@merthin welcome aboard!

@m3ss welcome aboard! (Apologies for the delay in adding you)

These things happen! Just glad to be on the team now!

@whylibertarian your subscription has been approved. Hive ON ✔️

@maxili63 added to my subscribers.
Some constructive criticism: I can see that you're putting some effort into it but try to not post multiple pictures of the same subject, avoid blurry pictures and try to have the horizon horizontal in order to achieve a better quality of your blog.
Take care

Hi @marcocasario, thank you very much for the recommendations I will take it into account, only that I mostly use my phone and many times the images come out a little blurry! Have a nice day!.

@harpreetjanda re: - approved and added to my database. ✔️

Keep in mind though that actifit reports and contests/challenges will not be processed.

I will process the reports with the usage stats because I see value in those.

Take care

@marcolino76 your subscription has been approved. Hive ON!   =] ✔️

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@derppunk welcome aboard! Hive ON! ✔️

@arunbiju969 you have been approved. Hive ON! ✔️

@playbyhive subscription accepted. I like the engagement on your posts 👍 ✔️

@smartintravels your subscription has been accepted but it's borderline on quality.
I will keep your blog monitored to make sure it does not became just a list of "one pic with a few words" posts. My code already does not process posts with less than 1 image.

Some advice:

  • Always remember to cite the source, I see you got visited by hivewatchers here. (it only happened once though so you're not out)
  • Post your pictures in a photography/travel community?
  • If you prefer short form posts you may want to publish in the community

Thank you for accepting me. I try to provide quality by posting original and authentic photos (all taken by me) and interesting story about the photos. Occasonaly I post an Instagram like photo with a quote, but photos and text are always original and I think they also bring some value to the chain. If we want to attract new hivers on board I think that it's right to encourage originality and not only media like articles with 1000+ words. I appreciate your advices. 🙂

Update: I reviewed your blog again and decided to remove you from my database. One post a day with the same set of pictures, some even repeated, just a few words, total $ 30 reward. That's not the type of content that I support. I won't downvote but I won't support either.

image.png #rejected

@lxsxl I added you to my DB but forgot to notify you. Your subscription was accepted 👍 ✔️

@jimmy.adames your delegation amount is incorrect, please adjust it and I'll add you to my database.


@marcocasario Done, thanks and thanks for the heads up!

@jimmy.adames Added you, thanks ✔️

@javiersebastian subscription accepted, HIVE ON! =] ✔️

@shabhwaj Approved based on this conversation:

@livegaming your subscription has NOT been approved due to the low quality of your blog. ❌
One or a couple of pictures without any text, similar pictures posted multiple times a day.
13 posts a day with only one picture is spamming! Downvoted.

@thekittygirl subscription accepted. ✔️
I see that sometimes you write long posts and sometimes just a picture with a list of links. Depending on how much text is present before the main picture, those type of posts may be processed or not. My code checks for the text length excluding links and images and it needs to be above a certain threshold to be processed. Just FYI. Take care

The posts with a "picture with a list of links" is a new feature on the blockchain called a Curated Content Collection (CCC) and is a way to group posts with a related theme. I have published four of these so far and plan one more (for my crystals, rocks, minerals, & fossils collection). After that, I will resume my usual posts, which are always more wordy, which you can verify by checking my hundreds of other posts before this "CCC" set began. If the CCC sets are not processed, that is fine, as they are a one-time oddity to utilize this new feature of the blockchain. 🙂

@matt-archy (ie. @whylibertarian) - subscription approved ✔️