It's time for your shot... of cannabis oil!

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This isn't a Covid vaccine syringe, but it DOES contains a potential treatment for Covid - pure cannabinoids! I'm using it to treat PTSD, and my wife @MediKatie is using it to make life tolerable after years of cancer surgeries and radiation burns. Watch me load it into 1000mg (one gram) capsules for convenient accurate dosing throughout the week!

Here you can see the oil at room temperature, being gathered up to be drawn into the syringe:

If you've ever made or used this stuff, you know how incredible it is. You know why billions of dollars are spent on prohibition (including "legalization"), and why YouTube videos about making cannabis oil are more censored than videos about making bombs.

It doesn't look like much, but that's 90% pure cannabinoids (mostly THC, but plenty of CBD, CBN, and dozens of trace 'noids). The other 10% consists of terpenes, flavinoids, waxes, and organic plant compounds. It all combines to form an "entourage effect", meaning the effect of everything working together is more than the effect of the individual components. They work as a unit to heal, prevent illness, and regulate our natural body processes. All mammals (and many other animals) have en endocannabinoid system.

A small drop of this oil (perhaps 10mg) would be enough to make a first-time user fried out of their skull. It's about how much active ingredient that you're getting when you buy a legalized 6-pack of government cannabis drinks (yuck).

MediKatie and I can handle 1000mg each, in a single dose.

But we're mostly immune to the unwanted effects of cannabinoids, like paranoia, confusion, anxiety, uncontrolled giggling, etc. I mean, some people enjoy those effects - to each their own! Nowadays we use cannabis to stay healthy, keep her cancer in remission, and control chronic pain. If we want to trip, we'll have to find some shrooms or something :p

Even if we didn't get high in any way, or notice it above the neck at all, we would still use cannabis. It's about far more than getting a buzz. Not that there's anything wrong with a good buzz!

Let's fill these capsules!

(Just a word on capsules! They can be made either out of vegetable matter, or out of gelatin which is cheaper. Some people don't know that gelatin is the gooey off-white gunk that floats to the surface when you boil animal bones and hides. We collect and purify it, and press it into capsules. And licorice, gummy bears, jelly, jello, marshmallows, etc etc. Yes, most candies are made of farm animal cartilage, white sugar, and dye. Just bringing you info in case you weren't aware. You can do whatever you like with it, including forgetting it! Personally, I prefer not to mix my medicine with any of that crap, and pay a little more for proper capsules.)

After weighing the empty caps, I lined them up in a pill-stuffing tool we have:

I love that photo! Check out the gooey droplets around the edges, and the deep reddish colour of the oil. That indicates decarboxylated CBD and other very medicating compounds, excellent :)

Each syringe filled about 3 caps, and then I went back for more oil.

Eventually, I filled 21 capsules. Using 10 empty and 10 full, I did a weigh-in and calculation:

Just about a gram each after deducting the empties. Perfecto!

We'll let you know how they work!

(Links to more information in opening paragraph. All images by DRutter.)

Stay lifted, cannafam.

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Capsules are for sure the way to go! I used to cap all mine up. Just remember to keep them cool... lol

have you tried with enteric coated capsules? even better results!

We take ours with something fatty... everything absorbs at a good rate.

ive used mct oil or coconut oil, works great

Haven’t done it in a while. Don’t have a kitchen to play like that anymore #vanlife 😎

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Excellent lifesaving knowledge. Thank goodness we have the blockchain to spread and store this!
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That stuff is like pure life. You can use it to heal just about anything, even most illnesses that mainstream medicine can't handle. It's as close to actual magic that there is.

Dude that's a fucking awesome idea. I have a friend who uses RSO for cancer treatment.. she just mixes it into her coffee but she also complains about the taste. I'm gonna forward her this.

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Right on, glad we could help. No taste or stickiness this way.
MediKatie and I find that if we take it with fatty food (even just something like peanut butter) the capsule dissolves and the 'noids absorb faster, so the effect comes on quicker.

yeah i never tried making my own capsules before, nice o see it done though

The tool (basically a chunk of green plastic in the correct shape) is handy, but not necessary. With a bit more time it can be done with just the syringe.
The caps are a few cents each, which is fairly negligible, considering the cannabis oil is quite pricey.

RSO or rick Simpson oil correct or full spectrum cannabis oil

The stuff I just made isn't full spectrum because I used extracts to start with, not bud. But I make full spectrum RSO sometimes too.

It sure worked. We slept 8 hours straight after taking 1 capsule each last night. It has been YEARS since I slept 8 hours straight!

good to hear thanks this info helps I have relatives with some fairly severe aliments that also make it hard for them to sleep so I think ill give decarded concentrate capsules thanks for your feedback

What I’m about to say is not a joke. I wonder how medicated you would be if you put all that up your butt? Possibly the first od death ever? Now that last one was a joke, or was it?

Ps man I should be dead by now, I wear the same mask for a week when I walk into stores, I hug people, shake peoples hands, and have get togethers. Maybe cannabis has been the vaccine all along!!

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Meanwhile CNN is telling people if they use cannabis (or any kind of vapour) they are destroying their lungs and spreading covid. LOL

Here's MediKatie with some homemade suppositories a couple years ago. Coconut oil and cannabis oil! But not 1000mg.... that would be a trip to somewhere special LOL

Yeah it would be wouldn’t it! Man my boss watches CNN and it drives me crazy!