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Tags are a tricky thing on Hive, as many times it’s very unclear which are best to use for what content, or perhaps there is some confusion that tags=upvotes, when in reality, they mean nothing of the sort. In fact using tags that have nothing to do with the content of a post is actually making it harder for readers to find your content. Moving forward, it will be important to improve upon this in the sake of content discovery.

We need to help educate ourselves and new users on proper tag use, that way we can all better organize our own content while also making it easier for us to find others content that interests as well.

As after all, if no one can find your post, no one can read it, or reward it for that matter.

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Why are proper tags important?

Many times, an individual may be looking for specific content that peeks their own interests, when they search for these niche interests only that which was categorized as such will be shown in the results. In order to have proper content discovery, we must have proper tag usage. Otherwise it will be nearly impossible for individuals to find the content that interests them.

How does this benefit you?

Well if you are a content creator this means that more individuals will be able to find your content and perhaps reward it. If you are a content consumer this will help you find the content that actually interests you and those creators producing it.

What tags should you use?

Well firstly, you should be using tags that are relevant to your actual post and are describing it. That means if you are writing a recipe post or photography, no need to tag “Hive”.. tagging Hive does nothing and makes finding your content even harder for readers, as well as curators.

What is your post about?
This should be what you ask yourself when determining what tags to use. What your content is about specifically and what topics it is covering. This will be important for individuals to find the content they are looking for. Use tags that describe your content.

First Tag - "Communities" or Category
While you have many options to use different tags, the first tag is considered a "category" placement and will immediately categorize it in a "community" of that tag (if there is one). Community tags have their own independent guidelines.

Hive has many different Communities and more are added each day. Check out and explore them at https://peakd.com/communities or https://hive.blog/communities.

Additional Tags - Topic Specific
After the "communities" tag, the rest of your tags should be topic specific and they u should describe your actual content. What is your content about? What topics is it covering? What form of content is it? Who is your audience? You should also consider what tags are the most relevant to the content itself, as that is how your audience will find you.

Remember, curators and readers can only find your content if it is categorized correctly. So if you want people to read your posts, use descriptive tags of the content itself.

Topic Specific Tag Examples:


This tag should be used when you are talking about Hive. Whether that be for a witness update, developments, ideas for Hive, perhaps a contest, or anything having to do with Hive. This tag should generally only be used when discussing Hive in some aspect in the post itself.
This does not need to include every post written on Hive, rather just those discussing some aspect of Hive in the post.


All forms of photography, whether snapshots or professional shots can go under this general tag. Then you may use some sub tags that further describe your photography (i.e., #portraitphotography, #blackandwhite, @portraits, #selfportraits, #naturephotography, etc) or are part of specific photography group tag (i.e., #photocircle, #photofeed or #photomag)


Have you crated a work of Art? Or perhaps are discussing one? Be sure to use the #Art tag! Sub topic tags to give more description of what type of art is always beneficial too. As in - #drawing, #painting, #design, #collage, #digital, #watercolor, #sketch, etc.


Did you go on a trip or vacation? Perhaps doing a review of location or tourist hub? Travel blogs are some of the most popular on the internet, be sure you use descriptive tags to get yours seen!

#Sports and #Fitness

Did you go to a recent sporting event? Want to discuss your favorite sports team? Maybe you are sharing your favorite #yoga routine. Using either of the main tags and specific ones like #baseball, #football or #soccer can help organize your content a bit better for readers.


Making your favorite recipes, cooking stories or even just some drool worthy photos of delicious foods can easily go under #food, #cooking, #foodporn etc.


This should be reserved for actual writings, whether that be a freewrite, a story, poetry, fiction or even book reviews etc. Including this in every post you “write” even if the content is about something entirely different (like cooking perhaps) makes finding your content a bit more difficult. Remember, the better you describe your work in tags, the easier it will be found.


Discussion of Movies, gaming, music, even some of our local games like splinterlands, or game streaming etc could be categorized under “Entertainment.”


Want to share some local news, discuss current events in the world perhaps? Readers will use this tag to find relevant newsworthy content and should be used to describe post covering such.


Since we are in the Blockchain and Crypto space, this is a topic that is often covered. We should be sure to only include it in content that is discussing this topic in the post though. Subtopics could be a wide range of tags, including: #Crypto, #blockchain, #Bitcoin, #eos, #eth, etc


#Science #Development, #Engineering,or even #STEM
Are you writing about science experiments, upcoming technology, different aspects of engineering, programming, technical updates or developments? Make sure you use one of those tags so interested readers can find your work.


This tag is broad and covers all those posts we write that may not be “topic” specific, rather just sharing our lives. Whether that be about an event that happened, important things in your life or just perhaps sharing your day. #Lifestyle, #Family etc are good for this as well.

As you can see, there are many different tags to help you organize your content, and this is just a few examples. You can mix and match or even add in your own unique ones, just be sure you are making an effort to use tags that describe your content. Doing so will help more individuals find your work, so they can enjoy it and you can continue to grow your audience.

So are you using tags that best describe your content? This is something we can all improve on, as well as help educate new users as well. Doing so will result in a better user experience for us all!

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People sometimes get confused in using community tags and topic related tags. There is also another misconception that the more tag is used, the more accessible the post will be. Yet, all these practices take time to apply properly.

I really enjoyed reading your post. It's quite informative 😌
thank you so much @innerhive

I often find myself struggling to select proper tags for my posts. Something it looks better to put more tags like Palnet or Creativecoin, but maybe this can reduce the visibility as most people just put this tags to earn the tokens. To choose the right tags is something we learn with time and dedication, and with nice posts like yours! :D


Personally, I think you should try to tell a story with tags.

🤣That is certainly one approach!

Like: # this # is # my # photography # post @netuoso?

Forget it. I already saw the post. 😵

Nice 👍 reminder !
If you post about crypto (mining, trading, gaming...) #HODL community is the place to be 🙌

Check out @hodlcommunity

Tags similar to post content should be used on post and not irrevelant tags

Really helpful.. I thanks for sharing.

There is one question I have and it would be quite useful for me to have them answered. How do I check what's my reputation with decimal points. Similar to steemworld.org thanks.. 😊😊😊

Wow. Really appreaciate it. I finally. I've been searching for weeks.
Have a great day.

hi hi.. @themanualbot relly appreciate it... =) Been searching hard for this for a while..

It is clear and helful. Thanks you

@bensworld lesen sie diesen artikel 🏅🍻

Thanks for the informative post

Thanks for the great informations.

this is very confusing about the use of tags for newcomers, now for old users maybe this is not a problem with the use of tags. In my opinion the use of tags on the flive hive is only 5 tags. And this I think is quite relevant. And this will make it easier for content to be found and curated.

That's what I was thinking a few hours ago when I wrote a post dedicated to new users and was wondering what tags should I use besides the community I posted on, and #hive, which seemed the most relevant. I tried to think what a new user would search for, if he/she will, to learn more about Hive, and the best I could come up with were #blog #newuse r#learn #userguide #freewriters. I admit also that I got a bit brainwashed with the tags I used to put on my posts back in the Steem times. Will have to rewire, considering that we now have communities and I mainly post in some community. What comes after must be well thought, and also will have to take in consideration that maybe these tags will appear on google as well, and also use the same on twitter when sharing my posts there.

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The problem is people have a mindset of Instagrammers, where the more tags you add the more eyeballs you get to your post. But that doesn't work here you need to be specific, but again the tags like palnet and neoxian can be used because you can tag them in any content you want.

I am still confused about tags, what tag is free to used since someone on discord warn me if I used wrong tag I will get a mark of spamming.

Makes sense. I honestly always just threw them wildly under my posts :D . Will change that.

This is a great help. After writing a content, sometimes I have no idea on what to tag and just settle for #hive. Good info.

I don't even remember when was the last time you've made such a long post man. I know you enjoy shorter content but you crushed it with this one.

I hope beginners and also those who just use 15 tags every time can learn a thing or two

Very informative and great reminder !

I think content creators need to know that sometimes people/curators check on tags especially if they are interested in certain niche.

thank you @innerhive, now I understand better to use tags that are more appropriate in my post later.

I think I try with my tags. Sometimes I'm confused though but this post has helped me to an extent so thank you!

Have to save this. Thank you. Sometimes, I get confused with tags as well. Well, I have been using the same tags for 3 yrs (Steemit). I only post about photography, short blogs, poetry....so.

I'm sorry to talk about other subject, btw I need your help. I'm looking for the site where we can search hive txid. If you know, could you teach me?

This is really helpful. Thank you so much @innerhive!

Thanks for the details!
@iamjohn you can see this. It will be helpful.

Thanks for informative post and clearing up some questions.😊

Lol the only tags people seem to care about is OCD and GEMS they seem to be oversubscribed with the idea that it’s gaurenteed rewards

Does it really mean farmers are not welcome here on Hive? Gardening and related topics and articles do not have tags here on Hive.... I came up with an Hive Community tag whiçh I believe some are already into it before now and I am convinced that it's bringing more creativity, Originality and promotion into the hive Community. ( hive-150280 as Agricultural mindset ) thanks for sharing this huge detailed information, suggestions and improvement about tags on Hive with us. @innerhive

Woooow....this post is really a blessing to me. I really need to understand the use of tags. I've always wondered why my post is not getting much upvote. Thanks

Great reminder. I tag my post with the communities I belong to. I've been posting every day since April 2018 mostly about precious metals that no one is interested in, LOL, not even the people in MY community. So lately, I've been "diversifying" more. I hope to find new friends...
Have a great week ahead, stay safe and take care 🥰🌺🤙

As a newbie in the Hive, this is very useful for me - using correct and definite tag for my every post. Thank you!

100% agree with this and have always tried to make sure my tags are relevant to what I'm writing about. I admit, when I first got sucked in to the then steem-engine hype, I was using tags relevant to the front end/token but soon realised that actually, who in the outside world is going to be searching these "token tags"...

I can tell you - no-one!

This is a content discovery platform so... do what you can to make your content discovered! Tags are one of THE most important things for that.

I will write an additional Bluffer's Guide to Hive covering topics of content discovery so there'll be some overlap on the points you've mentioned here - hope you're cool with that (won't be copying and pasting obvs)?

I suggest you should tag #tags

We have to use tags that are relevant for the topic @innerhive because of the points that you have raised here. :)

Thank you so much for this information, i am a victim of tag usage and up until now unable to fit in. I will put what I have learnt here into practice

@innerhive Thanks for informations. Nice to be in Hive Family.

We must educate the newbies of using TAGS! Like what I am saying always to the newbies that I recruit here, use TAGS according to your blogs.

A big thanks for this. Really meant alot. Making use of the right tag has been something I have been working on and with this post. I will definitely get it right.

hey dear @innerhive.

may I talk to you on discord?
are you there in discord?

Hey InnerHive, i saw your Downvote to agrölt (i call him lovelyd so^^) and be happy about your acting.

For me the Hashtag thing is a problem as a "new" Internet and Sozial Media User. But i use "#deutsch" everytime first, becouse i wrote in Deutsch and like my language.

But everytime i would use another hashtag, i beeing very unseeing here on Hive and Steem earlier.

I used the other hashtags, how it comes first in my thoughts, at ending my post. So i think my ones are unice itself and be hoply found from people in the internet who search for this special words. :-)



go good and explanatory information you have here friend about the labels to use for publications ..@innerhive

I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation.

Hello @innerhive,

I found your publication by chance, although lately, I have stopped believing in that and I think that everything is the product of a causality that we did not fully understand.

The topic is not only useful but very didactic. I only have one question about the amount of tag usage and its exposure to the audience. Why do some dapps allow more than five tags, if this does not influence the positioning of the display?

Thank you...

Hello, I just saw that you downvoted me and I don't know the reason, why would you do it? so I don't make the same mistake again

Nothing personal, just too much rewards.


Thanks for being here on Hive Community. I followed you few weeks ago. You are doing a wonderful experienced job here 👍. @innerhive