Keep calm and...

in Q-Inspired2 months ago (edited) Rachmaninoff!

That's my new motto, from a bit more than a week ago.

I am not sure if should I mention once again what is the challenge that I set myself? I don't want to be annoying, repeating the thing as it can be boring to my potential readers. However, I have to picture here the beginning of the story if maybe there is someone new joining this journey of mine through my posts.

In short: I will try to learn one composition by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Prelude in G Minor (op.23, no.5) by the end of the year. more info here :D This is an update post on the topic.

I started practising it last Saturday. That day I read the text, and maybe I even managed to reach the end of the composition (just superficially) once. But mostly I focused on the first two pages. Very slowly, decrypting chord by chord, which octave I am supposed to play it, what position, which fingers would be the best for a certain chord etc. Apart from the familiar parts that are repeated a few times ( like the motif from the beginning), there was one passage on the first page where the left hand has a melodic movement, played in the interval of octaves. I had to get familiar with that one, missed several times the right direction and notes, as at the same time the right hand is completely different. It has to play chords of a smaller range and in various inversions. A few of them with the repeated octave, and what is the interesting fact as the left and right hand have to mark with an accent a few notes, but not at the same time. That was the first challenging part. That is the section that starts where I am pointing with the tip of a pencil. Nasty little black dots making trouble 😂


I spent some time learning it and moved forward. The second page is still a bit weaker than the first and I play it considerably slower, to be able to reach all the chords and jumps. It is not that difficult, the structure is clear but I sometimes mix up one F Major chord thinking it is a D Minor in inversion. I am not sure why my fingers place themselves for that wrong chord. Anyway. A bit further, almost at the end of the page, there is a part with a few chords that I had to pay more attention to. {Photo below, those chords in both hands}. The first one is a diminished 7th chord (F#-A-C-Eb) in different inversions for both hands. That one was not a big deal, but the next to it after the jump B-D gave me more work. Augmented from Eb (Eb-G-B). Here my mind was refusing to play the B natural in the combination with Eb... until I get used to the harmony, playing the chord a few times in the arpeggio version. Btw, in the video, I play it wrong! The last one was easy, a simple G minor chord - of course in different inversions for both hands, as why Rach would write any of these chords in an easy way? The paper is a bit wrinkled... maybe I was getting slightly aggressive with it lol.


The third page is the beautiful part where we play arpeggiated chords in the left hand with a sublime melody brought in chords in the right hand. A part that can give goosebumps, if played well. So, there I had to work separately on those passages, and still, one week later I am at half of that third page. I need to find the best positions and train my reflexes to make my hand switch positions in the smoothest possible way. I am still far away from achieving that.


I was recording some of my studying sessions during the week. I had to stop playing this piece on Friday, as you may know, I hit my left elbow and... I forced myself to take a break. Today is Monday, I had my gig yesterday in the morning and was able to play soft pieces, but felt my left arm heavy. In the afternoon I attempted to play the Prelude very softly and slowly, but it was a weird feeling. I stopped. The recordings in the video were made during the week and we can see some differences in tempi, one day at home and another day in school. I have errors and missed chords and I stop and slow down when I need to think. I play very slowly, like the turtle mode hahaha. But exactly that is what I wanted to show, that studying is not the same as performing. Studying can be very annoying to those around me! So far, nobody complained!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak

Once again, this is not a performance. This is just the process of STUDYING!! Please, don't judge or compare it with any other already learned performance! This is just my update on how my first week of facing the challenge went. With all the mistakes and slowing downs hahaha.
But I am happy, as I can play slowly and with mistakes, two and a half pages (the piece has six pages). I hope I will be back to practising soon and complete the third page and move forward, at least one page more during the second week.


in lack of an adequate footer - keep calm and study Rachmaninoff :D


EDIT: @bertrayo went ahead and made & posted this in his comment!

THANK YOU :)))))))

It perfectly matches this post 🙌🙌🙌

▶️ 3Speak


I haven't watched a score of Rachmaninoff since I was studying Vocalise. That was when instill played Bri. But some of the composition patterns seen similar. I guess that's composer's signature. The style, the thing and essence.

It's been so long since I last saw you play, yet the beauty and poise are still there as I remember them. It doesn't matter if it's a study session. Gotta say, it goes way better than any study session I have ever had. 🤣

I love the arpeggios is the third segment of the video. That's where the thing of the chord takes place right? Saw something funny in a chord over there.

My appreciation is that it's going well taking into consideration the close encounter with the door and given the complexity of the piece.

It's just like you say "keep calm and study Rachmaninoff."

PD. Went ahead and made you this:

I'm sorry but that "Keep calm & Study Rachmaninoff" banner is fucking dope man!

Dude... Noice job!

Hey, thanks. I have no designing skills whatsoever, so I let Canva do the heavy lifting for me.

Ahh... I see. It's impressive nonetheless.

Well, thanks. I just thought my dear friend needed a meme for her challenge.


Thank you my friend, that is very very nice of you!! I really like it, so already updated my post with your creation and contribution to this challenge of mine!

Yeah, I think every composer has its signature, and Rachmaninoff had these chords and the very wide type of melody just he could compose!

I know, it has been a while, since I recorded and published something. But you see, these fingers still didn't retire hahahaha. I needed a sparkle or anything to start learning again something new. Yay, I am so happy with his Prelude 😇
A long path is still ahead but I started :)

Saw something funny in a chord over there.

Which one? 😃

My appreciation is that it's going well taking into consideration the close encounter with the door and given the complexity of the piece.

These were recorded before the encounter haha. Well, I will try to study again, I will have one hour as a student is ill so I will use that time to keep calm... and continue studying Rachmaninoff :)))

You're welcome, my dear. I thought you might want to have something meme-like thrown in the mix.

Those fingers are the magic flutter over there keyboard. Ha, ha, ha. I see they work just fine. Well, more than that.

About the chord, I think it was that Eb with the augmentated 5th. You played Bb and then corrected it immediately. I guess it's hard to wrap the brain around these changes. But that's what study session ought to do.

Keep calm and study Rachmaninoff. I might dust off the Vocalise. It is a very nice piece.

I might dust off the Vocalise. It is a very nice piece.

It IS, indeed.

Btw, I kept calm, but during the last week, studying didn't find its place... :/

Oh, my...

Well, keep calm at least! 😅

Maybe I will have more success if I take a look on your meme thing and I read a few times the second part of the phrase... and study Rachmaninoff

Ha, ha, ha, ha. I think so too. However, you know we can't predict all the things we are going to do in our days. 🤣😅

but I sometimes mix up one F Major chord thinking it is a D Minor in inversion.

LoL... I can very much relate to this 😂. Don't forget C major and A minor too! Actually, this reminds me of a little section in Liszt's liebestraum with a couple uncomfortable arpeggios for the left hand.

Lol, I could never really get my fingers nor muscles to hit that A note for the A minor arpeggio. Instead, my fingers kept on hitting G for C major!!😭

Also, I found your practice section quite refreshing. There's something so relaxing about this piece slowed down, that really makes you appreciate all those hidden voices, textures, and harmonies Rach so cleverly shrouded amongst all the many virtuosic and CHORD induced passages in this prelude.

You're doing great! Well done! And I'll be looking forward to the final performance hopefully at the end of this year.

Oh, I know that arpeggio from Liszt and the battle the fingers have to do deciding will it be G or A hahaha, though I had more trouble with the first bar of that section, with the C major one and no right hand upon there to compensate the sound if there is a mistake lol.

Slow practising for sure allows us to hear more hidden voices and bring them up. Yay, relaxing - it indeed sounds like that. Also, at the moment that is my limit, my mind still needs much time to process 😇

And thank you for your understanding and encouragement. I am realistic - for the first week, it is good what I could achieve. The second will be harder though :D

True true.... When it comes to anything C major(especially arpeggiated) transparency becomes your worst enemy XD.

You'll do just fine I'm sure.

transparency becomes your worst enemy XD.

True 😂😂😂

Finally watch your practice 😊.. You're so good..and your fingers play naturally on the keyboard.

Hehehe, finally. You already wanted to listen to me, but as I say, this is just practising. I hope on another occasion I will publish something that goes already in a performance form and not a study session ;D

Thank you for listening 😇 🎵

I am not blessed with talent in music but I love listening. Also, I admire those who are good at it...
🥺, too bad I can't watch the video, still on the vacation at the countryside. poor internet.
Will surely, check this blogs of yours when I get back in the city..

Thank you for stopping by @lhes and no worries, you will listen to it when you are back and have better internet access. 😇

Not a bad motto for life....

Indeed, not a bad one :D

So much drama and sadness... Love it :D

I love it too 😇

Thou I feel sorry for bringing it in this early phase of studying, poor hearing of you listeners :D

It’s fascinating watching you interpret a bunch of symbols into a melody so sweet.

Those melodies have movie tense or comic scene potential.😌

hahah, that's good! A bunch of symbols :D

Indeed, they are, black dots on a paper - transformed to music :))

I don't know much about music but that sounds great. I've always liked classical music, it leaves me with very good feelings.

You are doing great i think it will be ready in plenty of time. I would like to see how the process continues.

This piece is actually amazing, so dramatic and beautiful at the same time. I am glad you liked how it sounds, well, the process will show do I improve and how much I improve, will it be good until the end of the year :))

Wow… keep going @mipiano 🤓😊 you can do it!
Sorry when I’m not much around… being on holidays. Will catch up when we are back.
Bigg hugg 🤗🤗

Cool :)))

Enjoy @littlebee4 to the max! You will catch up with what you can when you are back, but now indeed, just enjoy 😇

hugs to you too 🤗

Yep… 2 weeks exploring the New England region in America 🇺🇸 🤩🥰✈️✈️
We soooo needed it. And our first far away trip since the pandemic.
Posted the first journey 😉🤓 all flights we had and some cool views.

I will enjoy it all. I will catch up later, I’m sure 🤓😎
Thank you so much @mipiano 👋🏻😊
Have a great week further!

Oh, wow, I missed that post... :/

Now, I saw it. How cool, the flight and your arrival. Have fun! 💛 :))

No worries, I’m missing a lot too. But holidays are needed and I will enjoy it some more 😎🤓
Thank you so much @mipiano I will and am…

Hope you are still enjoying the holidays Jackie :))

miss you 😇

Yes I am enjoying still our holidays. We return home this weekend. So still manyyyy days left. 🥳
Today we drive back to Boston to explore the city for the last days 😎🤩

Thank you kindly @mipiano 🥰 miss you too…
Have a wonderful week further!

@tipu curate 🎵

😍 thank you 😍


I am not into piano until I heard you and watch your hand doing it, makes me fall in love with it. you are so goo! You deserve a big applause!

This feels super, that this piano piece made you fall in love with piano! I knew this composer is special, his works are indeed sublime and can make miracles :))

Thank you for your visit, have a great week @teacherlynlyn 😇

Oh i wish you all the best @mipiano as you practice it page by page. I know you can do it as long as you will give enough time to practice for it. Keep it up and you will win by that challenge you set for yourself.

Thank you @jenthoughts

The last week was a bit harder than the first one. Actually, I had a busy and stressful week, so I didn't find enough time to dedicate to practising. Unfortunately. But I am not giving up 😌

Going through the scripts you shared (obviously before watching the video), I saw the semi-quavers dancing around the script and I knew this wasn't a joke. Well, from the little I know you always take these challenges head-on.

The part that blew my mind was the last script where the semi-quavers of the Bass Staff were arranged in an ascending and descending manner. Mhen, this is a tough work for the left hand, while the right hand goes on hitting those sweet Octaves in quavers.

My mind already engisaged a "deadly piece" and when I watched your practice section I wasn't surprised. You just keep giving us professionalism pro max.

Indeed, it's not a joke. And not just the semiquavers that are dancing around, but all the jumps and the broad chords that make this piece a bit challenging.
Although I may be a bit late with the response, I saw your comments and was amazed at how you gave an analytical approach. You took your time to see the scores and recognize the difficult parts but also those that are so beautiful. One day, if it comes hahah, if I hopefully will be able to play it better than in this early practising phase, it will be a real pleasure to play it.
Thank you so much for your comment, and sorry for this late response 😇

Wow... I see music notes as a very difficult subject to study or learn, maybe that is because i never met you. Great work @mipiano you play the piano and notes so well. Ill be happy to learn more.

Thank you :)
I will try to keep up with this one, although there is a long path still to go to master this composition. 🎶😇

My friend heard the piano and complimented your talented pianist as this music is quiet complicated to play. Well done. Keep up the hard word. :) You have a fan from Australia now :)

Hey there @trangbaby , thank you so much for stopping by and listening to this practicing. Well, I hope I can learn it better so one day, at the end of the year you and your friend can hear this composition in a better version too 😇🎶🎶 ☺️

Greetings to Australia 🦘🌏👋

I'm actually very sorry that you're not using your fingers as much while on vacation. :p

I would like to hear you playing live.

It can be changed 🎶 ...
...if I am not riding the bike with my niece around Vojvodina 😂

One day without Vojvodina adrenaline you will survive :P
Seriously, that would be great...


Wow, this is a big challenge. I don't doubt you'll make it. I look forward to hearing the result. In the meantime I hope to be able to accompany you in the process. I even feel motivated thanks to this, Rachmaninoff is a great composer. There is a romanza for violin and piano that I have always wanted to play. Thank you for showing us your progress, your way of studying and sharing your anecdotes. P.S. I'm sure you've been dreaming about that F major chord, and it's haunting you ha ha ha ha! I see it more from why the ear is used to, and it's possible that it's references from the past. Good job my friend, cheers

Hey @cesarsj5 :))

I am looking forward to hearing the results too from me heheh, we will see if it will be successful or not.

I am so glad you feel motivated now to learn that romanza. Please, if you decide to challenge yourself to learn it and make a deadline, let me know :) Let's struggle together 😂

Thank you, a lot, for your encouragement ☺️

Sure! I'll check your proposal in the previous publications, print the particella, and set myself a deadline to submit it or at least record it with piano. !hiqvote 💙


The piano is a type of musical toy that is very difficult for me to play.
I am very happy when I see someone playing the piano.
the keys are very difficult for the fingers to play.
Congratulations for your struggle so that you can play it successfully😣

Thank you for your wishes, there is still a long way to go 🎶
Every musical instrument is hard in its own way, all are challenging but it is also a skill we can learn when we put together talent and work :)

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Thank you for sharing @cesarsj5 😇

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Just beautiful, @mipiano

thank you @freakshow90

{what is not so beautiful is the time that passed from your comment until my response 😅}

don't worry about it, my friend. You have your own responsibilities and other things. Never mind. Hey, have a great week. Hope to see on my futures posts.

Have a great weekend @freakshow90🥂🥂🥂

I would love to follow this mantra in life 😀

me too :)))

though other things came in and the mantra broke a bit. 😅

but I will stay calm and study when I can 😇🎶

Wonderful Rachmaninoff ~ Absolutely my fav Classical Composer!

Totally Romantic and soothes the soul (in my opinion) 😎

Yay, more Rachmaninoff fans!!!

I do love his music too, especially his piano concertos 🎶🎶🎶

Works to be admired!

WOW!! My respects, Rachmaninoff is a challenging composer, but one of my favorites definitely. Congratulations for such a beautiful gift and good luck 😂☺️☺️🙌🙌

He is a challenging one, but I am happy that I can practise this composition :)) 🎶🎶🎶😇
Thank you for your wish @gpanda911 and sorry for the late reply (I missed this comment 😬)

I'm not sure how I missed this Update. In reading this post, what I thought was impossible has now become totally impossible to comprehend how anyone could have such skills. A lot of what you were explaining might as well be rocket science.

The one thing I did understand is just how difficult it is to acquire the muscle memory necessary to play this piece. I was getting cramps in my fingers just listening to your explanation of what it takes.

You may not be able to rock this piece just yet, but what a talent you truly are, gifted, to say the least.

I really enjoyed listening to the clip you included showing you practicing, thanks for sharing.

When I first listened to this piece played by Yuja Wang, her performance was unreal, almost like she had been possessed and a spirit was moving her. On several occasions, the girl almost seemed to be floating above the bench, ready to jump out of her skin.

I hope I don't miss the next update.

And I am not sure how I missed your comment on this post 😱
Sorry for being a bit late with the reply, but I just saw this one.

Hahaha, rocket science 😜
Well, for me are rocket science level many other things I see around, it all depends on what we had an interest in when children (or adults) and developed a skill for that.
For me, music was the number one from my early childhood, at 5 I started to play "with" the piano, and at the age of 8, I started with lessons in music school. From that moment I knew what my profession would be. 🎶🎶🎶🎶

Thank you so much for checking out this update, I really appreciate it. Although as I say, just saw your comment on this post. 😬

Being exposed to a piano at a young age worked out really well. You must have had a piano at your home. Now, on the other hand, I could have had 10 pianos in my home when I was growing up, and I don't think it would have helped. Although I enjoy all kinds of music, I've got very little rhythm.
I'm not a good dancer, but when the wife says it's time to hit the dance floor I happily oblige. But when I get out there I seem to be clapping to the beat when no one else is.
It kind of goes like this, everyone on the dance floor hears one beat, they clap in harmony, and I hear my beat and clap all by myself. It's kind of funny and I like to tease my better half.

Yes, we did piano at home, as my mom and aunt also played the piano, but they stopped at some point with the lessons. Though that piano stayed at home so it was my discovery 😇
I am not a good dancer either. Actually, it is not that I am bad or not, I do feel the rhythm and can do it when I am guided, but maybe I am just a bit shy to do it freely when other people are looking.

But when I get out there I seem to be clapping to the beat when no one else is.

hahha, let's look at it from the positive side: a unique style of clapping :D

This weekend there is an event at my place, it focuses on alternative lifestyle, eco-agriculture, workshops, conferences, market and also there is live music. I went yesterday afternoon and was truly happy to see people dancing! I will probably visit it today too as it lasts for the whole weekend.

Btw, have a great weekend @thebigsweed 😇 🥂