It's time to only vote for #HIVE Witnesses who run their full node on ...

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It's time to only vote for #HIVE Witnesses who run their full node on Physical Servers (Hardware) they own.

  • The monthly rewards is enough + it's the only way to secure the blockchain.

@dbuzz will setup it's Full Node on a physical server we own this Quarter / Q1 2021.

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I am in process of setting up a full API node on my own physical server.

My witness is currently running on this powerful machine and I've just built and will soon have running a backup witness node (which will become my primary witness when my primary goes full API).

switched some votes around to support both dbuzz and you :-D

Thanks for the witness vote.

@someguy123 is the CEO and Founder of @privex, a company with a lot of servers.

  • He said he owns 4 servers dedicated to his #HIVE witness and probably deserves a vote 👍

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Can you make a video of the Hardware sharing that it's yours, or at least being used by You.

(A.k.a. Your not renting through a standard company like AWS or Privex)

I will vote for your Witness w/ @dbuzz if you can do that, and we should start a campaign about this.

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Here is a witness selfie showing my primary and backup I just got running.


Pretty cool having fibre direct to my desk eh!

Ahh okay @apshamilton.

I've actually not seen what a server looks like, at least not lately.

Is that the typical Physical Server you are using, or is it just a Desktop computer?

( I'm not tech savvy enough to know offhand )

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I'm running my witness nodes on mainstream hardware (in the PC cases connected to the screen) - that's the whole point.

The point is that a suitably speced "desktop PC" can be a "witness server" or even API Node server.

The top box & right screen is my brand new backup witness CPU Intel i5 8400 6 core, 24Gb RAM (bought extra 16Gb this afternoon) and 450 GB of SSD (250Gb NVME + 3 x 60Gb SATA). Running Ubuntu 20.04.

The bottom box and left screen is currently my primary witness but planned to become API node.
It is CPU Intel 6800k 6/12 core 128Gb RAM, 3TB SSD (2 x 1TB NVMe RAID0 + 500 GB NVMe + 500GB SATA)
Running Windows 10 Home with witness running in Ubuntu 20.04 in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2).

I built both these machines myself with my bare hands.

Only by owning and being able to build and upgrade the physical hardware can we ensure independence from service providers that may ban us.

Also its far cheaper than renting servers. You can buy parts and build for less than 9 months rent in most cases.

Here are some pics from inside.




  • Wow, I bookmarked this! 😀

And I will run your post by @nathansenn the next time I talk to him.

Just repackage the comment.. we can start a campaign for using personal hardware for Witnesses 😎👋🎉

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Thanks for the spruiking my witness, Chris.
I'm going to do a witness update shortly which will include the above.
I just got the script to automatically fail-over to my backup witness working.

Awesome, and yes, we need more people running their own Witness Hardware.

  • Like You ✔️

Good job 🙂👍

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nice! hive needs this.

Yes, and badly, before it is too late ✔️

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So far..

  1. @apshamilton
  2. @someguy123

Are the two Witnesses to step forward with evidence of owning their Witness Server Hardware.

A #NotYourHardwareNotYourWitness would be a good campaign on #HIVE imo @theycallmedan ✔️

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I know you didn't ask us, but here's a photo of one of our @privex racks in Sweden - with our logo on it for confirmation :)

(the photos are a bit old, ignore the link)



Thank you @someguy123 😊

I am actually very interested in this.

  1. The issue is, that companies like AWS and Privex can get pressured into banning their clients, i.e. #HIVE Witnesses from their service (look at #Parler)
  2. It could be coordinated & happen all at once

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Amazon has already shown its stripes as a politically motivated anti-free speech company.
Privex is the opposite. Very pro free speech and decentralization and located in Belize so the US government can't easily pressure it.

All third party providers are a risk but Privex is probably the safest option if you have to use a third party provider.

Also @someguy123 is a great guy who has helped me heaps in getting my witness nodes running.

Yeah, I don't know that many people yet @apshamilton since I still am fairly new.

But I replied in this thread about why I think Witnesses who own THEIR OWN hardware, IN THEIR possession, is even more secure than #Privex.

  • A lot of people said great things about #Spain and their non-extradition laws, at least, until #JohnMcAfee was arrested in 2020.

Times are changing, it's getting real, and BIG Governments + Corporations + Billionaires have a lot of sway.

  • If we want to stand as a Decentralized blockchain, we need the #Top20 to be decentralized among 20 different HARDWARE OWNERS, not 1 - 3 hardware owners, leased out to 20 Witnesses.

I love people, and I want to get to know @someguy123 and everyone else in the #HIVE community, but IMO the above makes sense, and is intended to save ALL of us from getting wiped out by Governments and #BigTech.

Feelings aside, #NotYourHardwareNotYourWitness.

Actually, since we're Belize-based, not US based, we can stand up for free speech to the max. It's extremely difficult to legally threaten a Belize-based company to censor anyone or hand over data due to it's lack of MLATs (check my comments, I explained this in a reply a few weeks ago).

One example - there's still a fair amount of Steem witnesses who use our services, we just don't actively assist them with Steem-specific packages. While we morally disagree on what Steemit Inc. has done, and their witnesses - we try to stand neutral, and won't "ban" anyone for anything that isn't clearly illegal (child porn, terrorism, etc.)

Recently, @privex was labelled as "Bulletproof Hosting" on a large Japanese wiki due to us refusing to comply with the Japanese police in the name of free speech :)

Nice, so #Privex might be better than #AWS and other alternatives, but Witnesses who own their own Hardware is even more secure than that @someguy123.

There is also the issue of:

  1. Companies AND Countries changing or even breaking their policies & laws (i.e. John McAfee was arrested in Spain, a country that had laws against him being arrested on behalf of the US)

  2. Most #HIVE Witnesses are likely using #Privex, and it's better to decentralize among 20+ unique entities, vs. having 10 - 20 Witnesses securing the blockchain with just 1 to 3 hosting companies.

Witnesses should compete for votes, and IMO they need to compete by buying their own Hardware.. it's better for everyone @someguy123, and @apshamilton made it sound like it can even save You money.

  • I warned Witnesses, especially #TheCryptoDrive that exchanges could be used to take over the #Steem blockchain and it happened.

  • I was against the #HBDPotato proposal, and those funds were later Powered Up for personal use.

  • If we are going to stand against Governments, Billionaires, Conglomerates and #BigTech, I think it's common sense we should secure the network with OUR OWN hardware, not via 3rd parties like #AWS or #Privex, regardless of their standing.


P.S. Do you work for #Privex, or was that just a quote from them, not you?

@Someguy123 is the CEO and founder of Privex Inc. - as shown on our site

Unfortunately, Privex isn't actually popular among the top 20, believe it or not - there's maybe 3 or 4 of the top 20 (including @someguy123 - who owns his own physical server in SE) spread across Privex's 7 regions (SE, US, DE, FI, JP, NL, CA), and our regions are spread across different company's datacenters, rather than just one company who owns all of the DCs in every region.

A lot of our Hive customers are either rank <30, or simply use us for seeds, RPC nodes, or hosting their Hive-related applications.

Ah okay, awesome thank you @privex and @someguy123 that makes sense and is GREAT news!! 😀

  • So now we have two Hardware owners so far.
  1. @apshamilton
  2. @someguy123

I hope more people will get listed and people will vote 😀🎉🏆

I would like to take this a step further and port the nodes to meshnets for ultimate decentralization (as far as I know).

WOW teach me how to do that

  • I would love to see a full blown article about this.

Please do one and tag me so I can see it! 😀

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@apshamilton said he bought his hardware w/the equivalent of 9 months worth of server rent

It would be good if the #Top20, and all Witnesses used their own Hardware of some kind, in THEIR possession, not via #Privex or #AWS

  • @dbuzz will start focusing on this in Feb.

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I really don't think its fair to bundle AWS and Privex together for the reasons set out above.

There is a place for rented servers, but balance and diversity is needed.

I am lucky to have a home with very high speed internet, reliable power, the space to put multiple tower case computers, lots of left over computer equipment from ETH mining in 2017/18, and the skills to build computers from parts.

Many witnesses don't have this. Some don't even have a fixed address. Very few people have fibre to their desk at home. Some live in places where power outages are quite common.

I do think that its worthwhile buying hardware rather than renting it if you can afford to (but not all can).

Even if you have to pay for hosting at a small data center, the risk of a small operator interfering with your owned hardware or breaking contract by turning it off is far lower than with Big Tech companies that think they are beyond the law.

Also, if you own the hardware its easier to keep running nodes even when witness earnings are low because of a low Hive price.

There IS a place for rented servers, and I am interested in using @privex in the future ✔️


We need the hardware securing the #HIVE blockchain to be divided among 20+ different HARDWARE OWNERS, not among 19, 10, 5 or 3 hosting co.'s who then lease to the #Top20

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Can you give me a list of Hive Witnesses which run their full node on their own physical servers and deserve to be voted? 🤔

By the way, may I know which service provider the @dbuzz node is currently running in? 🤔

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Let me know what you're able to come up with!

I will try to get the list started this month 👍


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This would likely be one of the people you would vote for as Hive Witness, since he owns the physical server used to host a Hive Witness node! 😀 👈


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P.S. I will send out the vote to @apshamilton via @dbuzz, once I have a Desktop / Laptop on-hand 😀👍

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Witnessshoshouldke a video of the Hardware w/someone explaining that it's their server.

The more proof someone can offer that they own the server, the more credible the claim is 👍

We'll have to make a list starting this month, I will find the service provider & tell you

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Well, @someguy123 is the CEO & Founder of @privex, a hosting company with a lot of servers.

And , he says that he physically owns 4 servers dedicated to his #HIVE Witness.

Hopefully he'll make a post so that I can share it

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While it is a good alternative to rent Privex VPS for Hive nodes, I think many people renting nodes from a single source (Privex in this case) is not a good idea. 🤔🤔

We are ready for vote ^^ Bring it on :)

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That's pretty cool 😎

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We need a campaign of this to Trend on #HIVE, and I suspect it will 😀


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Hehehe, we need to attract some attention at first ^^

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Well, @someguy123 provided evidence too, so now there are two Witnesses who showed evidence of OWNING their own Witness Hardware.

  1. @apshamilton
  2. @someguy123 is the CEO and Founder of @privex, the company where his Witness servers are stored ✔️

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Nice to see Dbuzz and apshamilton sequently ^^

There is no reason not to carry Dbuzz to top 30 actually. The platform is beloved by nearly every Hiver ^^

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We might increase in Rank after we dedicate more resources to our Witness, i.e. when we announce that it's been moved to a physical server owned by @nathansenn

  • The Dev demands of @dbuzz have delayed our #HIVE Witness & API providing goals.

New Target = Feb. 2021

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Here's some of the evidence provided by @privex on behalf of @someguy123.

  • @someguy123 also showed old photos of his server with them 👍

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Doing it right!

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I'll commit to this if I can learn more about it. I've been running regular web servers for years, but I don't know anything about running Hive witness nodes, yet. Time to start learning.

Time to #Digg #Deeper 😀

P.S. What is your website about?

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Its a haphazard attempt to document and philosophize all things decentralized, open source and voluntary. I'm sporadic but I'm hoping my time off this winter gives me the chance to dig in, lol.

I have had it for quite some time now, but last year I put a lot of work into it and the numerous subdomains. I have a bunch of WordPress installs for different topics and each subdomain also has a wiki for that topic. I also have a Nextcloud install to use for collaboration as well as a Customer Relationship Management system for managing contacts and projects.

I am pretty happy with what I have done to get started and now I hope to capitalize on all that with as many other people as I can.

I have a Discord I'm trying to use to further organize things, share and discuss if you care to stop by.

Ah okay, I joined You Discord and will check it later.

  • I saw familiar faces there too!

What type of #Marketing are you doing? I hope I can help someday 🙂

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Keep an eye on the promote-hive channel. Mostly Twitter marketing right now, but I look for all the other marketing activities and leave links on that channel, so maybe folks can find something that fits them.

Do you promote on Twitter too?

#HIVE #Dapp

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I haven't been doing that specifically.

Okay, might help

  1. is listed as a #Top5 Social Dapp Worldwide on @stateofthedapps

  2. From what I can tell, @dbuzz is the TOP #MicroBlogging #Dapp Worldwide

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 6 months ago  

Wow awesome news 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Consider giving @apshamilton a Witness Vote, he is the first one I saw to publish evidence of his own Hardware:

Looks like we have two Witnesses who provided evidence so far:

  1. @apshamilton
  2. @someguy123 is the owner of @privex, the hosting company where his Witness Servers are stored

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He's already got mine! :-)

Edit: next time you post on this make sure you raise the reward amount you'll accept, or, better yet, do a full post on! :-)

Awesome, and yeah, I'll reward the amount on important Buzz's like this.

I should have, since this is important ✔️

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Did you vote for @someguy123?

  • He is the CEO & Founder of @privex, the hosting company where the servers for his Witness are stored.

I believe that is good enough to be considered an OWNER of his Witness Hardware:

Make sure to give @apshamilton a Vote, at least if you value the evidence he posted that is 🙂👍

#Decentralize the Top 20 Witness Nodes ✔️

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Consider voting for @someguy123.

  • He is the CEO and Founder of @privex, the hosting company where his Witness Servers are stored.

He provided pictures & I hope he can help start a campaign on #HIVE


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How do we know they run their own hardware? Do we have to just trust their word?

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They should take a video of the Hardware with someone explaining that it's their server.

  • The more proof someone can offer that they own the server, the more credible the claim is 👍

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@someguy123 is the CEO and Founder of @privix, the hosting company where his Witness servers are stored.

I believe that's enough to consider him the owner of his Witness Servers.


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How can you tell which witness has their own physical server?
Follow me on gab:

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They should take a video of the Hardware with someone explaining that it's their server.

The more proof someone can offer that they own the server, the more credible the claim is 👍

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@someguy123 owns the hosting company, @privex, which is where his servers for his Witness are stored.

So we have two Witnesses who have supplied evidence of owning their own Hardware:

  1. @apshamilton
  2. @someguy123

Great idea! Any way we can come up with a list of those running their own node vs. those that are not?

It looks like @someguy123 deserves a vote too, since he is the CEO and Founder of @privex, the company where his Witness is stored.

So far I have 2 Witnesses who provided evidence of OWNING the hardware they use for their Witness:

  1. @apshamilton
  2. @someguy123 ✔️

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Awesome, keep it up. We need to get a list of everyone...

Here's a link to the evidence provided by @privex that @someguy123 is the CEO and Founder of their company.

That should count as owning his own Hardware IMO:

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I actually legally own 2 physical beefy Dell R630 Poweredge servers (valued at $3k+ each including all the extra hardware in em), colocated in Privex's SE datacenter.

Not just rented from Privex, they belong to me personally :)

Though, I also have several rented dedicated servers, one in Germany, two in Finland, alongside one of my colocated Dell's in Sweden dedicated as my SE1 witness, and a virtual SE2 witness VPS on my 2nd poweredge :D

Total witness servers for my @someguy123 witness: 4 physical, 1 virtual :) - redundancy ftw

Wow 😯

Can you make a post dedicated to this, and include the hashtag #NotYourHardwareNotYourWitness?

I want to link to it, and a post by @apshamilton (if he makes 1) to start a compaign called:

  • Not Your Hardware, Not Your Witness

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We just sent You a Witness Vote @someguy123

  • If you can write an article summarizing everything you said, and maybe even more, we can use it to promote your Witness :)

YES! @jrcornel

  • We make a campaign for it, and the best evidence wins the vote!

@apshamilton is the first one I've seen to post evidence for it, and I will vote for him via @dbuzz later today (or tomorrow).

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