FAKE Actions That KIDNAPPED Customers.

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Dear Hivers

The product you sell may be perfect and the price you reap may be affordable, but if you do not pay attention to these five points, you can cause your customers to escape from you.

How many customers have you left without noticing?

Recently, I thought a little bit about this issue because of an incident while I was at the market. Sales staff was too busy to take care of me and a single cash register was open, dealing with a long customer queue. The product I am looking for in their hands; I had cash in my hands. But that day I left without buying anything.


In order to be able to fully reveal the small changes you can make to make more sales and increase customer satisfaction, I asked many people what was the most uncomfortable for them.

Here are the five points that cause customers to escape:

1. Holding Customers

You can only serve a limited number of people at most businesses at the same time. Customers welcome this understanding. Still, people don't like to wait. There are three factors that make waiting much more unbearable.

  • If the wait is taking longer than what the customer hoped for,
  • If he had to wait without knowing when it would end,
  • When they realize that those who come after them have been dealt with earlier,

Research on this topic shows that customers almost always prefer the "one line for all jobs" approach, which is applied at most bank and airport check-in queues. Whether you are doing retail or providing other services; people just want to be taken care of quickly and fairly.

There are also companies that find different solutions to this situation. For example, the founders of xyz company, which provides services on online data collection and processing, say that regardless of their employees, if the customer is calling, they must answer the phone until the third call. If no one answers the phone, a bell rings in the office, and then the red sirens start to sound. Conclusion: Customers no longer have to wait.

2. Just Fulfilling as Much as You Promised

Yes, you read the title correctly. Of course it is important that you fulfill your promises, but you should only take this as the lowest level. If you really want your customers to come back, you should offer to give them a little more than they expected.
Let's give an example as follows: xyz store has the principle of getting back your returns without asking any questions. Impressive, isn't it? But even the xyz store doesn't go as far as Babiators, which produces sunglasses for kids. If you lose a pair of sunglasses you bought from Babiators, they'll send you a new one.


In one of our customer surveys, parents complained that they constantly lost their children's clothing and accessories, co-founder said. Our customers remain satisfied with this policy and advertise our brand prevents the concern that someone will benefit from this policy.

3. Being Difficult to Access

Time is money for businesses. Repeating the same questions from customers over and over can be daunting. Can't customers read the Frequently Asked Questions section on your site? What if they read the instructions before they overwhelm you with questions or think about the problem for a few minutes?

The reason for this is very simple: The idea of time is money also applies to your customers. The last thing your customers want is to be directed to a kind of non-personal support option. This shows them that you think your time is more valuable than their time.

Do you know how much people hate this attitude? So much that the GetHuman site created by ski co-founder Paul English helps one million users bypass automatic phone support every month and easily access live customer support.

4. Trying to Sell to the Customer Continuously

Do you like telemarketing calls and spam mails? So why should your customers think differently about this issue? People are encouraged to shop all day long and are tired of it. Customers are not fish. Do not try to feed them and hook them. Listen to them, contact them, serve them.

It is hard to say exactly how much your aggressive attitude towards customers has caused you to sell, but 64% of respondents say they have left the store because a dealer overcame them, according to a Consumer Reports survey. Of course, you will try to sell, but don't overwhelm your customer.

5. Too Tight Mouth

You may think that it makes sense to keep some information about your business secret, and you may even be right about it. On the other hand, customers are aware that there is a fine line between tight mouth and ripping. Being a bit transparent about your business can relax your customers.


For example, social media company xyz publishes on the internet how much its employees earn. The founders of Bob’s Watches share the profit margin of every product they sell on their site. If there is a Rolex GMT Master II you want to sell, they will give you a price of $ 8,000. If you want to buy the same watch, the price they give you is $ 9,495.

Greg Greiner, co-founder of Bob’s Watches, said, There was a hurtful point in knowing whether he made a good deal when buying or selling a watch on the market. We aimed to eliminate this, he explains.

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