Being Gracious In Life

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Last week I found out that the campus work study position I applied for went to another applicant. The interviewer sent me a nice email informing me that the other person had a lot more experience with the specialized software they use in that department. I sent her a gracious reply in return thanking her for the interview and wishing her the very best with their new hire.

It's always been very competitive trying to snag a work study slot on campus. We have a deep pool of well-qualified people who apply for these jobs which is great for the departments doing the hiring.

I was once up for a position in the student support office and found out that the other student who'd applied was a lady who'd been an office manager for ten years! :) As we sat in the waiting area, I learned that this sweet woman knew Excel and the other Office programs like the back of her hand. she got the job and deservedly so.

Living In Grace

What I've found out in life is that win or lose, being gracious pays dividends when dealing with people. It shows a deep maturity as opposed to those who storm off when they don't get what they want and leaves a positive impression in the minds of the recruiter.

It's also just the way I am as I've come to believe that everything happens for a reason and if you look back at events, you'll find that the Universe eventually balances everything out. A good reminder is when I posted about blessings wearing a disguise last week.

Every decision made directs a reaction which alters your timeline in life. Realizing that you can control only what you can, allows you to flow with grace and leave a positive reflection behind in your wake.

There's a lot of turnover in jobs on campus and the good vibes we share are remembered by those we interact with. Being gracious in life affects everyone around you and instills a sense of calm while being the right thing to do.

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