113 HBD Bounty for Getting a Post to be the top Viewed In One Day - !!Read the Rules!!

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The other day I posted about how I helped to get 2 posts, not my own, to be the top viewed posts on peakd.com for the week and day. To me, this showed just how little we are trying to get views in on Hive, and how easy it can be to do when we try. Yesterday @coingecko shared some damning stats revealing just how few unique visitors the Hive ecosystem gets in web traffic.


Today I am offering a 100 HBD bounty for any user who can make a Hive post be the top viewed on peakd.com tomorrow (Friday 12th May). I will also add the full Hive and HBD rewards of this post to the bounty.

Edit: @dandays has donated some HBD for the bounty so now it stands at 113 HBD + the rewards for this post.

Read the Rules

  1. The post doesn't have to be yours, but it does have to be current (within the last 72 hours).
  2. You must register the posts you are attempting to push by replying to this post with a comment, linking the post you are entering*. You must do this before promoting the post, that way I can be sure you are not hi-jacking someone else's attempt to promote a post. Make sure you link to a front end like peakd.com that tracks views.
  3. The post must achieve at least 1500 views within the day counting from after you registered the attempt, and be the number 1 top viewed post for the day of 12th May 2023.
  4. The traffic must be authentic - you must not pay for traffic or use bots or any similar service to generate inauthentic traffic.
  5. Provide evidence such as links to your sharing on other social media sites to prove that you were the one who drove the traffic to the post. Evidence of the authenticity of the traffic will be required.
  6. You can make as many attempts as you like, within reason, as long as you register the posts you are promoting.
  7. I reserve the right to deny the bounty if the above rules are not followed in letter and in spirit.

*I will attempt to screenshot the view counter as close as possible to the time you register your post. If you create a screenshot yourself, that can help.

You can find the page for peakd most viewed posts here.



The purpose of this contest is as a proof of concept or test to determine that if rewards are made available for the purpose, that people can bring in traffic to Hive/peakd.com if they are sufficiently motivated to do so.

Some tips: Keep in mind that most of the work may be in finding the most suitable post to share.

Reddit can be a good place to post as long as you can navigate the particular subreddit culture and find a good fit.


That's doing a fine job of highlighting the general lack of consumers on Hive, the general lack of interest in attracting dedicated consumers even though that role pays as well and not everyone is a content creator (consumers always outnumber creators by a huge margin), and it's showing what happens when what's left of the limited consumer base is then put in a position to branch off and consume utilizing an enormous selection of frontends rather than being corralled into one pool of potential viewers.

I've been pointing that out for years.

And yes the chart is also highlighting its own flaws. If it was just Hive with a bar beside it, that bar would be much longer, but Hive is set in a way that scatters those numbers.

I don't think the separation of Hive into different websites etc. affects it much. Most Hive users use multiple front ends, with only a few being larger than all the rest combined. With the chart is showing unique visitors, it's unlikely adding all those sites up together will alter it much at all due to the overlap.

Splinterlands.com has way more than the social media sites, but that's outside the domain of social media, and even if we include it, it's 1/3 of steemit.com's traffic. Nothing else even comes close to Splinterlands, so by any of the metrics available we're performing extremely poorly compared to the days of Steem, or even current zombie steemit.

I understand that. Unique visitors would be majority consumers. 1 video, 100k views.

Splinterlands is interesting. So on Facebook, if you wanted to play a game like poker for example, that would sit right inside Facebook, and those players would count towards unique visitors to Facebook. If you were able to open splinterlands or any game inside PeakD, that would bring up the numbers. It would also push the numbers of players up for each game due to convenience and accessibility.

One frontend that carries all current and future frontends, products, services, placing it all at the consumer's fingertips; the results would blow your f'n minds.

Build something, plug it in, tie it in with the entire consumer base, see results.

Current trend is: Everything is everywhere else. Consumer cannot find the products.

I don't think that anything else is important at all right now. Any action that further deludes the current user/consumer base should have been seen as an open act of terror against the ethos of the Chain, which it is in my opinion. As a consequence, I'm getting met with downvotes, discord banns, and bad naming on Twitter.

Maybe it's your twisted take on things that put you in positions that lead to you alienating people. Words like, "An open act of terror," along with that unsolicited victim card you just handed me; it's all such a turn off and doesn't do you any favors. Last time we talked I pointed out you have a habit of sensationalizing your talking points and by doing that you're making communication difficult. You're doing it again. You are 100% responsible for the situations you place yourself in.

In other words, I don't feel like taking the bait.

Have a good day, dude.

It's not that bad, words do have meanings and that's not a bad thing.

We're in a situation where not even Marky can freely transact his votes right now and everyone is kinda chill about it. How's that normal, he's a mega whale. My pushback is meaningless, the positions on which I push forward will make a difference.

Yes. Words have meanings.

not even Marky can freely transact his votes right now

Yet I just looked at his account history and he seems to be able to vote just fine.

No, his votes get followed by those other two whales and if he'd just vote on whatever he wants, they'd smack downvotes onto his upvotes. That's why he can only use his votes selectively, he's basically censored in his ability to transfer value via the Proof of Brain mining system.

We need to revamp into a system that's regulated on a community level and has no need for downvotes anymore. Smooth has put out ideas for that a couple of times. It will happen sooner or later, on this very chain or on its next fork.

Okay. Their issues have next to nothing to do with what I was talking about. Two people can't get along, better reinvent the wheel... ?

I don't have time for this, Manni.

It's not up to me to solve their problems. They are 100% responsible. Sitting around spinning my tires in a comment section with an alarmist, does nothing.

I don't think there is a view counter on ecency. You should use a peakd.com link instead (unless you can show me the view counter on that site).

Sorry, i have updated the link

Ok, no views as of yet. Good luck :-)


Ok, no views so far, best of luck :-)


Let's see

Reblogging this for visibility.

This is great news for everybody here on Hive, we must work together to promote Hive and show to the world that we are indeed united. I may be a beginner on this platform but I will try to contribute every small thing I have.

Despite the fact that I am just a newbie here, I think every thought counts in this community therefore instead of finding someone who is already popular here to share their article, I will try my luck not because I am greedy enough but because I want to prove something that even if you're just a beginner in this community you still have the chance to shine.

Here's my post about Hive here in the Philippines: https://peakd.com/hive-141359/@philnews.xyz/hive-and-dbuzz-partners-with-ddc-for-floricblock-and-summerfloric-2023

Best of luck in the contest.


Thanks a lot for the recognition @demotruk a reply from you is already an honor for me. Let's continue doing our part to promote Hive and let the world know what really is real decentralization is.

Love it. Show'em how easy it is to get 1,500 views. Mind if we chip in or is that prize final?

Of course, happy to add to the prize. I can edit in any extra pledges to the main post.

It looks like there's a good chance nobody will win the contest today. I am considering rolling over the bounty into a rerun with a larger bounty (posting tomorrow, running the competition for Sunday). Do you want me to include your donated HBD in the rerun or would you like it returned if nobody wins today?

Let it ride. = }

In the interest of sticking to my mission of supporting & assisting #smallbusiness owners in, not only my own consulting business but my content too, I'd like to enter this from Wednesday, May 10th.

It was National Small Business Day in the U.S. It's gotten no love and I'd like to bring more awareness to the need for small business owners to support one another due to the grit and grace we must demonstrate every day!


Best of luck :-)


One more neophyte question....If i post my link on web2 platforms, can users not on Hive, see/reach the post if they don't have a registered account on Hive?

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They can certainly view the post. They will need an account to vote or comment.

ok, cool....but the view count is what matters for the contest so that's an easier barrier to entry. THANK YOU for your time, responses, votes, patience. Very much appreciated.

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Man, I literally cannot believe Steemit has 3+ million visitors a month, that's fucking wild. Especially with how dead that site has seemed anytime I've checked it. I guess it must have really popped off with the Korean users or something.

It used to be way, way more than that. In the 2017 days it was in the top 1000 websites worldwide. In Korea it broke into top 100.

Yeah, I was around in early 2017 and that's what I mean. Place is a fucking ghost town currently for English speaking users compared to 2017. I've glanced over the site a few times and see it's nothing but Asian based users pretty much now, but I didn't realize there was still millions of them using the platform. Just surprising after the dumpster fire that Steemit devolved into after Justin bought it.

Well, the millions are largely people still coming across the site via google search, and then being on their way again. It's a case of many visitors, few residents.

I'm not going to knock myself out promoting it, but here is my response which was in fact inspired by this post, Andrew Quinn and the CoinGecko drama.


Well, I'm considering it an entry.


I'd enter this if I could just as a way to double down on views given the mission.

I really hope a post that is not about HIVE makes its way to the top of the list. I doubt that will occur.

Right now of the posts registered, this post about the competition itself is winning. Ironic.

But still, not a single entry looks likely to break either 1500 views or the top viewed post today.

I think it would be a more impressive feat to find an old article that could make it to the top. :)

Speaking of old posts, I still get comments now and then on my 4 year old inflation proposal on steemit.com. I never get any comments on any of my old posts on Hive.


Mostly spam, but occasional real comments.

Yeah, I never get comments on old stuff either. Maybe I should check my STEEM account and see if there's any one pining for my existence over there. :D

You'd be surprised at what posts regularly feature among the top daily views.

This ancient one about Venezuela being featured in the bible got a bunch of traffic this week...


What is your plan to counter kingdomlikes views? It's free so many can use it. 1 view and get 5 views something like that. For 100$+ bucks anyone would try to take advantage as there is no risk except time.

The rules say there should be evidence of authentic traffic and how it came about. Of course cheating is possible, it will come down to if cheating is identified as such.

I'm in. #posh-ing this.

Don't forget to register a post. FYI, @itwithsm has already registered this one.


This article link... https://peakd.com/hive/@demotruk/100-hbd-bounty-for-getting-a-post-to-be-the-top-viewed-in-one-day-read-the-rules#@demotruk/re-wanderingmoon-rui9pk

I'm not sure why this did not show up from #posh yesterday but the above image is from today.

If you check my Twitter you will see both tweets.

Sorry, but unfortunately this post was already registered by @itwithsm at the time you first commented.

Nevertheless, it doesn't look like anyone is going to win today so I will post a rerun tomorrow with a higher bounty. Hopefully it will give everyone a better chance.

We all know that the gecko graphic is bs (there are three Hive frontends there) but one can't help but wonder if there really is some marketing work being done for Hive, why there isn't as much presence on other web2 social networks, it's a point that has long been bugging me, I'll still try to do a post, not gonna promise that it's going to go far lol

We all know that the gecko graphic is bs (there are three Hive frontends there)

How much more unique visitors do you think there would be if you included all the other social media front ends? It already includes the largest, and there is considerable overlap between users of all the Hive frontends.

The fact is, our exposure to the wider public is atrocious. In terms of public mindshare, we are a pale shadow compared to the days of steemit.

The truth is that it is a particular case that #Hive is below some social media. I feel that it is not like that, but let's continue to support and continue to grow within the most visited social networks for the next month

I will do it but i be lucky if i get 200 views let alone 1500 views :P

You underestimate the value of paid traffic.

Fair, but this is a test and I want to at least try to control some variables.

Well, that isn't a problem. I will likely to keep tabs on how this goes, could really birth some good marketing strategies for Hive.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people sharing the post on Reddit as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.



It was me :D Who shared it on reddit with Ilovemyfamily account :D

It's interesting to check the view count on post, yesterday i joined the peakd fronted of hive and leave the cross post their but I'll check the view count too

It needs to be peakd.com link as I'm not sure there is a viewcounter on ecency. If there is please direct me to it.

Okay let me check this

Great 👍

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