I don't understand the language but your voice and the song in general is amazing... Thanks for always giving us good music on the platform. Good job dear friend.

Yeah, there's this kind of special feeling I use to have while singing and it's my pleasure to also sing here.... giving it my best..

Thanks for stopping by.. 🤗🤗

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Thanks for stopping by indiaunited💃💃

It seems where you are has a natural reverb and it gave the sound production a natural effect. And this is quite rare... But then the sound of the rain (if I'm right) didn't allow us enjoy that wonderful effect so much.

Are you a choir member? I'm sure you should be able to sing those high descant part if you are. Because you were hitting high high notes here ooo!

Abeg, God should biko hear our prayers 😪 make person no go run mad for this country bayi

3DLAmCsuTe3ba2VJAE1ZhN2oVhekeqoshg9DUnSyUd2Cnt4YtUMpZp3sDdMRGHk8BAg11PqVJjjejPx2Vpp1xAgVJJ45xL4oYbMxTA138eKwFUfxSL3xkP3tm4ctb44oFVss2xNNCBRJ2wnJ4ag3b4mzQiqEvqj (2).gif

yeah, the sounds like that cuz the place looks like a hall... I will be missing that place very soon because I'll be going back to school... lol😂
The rain fucked up jare, waited for the rain to stop , but did not, i just have to do that moment, because I might not be chanced again to do it.

Are you a choir member? I'm sure you should be able to sing those high descant part if you are. Because you were hitting high high notes here ooo!

yeah, I'm am, so always deal with high-key suprano most times... sometimes I do try tenor, as the spirit lead.. hehehe

Lol, God will definitely listen to us, I know say people don lose hope, but we still dey pray sha🤲🤲.
Thanks for stopping by , I appreciate your support.

E be like say the Thunder wey ASUU dey strike no dey reach your side...

You get thunder absorber like this...

Rain just dey f up so many things and making some things really difficult... Well, it has a great positive side sha.. but e too dey over do 😅

No wonder
I'm not surprised, cos your voice sounds like one staunch kwaya member 😁

You are doing well o

LoL,Asuu no sabi the road to our school, cannot be paying that kind of money and be having strike 😂😂, i can't afford to stay at home for a full section, even more than a section... it is well

The rain no bad sha, but sometimes can be so annoying 😂😂

Staunch kwa!! make I come dey go🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️, where my bag dey? 😂.

cannot be paying that kind of money and be having strike

I see what you did here
Make I send you my akant number? 😅😅😅 let me be your middulu man 😅😅

Especially when you wantu go out, or maybe when you have clothes to wash... chayiii

You one send your Akant number make I help you memorize ham 😂😂😂...? me too t still dey think maybe i go be your middle man. lil

there are some days , you'll have to Sundry cloth for three days.. hehehe, well nah the time sha, make e dey rain ham.. lol

Which editing app did you use to process this video?
I love the effect.... I'll await your reply!

Asides that, this is a post well done and delivered!
Wait, are you also from the east?

Hehehe, hope my questions are not getting too much?
well, trust you day is going well!

not at all, the questions are not too much.. hehehe, it's normal.
I always use inshot , it's a popular app.. i love everything about the editing, and I'm glad you love it too☺️

Yeah, I'm from east, a proud one.. lol, surprised or??
My day is going on fine , thanks for stopping by 🤗

Na exam officer obaro be 😅😅😅
You go answer questions you go taya 😅

kikiki😂😂😂, no mind ksam ooo, thank God no be me talk ham, I just one help laugh small... 🙃🙃

We conspired oooo 😅
We are guilty as charged

where is the we??
nah only you.. I don't know you 😂😂

Hey beautiful 😍 another wonderful presentation as always. I enjoyed this one o. I guess it's because I love Igbo language though I am not an Igbo girl. Well-done dear.

Awnn, I'm glad that you love it, thanks for your kind words
Oh.. with the view of things, I think you're an igbo girl , you look like one... hehehe

Nahhhh. I hear that a lot but I am not. You're welcome dear.

okay, where are you from ... delta or benin ??

Hey there @maryjacy

I have never listened before to your language, but it sounds interesting. Somehow sounds also oriental, although I know it is not. As we are in Afri-tunes :)) You have a high voice range, how cool.
When I was singing (many many years ago, well, decades ago) in the choir I was singing in a lot lower voice range.
This was interesting, thanks 😇

One small recommendation, it would be nice if you could put a bit more effort into engagement with other users, supporting each other with comments is a nice way to appreciate the work of others that form the same family of Hive. Also, it would give a bit more exposure to your account.

. it's so amazing having you here☺️, Thanks for thenks for the kind word, feel like I got some butterflies in my stomach... hehehe. I'm use to the high voice, Even when I try to reduce the pitch, it always difficult , so I stick to my high voice... lol, Though everyone is good in their own way...feel s

Thanks for the recommendation, just been occupied for couple of weeks, I'm gonna try my best to do better.. thanks for your encouragement and support..🙏🙏😔

You are welcome @maryjacy

hehehe, butterflies in the stomach, that is a nice feeling 😇

@maryjacy this is awesome... You voice is very nice... Tho i don't understand igbo language, but i love them... Good entery..

lol, I know the majority will not understand, so I decided to translate it in english... and I'm glad you love it..