Once upon a time...

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"Once upon a time..." is all I could say before I got interrupted.
"Daddy," he asked. "I already know that one."
"Oh really?" I replied. "So tell me how it continues"
"No, you tell me another story."
"Ok, let me think."
I tried buying some time. And after a few seconds I continued.
"A long time ago, in..." I started and there it was again.
"Daddy, I know that one, too."
"Ok, I give up." I sighed. "How about you tell me a story then?"
"Oh yes, but you have to let me think, too."
"Well, go ahead." I leaned back and got a nice little story told.

"How about a little red duck?" he asked.
"Sure, why not? What about that duck?"
"So there is this duck, and it is a he. And he is a little bit older. Like you, daddy" he said with a grin.
I chuckled and said: "Alright, but watch were you're going with this."

"The duck also has a son. A nice little duckling. And a wife. The duckling has to have a mother of course. And a few weeks ago the duck started this big adventure."
This was my time to make an educated interruption with a grin so I asked: "What kind of adventure?"
"He found a big thing, like a giant hive," he paused.
"And then, he went inside," he continued.

"Oh, that sounds scary," I said with a quiver in my voice.
"Yes, at first it was really scary for the duck but you don't have to be afraid," he tried to calm me. "All the others he met inside that hive were really nice. He even found a group called Dreemers and they showed him all these nice adventurous things."

"But what were those adventures?" I asked impatiently.
"Well, I will tell you on Friday, ok?" He leaned back and grinned at me. "Now it is bed time."

Oh, I began to understand. 'Be careful my son, I can play as well,' where my thoughts when I continued with a little bit of whining. "Oh please, please tell me a little more about that duck."

"Ah, ok," he tried to impersonate me. "How about I tell you that he had a big dream for many years but never dared trying?" he teased me.

"What was it?" I was sincerely intrigued.
"The duck always wanted to be a writer." he said while knowingly nodding his head. "And because he meets and engages with the Dreemers, he finally gets a chance to start living his dream. Isn't that wonderful?"

I was stunned for a moment. Where is the conflict? Where the development?
"Oh, my son," I started patronizing him. "If only it were that simple in real life. If you want to tell a story, it has to be believable and you need some suspense."

"You will see. It will happen. Just wait for Friday." he crossed his arms. He must have gotten that from watching me finalizing my decision.

"But the duck has never really written before. And he is new to the hive so he doesn't know anything about the community that will read his writings, right?" I tried making suggestions.

"Yes. So what? He is really determined and has been waiting for such a chance his hole life. At some point he has to do it and why not now?"

'Ok, at least some suspense and a little character development,' I thought and was satisfied.

"Ok, I will wait until Friday."
"But I want to hear one more little thing about the duck," I urged him and added: "Please, please, please."

And he must have learned a lot from me and recognized the role shift when he smiled and said: "Only, if I get an extra dessert tomorrow"

Uh, what a sharp little ..... He had me this time, so I asked "Ok, what will it be?"
"Whatever you are having" he said.
"Ok," I said. "Let's see... How about tomorrow we will have spaghetti ice cream?"
"What is that?" he asked.
"Right, you never had that before." I said and thought about how to describe it.
"Why not?" he interrupted my thinking.
"Because it takes some effort to make. But tomorrow we will have some. So here is how it goes:

  • First, we put some whipped cream into a bowl
  • Then we put some vanilla ice cream through a pasta press so it looks like spaghetti
  • Put the ice cream spaghetti over the whipped cream and on top some strawberry yam
    And that looks like spaghetti but it is ice cream dessert."

"Sounds yummy." He rubbed his belly. "Can I have some now?"
"No," I said firmly. "You are already in bed, your teeth are brushed and it is time to sleep."
"Oh please, please." he begged.
"I can describe you the taste if you want. But then you finally have to go to sleep."
"Ok, I will." he promised.
"The important thing when eating spaghetti ice is the ratio of cream, ice and yam. Every spoon has to have a little bit of all three. And eat it carefully. The cream, being cooled by the ice, is not sweetened. I forgot that before. No sugar in the cream. Understood?"
"Yes, understood. But I like sugar." he interjected.
"Well, there's plenty in the ice cream itself and in the yam. You'll see," I explained.
"So the cream is first on your tongue. It is cooled a little bit by the ice but not sweet. You feel it but without the sugar you cannot taste it. Only a tiny little smell reaches your nose. When the ice cream finally reaches your tongue, after the cream melted away, all the sweetness makes your taste buds explode while being shocked by the cold. When that is over the yam warms it up and gives it the final sweetness kiss with a touch of strawberry taste. And with every spoon this process repeats. Isn't that yummy?"
"I want some!"


Hello dear Scholar and Scribe Community.

Exactly two months ago I began my journey on Hive with my first blog post. It has been an exciting journey since then and I was lucky enough to encounter the Dreemport community two weeks ago.

I decided to join them and today I am very glad that I did.

Reading has been part of my life for many many years now and over time a few story ideas developed in my head but I never took the time nor did I even dare writing them down. So when Dreemport announced we will be visiting this community in August and when I saw what challenges lie ahead of us it was a dream come true.

Since I am not familiar with this community (of course I immediately started reading about your rules and perusing a few posts) please be patient with me during my first steps here. I welcome any and all tips you might have to improve myself as a writer as well as a new member in this community.

Your Hannes Stoffel (Nome de Plume of course😊)


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Wow such a nice introductory post for this monthly event! It is like pre-promotion of what you are going to write on Friday hahaha!

Anyway, I haven't heard of spaghetti ice cream, is it real? I mean...it sounds delicious lol.


Thank you, I hope to live up to the expectation. 😌

Indeed, it is. The German term is Spaghetti Eis so if you put that into google you can see picture:

I didn't include any picture into my post because I don't have any and I did not want to use any picture that might infringe on some copyrights.

Have to remember to take more pictures of the things I eat in case I want to write about it😉

Hahaha I don't know what will be the taste of that spaghetti ice cream, it's really my first time to hear it. Now I will try to research and try to do it hahaha lol.

I also don't take pictures of my foods (well, sometimes). Maybe we should do it from now on!

I think I will start taking more pictures in general. I find more and more situations when designing header images or writing posts/replies that I need more images I can use.
And editing them (like removing background and combining them) would be great training in handling inkscape and gimp 😉

Ayyy @hannes-stoffel, coming out the gate with the creative writing! 😁 You'll fit right in, welcome to Sholar and Scribe !

Good on you for reading the rules, but really the only rule we have is to be decent human beings. 😇 We're all about writing and improving our craft, so if you're about that life get the pool ready cuz we goin' swimmin' boy! 😝

Hope you have fun and I'm looking forward to reading your entries. 🍻

Thank you. So glad to be here :-)
It's going to be especially challenging since my native language is German, not English. But that's a challenge, not a problem... I think :-)

Not a problem indeed. English is not my native language as well. I'm sure you'll do great! 🙂

What a beautiful story for an introduction!!! You're a very good fiction writer, it was as if I was already reading the first part of the series, lol.

Seems like the duck is one lucky duck, uhm, he is so lucky to have met those beautiful dreemers and he must be growing really fast seeing the way he was encouraged by them.

You write so beautifully and I hope to read your series fiction soon.

Thank you.
In fact, these first few weeks and and the people I meet remind me of the early days of the internet, when there was none/less hatespeak and trolls in spots like irc-chat and tech support forums.

Hive seems to be a reincarnation of the original thought of the net, being decentralized and people coming together to encourage/help each other. Dreemport is just another great example of such spirit outside of Hive working with Hive.

I hope to write it soon :-) Got a rough outline for part one in my head (finally using an idea I had for ~three years now) and I hope the details of the challenge permit me to use it.

Yes Hive is helping its users create a lasting relationship and helping themselves grow, it's a really great privilege to be part of this platform. It's a good thing I also got to meet such passionate writer like you, I hope to learn some few things from you if you don't mind 🙃.

Wow, you already have part one in your head, that is a really good step, I know you are going to do a really good job so all the best Dreemer ☺️☺️.

Yes, the challenge will help us bring out some hidden ideas from ourselves, it's going to be growth all the way 🤩🤩.

Of course I don't mind 🤗
But now you really made me blush a lot. I had many ideas over the years but I never sat down writing before. So I have no idea if it will be any good or if I would be the right person to be honored by being someone you want to learn from. 😅

I see you have a great potential of writing, the way you relate with me in writing is unique and I think you can do really well with fiction. I don't think I made a wrong choice of whom to learn from at all.

How is your story coming up?

How is your story coming up?

So far all only in my head.

I have the beginning, I know how to end but I'm still missing the climactic highlight and resolution in the middle. I'll start writing it down this evening, the outline of part one is done. I'm stuck after one third of second part and I have the last half of the ending.
The stuff I have in my head is getting too elaborate I think. Trying to make cuts without losing essence. Will have to summarize more dialog with indirect speech.

Thank you for asking :-)
Talking about it helps the process very often.

Hmm, I understand it's not easy getting the body of the story unlike the titles and conclusions. I'm sure you will get it soon though.

I'm glad talking about it helps the process, all the best dear friend.

Well, now I want ice cream spaghetti!!! :D

I have no idea if that was real or not but Boy it sure sounds wonderful!!!

Bravo on a story? well told!!

Yes, it is real. Google has some pictures: https://www.google.de/search?q=spaghetti+eis

The story/dialogue is fictional but based on me and my almost five year old son.

Thank you for the compliment 😊

Oh my God. Oh my God! I wanna scream. I wana cry. I wana hug you for such a wonderful piece of fiction. How beautifully with emotions and suspense you have told about the favourite dessert....

Waiting for the Friday to find out what the duck has to offer 🤗

Thank you, this feedback really gave me goosebumps 😊

This is such an introduction! Wow! Now I can't wait till Friday! Hahaha😁

Thank you 😊

Wait for Friday nooo I want to listen this adventure right now meow meow 😉 you haven't realized there was a listening to this chat too shissh and she was also kids age 😂 she had a father and mother of course 🤣 lol I love these lines. So excited to have your stories in this amazing challenge 😆 I am afraid that what might adventure be hey the cat is not afraid 🤣

You just made me laugh so loud, I had to explain to my family why.
That deserves a

Thank you for that :-)

Spoiler: The duck won't go on an adventure, this was just an introduction post. The protagonist is 9 years old in my story. But other clues were there :-)

I just can't believe I forgot to go to the Gym again yesterday.
That's six years in a row now.

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Oww, so this is a sneak peek 😆 ok no more guessing happy to have you in my bingo🥰😍

Firstly, I'd love to say welcome to the DreemPort Family, @hannes-stoffel. You are officially one of us, part of the tribe, a fully-fledged Dreemer!

This is actually the second post of yours I've read, so apologies for my tardiness in welcoming you. Hehehe!

You are certainly in the right place with this month's challenge because you will definitely get to live the dream. You'll not only be writing but you're going to get a whole lot of eyes on your fiction. And, isn't that what we writers want?! To share our stories. To dive into our creative depths and explore.

I'll be back Friday to read that story you've been percolating for three years. 🤗

Thank you for that welcome.
Yes, the Dreemers are a wonderful community.
As it happens they just helped me out a lot in discord with an issue about posting I had. So glad I met you all.

edit: Oh, thank you! How nice of you 🤗

You're welcome. And yes, I love how you got Shadows and KittyGirl engaged in there. Plus Dreemie of course. 💛

wow that's a lot of talent. But I have an intrigue, that is a story or again you are telling us an anecdote with your son. Either way, it was really cool @hannes-stoffel 😎😉.

Hi, thank you very much.
This is purely fictional, I wanted to put my intro post into story and what better place to tell a story than bedtime :-) He always tries to prolong going to sleep by asking engaging questions, that's where I drew my inspiration for this one.

It was unbelievably good, so much so that one can't tell truth from fantasy. Was it a dream? LOL. excellent work @hannes-stoffel😉😎

Thank you very much. It's supporting comments like yours that make me smile and keep me going to finally realize my dream of writing :-)

This was wonderful 😍 Such a lovely parallel of your own journey.

So glad I came across your post... what was it? 6 weeks on Hive ... I thought you'd fit right in❣️... and you have quickly become a regular in Dreemport. We love having you in the community. !LUV !ALIVE !PIZZA

Thank you :-)

Such a lovely parallel of your own journey.

Hehehe, that's now coincidence, this dialog is purely fictional 😉

So glad I came across your post

So am I. I was skeptical at first since I never heard of Dreemport before but decided not to fear the unknown (to take a segway to another current topic) and try it out and find one of the best and nicest communities I could ever imagine. So thank you for stumbling across my post back then :-)

Hehehe, that's now coincidence, this dialog is purely fictional 😉

!LOLZ - fictional or factional? hahaha...

Where do Pigs go on vacation?
Boara Boara.

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ooops, typo.... now should be not

p.s.: nice pun

Why was the resistor fired from his job of leading the orchestra?
He was a terrible conductor.

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This is so cute hehe....but am so curious to know what Friday holds for us!

He got you right there when he said can he feta desert hehe...kids won't seem to amaze us with their little tricks!

Please papa could you give me a hint about the story on Friday?...He kneels down before his dad and kissed his feet to show his kindled curiousity with a touch of Love and care...says the little boy.

This story might be an interesting one my child but..but... Dad said

But what?? What daddy?? But what please....I'm not liking this suspense....little creature interjected.

But you need to rest pumpkin....🤭

He wears a down face and walks towards his bedroom...

Thank you, glad I could tease you.

Please papa could you give me a hint about the story on Friday?

Sure, I left a hint/spoiler in another comment, won't say more since I'm still working on it and stuff is still changing. But what I said earlier in another comment is already fixed.