check those to get more ideas.

Hope you'll get your desired success!

How to post in a community?

Go to this link for the list of all communites -
Subscribe to the community you want to join and then post. :)

I have already subscribed, so it was posted there automatically?

Go to the community you subscribed and click on post.

Thank you very much. Can I post the same content in this way? Or the next time?

You've taught me something with this comment. Since I was not Steeming when Commuties got started, I thought that your first tag automatically posted your content to the Community of the same name if it existed. So since coming to HIVE, I thought my posts were showing up in a community feed, when actually I was just posting to the recesses of the HIVE blockchain without any specific eyes on it.

Maybe an old dog CAN learn new tricks!

I found this confusing too.

In life we ​​always need some motivation and more from people with experiences.

Thank you very much for the encouragement and recommendations.


You're most welcome dear :)

This post is very creative and informative. At least to me, I have been able to get motivated from the beginning of reading the post to the end and I see lots of sense in what you have said. Thanks man for sharing.

Glad to know that you liked it. Keep on Hiving! :)

That's true you need to put effort and work hard if u really want something to achieve. Fighting!

Indeed! :)

I knew coming in it wouldn't be easy getting to be seen. But at the same time I don't have the time to invest to know how to play the game.
My main reason to join wasn't primarily to get coins but to share knowledge. Writing let's me unwind and I hope the few people who do read get inspired to live more healthy as I try to.

Everyone assembled here with different perceptions. And your's one is noble! Sharing is caring. Waiting for your next content. Keep on Hiving!

I am just getting to know that I can use give the way I used to use steemit. Knowledge is power.

Indeed! Knowledge is power!

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Sage advice.👍

This is your own experience and opinion. I respect that and you have point, but I did not agree to the other of your statement. Because all people have their own perspective of how they will handle it?

Let me share your blogs so that other people will kbow your thoughts and I think this was a big help for the newbie.

I'm not a native english speaker, and I started my journey on Hive 2 months back. So far, its been a good (though I wont say the best) experience for me. I'm getting only a few cents for my posts, with the exception of a few posts, and I'm slowly building audience over time, and I'm optimistic that I'll be able to gain a good following once I improve a bit more :)

My personal observation in short (considering most of the popular platforms):
Most of the bloggers become successful because of their persistence , and consistency of producing good content.

This is really encouraging. Thanks for the info!!!!

A nice post with valid points.

I was a Wordpress blogger some years ago as I just like rambling on about stuff. Back then it was about music and guitars but now ... well I can whitter on about anything. Hive is a perfect outlet for that; that's why I'm here.

However, it just so happens there is an opportunity to be rewarded for content. I don't write or take photos to be rewarded, I write and take photos to share as I enjoy it.

You see I'm rambling away :)

The whole networking thing is absolutely key and it the way to get yourself going. I attempt to limit my posts from 1 to 2 a day, some days or weeks I don't post anything. I probably spend twice as much time searching for quality content or just things that interest me, upvoting and commenting that content. That is where I've seen an increase in benefit. The benefit isn't just financial. Benefit comes in the form of new friends, acquaintances, knowledge and education.

I will try your tips...

wish you good luck. :)

I remember a time I was about losing focus on Hive, the payouts were not encouraging, and then I saw a comment from a whale now and how he struggled with his first few weeks. That gave me more strength to continue. Its still not much yet but I have learnt a valuable lesson, consistency does pay

lexcellent article, I have seen how many of my friends get discouraged, they think that because they publish, they should vote the others obligatorily 😂 😂

And obviously not...


esto es para ustedes!

Hermano, me encantó este artículo gracias por mostrar.

Excellent post!


Que grandes escritos encontré en la noche de hoy los cuales me servirán en el camino que apenas inicio, cuan leí el título de la motivación dije es importante saber el enfoque del autor porque es real que si uno pública no solo lo hacer por la compensación económica sino también para que reconozcan su trabajo, pero como lo harán, si no tienes un enfoque acerca de los temas fuertes que puedes tener, además como pueden votar por tu si eres una. Importa desconocida, bueno no solo tu publicación ha servido para nutrrir mis múltiples inquietudes de nueva autora, sino que me ha servido para buscar un enfoque adecuado que me motive a escribir con temas de interés, que muestren calidad que sean originales y que despierten el interés de otro, pero de igual manera me debo interesar, pero veo opiniones diferentes dónde cada quien expone sus razones y ambas válidas unas pueden ser negativas y otras positivas pero reconozco que tomaré lo bueno y sacaré lo malo, trataré de edificarme con lo que considero me ayuda a crecer bueno esperemos con el pasar del tiempo podamos decir que realmente no debemos rendirnos, que debemos buscar el motivo que nos impulse a escribir para que recibamos no solo la compensación monetaria que no cae mal sino también el reconocimiento como escritor y bueno como ganancia accesoria la cantidad de amigos aa nivel mundial con los podrás conocer y comunicarte en esta plataforma.


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