What about our sleep habits?

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I should maybe start this post with a greeting, something like good morning? No, no, it's just too shallow... maybe start with a joke... What a joke has to do with this topic? Try with an anecdote or a quote... Maybe with a photo of the morning sun coming into the room...


The dialogue in my mind would continue but I just have to stop now those thoughts to fight with themselves. The first sentence will somehow come, the important thing is that I know that this time I don't want to be late for the challenge that invites us to talk about sleep. What I didn't know is that it would be this difficult to start writing a post after a few days of break. It was not an intentional pause from writing for Hive... I had to use the power of sleep to make it through some days that are now behind me. When a strong migraine episode hits, there is no real remedy. If you are lucky you can sleep for a few hours and hope for the next sleeping session as it is the time when you don't feel the pain and nausea. Sleeping - a better topic couldn't come right now for me. But if you missed out on this invitation and you have a sleepy sleeping story to share with us, you can still check it out and participate. The deadline is the 4th of February. Thanks, @anttn for the initiative. :)

The Past

When I read that post I laughed at this part

I didn't understand why we had to spend a third of our time as dead, lying down with nothing else to do.

Hahaha, indeed 🤣 Children can feel this way as they are curious and the world is waiting for them. They want to explore all the time, so sleeping is somehow a waste of time. An early afternoon nap? No way. Later, when those little people grow a bit their attitude toward sleeping also changes. Waking up early for school is not anymore interesting for teenagers. And also, who didn't like to sleep until midday - after a night out? I did like it, though not just after a night spent out. I just loved to practice the piano during the late evening, and later, study other subjects when normal people were already sleeping for a long time. Well, this is typical for student days, I guess many of us did the same. Lack of sleep during the night needed to be compensated with a bit longer sleeping hours during the morning. Luckily, I didn't have lectures early.

I was also making up for the lack of sleep while I was travelling by bus or train. That was a perfect time to have a nap, what else you can do when going home for the weekend? You arrive already with full batteries so family & friends time can start. Not everyone is lucky to fall asleep in a moving vehicle like a bus, but I really didn't have problems with it. Now when I think back, I could be easily robbed while having my eyes closed... or miss the city where to get off the bus or train. However, no interesting story to share here, everything went well.

The Present

At present time, I still go to sleep late, usually at 1 or 2 a.m. (but maybe it is not late for some people, it all depends on the preferences and schedules of a person). I could always find excuses why I go to the dreamworld at that time, and lately, the culprit is Hive :D Sometimes I stay awake until late as I practice the piano (with headphones). I know that the inspiration comes late in the evening, and I also know that I am not the only one who experiences this. The muse visits us at night... artists are writers can relate to this.

When I am worried about something or there is just one thought that affects me I don't sleep well. Luckily, it doesn't happen often lately, though there were periods of time when I didn't like nights because of that. When insomnia was present I was longing for mornings and to continue with activities that would distract me. A year ago or so I started to use CBD oil every day to try to reduce my migraines. It worked very well last year, but also I had other changes in my diet that I added to the whole process (mentioned them here ). No coffee and refined sugar. My sleep improved a lot. Now I am back to the unhealthily diet and I sometimes forget to take my cannabidiol drops regularly (morning and evening)... I remember just in the evening, but still, they help me to fall asleep in no time ;)

Although I go to sleep late, I do like the state of sleeping. And the moments of waking up, when it is not the alarm clock that wakes me up. When I open my eyes as there is already sunlight reaching into the room...feeling the softness of the bed linen and allowing myself to stay there for some extra moments. That's a good way to start a day, after having some hours of sleep. Usually, I recall my dreams if I wake up in this way, but if the alarm clock wakes me up I tend to forget them. Unfortunately.


Oh, I also like to sleep in a short siesta, a beautiful thing that living in Spain showed me. After lunch, take a short nap. Perfection. I guess that's why I can stay awake until late. Just take care those naps are not too long. You can wake up thinking that it is morning and that you will be late for work 😂 Oh, that happened to me once or twice, so I do set now an alarm that is not allowing me to sleep too long siesta!

The Future

This one is just a joke 😂
Obviously, I don't know how will be my future and sleeping habits. However, I could work on going to sleep a little bit earlier in the future...


What are your sleeping habits? Do you think they are good or do you have to improve on something? Do you have interesting dreams to share or a story that happened to you - connected to sleeping?
If you like, you can join in the challenge, there is still one day to do it :))



I tend up sleeping late at night. I mean, I am sleeping late due to the fact that I can't sleep early no matter how I close my eyes. My wife and son were sleeping already but I'm wide awake. And funny thing is, when I'm about to sleep my son will be awake and I'll be the one to put him back on sleep which happens for me to sleep at dawn.

I feel so unhealthy already hahaha what to do.

Seems that you can't fall asleep for some reason... Maybe you are worried or just have that protection feelings so even if your family already sleeps you are awake and have an eye on them? If you can sleep a bit longer in the morning then it's good but I am not sure because of your profession 😅
Maybe you sleep while teaching 😁

Deep breathing exercises or meditation can maybe help. Listening to calm music too.

Actually it started when I was a working student when I was in high school. Hahaha and until now I've got already a son.

Hahaha if only I have time to sleep at school but I'm afraid the principal will see me haha.

Well, maybe I'll try the exercise. ☺️

Haha.. Relate to this. But they said that as we grow older.. We tend to sleep early and wake up early too. And even if we sleep late, we still wake up early...Dunno if it happens to all oldies though.. But my mother is. Hehe...
About my sleeping habit, I guess, the culprit why I sleep late is also Hive 😂 and other online side hustles..lol. I always want to sleep early ..but as the time comes, my hands still reaching for the phone lol.

Then I haven't grown enough older hahaha as I don't go early to sleep. 😂
My culprit is also the schedule the country I live in has. The dinner is late (around 21h) and then leisure time just starts hahaha

Sounds like a lot of fun. I have learned that having less sugar has helped me a lot with my sleep. But I've been working on that since 2020. I usually go to sleep like at 10-11 and get up at 5 to start the day and do a lot.

Hive usually keeps me awake sometimes, but hey, it's like my job.

I was never fond of Siestas. I'm used to work during those hours after lunch. I guess it's just a habit I created during college since rehearsals were during these hours.

In fact, sleep is something we can't do without. It's among my 2023 resolutions to always make sure I sleep before 11PM. With this, I can manage to have at least 5hours sleep becauseI wake up at 4Am. The 8hours seems to be too much for me. Although I'll always try to fix a nap in day time.

As you said you usually stay awake up to 1AM, then I don't think you sleep that much in a single day.

Another lovely post with a delightfully developed theme @mipiano friend... Reading you is almost like listening to you think!... I love that... As usual, are concise but nourishing reads... A talent!...

I suffer sporadically from migraines and lately I have minimized the attacks by eliminating the intake of processed flours (I use cassava flour instead of corn flour) and I also decided to eliminate processed sugars and sweeten things with unprocessed cane sugar (here we call it "Papelón or Panelas")... Fortunately, the result has been quite good...

Regarding that "mystical" issue of the "how much" and "when" to sleep... Wow, it's something very particular to everyone, I guess... I, for example, usually sleep between 8 and 9 PM (my wife says I look like a chicken) and usually at 4:30 or 5AM I am up... My house is a very quiet place at that time believe me!... But my wife, my mother and my daughter are usually awake until midnight and get up around 8AM... So, for a few hours I'm "the only awake inhabitant of this whole place"... hee hee hee... :))

Thanks for writing and sharing... A hug and a good weekend @mipiano friend, for you and all your near people!

!discovery 35


Like a chicken 😂 literally


But you do go to sleep early .... early the next day {smile}

migraines are the pits.... in my country of birth i could get a 'migraine' pack for very cheap 0.75 euro which I would swallow and go to bed the moment that dreaded golden / black shimmer came at the edge of my vision. it was basically paracetomol, a muscle relaxant and a sleeping tablet. best thing out. one woke up with weakness and slight 'headache hangover' ... but preferable to the full onslaught.

I know that the inspiration comes late in the evening, and I also know that I am not the only one who experiences this. The muse visits us at night... artists are writers can relate to this.


I think yes, I will participate in this initiative. I don't know if by publishing tomorrow at 6 am, Cuban time, I will be on time before the closing time. I guess so, because the day on Hive ends at 8 PM.

So, no sleeping for you this night? 😂

It will be perfect for the topic! :D

You will make it on time 😉

Me preocupa que puedo escribir eso muy borracha 🤣 qué me recomiendas? 🤔🤪

Saldrá genial... ni lo notaremos si estás borracha o no...

Sabes como lo dicen, solo hay una pequeña línea entre ser un genio, estar loco o borracho... 😂 🤗

Yes, it has happened to me that i have had moments of lightness in the early hours of the morning. I guess, it can be a combination of several things, the silence and calm of the night and our senses are sharpened and we can focus them on what we want.

If we are doing something we like to do at this time of day, we surely enjoy it more and things turn out very well. Although if it's something that needs to be delivered, it's best to take a look at it in the morning in case sleep starts to catch up with us.

As for me, i never got into the habit of using the alarm clock, whenever i set it i always stayed focused on it and ended up sleeping very badly or always waking up before it rang. I decided to live life to the limit jajaj and let my body wake up only when it needed to wake up earlier than usual.

Haha ,I can relate it about the sleeping habit😂.
My son does'nt want to have an afternoon nap coz his reasons os he can't sleep early and it makes him to wake up late in the next morning😂

Oh, so it means you don't have an afternoon nap. Well, when we have small children we adapt to their schedule ;)

Good you are here with a post again @mipiano after such a bad migraine…
So sorry to hear. I understand it all.

Oh sweet sleep… wish I could sleep more, insomnia is still there, sigh.
One day it will be better. One day 🤓
Thanks for sharing your sleep last, present and future 😎
Take care my friend!
Have a wonderful Friday 👋🏻☀️ soon it’s weekend.

I remember your insomnia Jackie, so it is still here? Hope it will get better soon, you need to sleep.

Yep, it was once again a bad one, this 2023 didn't start very well with migraines. But let's hope the weekend will be good, for you and me too :))

Yep, still there… until, I’m so exhausted that I just crash and don’t even remember to sleep hahaha 🤣
But it will be fine. One day 😉 thanks a lot.

No, it didn’t start well for you with the migraines. So sorry to hear that. Let’s hope indeed 🤞🏻🤞🏻 positive thinking.
Have a lovely evening @mipiano 👋🏻

Until now, I still couldn't find myself sleep with the regularly and control my time management, it seems like it always excuse and I know, others would dealing with this too. However, I am now improving my sleep by noticing the thing that could make me feel asleep fastly like reading haha you know I remember I always excuse to read book when I was an adult and always sleepy while reading, so I make this as a solution from now on, even though sometimes it could spend more than 20 minutes to make me sleepy, but it actually Worth since I can caught up some information from the books. Take care dear, ❤️

Oh, reading is a good way to fall asleep haha. I don't watch a lot of movies as many times I fall asleep on the couch 😂 not the best way of sleeping as later I wake up and can't sleep when really want to. Books for me are for reading, but during the day ;)
Thanks for sharing your experience 😇


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 2 months ago  

Hahaha ! It happened to me twice to be stolen in the train while I was asleep ^^ ! Twice in the same year and on the same route, a computer and two phones, my god ! Each time, I woke up in the train, super rested, but almost an hour after the train arrived... I'll never know if someone tried to wake me up or not? But let's finish this anecdote you made me think of :)

A bit like you, I've always been a night owl and it's often late at night, when almost everyone is asleep, that I get my best ideas, there's a quietness in the darkness that changes the texture of things and their relationship to each other... I hope you will manage to get rid of these migraines completely in the not too distant future, but you seem to have got rid of them quite a lot already ! Reading your article, as well as the previous one about health and others, I understood one of the reasons why I think we get along well. We love life and enjoy it, taking it in stride when of course we can, but if we realize it, most of the time we can despite the inevitable difficulties !

Thank you for this article and the good time spent reading it, read live from bed ^^ !
Have a good Sunday and see you soon 💚 😇