Happy New Year

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December 31st, 2021
Temperature 22F/-6C

Last Dance (post) of the Year

On solstice December 21st, my desktop died. I did a few post about it, and have come to the conclusion that I really do not miss it that much at all.

Below is what I am using for a desktop replacement. My Raspberry Pi.

raspberry pi jpeg cropped.jpg

I still need to find an image program that is easy to use for cropping pictures. Libre Office draw has a cropping tool, but it is not that easy to use when wanting it done now as you can see above.

I never really did much on my desktop, and the only reason I had one is I don't really like laptops, and I used to like to play a lot of games.

I have Linux Mint loaded on my laptop, I really did not like Windows 10, so it hardly ever got used for anything other than offloading my camera pictures. It is still used for that. I got pretty used to picking the pictures I wanted to play with on my desktop and using an external hard drive for storage which I could easily switch back and forth via my USB Cable.

I still have my X-box, but am thinking about researching the Steam Console if it is still out and around, I have not heard much about it lately so am not sure.

There have not been many new games I've seen that I want lately. The last want for a game was Fall-out 4. It has been out for a few years now I think, so that might be my first game buy in the last couple of years, so I am not as much of an avid game fan as I was.

A part of the need for a desktop was because of bloatware called microsoft operating system. I don't know how much space on a computer microsoft office suite would take, I imagine a little bit more than Libre Office suite.

So far I am pretty happy making the move away from microsoft. The simple reality is I have found I really do not need it.

A little bit of adversity toward the end of the year with the computer crash, but over-all that was a real blessing. 2021 was not to bad of a year as I look back, I would have liked to get out more than I did, but as we age our bodies make us aware of that aging process. Still for 2022 I hope to be ale to go out for more picture opportunities.

I would like to try and post a little bit more on Hive in 2022 than I did this year, but I just had little I felt like posting or sharing with people. I hope I can continue with my commenting and being engaged on Hive, but that has been tapering off a little bit also.

Goals for 2022, really only one Hive goal, and that is to establish a KYC account so I can add to Hive holdings or be prepared to take some earnings out and invest in other things. I think Hive-Engine Tokens has helped me learn a little bit about token investing, and I have learned a few lessons from it.

Our year here on the peninsula is ending on a slightly warm note, and a little bit of snow. The start of the New Year, is expected to be one of snow, rapidly followed by a couple days of wind and single digit temperatures, so very cold times ahead and maybe just maybe one of those few events where we have drifting snow and snow dunes building.

Happy New Year everyone, and I hope 2021 was not to bad of a year and that 2022 will be a not to bad of a year also.

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I love my PC. I love the full keyboard where my fingers can fly.

My Mom's laptop has flat keys and I can hardly type on it. LOL.... and I totally detest doing anything more than short texts or emails on my phone. That one finger typing drives me nuts !

Glad you are being able to work it out in a way that is happy to you.

Happy New Year !

A full size keyboard is he only way to go. I just wish they made them to where they lasted longer. One of my first keyboards with the round keyboard plug lasted for a really long time, no sticky keys no keys that would not type when clicked. When they did away with the round keyboard plug on computers we got an adapter for it and that key board lasted for about 15 years before succumbing to a fully loaded sugared up cup of coffee. It just was never the same after that.

Now that you mention it, my earliest keyboards did seem to last forever. One only died when I spilled some grapejuice in it....LOL....

I was fortunate that some years back my company did a clean out of extra/old inventory. There was such a pile of it, that they let us go and take some of it with the stipulation that we take it home and not leave any of it at our desks, defeating their purpose of cleaning out. Among a few other things, I took several good keyboards, so have had extras as the cheaper ones died young deaths....heh...

I don't think I realized there was an adaptor. I just didn't think of it to go look.

What are You 6 hours behind East Coast Time.?

We will be 1/4 of a day into 2022 when ya'll get around to it... LoL


I think 5 hours, one hour later than California. It's 10:36 right now as I type, so still a bit of 2021 to go.

May all you New Year wishes come true @bashadow. A Happy New Year 🥳

Not to bad of a start, I got my wife's car stuck, but should be unstuck tomorrow. So last year ended kind of bad, but not real bad, and this year so far so good.

That’s not too bad to end the year as long as Shasta is still speaking to you.😃 I was thinking that Lunapic is a good free app to use to crop photos. Shasta and I use it for animations but you can also do other things like crop and scale.

Congrats and good luck on the move. I've wanted to move to something Linux-based as a learning experience and to get off Microsoft for once, but then I remembered I don't know how to code/CLI for jack. There are GUI's but some things need to be fixed differently. So mad respect for taking the leap.

Maybe a project could be making an all-in-one system as the Raspberry Pi is so small? just a suggestion.

Have a happy new year and good luck! I wish you the best.

I converted my laptop to Linux Mint, but I am one of those strange people that do not really like a laptop, so it still does not get much use at all, but there for photo purposes like before the crash.

So far no real issues using the Raspberry Pi for Hive. Splinterlands does not run real smooth, but good enough if I want to play a couple of games.

It has been a project switching, but I am getting there.

Cool you created your own community to post ramblings too! I made the Rant community lol fun to post in our own communities and not care about people bitching about the topics.

I've got a desktop sitting next to me that I just haven't had the chance to load up. It's a pretty well built unit, SSD, graphics card and all that. I just don't have a fantastic spot to park it. I'm standing in front of a bureau right now due to space constraints so it's definitely going to get rolled out when we move into a new house!

I am not really familiar with Libre but anything that is an alternative to Microsoft would be awesome. Are you able to use Brave browser on your new setup? That would be important for me but generally a lot of other things I could do without.

Libre Office suite is a pretty good replica of microsoft office. I mostly use the spreadsheet (calc) than the other parts. I have not looked at Brave Browser yet, and for my online stuff I have jsut been using my Raspberry Pi since 12/21/2021.

When communities first came out on Steem via PeakD, I had to try them out. That was back in 12/29/2019, or close to that time frame. Of course like everything the split moved it over to Hive.

Sometimes it is to hard to find the right community, and well no one can delete or mute me in my own community like one community did to a post of mine so I use my own a lot.

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