We are Heroes, Venezuela chapter (Experiences)

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Hello dear readers!

This publication is dedicated to all my compatriots who make life in Project HOPE and in this Blockchain and still live in Venezuela, motivated by the most recent events that occurred in our beloved Venezuela.



Without ignoring the winds that blow around the crypto market, understanding that BTC seems to be embarking on an upward trend, or the surprising escalation of HIVE in the market coupled with the announcement of its inclusion in various exchanges.

Reasons and experiences.

The reasons for this publication are based on the different situations that a common Venezuelan must face in his day to day; It is difficult to find a nation in the world that is going through a situation that resembles what the Venezuelan lives daily, except in cases where the virus has hit hardest, however, I think it is difficult to overcome our experiences.

We face a great shortage of food, medicine, spare parts etc. For several years, a hyperinflation where the price of basic necessities far exceed the Venezuelan's salary.

To all this is added the arrival of the coronavirus, although fortunately it has not hit our country so hard so far, the quarantine has taken most of the Venezuelans out of the workplace who have to fight now with much more hunger and see how they double. food prices, further reducing their access to food.

All this resulted in riots and looting in different parts of the country as a result of the rise in the dollar and as a consequence the excessive increase in food, it is a constant struggle that has been going on for years and those who face this situation every day in our country I think they deserve to be called HEROES.

No one can resist so much and continue to believe that there is still hope.

Personal experiences.

I am sure that every Venezuelan has a history, an experience that is related to what I describe here, I also know that they have a better way of presenting the facts, but that's how I lived it.

Last week we witnessed once again an unprecedented event in other countries, I think this only happens in our economy (correct me if I'm wrong) we saw how the dollar went from costing 100,000 Bs (VES) X $ 1 to 200,000 Bs ( VES) X 1 $.

That's how I lived it, at home we have a six-month-old baby, the milk that we are giving him for his food cost before the devaluation 180,000 Bs (VES), the package of 400 grams, then it happened to cost 420,000 Bs (VES) doubling its cost in a matter of hours.

As if this were not enough, a failure in the electrical system left part of the southern state of Monagas without electricity for three days, which kept me completely incommunicado from Sunday to Wednesday.

Now, wages remain the same, $ 1.5 a month a Venezuelan earns as a minimum wage, in the last hours the government announced an increase in the minimum wage that will take effect on May 1, this increase will bring the wage of approximately $ 1.5 at approximately $ 2.1.

And to give you an idea, the milk our Baby consumes costs approximately $ 2, and lasts for approximately 6 days, that is, they are between $ 8 and $ 10 a month. Hahaha totally crazy.




It is very difficult to survive anywhere in the world with a salary of $ 2 per month, much more difficult in a Venezuela with a hyperinflationary economy.

Friends you are HEROES, people worthy of admiration, you deserve all my respect and this tribute, keep fighting, one day we will get up.

Note: Many of us receive the opportunity to access cryptocurrencies and be part of these two chains today that have become a great blessing.

Thanks STEEM, Thanks HIVE

In honor of Venezuelans who are still in Venezuela.

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If you do not appear in the list it is not because I do not consider you a HERO, please leave your name in the comments section, this is also for you.

Share your anecdote with us. How were you surprised by the latest increases? How did you experience it?

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De verdad que si somos bendecidos por poder acceder a las criptomonedas. Excelente tu nota. Muchos de nosotros recibimos la oportunidad de acceder a las criptomonedas y ser parte de estas dos cadenas hoy que se han convertido en una gran bendición. Agradecida con tus hermosas palabras de apoyo. @fucho80.

Tengo muchos venezolanos valiosos poniendo de su parte para mantener a sus familias en esta doble crisis una política y otra sanitaria. @marybellrg, @maleidamarcano, @slwzl, @belkisa758, @blanca56, @yeceniacarolina, @beatriche, @nestorgarcia, @antonirhuiz, @mafalda2018, @carolinacardoza, @zhanavic69, @felixgarciap, @yurilaya, @futven12. Puedo quedarme corta con mi lista de [email protected] gente valerosa que día a día escriben, dibujan, toman fotografías todo por su familia.

We really are blessed to be able to access cryptocurrencies. Excellent your note. Many of us receive the opportunity to access cryptocurrencies and be part of these two chains today that have become a great blessing. Thankful for your beautiful words of support. @fucho80.

I have many valuable Venezuelans doing their part to support their families in this double crisis, one politics and another health. @marybellrg, @maleidamarcano, @slwzl, @belkisa758, @blanca56, @yeceniacarolina, @beatriche, @nestorgarcia, @antonirhuiz, @mafalda2018, @carolinacardoza, @zhanavic69, @felixgarciap, @yurilaya, @futven12. I can fall short with my list of friends brave people who day by day write, draw, take pictures all for their family.

Gracias por esta bella mención. Tu eres una principal héroe de inspiración bella amiga. 🤗

Bendiciones amiga! Se que eres una luchadora muy persistente, no te rindes fácilmente y eso es una de nuestras caracteristicas.

Gracias por ayudarme a mencionar a este grupo de compatriotas, trate de incluirlos directamente en la publicacion.

¡Excelente detalle!

@fucho80 I really love that article... to get first hand unique access to deep background stories and content... that is why I am here... would be very nice to see more (frequent?) content.. more stories about daily life, problems and solutions in Venezuela.. but please do not get yourself in trouble.. I have no idea if this is sensitive stuff in the eyes of your government or not... upvoted and rebloged

Ok that's fine, thanks for reading and commenting. I just try to put my closest reality in context, the problems we live with are many and I always share something like that whenever I can.

Thanks for your constant support @solarwarrior

That's so bad. I think one of the acces to greater economic opportunity is blockchain and cryptocurrency. And you @fucho80 have swum in the world of cryptocurrency. You might have tasted the bread of steemit and hive so I think promote and educate young people to join the platform and donate them with free registration to steem and hive.

You might have tasted the bread of steemit and hive so I think promote and educate young people to join the platform and donate them with free registration to steem and hive.

That's right! Although I participated in the best moment of steem, since I arrived I have been fighting to maintain myself, everything was very difficult until I arrived at the Project HOPE community, however, I am making an effort to help people from here.

I have included some people and have supported them to move forward, I also started a food donation program through the @hope.venezuela account, it is now stopped but we will soon restart.

Thank you for your comment and support, I appreciate it.

Si es muy ruda la situación actual, en Venezuela... pero muchos estamos aún estamos aquí... te recomiendo le des tetica a tu bebe, la inversión la haces dandole comida a la mamita!!! ... a mi hija le quite los pañales de día, y bueno estamos en el proceso q aprenda... porq eso también aumento una locura... yo doy gracias que tengo un patio, exige un poco de trabajo pero nos regala los cambures más deliciosos, pronto tendremos mango y bueno sembramos lo que podemos... mi nombre es Tahia iribarren y vivo en Yagua estado Carabobo ... sigo aquí y no he dejado de trabajar... 😁

Hola @tahiaarq, gracias por tu comentario; yo soy del estado monagas y cuando digo que los venezolanos deben sobrevivir con 2$ al mes, es una referencia de lo que gana la mayoría en este país, lógicamente con eso no vive nadie, lo que nos obliga a buscar otras opciones como las que mencionas, siembra, actividades extras, pesca y cualquier otra cosa que nos ayude a sustentar la familia.

Particularmente pienso que nos sostiene la misericordia y la provisión de Dios.

¡Gracias por tu comentario, eres muy amable!

 2 years ago  

Hello my friend,
I read your post and can't help to feel the sadness for your people living in such conditions. On the other hand I congratulate you to encourage your fellow countryman not to give up and try to work towards a better future.

I think that it is great that platforms like steem and hive allow you to earn some currencies that may give you hope and some financial breath to buy milk for your child. I know also that you do your best to help the people around you with hope.venezuela and your country needs more people like you!

My admiration goes to all Venezuelan who have to fight for their everyday meal. You are definitely heros. When people complain here in our western countries about the crisis we are living, I can't help to think how it must be for the people in Venezuela...

Best regards,

@achim03 friend, thank you for your kind words, I know that your affirmations are sincere, I know of your respect and concern for the people of Venezuela and of the efforts you constantly make to support us.

I have always thought that in other countries when inflation goes up a couple of digits, people think of a crisis and governments worry and begin to take actions, in Venezuela that does not happen, we have hyper-inflation and for the government everything is fine .

But here we continue, we do not give up, particularly I thank God for the crypto, these two chain, @crypto.piotr, Project HOPE and yourself for so much support, all this has lightened my burden.

Hello @fucho80 thanks for mentioning me in your publication, because I'm not in Venezuela right now, I left there 2 years ago, but in the same way I consider that those who stayed and those who left there are people who deserve admiration, it has never been easy for us since we are with that government and every effort we make to be better is an achievement!

My family is there and I am aware of everything, and you don't know how much my country hurts!

We're big time heroes!

Hello friend @franyeligonzalez, thanks for your comment.

In the publication I wanted to refer to those of us who are still here, however, I do not judge those who left, I do not know what is worse if staying to endure this situation or leaving the country leaving behind a life and even family.

I understand that emigrating is one of the worst things we have to face, when we are forcibly displaced by a crisis, ideally there should be opportunities to grow and develop in our country.

I think that those who left are Heroes as well, some endure xenophobia, mistreatment and even exploitation to work everything to have and give a better future to their family, that deserves respect and admiration.

Blessings, I hope you are well!

Gracias, sí, tenemos que sufrir muchas cosas, pero bueno hay algo que nos mantiene adelante y es nuestra familia!! Saludos!!

Holla @fucho80.
This is the saddest story I have read in a long time. The trauma, suffering, ordeal and the extreme hardship that you and million other Venezuelans are facing is too much to comprehend. And to think that you live through every minute of this is nothing short of heroic.

Now, wages remain the same, $ 1.5 a month

This is the worst anywhere in the world. This is just high crazy. I think the world powers need to come in to help on this. To even imagine that people suffer like this and nothing is done about it beats me to cold. Massive donations keep going to countries that are doing relatively fine. I do not know if helps come from outside but is being hijacked and siphoned.

To all the names mentioned in this article and many more; you guys are supermen and Thors in n Your Own rights. From my position, I can only support here and pray along. I hope that you guys get out of this soon and strong. 💪💪💪

Kryptarion here!

Hello friend @cryptarion, thanks for sharing your words and best wishes.

To all the names mentioned in this article and many more; you guys are supermen and Thors in n Your Own rights. From my position, I can only support here and pray along. I hope that you guys get out of this soon and strong. 💪💪💪

Yes friend, that's why I share my thoughts, many people here suffer calamities to survive, I have witnessed children die from malnutrition and other diseases due to lack of medicines and medical attention.

We have the help of this means that helps us bring bread to our table, and from here we try to do what little we can to help others.

Start a food donation program through @hope.venezuela, now it is stopped but we will restart it soon.

Thank you for your understanding!

When it is restarted, please let the community know... I'm sure there are ppl that would love to help. Cheers

Thanks friend, it will be!

Hello @fucho80, and we're still standing, it's been over 20 years.

I remember what the father of a friend told him, with faith and hope: "Son, be calm, things are going to get better".

And the son said, tired of the same thing: "You've been telling me that for years and things are getting worse every day, dad!"

Obviously, my friend has left the country and his dad is still here. We'll keep on holding, @fucho80.