I have enabled 20,000 hp HIVE

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Hi everybody. Today, hive again broke through the level below $ 1 and I think that it should end soon and we will again find ourselves at the level of three months ago and fix ourselves there for a long time, remembering with irony these times when hive was at $ 1 per coin.

I recently wrote a post that I turned on 14500 hp https://peakd.com/hive/@evgen-xx/i-have-increased-hive-power-by-14500hp of hive power and after thinking and being here for even less than a week, I decided to focus on the community, not on trading, and included the rest of my balance in 20,000 hp hive. Now I am fully focused on curating and sometimes blogging, although this is a new experience for me.

I am set up in hive for the long term, of course it is possible that I will sell a part when it grows to $ 20, but why not accumulate more hive while this time?)

I wish everyone good luck in accumulating your future. And I will also be glad if you help me with advice on how to properly use this power reserve. Wait and work to rest later when hive takes off to the moon!))


Hive has a bright future and it's awesome to see people like yourself enjoying the benefits of the crypto and this platform.

Thank you✌️
we all know about the future that has already come, our task is to tell the rest about it

I think you are going great. I will suggest you to accumulate some other tokens as well. Cub has already soared a little. Airdrop of new defi paltform is gonna arrive soon to cub holders. So a little bit of cub would be great. Buy at cub finance but, not on hive. Hive doesnt have liquidity for cub.

Other than this accumulating hive is obviously good for long term. But yes this ecosystem is big. There are so many opportunities that it'd be hard to tell them all. So keep learning. I myself am learning about new hive things everyday.

All the best friend 👌👍

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thank you for advice. I will study and deal with it 😉👌

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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

what is BBH?)

This a tipping token mate and a project by other hivian, you can buy at hive engine exchange like tribaldex.

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keep up the spirit, my friend, hopefully in the future the nest will grow more and more persistently and focused, I really salute you, best wishes, friend.

thank you very much my friend. I wish that everything worked out for you ✌️😌


from the heart 😉👌

I cant argue with your logic. I have a feeling that it will work out well. To me, higher levels in the price of $HIVE is certainly in the cards.

It is always good to see people powering up $HIVE and adding to their stake. The curation alone will help to build it up even greater.

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We're getting bigger every day, that's why I'm here.
We 'll only do it together . who if not us )


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      I am set up in hive for the long term, of course it is possible that I will sell a part when it grows to $ 20

I am patiently looking up to this time😊

it will come , just please wait 😉👌

good luck bro, iam newbie and i wish we all can grow up together. 😉

hello. I can say I'm also new here, before that I just kept hive to sell when it grows, but then I saw the potential)

yes, a good comunity, ecosystem, and many other things, that's what attracted me to #HIVE. 😊😊

Thats a huge investment buddy! I hope you will make some good returns on that :D

thanks. I hope we all succeed!)

Thanks a lot for the upvote! And congrats on gaining a huge hive power!

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Congrats! thats quite a lot! look into delegation also, its a nice way to earn hive and many other types of tokens, there are tons of choices!


hello. I can't figure out one question, is there a difference between my personal supervision and delegating to someone, or will I get more hp back when delegating?

first off, always stake to yourself, if you stake a token to someone else, you are giving it to them.

Then when its staked (or powered up in the case of hive) theres lots of dif scenarios.

For example, staked hive, HP allows you to curate and upvote, but that takes looking every day, some like that some dont, or you can delegate which is temporary lend your HP to certain curators and they pay u liquid hive to your wallet, some curate at better APR rate also because of optimization.

For 2nd layer tokens like oneup, ctp, bee if you stake these, you wont earn curation rewards in that token unless the post you upvote is tagged with those token tags. So if you look at my wallet you will see I delegate many tokens to various curators and they send me token income every day to my wallet.

Also all info is free to see, u can look at my wallet and see all my transactions, as I can see yours. So look at other peoples portfolios to get ideas, thats what i did.

thank you very much for the information . so far, I am in thoughts of stopping myself or delegating my power to someone.

There are a lot of options, if you have any questions feel free to ask

thanks. 😉👌

Wow that amount of money is not small. We all hope for the future of HIVE and I wish I had some cash so I could buy at these prices.

The main thing is to work and think about the future. I hope you succeed 😉👌

Good luck, always good to get a chance at picking up a few more Hive at a buck.

Good to have you here 👍

time to accumulate hive, we are waiting for lunar times in the future)

Certainly looks that way, lots of good projects kicking off in the ecosystem so should be interesting 😁

of course, we are all waiting for them, but as for me, first of all, we need to solve the issue of registration in hive.

for the sake of experiment, I gave my wife a try to register yesterday and she didn't succeed. an ordinary user could not figure it out and this is the most important problem so far. I hope our developers will find and solve it)

Yeah creating accounts can be a bit difficult without a bit of help, and while there are lots of helpful tools I think we are still a little way off from having a simplified registration system. The easiest method so far I have found is ecency, but even that can be difficult for some newcomers.

But at least we have lots of talented people on here working on the ecosystem.

Using Splinterlands as a starting point is a very easy way to get started, buy the spellbook and now you can hold splinterlands asset and they make a hive account for you. zero technical involvement.



A termite walks into a bar and asks
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registration in hive should be simple in itself, without intermediaries, then people will reach out. personally, I hardly began to register somewhere, especially through the game, and even more so to buy a book of spells for this)

$ 20

Who know, may be 2022 can make it possible.

while the price of hive leaves much to be desired, but we are all definitely looking forward to it

Have fun my friend and have a nice weekend..😉

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Waw, its a huge invesment sir. To maximize $hive you can delegate your HP to other cuuration project like @ocbd and @curangel and get HP or $hive everyday. If you have a hobby you can share with us and share in specific communities. Hive is a huge social platform, there is a lot to do fun. :)

thank you very much for the answer ! please tell me how delegation works, or rather why delegate your balance to someone? I understand that when delegating, I will lose the percentage that the party that accepted the delegation from me will take away.
I think I 'll post a few posts about my life )

I not clear about how delegation work, im newbie too. I'll explain what little I know, if we get vote it will share 50% to author and 50% to currator. the income from the curator will be shared with the person who delegated the HP. They call it Delegation Prof of Stake (DPoS).

Okay, I'll try to figure it
out in more detail

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And you have any feedback, I will be glad to read your comments

Impressive! 💪🏻 Don‘t know if I will ever reach that HP Level. 😏
Regards and thanks for your support regarding my BioNTech post.
🙋🏼‍♂️ Thomas